What She Saw in Him, by Bishiebunny

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  1. What She Saw In Him
  2. By Bishiebunny
  5. "Well then, why don't you show me?" asked Garret, with eyes that fit the quality of his smile. "I'd love to watch."
  7. Rae was startled by the proposal, even if it wasn't half so indecent as it might otherwise seem. The female harpy considered the human male who had just gone Dutch on the evening's meal, made light conversation sprinkled with a few groan-inducing puns, and then suggested they cap off the night with a stroll through a nearby park. Up until this point, it had all been standard blind-date fare, the sort of pleasant evening that often leads to a second date, assuming nothing more provocative came along. It was less a couples outing and more a no-pressure, come-as-you-aren't mixer; the kind set up so that a pair could dabble their toes in neutral waters without committing to anything more hot tub related.
  9. She had even convinced herself that she was doing a pretty good approximation of a regular person. Granted, a regular person with ebony feathers, talons for feet, and the golden, light-reflecting eyes of a predator, but that was just your assumptions talking, which had nothing to do with her. Its what they all wanted, you know? Better to respond to those puns with a human, feminine laugh, instead of a spine-chilling caw. It was better not to remind your date that you could have easily caught and stripped your own meal, before looking up to him with hot crimson dribbling from your lips and offering a share with a perky, "want some?"
  11. That was Rae's mother's way, and there was nothing wrong with that way. It was just not her way. It was not the way a modern, civilized woman conducted herself, at least not one who meant to get her bachelor's degree in undecided and maybe date a nice guy or three. Only, some of those old ways were kinda her ways too. The perfectly normal, not-quite human who had struggled through inane conversation while nibbling over-cooked meat was largely a fabrication. It sat too firmly on one side of her spectrum without giving the other room to breath.
  13. Had he honestly seen through the mask, or had he only noticed the straps that kept it affixed? What had even prompted the question? Oh right, when she had casually mentioned that it was a "nice night for flying."
  15. Dirty pool old man, she thought. You don't just pounce on a random comment from a young woman who had forgotten herself in a rare burst of nostalgia. Besides, it was true. It absolutely was a fine night for flight. The air was crisp and clear, the heavens beckoned, and she had not stretched her wings since orientation. He could hardly hold a slip like that against her. Rae put her hand on the human's shoulder, laughing in that way other humans do, and shook her head, "I'm honestly not sure what you mean."      
  17. The young man turned to face her, carefully reaching up with one hand and, mindful of her reaction, brushed a few errant, ebony feathers from her eyes. "I'd love to watch you fly. I think I might even get a glimpse of the real you, the you I think you kinda want me to see." He shook his head, feeling a bit like a fool, or worse, like one of those assholes that thought asking a woman to "smile more" was a good pick-up line. "Sorry, that was stupid. It's just... I wish I had a gift like that."
  19. He could feel the warm shift as his date prepared to giggle his embarrassment away in that curiously melodic laugh that somehow rang false. Before she could rescue him, pull his flailing ass back to safety, he plunged forward, suddenly thinking it was also a good night for fools. "I can't fly, and I can't even show you something amazing, something you've never seen before. But I'm pretty good at watching and admiring. Also, and I hope this doesn't make me come off as an asshole, but it sort of feels like you've been holding back. Like, you don't think I'll be able to keep up? I don't know, maybe you've dealt with too many people who don't even bother to try."
  21. Rae's eyes shifted, catching the moonlight as she stared at this curious human getting all flustered for her sake. She tilted her head to listen and felt an once-forgotten, now fondly remembered twitch just between her shoulder blades. He was a babbling bumble of second guesses but a cute one, and its not like he was entirely off-base.
  23. "Now, I'm not promising that I even could keep up. All of this is way out of my wheelhouse." He took a moment to consider how best to phrase himself. Judging by her inquisitive, encouraging expression, he figured he could get a little poetic. After all, it was such a nice night for fliers and fools. "What I can promise is that I'll try. I will do my best, with all of my better angels, if you're willing to show me a few of yours." When Garret finished, not quite able to meet her gaze, he knew that he had set himself up for an awfully long fall. He was metaphorically stepping out onto a twisted and quite possibly fragile branch, all on the whim of an amiable evening.
  25. This was more risk than he had taken since half-past forever. His life had long since settled into a fairly standardized, somewhat stagnant routine. Not that he had anything against routine; ask anybody who had lived through the curse of an interesting time, and they'd tell you exactly how they felt about risk taking. They were sure to extol the virtues of a comfortable rut. In Garret's case, his meticulously well-maintained foxhole had supported what little was left of his family. Unfortunately, a key and often annoying part of that family had demanded her brother take a chance on something strange, something new and different. So here he was, standing on the precipice before an unfamiliar territory, trying to gauge an unknowable distance. However, he knew that whatever he might risk by asking, she risked far more in the telling.
  27. It was selfish to demand greater courage than he could muster for himself, and yet those golden, glittering eyes did not waver. She simply took a step back, her feather-laced arms crossing over her chest, touching the bared, dusky skin exposed by the cut of her dress. Steadying herself, those fierce orbs taking a moment to rest under the shade of smokey eye-shadow, she left the warmth of her date's immediate presence. Something slipped between her obsidian lips, something sacred. It was as intimate and personal as singular secret, and once invoked, she took the prayer with her as she leapt into the sky.
  29. Rae startled him with the speed at which she soared. The park they were wandering became a verdant blur as the harpy pierced the evening's cool depths. She reveled in the switch, temporarily abandoning her waltz with gravity so that the stars and moon could cut in. Starlight fought with moonlight to embrace her frame, setting all the sparkling surfaces about her dress to shimmer and glow. The dark-skinned beauty danced in the night sky, twinkling in a way that a Lucy could only dream.
  31. She wished his eyes upon herself, demanding he take in every detail, to become lost in her fantasy. Rae burst into an excited, satisfied smile when her keen senses caught sight of him. Yes, he was watching, and there was not a trace of avarice in his gaze, no sense that he meant to possess her in any way beyond those she offered freely. Nor was he cowering, stumbling about in an animal panic, just another superstitious peasant who had the presumption to imagine himself as worthy prey. All there was to that handsome man's face was an honest, open expression of wonder.
  33. The harpy preened as she flitted by, letting the shadow of her curves show through the sheer, shimmering fabric in which they were cloaked. Once she was sure Garrett had been given the full show, she allowed herself the indulgence of a prideful crow. Rae admired him for not reaching out too soon, for not trying to summon an obsidian star from the heavens until she was ready to come down on her own. Her date was dazzled and gratifyingly patient, not giving in to an Earth-bound human's ageless envy. When their eyes met, what she saw was a man who wished to share the same space, no matter the vertical or the horizontal. Something internal shuddered in rapid melt, and she found herself gleefully returning in a dive-bombing swoop.
  35. The black-feathered beauty had practically flow through him, knocking the male over and leaving his head swirling with images of little birds flitting about, like in the cartoons. When his vision cleared, her eyes loomed above like twin harvest moons, polished to a fine shine as they devoured her pinned human with a predator's intention. Garret began to frantically recalculate risk from his newfound position underneath her full-bodied pounce.
  37. Not every better angel was divine, he considered, as some of the best had quite gleefully fallen. Better or worse, he got the feeling that her angels could probably beat his angels up. It was a sobering, trembling thought, and he found it difficult to appreciate the nuance that separated titillation and terror. Her breath was simply too close to call, along with the heave of her heavy chest and the slick glisten of those ripe, midnight-colored lips. All of it lit through him within a confusing tumble of conflicting instincts.
  39. "Run!" cried something weak, yet primal. "Fight!" came a gruffer, crueler intuition. "How about we hide, why not?" said something in a surprisingly adept Zoidburg. The voices nearly drowned the faint whisper that sounded the most like his ten year old self. "Kiss her," it kept repeating, with all the bravery of a child that had never experienced rejection, nor submitted to the limitations of a fragile mortality. No. This was just a little too much for a blind date on a Friday night, and Garret opted for the more rational response of a simple strategic withdrawal.
  41. It was Rae's grip that shut him down, leashing the human to his earlier promise. The firm, possessive nature of her intimate hold said, quite clearly, "You will not disappoint me. Not tonight." Garret rallied in response, though barely able to meet her golden gaze. Instead, he let his eyes wander down, suddenly curious exactly how he was being held. Also, where was that breeze coming from?
  43. You wouldn't think feathers could grab a cock in that manner. At best, you might consider a French maid's duster with bits of ruffled fluff that could tickle or tease, but certainly not grip, stroke, or grind. And to be fair, the black plumes that had taken possession of Garret's shaft were not exactly feathers. They were more like specially adapted wing-fingers, serving as both pinions and long, flexible digits. Regardless of how you might refer to them, they were apparently dexterous enough to unbutton a man's trousers and had demonstrated this ability just before pulling his cock free. He was surprised by how quickly and deftly she had accomplished it, especially given that just a moment ago, her feathery-fingers had been devoted to the intricacies of flight. "H-how did you manage to pull that off?"
  45. Rae didn't answer, simply sliding her body forward, against his own. The beautiful harpy knew her handsome human's night had been full of surprises, just as she knew there were bigger surprises yet to come.
  48. ***
  51. Earlier that evening, that same beautiful harpy considered her reflection with a critical eye. Her mocha-shaded skin was bare, excepting her arms and legs which were layered in an impressive ruffle of ebony plumage. Those same feather's crowned her head, creating an illusion of hair that rustled a bit more than a human's silken strands might. A shimmering, deceptively thin dress waited impatiently on her bed. Her roommate had thought it a bit extravagant for a first date, particularly a blind one, but that was honestly more for Rae's own gratification. Might as well make fancy, she had decided, given how long it had been since her last opportunity.  
  53. "Do you think I should wear a carnation or something? Maybe a white rose or like, an orchid?" Rae fidgeted in front of the mirror, fighting the good fight against the cosmetics required by society's current standards of beauty, and her own desire to look absolutely banging. Most of the more complicated application and foundation building had already been completed. Now she was worrying around those final details that brought it all together. At the moment, that meant crafting the perfect lush lips that drew the eyes and kept whatever promises her smokey eye-shadow might make.
  55. Lipstick was easy so long as you picked the right shade and didn't cheap out on the brand. There were few make-up mishaps quite as demoralizing as smearing every surface with cartoon lip-prints, like an overenthusiastic auntie. Unfortunately, her preferred colors involved a starling array of black shades. She blamed some of this on her mother and the rest on an extended goth phase in grade school, and then high school, and then right up until sometime yesterday. So very yesterday, she assured herself. Yet, regardless of her sudden maturity, it was still a struggle to find a really nice Obsidian Dream or Midnight Mood, especially one that came in the right consistency without costing a fortune. This was where the proper gloss came in handy, and Rae was a longtime master in the art of enhancing a basic matte into something enigmatic, yet dazzling.
  57. "That depends, are you going out on a date or planning a heist?" Nicole, whose freckled face, auburn locks, and emerald eyes allowed her lips to get away with an economical red, asked from behind the sort of romance novel that had vampires in it. "Unless you mean a corsage. In which case, isn't he supposed to supply that?"
  59. Rae snorted, then tsked as the shift in her features caused a misstep in application. She corrected it with a few careful swipes, then turned to her friend, "It's a classic accent and a standard blind date accoutrement. Don't tell me you've never come across it in one of your high school romances."
  61. "Well yeah, when the blind date is literally going in blind. But I think this guy knows to look for the prettiest girl in feathers."  Nicole tilted her head, "You really don't think he's going to stumble across some other beautiful bird lady and then just assume it's you?"
  63. "I won't be in feathers. I'll be in that dress I picked out, no thanks to you." Rae replied coolly, though somewhat mollified by the compliments that accompanied her best friends sass. "Err, and so will my feathers." An arm that seemed more like a wing reached up, tussling at hair that was more like a raven's mane.
  65. Maybe a hat? No no, her plumed hair looked fine. It looked fabulous in fact, and if he couldn't see that, he didn't deserve the time it would take to secure a headpiece that matched. Yes, and besides, nobody wore hats anymore, right? She was a good eighty to ninety percent convinced, but just to be sure, she began to mentally catalog the contents of her closet and those of her roommate.
