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Dec 3rd, 2019
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  1. "question-highlight": "<em>Question</em> <em>1</em> (a) <em>Draw</em> <em>the</em> &#x27;<em>exact</em>&#x27; <em>equivalent</em> <em>circuit</em> <em>of</em> <em>a</em> <em>transformer</em> , <em>labelling</em> <em>and</em> <em>giving</em> <em>a</em> <em>short</em> <em>description</em> <em>of</em> <em>the</em> <em>function</em> <em>of</em> <em>each</em> model component. (8 marks) (b) Initially, assuming an ideal <em>transformer</em>, calculate the magnitude and phase of the load voltage and load current with respect to the supply voltage when a load of (5 + j4)2 is supplied from a single-phase 120V, 50Hz supply through the ideal <em>transformer</em> with a turns ratio, primary",
  2. "answerDisplay": "<p>&nbsp;</p>\n<p><strong>a)Exact Equivalent circuit of transformer:</strong></p>\n<p><img alt=\"Image result for exact equivalent circuit of transformer\" src=\"\"></p>\n<p><span style=\"text-decoration: underline\"><em>Description:</em></span></p>\n<p>1) Primary(R1) and Secondary(R2) resistances-</p>\n<p>It represents the primary and secondary\nwinding&nbsp;resistances.</p>\n<p>2) Leakage reactance(X1 &amp; X2)-</p>\n<p>All the flux from the primary does not link with secondary, so\nless voltage is induced on the secondary side. But this drop does\nnot cause any heating so labeled as reactance.</p>\n<p>3) core loss resistance(R<sub>0</sub>) and Magnetizing\nreactance(X<sub>0</sub>)-</p>\n<p>The no-load current (I1-I<sup>|</sup>2)&nbsp;is divided into,\npure reactance X<sub>0</sub>&nbsp;(taking magnetizing components\nI<sub>μ</sub>) and non-induction resistance\nR<sub>0</sub>&nbsp;(taking working component I<sub>w</sub>) which\nare connected into parallel across the primary.</p>\n<p>&nbsp;****R<sub>0</sub>&nbsp;= E<sub>1</sub>&nbsp;/\nI<sub>w</sub>&nbsp;and X<sub>0</sub>&nbsp;= E<sub>1</sub>&nbsp;/\nI<sub>μ&nbsp; &nbsp;</sub></p>\n<p>*****E<sub>1</sub>&nbsp;/ E<sub>2</sub>&nbsp;=\nN<sub>1</sub>&nbsp;/ N<sub>2</sub>&nbsp;</p>\n<p><img alt=\"al\ntract equivalent\nforcuit\nb)\nAs ideal trans former is considered so\nEIEN and E2 = V₂\n... Given = 120,soha No N₂=311\nthe Vzo\" src=\"\"></p>\n",
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