  67. Nicole sighed, "I'm pretty sure you will be the only harpy there. You will definitely be the hottest girl in the room that's flying solo and looking for somebody else to pay for her meal. So, unless this guy is an absolute idiot, he knows what to look for." She grunted, flipping another page in her book, "If he is an absolute idiot, then bullet dodged."
  69. "First, we're going Dutch, and don't roll your eyes. It was my idea. Second, what if Ayaka is there? She's always looking for a poor loser with more money than sense. He doesn't have a picture or anything, just a name and some basic details." The increasingly frantic young woman brought her feathered fingers to her face, letting her imagination run while. "Oh god, she could totally be a Rae. We've even got the same colored feathers!"
  71. "Alright, calm down. Tengu don't shapeshift or drop their human glamor until after you buy them dinner. Nobody is going to see her feathers, especially if she's paying for her own meal." Nicole set her book down, then walked over to her friend, putting a hand on Rae's trembling shoulder. "And again, if he's an idiot or a loser, then you don't want him, and you certainly don't need him. Ayaka can have him. Seriously girl, stop treating tonight like it's anything special. It's just a date; you've been on dates before."
  73. "K-kinda," Rae admitted meekly. "Like, play dates when I was a kid, and then a few dances in high school. Prom was kind of a mess because the guy was a bit too eager and saw something he wasn't ready to handle." The dusky-skinned beauty burst into a deeper shade as an embarrassed blush darkened her cheeks. "Y-you know how that goes, right?"
  75. Nicole smirked. "Well, to be fair, I spent my prom with the girlfriend of a guy like that, so I suppose our experiences are a bit different." She reached around, hugging her friend close. "Get back on that horse, Rae. Just don't take this ride too seriously. It's more a test flight for the both of you; if it goes great, then fantastic. If not? You just let me know, and I'll make him regret his choices in life. Besides, isn't this some sort of Internet thing?"
  77. Rae blinked, then bit nervously at her bottom lip, cheeks shifting to an even deeper shade of shame. "Y-yeah, sorta. It's something like a 'Date My Son/Daughter' kinda... thing."
  79. "Wait, Date My...? Are you shitting me?" Nicole's barely got her hands up to stifle the snicker before it left her lips. She held it for a moment, taking a step back from her friend, before it doubled her over. "Oh god! Really?"
  81. Turning away from her so-called "friend" who was trying to keep from collapsing into a heap of laughter, Rae snorted in a snappish caw. "That's why I didn't tell you before. Th-there's nothing wrong with it!"
  83. "S-seriously? Like your mother hooked you up with... oh you poor thing," Nicole wiped at eyes wet with fresh hilarity, letting lose another bout of throaty laughter.
  85. "I will eat you," Rae seethed, "I swear to the One-Eyed god, I will."
  87. "Hey," Nicole grinned at black-haired fury starring down with glittering, golden eyes, "I already offered. You're the one that said it would get all weird between u-lp." The teasing, freckled-faced friend ducked a hurled stick of lip gloss. She put her hands up in sudden surrender when Rae began to shift out of her chair. "Whoah, down girl! You have spent way too much time on that hair to get it all futzed up over some shots fired by your best friend."
  89. "Ayaka is now my best friend," Rae grunted, settling back down in a huffy plop. She turned back to the mirror and realigned a few feathers that had gotten out of place, "We're going to share bird girl secrets and talk shit about flame-crotched sluts who refuse to keep their private parts to themselves."
  91. "Look, it's funny, alright? You just spend so much time and energy trying to human yourself up, making yourself all civilized and modernized. Which is fine, really. We're all making it up as we go along." Nicole sighed, getting to her feet which were covered in pink, unicorn socks. "Only, isn't this kind of backwards? I mean old world stuff, with the parents setting up their kids and all?"
  93. Rae paused in mid primp, taking a moment to really digest the effect of all her hard work. Finally she looked away, a fresh spot of shame spoiling her features. "Maybe. I didn't even know she had signed us up. Old world for her involves pouncing a one-night stand without protection. If things go well, you rely on the sisterhood, which is what I call them because it sounds better than the Council of Murder. So there are no real husbands or fathers, though maybe a few favorite playmates and some seriously questionable uncles."
  95. "Yeah, you've told me about that," Nicole put her hands to either side of Rae's neck, thumbs rubbing tenderly along the back. "Sounds rough, but your mom also sounds kinda amazing."
  97. "She is! She absolutely is." Rae smiled, "Old school bad ass, but she's knew I wanted to be something else, so she just let me be me, you know? She never butted in when it came to boys, and she let me decide if it was even going to be boys. She's not like us, not in that way, but I think she gets it. Mom is pretty clued into the whole being different thing and wanting to be more like them, you know?"
  99. "Well personally I think them suck," the red-head grunted. "But I get what you mean. So why the hook-up?"
  101. The black feathers that adorned the harpy's shoulder shifted in a shrug, "Probably because of our last phone conversation. Moment of weakness and all, but I told her I'd been nervous about approaching anyone here. Like, I'm all about the college life: making friends, studying for finals, and eating organically grown food that was fried up in a vat. I've done my best to fit in and make this place home. Sure, there aren't enough trees and like, no mountains, but it has got its charm. And I'm learning about the people who make it what it is; maybe trying to be one of those people, you know?"
  103. Her friend nodded, taking a quick glance at her phone to check the time. She didn't really care if Rae's mystery date got stood up, but she would be damned if her feathered friend was made to feel guilty over a bit of tardiness. Besides, she had also had an appointment, one that required its own sort of prep work, the kind she preferred to do alone and involved an absolutely profane amount of latex. They had plenty of time, so she settled against the harpy's cosmetic-covered vanity and crossed her legs as she listened.
  105. "It's the guys here, and maybe some of the of the girls I guess, getting me all turned around. I- I can't handle that first glance, the one I get when I thought I was looking hot as hell, but all they can see is a pair of golden eyes and a bushel of black feathers." Rae shook her head, then laughed with just a shade of screech, "I mean, I can't even get to the 'do you mind if I'm a little different down below' bullshit, because I'm too busy apologizing for what they've already seen." She leaned her head against her roommate's supportive hip. "They don't even know the half of it, and there I am, stumbling over the easy part. What happens when it goes wrong? What happens the next day, when I see them in class?"
  107. "You told your mother all this?" Nicole blinked, seriously impressed. Her own conversations with mommy dearest tended to stick to the shallow end of the personal life pool. Deep dives were never wise with the women in her family. There was no telling when you might see the surface again.
  109. "Some of it. I think she just guessed the rest." Rae laughed at herself, shaking her head, "I was so surprised she even had a computer, let alone knew how to fill out a profile, that I just sort of went along with it."
  111. "Iphones changed everything. We're living in the future but still play like it's the present," Nicole smiled, before her expression shifted to serious. "Speaking of which, you need to be careful. Whatever your risking out there, in the grand and glorious RL, you can bet it'll get worse once virtual anonymity steps in. Are you sure this guy isn't some sort of chaser, a dude who'll just use you to scratch off a fantasy from the ole' bucket list?"
  113. "Chasers don't generally get their mothers to fill out their internet search queries," Rae grinned. "Beside, if he's just chasing after some monster girl fetish, then he's about to bite off a lot more than he can chew. All he knows is he scored a nearby harpy with a doting mom. What he doesn't know... well, maybe I can satisfy a few kinks of my own while he's still trying to figure it all out. Besides, aren't you on 'Take My Wife, Please?' Do you really have any right to go stone chucking?"
  115. Nicole shrugged, "I'm not looking for a relationship there, just a few raunchy hook-ups with couples that think they know what they want. I go in; I go out. I repeat it a few times to make a big show of it, depending on the audience, and I keep my phone handy in case it goes bad. So far, nothing but glowing reviews on Yelp and a few regulars who help keep my student debt down to a dull roar. Nobody's heart is on the line, and there's nobody I'm setting my hopes on, so the risk is pretty minimal."
  117. "Sounds awfully risky to me," Rae replied, "in more ways than one. Besides, what to you do if you accidentally knock somebody up?"
  119. "Spend the bonus and send a cigar?" Nicole shrugged. "Honestly, that's exactly what some of these couples want. And those that don't are really particular about their protections."
  121. The harpy blinked, not quite able to fully wrap her head around Nicole's wild, wicked world. Still, it seemed to work for her roommate, and if ever there was a woman who could handle herself, it was the fiery headed vixen who kept their finances afloat and their relatively opulent living conditions managed. Speaking of their fancy domicile and the risks for young women engaging in virtual hook-ups, "How exactly are you going to lecture me on the dangers of chasers, when you're practically giving them our home address?"
  123. "Well first, I go to their homes, not the other way around, and second, I do it right. Initial meeting is always public, somewhere we can share a meal, possibly a drink or two, and were they can pick up the tab. If I get even the barest tingle of a bad ju-ju vibe, I don't bother on the follow up. Nine times out of ten, it's nothing or maybe gas from a poorly fried Awesome Blossom, but it's never worth the risk to ignore that sort of thing. If it turns out my gut misfired and they were legit all along, they can find live out their wildest, wettest dreams on someone else's cock. Besides, I don't mind them so much if we're just exchanging fantasies." Nicole lightly scritched the back of her friend's neck, "It's when people start exchanging hearts that things get all twisted up."
  125. Rae leaned into the scratch, then checked her phone as she worked up a reply. "I know, but maybe we're both overthinking this. Like you said, it's just a date with a guy that had to get his mother to sign him up. The chances that I'm stumbling into anything that's either too kinky or too emotionally involved is practically nil. I mean, if anyone is going into this truly blind, it's him, because I don't plan to show or tell."
  127. "Isn't that sort of dangerous?" Emerald eyes filled with sudden concern, "Not that it's any of his business, not unless you decide to make it his business. It's just that this kind of thing can sometimes go really bad."
  129. "If it did go bad, who would you bet on?" Rae looked up, her golden eyes relighting in a fierce glitter. Below, powerful raptor claws dug small furrows into the hardwood floor underneath. "And the guy has a long way to go before that information is relevant. I mean, I hope he's cute and nice and funny, and all. But this is only the first date and a blind date at that. Even assuming it goes well, how far could it really go?"
  132. ***
  135. "Pretty far," reflected the Rae of the present. Only a few hours had passed since she had slipped into something a little less comfortable, but an awful lot more shimmery and flattering, and then headed out to meet with the man whose cock she was caressing. Nicole had wished the harpy luck before oh so casually mentioning that she would be out all night and that maybe neither of them should wait up for the other. At the time, the harpy had considered it wishful thinking with a side order of roommate tease. She was less sure of that now.
  137. "Down girl," she thought to herself, "this is how your mother's generation does it, all dive bombing straight onto a male with an offer he couldn't possibly refuse." She could do better. She would do better, but damn if he had not flicked that primordial switch. What had set her simmer to boil? Was it the friendly little chit-chat at the restaurant, how handsome he had looked when he had waved her over? Maybe it had been the smile that lit his eyes when she sat down opposite and mumbled, "dammit, Kat is never going to let me hear the end of this" before turning a beet red.
  139. "Err, excuse me?" Garret tried to interject, gaining Rea's glance but not her full attention. If anything, based on the idle rub coming from below, his cock was making the better impression.
  141. No, that wasn't it, Rae decided. That was second, possibly third date material. It was how you moved from a peck on the cheek to a final invitation after hours of hemming and hawing. It wasn't even the sweetness of his confession in the park, his desire to see her fly free and to truly be at ease with herself. That was more of a Hallmark or Lifetime movie kinda moment. It made for good dramatic reveals or maybe one of the less tawdry romance novels, but it wouldn't hit this hard. This was raw, primal somehow; this was an ache that gnawed at her very core.
  143. What she was feeling at that moment, with her heart beating so fast she could have sworn she was still aloft, was something far outside the courting rituals of the civilized world. Hell, it didn't even fit within Nicole's perverse little corner of humanity. This was what her mother had warned her of, or more aptly instructed her on, when puberty was making everything internal go haywire. This was the thrill of a raptor on the hunt, of seeing something delicious far down below and catching the morsel before it could escape. This was not half bad, to be honest, and while she fully intended to domesticate this heated flutter that was putting the poor girl on overload, she had no intention of letting her prey- err, her date get away. At least, not without a fight.
  145. "Th-that's feeling very nice, and believe me, I kinda hate myself for interrupting but a-are you okay?" Garret's tried to slip an extra helping of assertion into his voice, something that demanded attention, if not exactly respect. It came out about as well as anyone could expect when one's genitals were being given a right-way rubbing by a gorgeous, semi-distracted lover.
  147. "Huh? Am I okay?" She blinked, then looked down, eyes opening wide as her body's Wi-Fi finally rebooted, and she started receiving input from her brain. "I am stroking your cock, aren't I?"
  149. "Yes. Yes you are," the human male nodded vigorously, his fleshy member having started to darken as his date's attention began to accumulate into its inevitable conclusion. Already, a milky pearl had formed, then tumbled from his tip, disappearing into a forest of midnight plumes.
  151. "Do you want me to stop?" Her expression was simply not wicked or teasing enough for that kind of question. It was delivered far too matter-of-factually, like a fast food attendant asking if he meant to super-size his meal.
  153. Garret whimpered, leaning up on his elbows, "Y-you know, I can't think of a response that would satisfy everything I'm feeling or wanting right about now. But nnff, I will say that if you don't stop, I am about to either impress you or embarrass the hell out of myself."
  155. "Oh really?" Rae smirked, her suddenly smoldering, lidded gaze caught his own in a vise. She leaned in, close enough to fill his palate with her scent, a mix of perfumes and the evenings exertion. The harpy pressed forward until her warm curves made soft contact against his firm chest and they found themselves sharing the same humid breath. Black, glossed lips parted, a tease waiting patiently on her tongue, waiting for her to breath it into life. But then her eyes tensed in a sudden self-reproach. Her grip faded to a single touch, rolling a long, wispy plump up the length of Garret's cock, before finally pulling away. "There is something I want to tell you first."
  157. He blinked, then looked down, coming to a not-so-surprisingly disappointing conclusion. Garret bit his bottom lip and then forced himself to think about the Star Wars prequels, about gritty sand and the way it just gets everywhere. Building arousal collided with lifelong frustrations and childhood disappointments, calming the burn below into less of a necessity and more of an agonizing itch. "S-sure, we can do that. Whatever you want,"
  159. Garret looked around nervously, taking sudden note of the artificial lights and manicured lawns. "Come to think of it, we probably shouldn't be doing this in a public park." Receiving no immediate response, he looked up, seeing his date battling it out with something internal, something that hurt. Concern lit his eyes and, still exposed, still vulnerable, he focused his attention on her. "It's a first date, isn't it? No expectations, no requirements. You don't have to or need to do anything, alright? This is already the best date I've had in," years, "months."
  161. Rae shook her head, though her lips quirked into a gentle smile at his words. It was true. This wasn't about a need or an obligation, and that settled both mind and heart. What she said next came entirely from a place of simple want. "Zip up then. After I tell you this, you may decide to hate me, in which you can go fuck yourself. Or you may decide something else, in which case I might fuck you instead."
  163. Focusing on the zipper, which was a very important thing to focus on when wedging a raging hard-on back into place, Garret nodded. No pressure, he thought, just some shared, intimate detail that was going to determine the rest of their night. Was that really what either of them wanted? Once he had finally secured himself and managed not to Ben Stiller his erection, he shook his head. "Maybe tell me after another date? Because this one went really well, and I really want to see you again. Like I said, this doesn't have to happen tonight. If you're about to tell me you're a serial killer or something, we can always postpone that until later. Besides, my sister tells me that yandere is all the rage these da-erk!"
  165. "Shut up!" Rae growled, showing a pair of prominent canines and grabbing Garret by the face, pulling him to within inches of her own. Her eyes shimmered in that predatory glow for just a second or two, then softened when his fingers drifted along the line of her jaw.
  167. "So more a tsundere then, huh?" Garret flinched when her teeth clenched, and he quickly shifted gears, "S-sorry. My sister is a... not important. Just, tell me, alright? Whatever it is you want to say, I'll listen."
  169. The harpy bumped her mocha-colored forehead against his paler cranium, then shook her head back and forth while they were connected, eyes closed in amused annoyance. "I swear, you had better be worth all this." But she knew that he was. Somehow, he had broken the tension, the grind of internal gears that had her at a standstill. Rae understood now. However much she might be afraid of revealing more of herself, what really terrified here were the consequences of not sharing.
  171. No, she refused to let this night end with the pair of them as simply friendly strangers. "If we're going to toss around a bunch of Japanese words," he better not dump her for that damn tengu, he had just better not, "I'm what you might call a umm, a futanari." The word fit better on Nicole's tongue; granted, so did most things, as her infernal roommate would have been quick to say. It wasn't something the harpy's kin had a set term for, beyond another option when it came time to mate. It was more a thing for a very specific community of humanity, but that same community had been among the first to welcome her into their ranks. Still, this was the first time Rae had ever used it to explain herself.
  173. Garret blinked. The term was vaguely familiar, but it didn't really factor into his day-to-day. When the language centers in his brain finally made the appropriate connections, his eyes widened. "You mean-"
  175. "I mean I have a cock," Rae fidgeted, pulling back from her date, not quite able to meet those dark, widening eyes. "Before you ask, I have one of those too, and they both work. Also, because it might matter to you, we're about the same size," she muttered the last bit, "give or take an inch or two."
  177. "So," Garret was processing, not willing to rely on the first response that sprang to mind. Whatever it meant to him, however he might react, she was again taking the majority of the risk. This was important to her, and it required more thought on his part than whatever he might think she wanted to hear. Honest opinion, he told himself, be as open as she is being with you. She deserves that much and a hell of a lot more. While his brain was mulling all of this over, his mouth decided to occupy itself in an idle bout of idiocy. "So you're a woman with a bit extra, right?" Fuck, why did he just say that?
  179. "No," Rae responded, a bit disappointed but determined to get through this. "It's not extra. It's not me plus something else. It's all me, every bit of it. You want this, Garret, you want me?" She slipped one leg over his hips, taking only a moment to appreciate how nicely he seemed to fit, before straddling him completely. "You accept the whole damn thing. I didn't plan on this tonight. I wasn't really intending to share this with you or really anyone, not until I was sure. But now that I'm here," her feathery hands pressed with remarkable weight atop his chest, "I guess I've just decided I'm not willing to accept anything less. So what'll it be, Garret? All or nothing?"
  182. ***
  185. Hours before golden eyes would wait impatiently on his answer, Garret was just a nervous young man starring at a menu and wondering if it was stupid to avoid ordering the chicken Alfredo. It must be, it must be monumentally stupid, he decided. There was no connection between her harpy ancestry and a free-range clucker. Implying that there was would be the real insult. Besides, according to the profile his sister had shown him, his date was more like a raptor or maybe a crow. If anything, she might be the one with a taste for bird flesh.
  187. Gah! Why am I even getting all knotted up like this? Hello there, Rae is it? I'll be your date for the evening, but I'm going to be so ridiculously self-conscious about the whole monster-person versus human divide that I'm going to make this the single most uncomfortable night of your life. A tie, that would have saved him, a nice tie to go with this nice dress shirt.
  189. Why had he decided that tonight, of all nights, to try out an unbuttoned collar? He was a nicely trim young man, somewhat on the slim side but not in an unattractive way. Garret had muscle where it counted, even if most of them were in his legs. He had the lean body of a runner, which was kind of false advertising given he preferred to walk. For the fifth time since he had shaved, he ran a finger along his jaw, checking for stubble on a face that was prone to five o'clock shadow at around two in the afternoon.
  191. Everything smooth? He checked his reflection in his butter knife to be sure. Was the face looking back at him handsome? Could he say that about another guy, even himself? Sure he could. He was a modern, open-minded individual. Handsome was fine, just fine. Wait, did that make him an egotist? Garret sighed, trying to calm the cranial fit, only to find himself wondering if one could slit one's wrists with a butter knife. Huh, would that be more of an aggressive self-spreading?
  193. Just as he started to consider the merits of seppuku by breadstick, Garret's cell phone began to pulse in a high-energy beat. It was the theme song to an animated series whose highs and lows were a stark contrast to his more evenly spread day to day. It was a guilty pleasure and something he would only dare to share with one other person, his younger sister and long-suffering life coach. So of course it was the ringtone she had set on his phone, and of course he had forgotten to set the damn thing on vibrate. It was just that kind of evening, a blind date kind of evening.
  195. He snatched the phone, quickly ending its melodic solo before it could hit the ridiculously catchy chorus, and was suddenly overwhelmed by the sonic assault of his sibling's vocals. "Why aren't you at the front, waiting on her? You know, get her coat, pull back her chair, that sorta thing."
  197. "Because people who wait in the foyer are checking to see if their blind date is hot enough to warrant sticking around." Garret sighed, feeling strangely calmed by the familiar irritant, "And are you seriously waiting outside to see how this goes? I told you, we are not Cyranoing this thing."
  199. "Roxanne, I said we should Roxanne it, you dweeb," countered his sister. "I even got the hat and everything. Though I suppose wireless earbuds kinda takes the fun out of it."
  201. "If you'll remember, that doesn't work out so well for either of them, and by the way, you weren't even born before that movie came out." Garret turned this way and that, trying to spot his younger stalker. It was just like her to move operations inside once she had confirmed her target's location. Then again, maybe she was planning on checking out his date before he even got a chance. "Go home Kat. I promise you, I will call you tonight."
  203. "If you would just listen to me, you would be too busy making making out with Daryl Hannah to call your little sister with the dirty deets," huffed a disgruntled, pint-sized conspirator. "And that movie is a classic!"
  205. "Cyrano is a classic, and that movie is one of a dozen or so remakes. That's not even counting television shows, cartoons, and anime that rips off the premise." He shrugged, "The twenty nose jokes were pretty good, even if Martin overshot the mark by four or five."
  207. "I know, right? That always bugged the hell out of me," replied Kat, whose full name was Katherine. "And you're too much of a lit nerd not to remember what happens in the play. Is that what you want? Stick with Charlie Bates. He actually ended up with his Roxane. Also, quit fidgeting with your menu, Gar. You got this."
  209. "What I got is a blind date that was set up by my sister, who was posing as our mother," Garret checked the time on his phone and finally set it to vibrate. "You know that Tinder is a thing, yes? If you were going behind my back, you could have at least picked a better site."
  211. "I start college in the fall, Gar. I can't be looking out for you like I have been. You need somebody that sees what I see; somebody you can Netflix and Chill with, and yes I mean that both literally and figuratively." Kat sighed, "And I went with the mommy set up because any girl that agrees to a date on a site like that is probably just as hopeless as you. We're talking untapped romantics that are looking for an actual, capital D date and not just a chance to test out the bed-springs at the local Motel 6."
  213. "I'd probably suck at that." Garret admitted at the same time his sister said, "You'd suck at that."
  215. "Right, see? But this? This you got. Show this girl what you have to offer. Then let her show you, and even if all this turns out to be a dud, its better than spending another night on a pizza-stained couched, watching CrunchyRoll with your little sister." Kat noted the time, then spun about in her car seat, pausing to consider the woman walking along the sidewalk. The lovely young lady wore a shimmery dress, one that showed off her curves quite nicely. Oh and feathers, lots of blacker-than-black feathers, which had apparently been carefully arranged for what seemed like the best possible impact. Well done Missus Harpy, she thought, well done indeed.
  217. She waited until the startling beauty had passed by before continuing, "Besides, you saw the profile and the mother who made it. You think someone that old world is going to butter-up would be suitors with false praise? No, that is a mom looking for the right match, not just any ole' match. If she says her Rae is all that, you can bet her daughter come with a bag of chips."
  219. "You said that; my sister just said that. I am a terrible big brother, and I've created a sister who is even worse. Together we shall terrorize this college village with ou-"
  221. "Hate to cut you off Gar, but it's time." She watched his brother's date step through the door, still out of Garret's field of view but approaching fast. "Also, I'm awesome, and you're only a bit less awesome. And the two of you are absolutely going to hit if off. Gotta go. Think like Charlie, but roll like Chris!"
  223. "Wait! Before you go I gotta ask, why a harpy?"  
  225. "Because when I'm not around, you do everything the same. Same meals, same clothes, same shows, and you're even taking the same classes dad majored in. You've got a rut, you wallow in it, and honestly," Kat grumped, "you kinda become a boring person. I mean, I appreciate it and all. That same'ole-same'ole dude was responsible enough to take care of the family once it all went to hell. You're putting us both through college, and I don't even know how you managed to pull that off. But Gar, you haven't really lived your life since they died, and once I'm busy with my own, I'm afraid you're going to forget to even try."
  227. Garret's sister began to pull out of her carefully selected parking space, watching the distant backside of the woman with whom his brother was going to share a meal. "You can't be the same you every single day; that's just a different kind of dying. It's time to do something different, meet someone different, someone that's got her own crap to deal with and experiences a different world than you or me. I dunno Gar, give her a shot and see what you look like from her eyes. Isn't that what a blind date is all about?"
  230. ***
  233. The present crashed in from every side, a temporal tsunami that left the pair breathless on the beach of the here and now. Advice their companions had given, the meal the two had shared, and their decision to come to this park had all led up to Garret's request that she take to the sky and let her inner harpy fly free. All of it had led up to this point, this singular moment upon which the entire evening had begun to pivot.
  235. Garret starred up into fiery, predatory eyes. Those eyes saw him in an entirely different way than he could ever see himself. Kat had been right. And he had been right to risk asking Rae to risk everything in a moment of shared vulnerability. Now she was sharing even more, displaying that irrepressible courage that shamed whatever he could muster. The human male had never met anyone even remotely like this and would likely never fully understand the totality of her perspective, not even if she explained. But then again, maybe there were greater depths to his own character than he dared to guess.
  237. A cock huh? If Rae had a cock, it had to be the single most beautiful cock he would likely ever see. Like the powerful claws on the ends of her feet or the pointed canines that hid behind lush, obsidian lips, it was nothing to fear. In fact, being a part of her, it was everything to be desired. "I want it all, Rae. Not a piece and not a portion. I want every bit you're willing to risk on a guy like me. W-when I saw you in the sky I- no, I think knew before that. When you first sat down on the opposite side of the table. That was when I knew. At the time I didn't know that I knew, but now I know that I did. Damn, that sounds awkward, umm, maybe stop moving around like that so my brain's blood supply isn't being redirected?"
  239. "O-oh, sorry," Rae leaned back, setting her hips to barely a fraction of the grind that her body had involuntarily adopted. Something else stirred between her thighs, responding to the heated swell below which had made her chosen perch a precarious one. Yes, there was quite a lot of redirected sanguine fluids, and much as she was enjoying the poetic fumble from his lips, she found herself just as eager for the more tangible response from the warm body beneath her own.
  241. "A-nyway," Garret cleared his throat, not entirely sure his date had slowed her movements enough to make any appreciable difference, "at the time I was too busy feeling like a dick for forgetting to pull the chair out for you. I meant to at least offer. Then I'd gauge your reaction, see if you thought it was chivalry or sexism, and then react accordingly. But I just couldn't manage it, not when I was still trying to catch the breath you stole. Now that I think about it, I guess I was just stunned; stunned that you sat down, stunned that you either liked what you saw or were too polite to say otherwise."
  243. "I did," cooed the feathered woman, shifting ever so innocently atop the young man's pelvis, "Though you are right, even if I hadn't, I would have stayed to enjoy the meal. You think too little of your appearance, and that's just a sin against uglier men, but it was your charm that made me glad I stayed. That's what led me to this park, and a mix of it and that heart-breaker's smile lured me into the sky."
  245. "So what comes nex- ?" Garret was cut off just as he was trying to sit up, pushed back by a powerful wing and rapacious eyes.
  247. "First things first," Rea leaned down, nuzzling a deeply tanned cheek against her date's freshly pink one. "You said that you wanted all of me, right? Or at least as much as I'm willing to give. Well there's a price for that, and I'm still not convinced you're ready to pay." Her lips ran up along his now trembling jawline, tracing with a lover's light lap, until she found the edge of his earlobe. The plumed beauty gave it a light suckle, then caught it with the point of her canine. She gave it a playful tug before continuing in a sinful whisper, "I won't be satisfied with whatever you might offer the other girls. I'm like you; I don't want just a portion. I want it all."
  249. His body became a tingling quiver, lightning running through-out his system as her body shifted in sensuous, languid motions. "W-what do you mean?" Garret reached up to caress her face, trying to reestablish their now tilted equilibrium.  
  251. She caught the human's hand before it could find its mark, pulling it down to the ground with a sudden violence and then pinning it within the authoritative grip of one of her talons. She tightened just enough to settle the point, to let her prey known that he had made it to the "look but don't touch" portion of the evening. But even as she did, she pressed more of her body against his own, letting pleasurable curves roll wickedly against his chest. Every part of her said, "be a good boy and listen," without a single word uttered.
  253. Garret did as he was told, and this time the line between fear and arousal was far more distinct.
  255. "What I mean is that I don't want to waste my time worrying if there's some bit of me you ignore, just so you can play with the rest." Rae moved up a bit more, sliding an altogether different sort of curve, really more of a bulge, up against Garret's midsection. Dresses were so much better than slacks at conveying what lay within. "Feel that? You said you wanted it, said you wanted all of it. Well, it... I still have a few more inches to grow, and the way your trembling underneath me is awfully encouraging." For a moment, she just settled there, smothering him with her own body and letting him feel every supple, erotic inch of herself, both above and below. The golden-glassed windows to her soul kept his darker portals enraptured as she did, not letting him move a muscle, explaining the rest through sensation alone.
  257. And then, all at once, she was gone. The human blinked, surprised at how quickly she had moved. Just a flick of those powerful limbs, a sudden rush of feathers, and if he wasn't mistaken, a teasing caw before she was standing. Now she was looking down at her would-be playmate, her head tilted to see what he might do next. Garret, still on his back, felt strangely cold, his body reacting to the sudden lack of what had been a sensory overload.
  259. It was strangely familiar, this sensation of being suddenly alone. He was rarely conscious of it, beyond the dull, lonely ache that most people learned to ignore. He would have never thought of it as especially frigid, at least, not literally. Metaphorically, sure, but only in the abstract, not in any rational, tangible sense. A feeling doesn't have a temperature all its own, does it? Garret blinked, experiencing the rising chill that came from simple absence. He stared up at Rae, wondering if she felt it too. The human also found himself wondering how much worse, how much colder it might be when the gift of companionship often came within implied bondage.
  261. But as he reflected in a familiar cold, Rae basked in unfamiliar heat.
  263. The harpy smiled, warm and wide, a playful expression that hid a legion of conflicting emotions, starring down at the comely young man at her feet. Her heart kept fluttering, flitting between desire and coy expectation. The view of him from above lit a primal bonfire that had been ignored in a rush to modernize, civilize, and humanize herself. Was there room in his world for all of her; could she possibly fit? What would he think if she reverted just a bit, just enough to feel the rush of a moonlight's sacred kiss, to hunt like her mother did and taste something raw and searing on her lips?
  265. "You want all of me?" She laughed, her voice cracking into another caw, "I'm still finding out what it even means to be me. So if you want to be part of that, you're just going to have to take whatever I've got." Twin harvest moons glittered as her smile went from warm to wicked, "But I gotta warn you, I'm also going to take everything I can , and I don't plan on leaving any scraps."
  267. Liquid fire hit the young man below, causing his eyes to go wider than before. This couldn't be normal for a first date, could it? Hell, it was probably too much for that all-important third. He had already planned that one out. Garret was going to show up at her door, carrying a bouquet of red roses and wearing a tie by god, and then invite her to a night they would remember fondly even after their relationship inevitably cooled. That was how this was supposed to go, right? It wasn't like you married the first harpy that flew your way, all thanks to the interference of a meddling sister and a doting, out-of-touch mother.
  269. Or maybe you did. Maybe you let her pull you up out of that cold, comfortable rut and see the view from her perspective, high above the trees. M-maybe you even let her fill you with some of her own heat, see how much of it you can honestly handle. Something different, huh Kat? He and his sister were going to have a very long, very uncomfortable chat the next time they hit the couch for animation Tuesday. That is, if he could even sit at that point, assuming he was interpreting Rae's desires correctly.
  271. Garret sighed, looking up to that towering temptation, before slowing rising to his feet and dusting himself off. "Well, now that you've said the sexiest thing anybody has ever said to me, allow me to kill the mood entirely with my practical nature. I think, unless I'm completely off-base here, we're going to need some condoms." He considered the shifting, shimmering shape along the front of Rea's dress, "and a fair amount of lube."
  274. ***
  277. "So this is your dorm? Really?" Garret shook his head as he wandered about, amazed that there was enough room to even wander. "My friends and I used to call our Freshman dorm the broiler. It was all brick, with that hard tile that you just know sits on concrete, and public showers shared by half the floor."
  279. "Oh trust me, I've been there," Rae grinned, her arm wrapped around his and guiding him along the nickle tour. "I had a place a lot like that when I first arrived, and it took forever to convince my mother I'd be fine. Which was a lie, as it turned out, and I didn't stay long. Given the number of roommates I went through in that first month or so, it's probably a good thing. Funny, everybody thinks the feathers are oh so lovely and ever so exotic. That is, until the third of fourth evening they spend plucking fallen plumes from their bedding and sweaters. Hah," she cawed, "bunch of whiners! Just think if they had waited around for molting season." The harpy pressed herself a bit more warmly against her date, some of the bravado in her caw faltering in mid-memory.
  281. She turned to him with her eyes pinched in a brave smile, "And there were also complications due to my uh, other feature, especially in the community bath. It was nowhere near as fun as your guy brain might be making it." Rae gave Garret a playful squeeze, only to catch the look of concern that danced about his handsome features. Her smokey-eyelids lifted, along with her lips, into a far more genuine expression. "Don't worry. It all worked out. The RA saw I was struggling and introduced me to someone else having trouble fitting in."
  283. Garret considered that for a moment. Here was that different world his sister had been talking about. Given Rae's harpy nature, and the other revelation that still had his heart confused in a dozen different ways, he could see where she might have difficulty sharing space with other students, especially first years. It took time, simmering in the college crock pot, before the average country boy or suburban girl could shed their parent's perspective and come fully into their own. By the second or third year, most had come to grips with the idea that there actually were more things on heaven and Earth then were dreamt of in Uncle's Buford's stilted philosophy.
  285. Freshmen though? First years that were all wound up tight, trying to process a million new ideas and still make classes? They could be awfully prickly; just ask any "Intro to Anthropology" professor. "So the college offered alternative housing?" Garret rolled the idea over in his mind, and despite how nice the accommodations, it was hard to view it as anything other than a rejection from the student body. "I hope they handled it carefully. It almost makes it seems like they were quarantining you two."
  287. Rae reluctantly pulled away from her guest, walking to the sliding door that separated the general living quarters from her roommate's personal space. "The college had nothing to do with it. Our RA just wanted to hook up bunk buddies who shared similar difficulties. Nicole couldn't keep a roommate either, though some of that was attitude." She smiled, remembering a few times they had clashed before getting to know one another. Her friend could be abrasive, but if the fearsome woman deemed you worthy, her affection and generosity were boundless.
  289. "So, another harpy? Or is she like...." He cut himself off before he could complete the question. Idiot, he thought to and about himself. It wasn't any of his business and it put his date into an awkward position, but Garret had gotten caught up in Rae's situation, along with the give and take of idle chit-chat. If he and his sister had Roxanned this moment ,with the hat and headset, Kat would be howling, "Abort, abort," into his ear.
  291. "Nicole is human," Rae replied, letting the implication stand. She immediately felt a twinge of guilt. Not that Nicole would have cared, but the intricacies of her friend's freckled body were not the harpy's to share. Knowing the red-haired seductress, Garret would probably catch a glimpse at some point, assuming he became a regular at their place. Based on past experience, this would probably involve an unlocked shower door and a forgotten towel.
  293. "Anyway, my roommate hated the dorms and most of the people who slept in them. So she asked if I wanted to live somewhere that didn't reek of desperation and misery. She even offered to pay the bigger chunk, just so long as I accepted permanent dishes and laundry duty." Rae would eventually be kicked from laundry duty and reassigned to bathroom duty, after one too many ebony feathers took a turn on Mr Maytag's wild ride. "Seemed rude not to take her up on it. As far as quarantine, you could say we quarantined them. Or just think of it as an awfully posh, not-so-leper colony."
  295. Aha! Rae grinned. Here was Nicole's stash, just where she had said it would be. Now then, what else had she said? Check the expiration dates on the condoms, right? Huh, the hapry had never thought that was a thing one had to worry about. Come to think of it, she was surprised her roommate knew much about it either, given how seldom her friend seemed to use them. Now then, where was that lube? There it was, lavender-scented, black bottle, do not get it confused with the red bottle with the ghost pepper on it. Yikes.
  297. "Rich family or does she just make good money?" Garret found himself standing in front of a flat screen mounted to the wall. Sure, these days, just about everyone had one, but most of them were off-brands picked up during the bloody carnage of a Black Friday. This was name brand, and if it wasn't exactly cutting edge, that seemed more a matter of disinterest rather than a lack of a opportunity. "Netflix and chill, huh?" he muttered to himself. "And you're sure she's not coming home tonight?"
  299. "Nicole has both, but she's prouder of her own earnings. That's also why I know she won't be home until noon tomorrow." Rae set the protective paraphernalia out in front of her, after closing Nicole's stash and sliding it reverently under her friend's bed. "She has got a married couple that she's servicing or working or whatever you want to call it." The assembled gear all seemed oddly formal, even with the scandalous image of a shapely woman arched in pleasure atop the front of the lubricant. None of it was anything her mother would have considered necessary, first date or third. Well, in mama harpy's world, there really wasn't a third date to consider. It must have been so much easier for mom when she was the same age. If you liked the look of a guy, or a properly equipped gal, you just swooped right in and let them know your feelings in a flash of feathers and feral intent.
  301. Wasn't that how she was conceived? Would she have liked to have met her father? Not for the sake of modernizing or becoming more human, and not because she really needed another parent. Her mom had done everything Rae could have asked and probably more than grandma had ever thought to try. It was just... someone else to look toward, another idea of how the world worked and where a daughter might fit within.
  303. "Well, God bless the child that's got her own, huh?" Garret smiled, wandering toward the kitchen area. "Bless them again if they care enough to share."
  305. Rae's golden eyes settled on him, first as her mother's might have, like a raptor examining prey or a potential mate. She took note of his movements and the hot blood that must fill his veins, especially after a night like tonight. He was still flush, even after things had cooled somewhat during the ride over. There was a scent of readiness about him, but also the nervous twitch of a human confronting something he had not expected and could not quite fully process. She wanted him, she wanted to tear off those frail fabrics he wore to hide everything that, by claw and wing, were rightfully hers.
  307. Feeling something cool and gooey, she looked back down at the bottle of lube, surprised to find it partially crushed in her talon.
  309. That's right, she was a harpy after all, with instincts that could not be fully domesticated. And yet, mom had filled out some ridiculous Internet questionnaire, before skimming other profiles, looking for someone who could possibly match her daughter. Maybe mother was the civilized one. Or maybe nothing is ever so cut and dry.
  311. Rae looked again, her golden eyes softening into the eyes of a woman whose heart was not quite ready for what her body had planned. She admired his handsome features, the lean build that plumped in just the right spot for her varied interests. The harpy thought about what he had said tonight, the perfect things that had made her heart quake and the silly things that he probably should have kept to himself, but blurted out anyway because he wasn't perfect. That was a good thing. You couldn't fuck perfect, could you?
  313. Again, she looked down at the tools of civilized eroticism. It didn't have to be tonight, she knew that. She wasn't going to lose this feeling over a evening spent curled up on the couch. The man who had watched her fly, with eyes that were every bit as fierce and hungry as her own, wouldn't lose that desire either. Yes, she thought, they had time to take it slow, all the time in the world.
  315. Which was why her inner woman agreed with her inner harpy, and together she absolutely refused to wait a moment longer.
  317. Garret had been idling about the spice rack, doing that sort of pointless inventory one might do while avoiding the sexual tension that had been building up since forever. It was not like he knew enough baseball scores to keep himself occupied, and while he could always hum along to some Jpop-heavy anime theme, his sister had showed him far too many romances and sex farces for that to be especially helpful. He had settled on creating a shopping list for Rae's kitchen, as there far too many meats and not half enough vegetables. Most of the spices, barring those you might use in a marinade, had been untouched and... and he suddenly slammed into the counter as the full warm and wiggling weight of an aroused harpy woman overwhelmed his relatively frail, human frame.
  319. "R-rae?" Her specially adapted wing fingers had already slipped under the hem of his pants and briefs, wrapping him in the same clutch she had adopted in the park. She didn't answer, just shiff, shiff, shiff as she stroked him back to a familiar hardness and then pressed it a bit further still. "I nnnNn I suppose you found what you were looking for."
  321. Midnight lips ran along the edge of his ear, semi-fangs catching, releasing, and then followed up by a playful lick before she responded, "Well I found you, didn't I?" She ground her body against his own, keeping him trapped against the counter and working him into a frothy fit down below. Her other hand deposited the trapping of modern sexual-precaution within ready reach. "But yeah, I found these too. You will," she tilted her head to the side, pulling a square blue package up to her mouth and using those same fangs to rip the prophylactic sheath from its wrapping, "do whatever it is civilized people need to do so we can skip this step next time, right?"
  323. He found himself nodding vigorously, though he filed that instruction away for later dissection. There were all sorts of logistics involved upon which a young man, hearing the sound of a condom wrapper ripped mere inches from his ear, simply could not focus. On the other hand, Garret did allow himself a moment to fully digest the implied subtext. This was not meant to be a one-night stand, and at some point in the future, things were bound to get messy. Well messier, he grunted as onyx plume fingers began to undo his pants once more. Apparently she had decided to take her time with it on this go, despite the awkward one-handed nature of the task. His zipper made a scritchy, metallic sound, like one of those record scratches you hear during the twist reveal in a movie trailer, only magnified in tempo and volume.
  325. "S-soOo, I guess I'm going first, huh?" Garret now had both hands on the counter to steady himself, her weight having shifted a bit so she could have better access to his overheated shaft. He shut his eyes for a moment, feeling her unique, feathery digits fumble a bit with the rubber, trying to fit it over his hidden, swollen tip, slick with the sweat and an excited pre. "Ca-careful. Take your time," he practically whimpered, legs starting to tremble but resisting the urge to just do the work himself. Something shifted the wrong way, and he found himself inhaling in a sudden hiss.  "Sensitive material under extreme pressure," he gulped, trying not to make a mess of things prematurely and ruin all of her efforts.
  327. She practically growled, though steadied her hands, hands she had not realized were shaking.
  329. Was this her first time? Or was it just something about tonight? Seriously, Garret thought, there was no need to rush. He blinked as the notion washed over him, his overstimulated body letting go of some of the built up erotic tense. That was right, wasn't it? This didn't have to happen tonight. Granted, he was firing on all cylinders, and somehow she kept finding new ones to light, but if she really was that nervous, "This is just a first date and all. There really isn't any pressure to d-"
  331. "You know something I think I like about you?" Rae cut him off, finally getting the slippery material to make friends with the slick flesh it was meant to cover, "I like that you haven't suggested we wait when we're both so clearly ready to go. At least, not since we got home. I would hate if you held back for my sake or something stupid like that." She began to roll the finally behaving material down the length of the human's shaft, admiring how it adhered to his plump erection and enjoying the pulse of his member as it responded to her touch. "Now, if you were the one having second thoughts, that would be different." She found the base of both cock and condom, practically snugging the thickened end up against humid balls that felt awfully fuzzy when compared to her own.
  333. Garret blinked, feeling that sudden, shameful dip from having almost said the exact wrong thing. Granted, the erotic mood that had currently engulfed the pair seemed practically immortal. Putting it down would have taken a finer arrow than either Bard the guardsman or Paris the lover had in their entire quiver. But then he felt her retreat from her possessive posture against his backside. Perhaps his slip had hit just the right spot at exactly the wrong time, slaying the fantastical, erotic mythology they had built between them. Nervously, anxiously, the young man started to turn, his lips parted in apology, when he heard the absolutely unmistakable sound of a discarded, shimmering dress hitting a tiled floor.
  335. "No. Don't stop." Rae cooed wetly behind him. "Keep turning. You can't possibly be scared now. If you were brave enough to want to see the real me, brave enough to watch me fly, you can certainly handle a few dangerous curves, right?"
  337. The poor guy nearly ruined the reveal, bumping his emphatic cock into the counter as he spun about in a desperate fluster. He only caught a brief glimpse before it was lost in the squint of shocking, stupefying pain. His hands slid behind, bracing against the counter while he waited for the sudden agony to subside. Still, it was impressive how even that brief snapshot made such a resounding  impact, leaving a residual negative etched into his brain. It wasn't all that different from a glance encounter with the sun, except that her own celestial body was currently fuming in frustration, waiting for Garret to walk it off and take another lookk.
  339. When he finally reopened his eyes, she filled his gaze so completely, all other peripherals faded to non-existence. The apartment could have been on fire or twenty-thousand leagues under the sea, and Garret would have never noticed any rise temperature excepting his own, nor any damp that was not related to the bead of sweat that trickled from her throat and then ran the valley between a pair of heaving, heavy breasts. Huh, black nipples, he thought, allowing the minor details to flood his brain so it wouldn't choke on the bigger picture. Her breasts were a bit bigger than he had expected, and being the red-blooded male he thought himself to be, he had some pretty high expectations. It was startling the way her onyx plumes draped about her smooth, dusky flesh, highlighting the rich, milky mocha with a far darker, deeper chocolate. His eyes followed the line of her lush hips which proceeded from a waist that seemed unfairly thin relative to her curves, but was probably somewhat average without her voluptuous figure to enhance the effect.
  341. She stood there for a moment, liking the look of him. In particular, she liked the look of him while he was looking at her. Context was key. A stolen glance during a moment of vulnerability, a stranger whose desires might supersede any consideration for her safety, or simply finding herself the sudden fantasy of someone whose gaze rendered the shapely avian as little more than a disposable doll: all of those could destroy an evening's stroll in the flash of a corrupted instant. Those lewd looks were all stolen, taken without appreciation for the subject's identity, let alone her feelings. Being the statuesque beauty she was, Rae had endured that theft a hundred times over, and would probably continue to do so for the rest of her life.
  343. For something that was so often ripped from her being, without a word or thought offered in return, it was an intoxication to offer it up by choice, as a gift. The blush she felt was hot but there was no shame to it, no sense that she had been wronged or that someone else was judging the worth of her existence. It rose from a shared pool of excitement, desire reflected and rebounding between the pair until they were both infected by the selfsame fever.
  345. His dark eyes met hers in that moment, and sudden understanding flitted between them. Garret accepted her contagion, then let his gaze fall once more, intent upon another dose. Then his survey settled upon the tanned erection that swayed expectantly between her full, sinfully-shaped thighs. He watched it shift as she ground supple loins together, practically making her member disappear temporarily, as she stepped forward. What those luxurious legs had seemed to swallow came back in a revealed throb, dribbling a fat globule of molten excitement.
  347. "Like what you see? Or are you still trying to decide if tonight is the right night?" She stepped closer still, the weight of her presence already feeling like a gentle touch, then replaced by the greater gravity of her rising, perfumed fragrance. Some of it was musky, even a bit familiar to a young man who knew his body well, but underneath it all lay the melody of feminine flavors, all of which were spiced delicately with the saltier tastes of the evening's accumulated perspiration. "You aren't going to disappoint me, are you? You won't tell me you're worried that I'm in over my head, that I can't possibly make up my own mind or decide on my own wants. No, you're too sensible for that, too conscious of my feelings."
  349. Garret could hardly stand under the pressure of her, and she had yet to even touch him. He was already drowning, his cock straining in a slick that made the white condom practically transparent. He would have taken a step back, but he refused to repeat past mistakes, to risk being misread. The human, virtually pinned by just the nearness of the bared harpy that kept moving nearer, tried to laugh some of his own nervous reserves away, "J-just doing my due diligence. You know, like in those cautionary movies they show us when we first get to college."
  351. Rae smirked, her slick lips looking almost latex as they came back in an erotic quirk. Stepping forward once more, the bulbous tip of her cut cock touched his uncut member. Her feathery hands drifted along her date's chest, casually unbuttoning another button or two from his shirt. Again, she moved forward, till their twin erects could not help but snuggle against one another. They ground lightly along either side, just as those weighty breasts of hers pressed in a fleshy splash against his chest. Seeing a drop of sweat drip from his chin, rolling down to tickle his throat, she moved up to catch it with a flick of her tongue. She continued the lap upward until she ran the length of his jawline, then came back to leave one, then two, then finally three suckling, likely hickey-inducing kisses along the side of his neck. "Those were good movies Garret," she cooed, "and in case you were wondering, this is what enthusiastic consent looks like."  
  353. Gulping, the human male nodded, his entire body a ramble of flooding sensations, a multitude of overwhelmed synapses firing all at once. The way she moved against him was practically liquid, but there was a firmness as well, an insistence with every teasing grip and grind. He could feel his cock slipping under her own, which made sense given she was slightly larger, but then found himself almost nestled against something just under her bare, yet heavy balls. He caught a mad fit of the trembles as she gasped within his ear, working those fine hips so that his latex-covered cockhead kept dipping and diving into something impossibly warm and wickedly wet. "Oh? Oh...! D-damn."
  355. "Mmm, yes," Rae breathed, pressing herself a bit more firmly. "The only question is, are you as consensually enthused as I am? I mean, I'd hate to waste all of this built up aggression on someone who is having second thoughts." One leg slid around Garret's own, squeezing him close, practically fitting the first inch of his now fully exposed mushroom cap within her waiting, impatient sex. "That's why you get to go first. I want you to show me, like I've shown you. Want it? Take it."
  357. His hands wrapped around her body, taking possession of a thick, abundant ass that practically spilled out of his hands. Once he got that rear managed, he hefted it forward, pulling delectable hips further up and into his lap. At least, he did his best. It was a semi-standing position after all, and there were an awful lot of rebellious curves to wrangle.Thankfully, Rae responded with a wrap of her other leg, enfolding him with fluttery limbs and powerful thighs. It was what she had been waiting for, that raw expression of desire that obliterated all worry and doubt. Garret pushed back against the counter, trying to find a bit of leverage, and once he had as much as he thought he could manage, he reconfirmed that desire with a deliberate stab of his own hips.
  359. One, two, maybe three inches sank in at first thrust, making Rae shudder with rapt delight. She was glad she had secretly applied a bit of that lavender lube to his rubber-suited shaft beforehand, though she was pretty sure that, as wet as she felt right now, it was hardly needed. In fact, as another inch or two sunk in, she was certain that he must felt have something like a splash, her quivering heat eagerly gulping his member within a molten mess. Not that there wasn't a tightness, a firm feeling of shuddering spread that was insatiable in its demand for more. Mmm, but wasn't he just so accommodating as he gave exactly that.
  361. "Rae, you feel fucking incredible," gasped Garret, taking a moment to indulge in that last thrust, one that hilted him within. All around, what had been warm became a sear, and what had been wet was now closer to a flood. If there was any sensitivity lost to the condom he was wearing, he wondered if he could have even handled this experience bare. Inner muscles were gripping him, holding him intimate and tight, before releasing, making for a slippery, easy retrieval. He could even feel the harpy's own cock digging into his stomach, as though it meant to fuck him through his shirt, and the weight of her balls made for a curious sensation. They created a kind of gateway, an area that had to be pushed through to get to the succulents within, but once thrust past, they collapsed over that same space, maximizing the heat of it all, making for an awfully snug fit.
  363. "D-don't just leave it in like that," Rae whined, her body starting to shift into a greedy grind. Her cheeks were so flushed, they were practically crimson, absolutely ashamed by how wanton her motion was, how it felt like she might just go insane if he kept her stretched and tight as she was currently feeling. "Fuck me, Garret, please! Fuck me!"
  365. "Right, huff, yes, of course," replied the human, heaving his hips backwards as best they could go and giving a short, sudden stab, followed by another. Damn, he had not prepared for this, and his legs began to betray him in a rising tremble. While his body was in fine shape, it had been too long, and their positioning was all off. Well, he thought, nobody ever fucks perfectly on their first go. Still, if this was imperfection, he could only imagine what bliss awaited once they figured out what best went where. He continued to pump and grunt, moving his hips in a sharp, stumbling staccato.
  367. She could feel it too, the fumbling motion, the way he shook as he breathed, trying his best to keep up the rhythm of those short, yet potent jabs. Rae could only smile. Sex and pizza, right? Well someone had tossed a few olives and pineapple on it, but it was still warm and savory and well worth the delivery. Or was this Digiornos? Whatever it was, she meant to make it a standard order for a long time to come. The moaning avian applied a bit more of those powerful leg muscles to the process, pulling herself up and over just a bit, enough so that his cock wasn't quite knock-knock-knocking on her heaven's doors. It wasn't all about the depths, was it? There were shallows to consider, sweet sensations that set the stage for the later plunge. With that in mind, she lifted up and then down, taking only a half of her human's cock inside, before rising up again, meeting his somewhat muddled rhythm as best she could.
  369. Once they matched their melody and bass to a single harmony, Rae reached down to caress his face, forcing his dark orbs to her golden moons. "Yes, just like that. Mmm, exactly like that. Nnng... mMmf, I know you're tired, but keep it up, just a moment more. T-then we'll switch positions."
  371. "G-nnNng- got it." He grunted, trying not to let himself get too excited, to rush toward the finish line in hopes for a momentary break. He kept up his standing ovation, slapping into her body with a muffled, sloppy clap that echoed through-out the condo. "Should have," he gulped, first a bit of saliva, then two lungs full of air, "should have started with oHhral, I think." He pressed his head to her shoulder, resting it for a moment as he continued at a somewhat slower pace. "Don't want you... nnnnf... to think I skimp... aahhh... on th-the uhh, fuck... fucking foreplay."
  373. Rae burst out into a sudden, cawing laugh. She hugged him tightly to her perspiration-drenched body, causing all sorts of rude sounds to emit from their rutting forms. Gasping, she released her human with one hand, then the other, leaning backwards. "O-Ooh, on the floor, dear. Come on now," she gestured with her hips, "time to switch. Let me take your weight for a little nnng... while." She arched her back, in both support and insistence, pulling her lover down with her. Once her weighty, MILF-worthy posterior was settled on the ground, and her partner had slowed his roll to a near stop, she settled him on top of herself. "Don't worry dear. Just rest for a second. I'm stronger than I look, and don't I just look plenty strong?"
  375. Sliding his hands from their fondling grip of Rae's bottom, thinking that he really had to set aside some time to just ogle that wonderfully plump rump, Garret did his best to catch his breath. "S-super strong," he admitted, allowing a bit more of his mass to press against her. He couldn't quite bring himself to relax completely, though he was absolutely sure she could handle his mass and probably the mass of a sleeper sofa besides. Still, no matter how strong she might be, he felt it important that he carry at least some of his own weight. "Should'a been an Avenger, huh-uh... or something."
  377. Again the harpy tittered, then reached around with feathered limbs to fondle his own, remarkably ripe backside. Suddenly she was glad Nicole had never stumbled across the boy, and that thought came with an awfully wicked pulse that ran the length of her aroused shaft. Rae leaned up and nipped at Garret's ear, "You said something about oral, didn't you? Does that mean you're looking forward to sucking my cock?"
  379. Garret had been enjoying the avian's increasingly possessive grope of his bubble-bottomed backside, when those words struck home. Suddenly, her interest in his well-maintained posterior took on an altogether different timbre. Well, what had he expected? She did say all of him, right? Besides, with his own dick pressed into such a welcoming slick, feeling it quiver and quake with every micro-motion of his excited body, it not longer seemed all that impossible. It was different, he fully admitted, in ways even his sister could not have possibly predicted. Still, something tingled at the notion, at the way her fingers positively devoured the curves of his human bottom, and even the wicked, dominant inflection she used when saying the words suck and cock.
  381. Sex didn't just sell SUVs, shampoos, and beer; sex also sold sex. Most kinks developed due to free association. That or some unspoken interplay of power or the reversal of assumed roles. But often it was simply pairing something arousing with something else, and next thing you know, shoes dangled from nylon-clad toes become awfully appealing in ways that had previously made no sense at all. What she was doing now, with her shaft pressing against him in a manner that seemed to register in an entirely different key than the how her feminine heat gobbled his own erection, it satisfied all three kink requirements. If that shift within his shaft, and the twitterpatering leap his heart just took were any indication, he was well and truly doomed. Or screwed, as the case may be.
  383. The harpy's teasing lips reappeared, whispering in that same sinful wet from before, "Get a move on, dear. I can't get mine until after you've gotten yours." Internally, something squeed excitedly over the sudden expression that overtook her human's face. So this was what Nicole was always yammering on about. Mmm, she would never think of herself as a true domme, not by any measure that counted, but when it came to teasing out the crimson in a flustered lover, she could definitely get used to this. Nnnng! Oooh, he's started again. Was he harder than last-Nnnf, time? Oh yes, "Yes! Just like that!"
  385. Slipping his head down, Garret trailed a series of kisses down his lover's throat, then followed them past her chest to catch along the edges of her bounding, bouncing breasts. She was not the only one who could work a tease, not when there was so much left to sample, so much of her he had yet to suckle, lick, or touch. He leaned back a bit, keeping their pelvises locked in an increasingly sticky thrust and then dived in to catch a seemingly fluttering, dark chocolate nipple between his lips. He applied a dash of hungry pressure with his teeth, flicked the very end of it with his tongue, and then sealed it all away into a world of slurping suction. His yearning gaze drifted up to meet her own. Then he smiled around that obsidian succulent, "feels good, doesn't it?" he thought at her, figuring if she couldn't read his mind, she could at least read his motion, "Imagine what I'll do to that cock of yours."
  387. Her shaft pulse in a renewed rise, so strongly and fiercely, it practically stabbed her lover in the gut. She hardly cared. Her legs reached up from underneath, twining around her human's waist and tilting her increasingly sloppy sex upward to meet every frantic thrust. Something maternal rose for a brief second, something sacred and gentle as a lullaby, watching her man nourish at her breast, as though he meant to take actual succor. It spread a different sort of warmth through-out her body, a liquid sensation that touched places his pummeling prick had yet to reach. Rae might have taken a moment to reflect on that, to memorize that matronly sense of nurturing her loved one. She might have, but the look in his dark, sparkling eyes told an altogether different story, a more perverse, carnal tale. Mmm, it was right. Tonight was not the night for lullabies; tonight was the night for limericks, and especially filthy ones at that.
  389. "Harder," she grunted, her earlier satisfaction with an amateur performance melting away. "Y-you've got me on the floor, now," Rae panted, her hands wrapping around his head and pressing him more directly to the taste of his suckle, while below, her desirous legs coaxed ever more intense pounding. "N- no mmMmmf no excuses. You can't break me, so fuck me, Garret, fuck mmMeEe!"
  391. It all melted away, worries and doubts, anxieties and considerations, even the softer affections, all of it thrown into the furnace fueling that chugging train which slammed repeatedly into her tightening tunnel. Again and again he pulled back, and almost before he could think to sink forward, her legs drove him home. In fact, Garret hardly had to push at all, focusing almost all of his gathered, erotic dynamism into the struggle of the pull. Her legs refused to give him an inch, neither figuratively nor literally. Every time her slick inner muscles swallowed his cock, pressed there by the tight cords within those athletic, plump calves, he had to fight his way back out again, his hands falling to either side of her just to get the added leverage he needed for his piston.
  393. The young man was eager to meet her demands, but some lumbering intention within began to make plans to exceed them. It was fed on the pride he had felt feasting on his lover's breasts, watching those golden eyes soften, submit to fresh arousal. His fingers curled, as though digging invisible claws through the kitchen tiles. Garret looked down, taking note of the tension that had began to overtake her face as he drove himself home, those glittering orbs closing as his lover found herself being lost in need. The sight lit fresh, primal fires within, intensifying the grunting and gasping of his rising exertion. His tempo increased, and that something inside, perhaps akin to that earlier, crueler instinct that demanded he "Fight!" cried out that this was simply not enough. She was practically fucking him with her legs, pulling him forward, while he was focused almost entirely on resistance. He might be priming the spring, resetting the cord for the pump that came next, but it was past time the prey bare its fangs.
  395. That was part of experiencing something different too, wasn't it? To see himself through her eyes, and the man she saw was handsome and exciting and worth the chase. Could he really show her any less consideration? There was enthusiasm for what was about to happen, and then there was anticipation for what you were about to do. Surging forward, Garret beat his lover's legs to the punch, slamming into her body with enough force to cause her entire frame to tremble in fresh quiver. That creamy mocha of her chest began to darken, her dark chocolate nipples moving from flutter to furious flight, and the sounds of their bodies slapping together was joined by the carnal rush of heavy breasts virtually pounding against the torso that bore them in rhythmic, sweaty flop.
  397. Her lips parted in gathering gasp, Rae dared a glance above her, reaching out to the young man that was so thoroughly claiming everything she had offered below. His dark orbs were sparkling in a way she had yet to see, but now realized she had secretly hoped. When he was below her, admiring from that great distance, it had set her harpy soul free for a time. But there was more to him than just the night's prey or an evening's pleasant companion. He was more than simple kindness and an open desire to understand. Sure, there was great comfort in all that, and it gave her a chance to flex old muscles in ways that would have her mother primping in pride. NNnng, b-but damn if she hadn't needed this as well. Damn if she had not secretly hoped to find a beast within, someone who could match her at her worst, even while encouraging her to be her Aaaah, very best.
  399. MMmm, this is what he had meant when he said he wanted every part of her, whether he knew it or not. It was not just consideration for the parts of her that strained his notion of orientation. It was this nnNnf, just this. "G-garret, what are you doing to me?" She bit her bottom lip, waiting for his response. Whatever he might say, just so long as he kept sawing into her slick, shuddering heat, it would be aHHabsolutely perfect. In this, as before, both her harpy and her modern, somewhat-civilized woman side were in absolute agreement.
  401. "I-I'm fucking you Rae," Garret groaned, his hands moving around, sliding underneath to clutch at her shoulders. "I'm taking everything," he pulled her down with his embrace, pulling her as surely onto his cock as his hips were propelling that same messy throb of a shaft within. "J-just like I said I would. Just like I plan to do again," he grunted, "and again," he growled, edging ever closer. Different, different was good. Not as something outside of yourself, something you experience like a tourist in bad shorts and a worse hat. Different was something you do, a change you make, a new version of yourself that had adapted, evolved, become more capable of handling all the world had to offer, and then acquiring the appetite to devour it all. "A-almost there, Rae! Nnng, this feels amazing!"
  403. The harpy came first, and Rae was deliriously happy to do so. The darkening of her face had given rise to cheery-red crimsons, wearing them like a fever in a half-dozen splotches. Her inner world tumbled about like a bouncing, bounding dryer, stuffed with wet towels and frantically spinning them along in a sultry swelter. Her feminine flow drenched the cock inside, adding to the soppy, saturated sounds of their slick slaps. When he tried to pull back again, presumably for one final thrust, she wrapped her entire body around him, consuming his body in a covetous cinch. He wanted all of her, and she wanted no less.
  405. Everything became a molten mess for Garret, as something sticky and viscous spurted from her excited shaft, across his stomach, up his chest, and even managed to land a white, dribbling glob that stuck resolutely to the underside of his chin. Within the spasm of her carnal canyon, trying its best to milk his own cock in a rush of undulating flesh, he hardly noticed the pump of his first release. What he noticed was his heart skipping rope and a churning, internal ripple that threw fresh, searing sensation through-out his body. He rode the shudder of that wave, returning the clench of his harpy lover with equal, voracious need. Only then did he feel it, the release of cream from a cock-head that was already drowning in shared, if muted fluid.
  407. How many times had he fired off? How many times had his shaft lurched within his harpy, grinding in a potent rut against rolling muscles, before spurting out another gout of accumulated release? Garret found himself equal parts in love and in loath with the bulging condom that kept to its task as witless lovers rushed toward oblivion, to say nothing of itching, burning sensations.
  409. The bestial spirit that overtaken him was still there, still a furnace within his belly that could have probably used a few more shovels of coal. It was slumbering now, fully satisfied, though there was a fresh edge to the young man that trembled about his the recesses of his heart and mind. It was his now, had been all along, and though Rae might have provided catalyst, or more accurately muse, it would always be a part of him. He filed it away for later use, to ease into as the moment required. The young man wondered how it felt about wrapping his maw around a young woman's cock? Probably no different than he was feeling about the possibility, even as he tried his best to catch his breath in wet gulps. If he was going to bother with it at all, he would be sure to have every inch of it and make his harpy cum.
  411. Rae, who had already cum once, or possibly twice depending on how one was counting, allowed herself to tumble into a molten slump, her voluminous chest rising and falling in a heated, perspiration-laden fit. Her arms fell to either side, her legs as well, and she found herself enjoying the curiously comforting cool of the floor underneath. She smiled when she felt him likewise relax, now that their springs had sprung, easing external tensions and giving internal ones a chance to unravel at their own pace. She lifted a few weak finger plumes to clean off the gooey spot of white stick on her over's chin, surprised at how far she had shot it, to say nothing of its remarkably thick consistency.
  413. Before she could flick it away, Garret caught her feathery, sticky fingers. His dark eyes leashed those golden orbs of hers before pulling the still warm mess to his lips, sucking it sweetly, tenderly from her stained pinions. The human couldn't help but make a bit of a face, unused to the somewhat dull, not-quite bitter taste, before swallowing audibly. "Have to get used to that, don't I? In fact," He sighed, feeling his pulmonary muscle finally shifting from marathon to morning jog, "I suppose I might as well get to it, huh? That is, unless you want me to wait? Still feeling um, enthusiastic?"
  415. Her ebony fingers caught her man by the jaw, smiling with lips just as dark, but shimmering in expertly applied gloss. "Stop teasing your harpy, Garret," she breathed, just shy of the demanding, empirical tone she had heard Nicole use to a client over the phone, "and suck my cock."    
  417. Garret could hardly argue with that, and judging by the flutter in his chest and the giddy blush that made for a nervous smile on his lips, he didn't really want to. Her flavor had been unusual in that it was both familiar and yet completely unfamiliar, all at the same time. Now that he had swallowed that first tiny morsel, he found himself legitimately craving another go. "You better not have awoken anything weird inside of me," he teased, moving down her sweat-stained, mocha-colored curves. He paused long enough to run a few nibbling kisses about the sides and then undersides of her mountainous breasts. Below, he carefully worked his spent cock free, moaning sweetly against her navel as a sudden aftershock rocked through-out his system. Grinning at himself and then flushing brightly at the way her expectant eyes devoured him in barely restrained impatience, he paused to run his tongue within the shallow bellybutton that proved harpies did not come from external eggs.
  419. She tittered in a satisfied coo, reaching down and ruffling his hair, watching him lap at the little puddle of her own cream that had collected there. She had made another ridiculous mess, and that was just the eruption prompted by her feminine orgasm. Rae could hardly imagine the sort of gloppy wreckage she was destined to leave inside of her, her cond- wait.
  421. Having just consumed another balmy dose of freshly squeeze harpy cream, Garret came to the conclusion that this was something he could get used to. In fact, maybe Rae really had awoken some unspoken craving, something the human male had missed while making gross assumptions about his own orientation. Did that count as free association or was this more a role reversal sort of thing? He wouldn't really know until he had that turgid monster of a harpy cock between his lips. It wasn't really that much bigger than his own, was it? There was no point in checking now, given the relative distance between their levels of arousal, yet still he found himself sitting up and comparing the two.
  423. Yep, his was definitely smaller at the moment. He wasn't really flaccid, not by any means, but compared to the expectant throb of her cut member which seemed to be purring beside his own, he might as well have been. Rae's cock was also much darker, especially with all the vital fluid pulsing around its veins, waiting anxiously for the soothing suckle that would probably stretch his jaws. That was to be expected as well. She was naturally a darker, creamy mocha sort of shade while he was a bit on the pinkish side. Huh, paler still when you factored in his condo...m.
  425. "S-sweetheart? Have I been, I mean, like swallowing... unprotected." Garret began to dig himself a good six feet deep babble grave. "That's a bad thing, isn't it? I mean, it's supposed to be safer and all, but," he suddenly realized that he honestly had no idea. He had never been down this particular road before. The human tried to remember old girlfriends, those who had and those who hadn't. No, wait, why would he take safe sex advise from teenagers?
  427. "I don't know," admitted the harpy, trying her damnedest not to let a sudden bout of irresponsibility kill the moment. She leaned up quickly, nearly headbutting her date in the process. "It's not something that really comes up with my kin, and if you bring that sorta thing up to Nicole, she gets all excited in the wrong sort of way. But it's been awhile since I've done anything, and I was tested before I started school, which was even later than that," she nervously poked two feather tips against one another. "Really, It's fine, right? You had maybe two gulps, maybe enough for a solid swallow. We're making a huge deal out of nothing, aren't we?"
  429. Garret sat there for a moment, trying not to imagine a tickle down the back of his throat. He looked away for a moment, gnawing at his lip, when his ears caught the faintest sniffle from the woman in front of him. Looking up, he caught sight of a liquid, silvery drop dancing just under the rim of Rae eyes. Well, he thought, that settles that. He snatched the second condom from the top of the counter, tearing into it with his own teeth, which works out better when one has pseudo-fangs, but he was in no mood to be countermanded by a bit of latex. The human tossed the bottle of lube into his date's lap, internally fanning the flames required to wake the bestial furnace. "Hardly even a dose. And you wouldn't believe the drought I've had. Really, I'm surprised any of my junk still works. I'd have thought the warranty was shot ages ago."
  431. Warm, firm, and yet tender human hands slipped around a harpy's cock. "And I've had two check-ups since college, because I'm anal like that." He blinked when Rae snorted, then waved her rising titter of a caw away. "Yeah and soon to be anal like that too. Well played, my raven queen." Garret paused a second or two, just to be sure he hadn't stumbled onto an insult while letting his mouth get ahead of his brain. There was no real reaction from his date, seemingly far too focused on his technique and the sensations it evoked, while he slipped her condom onto place. "So it's probably already fine and besides, I've already swallowed and... and," he looked up with a special smile, custom-made just for her, "and obviously, I am incredibly, shamefully enthusiastic at the moment. Do you mind if we just keep going?"
  433. Rae looked down to where his hand embraced her endowment, cradling it the way only a lover could. Then she looked up and drank in those eyes of his, suddenly as enthralling as any set of glittering gold. Finally, she leaned back, clutching the little bottle of lavender lube to her chest and nodded, digging a pseudo fang into the lushest part of her bottom lip, "P-please do."
  435. Various logistical conundrums rose within Garret's brain, which he did his best to solve. The angle was bad? He just got down on his belly, sliding up until the mess of soppy sex and condom-wrapped cock were a sweltering mass, inches from his face. That same mess was probably all over his clothes by now. Trust him to not only forget the condom but to also forget something as basic as getting naked. He would have to double, then triple wash this shirt if he ever meant to get that musky reek out of it. Maybe he should just toss it as a lost cause, but hadn't this date christened it the luckiest shirt he owned? Probably better to just leave it hanging as a sticky shambles in his closet until he could decide. What's next? Oh, how about the simple fact that he had never sucked a cock before. Where do you even start? Suddenly, ancient, animated Christmas mice came to mind, instructing him in the ways of their rodent kind, "As we say when approaching a tall piece of cheddar, better start from the top."
  437. So he began at the tip, with careful yet direct kisses, never once giving his lover a chance to doubt his desire. At first, the most prominent flavors were the rubbery latex, all bunched up at its reservoir tip. It was almost tempting to dispense with the whole thing altogether or check to see if Rae's roommate had something closer to a dental dam. Now that he was down here, with that swollen member slapping against his cheek, he seemed pretty sure that oral really was safer, and given their recent sexual history, it probably would have been just as fine without the damn thing. Still, the condom seemed to say, there is an awful lot of risk bound up in the scant protection of a "probably." Garret leaned forward, taking her cock in hand and beginning to give it his favored stroke, before grunting toward the harpy above, watching him in rapt, rising arousal. "We are absolutely going to get all this straightened out before next time."
  439. "Yes, yes we are," Rae replied, enjoying the certainty in his voice, the unquestioning assumption that there would most definitely be a next time. She also couldn't help but notice the unwavering confidence of his stroke. This wasn't a tentative grip, the nervous manipulation of someone fumbling about with unfamiliar equipment. She could easily imagine him using that same stroke on his own, decidedly delicious cock. Which reminded her, next time she would have him in her mouth before he even had a chance to argue the point. It was always harder to debate someone with a mouthful of you or even better, when both mouths were filled with one another.
  441. That image, along with his earnest motions, brought her internal warmth back with a vengeance. After that recent, panicked cooling, the aroused flush that flew through her was like being in a sauna. Mmm, yes, a sauna with the most wonderfully attentive cabana boy, now if only he would get his mou- yeeesss, just like that.
  443. He had finally managed to fit the head of it into his mouth. It was less a matter of size and more a matter of approach. Wrap around it the wrong way, with the flimsy bits of rubber flopping over, and your lizard brain immediately assumed a choke. But if you could clear your mind, just focus on the warmth of it, how it was starting to feel, perhaps even taste like her, and it became more of a morsel, something you could let sink atop your tongue, before holding in a succulent savor.
  445. It would definitely be better without the condom, and he found himself looking forward to the future without it, but all in all, it wasn't really that bad. Firstly, because her rising arousal was constantly pushing against the sides of that responsible, rubbery bondage. What had been translucent before, with the addition of pulsing heat, increasing pressure, and his own saliva, was now practically transparent. Garret also found that if you focused on texture and temperature, rather than flavor, it was a lot easier to get it all down. So he tried, unsteady inch by unsteady inch, his stroking becoming shorter and less necessary.
  447. Both were surprised when the tip of Rae's cock hit the back of his mouth and the beginning of Garret's throat. In fact, he had nearly choked, breaking in a bit of a hysterical fidget, until he found his inner zen just long enough to reverse course with fresh tears in his eyes. He pulled off her cock for a moments cough, received an encouraging pat on the back of his head and then hopped right back on that hors- err, harpy cock. He adjusted his angle, worked his jaw a bit after it gave a low, trembling creak, and then came back with new appreciation for every fluffer that had ever worked the adult entertainment industry, before little blue pills had rendered the position largely obsolete. Speaking of those pills, he was beginning to suspect his date had choked down a fresh handful, as rigid and swollen as her member seemed to be.
  449. In fact, as he began to glide up and down, working a few inches at once, then risking another when the timing felt right, the whole throbbing mass of it seemed to be one gigantic, shuddering tremble. The condom had practically disappeared from his concern, its thin sheath nothing compared to what lay lumbering within, tense and waiting in a falsely dormant state. Hah, he thought, as shifted up a bit more on his hands and knees and coming at the whole affair from a near direct angle, her cock-head is in my throat now. Just a bit mMnf more of a gulp, and I'll give her something to brag to her roommate about. In fact, I think I could take a little more, he slurped, shutting his eye and focusing entirely on the task.
  451. D-damn, she thought, her eyes wide, watching the human slip and slide his way down her overloaded member. He couldn't know how slick with perspiration and rolling orbs of tumbling precum it was or how they felt trapped against her flesh, tumbling in a tickle down the condom's side. She was edging closer to burst than he could possibly expect, and for just a moment, Rae's face settled into a pout because she wouldn't get to see her lover with freshly puffed cheeks, leaking her milky release.
  453. Still, how was he taking it like that? How was he taking more? Rae wasn't full-on porn star material like Nicole, who put most adult film actors to shame. Still, what she had, she had plenty of, more so than the average person, particularly more than any first-timer should manage to swallow. Yet, there he was, his lips maybe an inch from brushing her balls, and fuck it made her claws curl and her heart ache. The harpy had already sunk her teeth so hard into her lower lip she had tasted a drop of coppery crimson. If he went much farther, she was not sure how she could possibly stand it. Also, w-was he intentionally wiggling his prized posterior like that? Her golden eyes, which had simply simmered in molten pleasure before, began to positively glow.
  455. He had the rhythm now. More than that, he had the hunger, the greedy gluttonous want that was required to truly excel at the art of sucking. Sure, there were a few finer points that would come along with practice. For one, he was still having trouble breathing, and simply inhaling through his nose wasn't much use when every breath came filtered through the musk of her cock and the pathway to his lungs were often shut off completely. Still, he had never felt this sort of connection before, this near-submissive posture that came from focusing entirely on service, on gulping about the head of her cock as it disappeared within, simply for the wet, slurping impact it made.
  457. Garret wished he could look up at her, see those predatory eyes and feel that prey's sensation, just for a moment or two. But he wasn't quite there yet; he didn't have the technique down. If he opened his eyes, saw that sensual pelvis rising forward to meet his face, if he really, truly tried to comprehend the girth and extended length that plowed between his lips, he would choke on it. He just had to hope she was enjoying herself, and based on the cooing sounds from above and the way her feathered fingers had begun to grip his hair and push at his head, he was pretty sure she was.
  459. When Rae's grip shifted again, this time to yank the human off her cock with a sudden, throat searing, liquid pop that sounded something like "splortch" Garret became a little less sure. She had practically thrown him up against the counter, away from her body to land in a tumbling crash. His eyes went wide, looking up in a convulsive confusion, trying to say something but finding words impossible to form with a throat that had been so badly distended by a welcomed intruder. What he saw struck like an epiphany, obliterating the frustrated perplexity and replacing it with a rising, squirming apprehension.
  461. "Sorry," Rae groaned, breaking open the black-bottle of lavender lube right where he claws had punctured it. "I just really, really need you to take off your pants right now. Like, right the fuck now, okay?" She began to slather a glistening, gooey substance over her cock, her eyes practically shimmering. "I don't mean to scare you, and when this is over, you can hate me or love me or we can just talk about our feelings, alright? But for now, pants! Off!"
  463. There was that sensation again, that feeling from just a moment before, when he felt like he losing himself to her desires. It was all the more intense now, with her eyes and her lips wearing very different, yet somehow similar expressions. He was pretty sure, with probably an eighty-percent certainty, that if he peaced out right now, she would let him leave unmolested. They would probably both retreat to their separate corners, masturbate furiously until they passed out, and then maybe try this all again at a later date. It was those twenty other percents, however, that kept tumbling forward in his mind. Not out of trepidation but an altogether alarming amount of wanton lust. There was safety in that eighty percent, a chance to cool down and probably establish a long and somewhat mundane relationship, once everything had worked itself out. But within that twenty was something else all together, something he had pretended to understand when he had dared to say "I want all of you." It was such an easy thing to say when starring at the wrong of end an iceberg.
  465. He could have satisfied himself with just a piece of her. He could enjoy a nice, healthy eighty percent portion, where all of her better angels seemed to perch, and what a lovely couple they would make. However, to truly have it all, he had to accept that final twenty, where fallen furies made their roost. Garret smiled. When he thought of it like that, it was hardly a difficult choice.
  467. Besides, he had been reacquainted with his own beast, and it would have hardly appreciated him giving up now, when something new and absolutely unknown was just waiting to be explored, even conquered. Nor could he possibly deny her the chance to indulge the harpy within. Tonight was not a night to deny instincts, to shy away from every facet and shade that lay lurking. Tonight was a night for all of it, all of her, all of him, and hold out hope there was enough to go around.
  469. Rae watched her human unbutton his pants, fumble a bit with his boxer briefs, and then, nervous with anticipation, turn to present his bared bottom for inspection. She let go of the breath she had held and allowed herself a moment to admire how cute it looked. It was hard not to admire all that firm, ripe flesh, slightly covered by the ends of his dress shirt. An ebony plumed wing hand reached down, cupping, then rolling over the pleasing plump of it all. Mmm, a definite firmness but also a gratifying amount of give, the sort of cushion that pushed back, enhancing every body-jarring thrust.
  471. "You're trembling," she sighed, her other hand moving to roll fresh lubricant about her fluff fingertips. "Believe me Garret, if I hadn't come along, someone would have found this ass, sooner or later. It probably would have been someone with a less egalitarian relationship in mind, someone that kept you leashed to her bed at night and brought you out at parties."
  473. He knew she was teasing, building up a fantasy that was all the rage on certain, creatively perverse corners of the Internet. Though, given what he had heard about her roommate so far, it was always possible that there were hidden truths in her taunt; that there was something more to her word than simply arousing a lover or putting him into the proper mindset. "OoOooo, aah!" He squeaked with dark eyes suddenly ripping wide as her first feather digit sunk within his backside, slathering its interior with lube. That was certainly a step in a new direction, he thought, internals shifting in the confusion of deeply chagrined arousal. Here he was, as vulnerable as Garret had ever been, with two... "Nnnng," now three goop-delivering feathers pressing firmly within his rectum.
  475. Given how it all tingled, how his toes curled and the gasp lit this throat, he wondered if maybe she was absolutely right. Would someone like that have found him? Come to think of it, somebody already had, right? "I-is that what you want?"
  477. "I never really thought about it before," Rae cooed, working another finger and making sure his interior was as slippery as the edges of her bloated, restless shaft. "You know Garret, if that had been the kind of man you were, I think I would have been alright with that. Maybe I would have asked Nicole how to properly train you, take you shopping with us, find you something really loss and feminine to wear." Again, glistening black lips slipped into an easy smile, admiring the sudden tremble that ran through-out her partner. "But...."
  479. Garret practically squirmed, turning his head to look at the sinful siren over his shoulder, his eyes soft and his elbows, to be honest, a little sore from the position. "I-is that 'but' with one tee or two? Like, conjunction junction or are you just window shopping,"
  481. "But," Rae repeated, giving her human's bottom an affectionate slap, "that's not the kind of man you are, is it? I mean, you could play the role I'm sure." She lifted up on her legs, aligning her cock and beginning to roll it between the hill of his bottom's valley, just sliding back and forth along engulfing cheeks. "Oh you absolutely could and probably enjoy yourself ." The harpy paused the motion of her hips, her bulbous cock-head suddenly snuggling up against the trembling, puckered entrance of the human bent before her. "I'm sure we'd enjoy you too."
  483. It was good lube, very good lube and came highly recommended by a woman whose own cock had twice the inches on Rae's as Rae had on Garret. It was made to get into tight, resistant spaces, to make that first thrust count and to blast through all resistance, just so long as the user stabbed cleanly and directly. It was the sort of lube for a lover who struck without hesitation. The young man, who was currently experiencing a sensation altogether new to him which involved three or four inches suddenly, mercilessly sunk into his backside, was currently a big fan of that lube. "Ho-leee... je... aaah," he hissed in a simmering seethe. He tried to turn a bit, get a better look at the woman behind, but she was already in motion, slamming another inch or so, while rising up and over to claim not only his ass but his entire body with it.
  485. Rae pressed her heavy breasts against her lover's back, her legs shifting into a somewhat uncomfortable position, given their relative heights. That was okay. She wanted him to feel this, to be completely overwhelmed by her, practically smothered in ebony feathers and warm, lush curves. She held him close to herself, pressing closer with every motion, digging a bit more, determined to hilt. As she approached her goal, she reached up with her lips, catching his shoulder with her pseudo-fangs in a possessive, ravenous bite. It didn't quite pierce, but the grip of it said that it could have.
  487. That was when he knew she was right. His cock rose so hard and so fast, he wondered if it might burst. That sensation of being taken, conquered, pushed down and then rutted upon, overwhelmed him down to the very core. Things began to quiver internally, things that had never had caused to quake before, at least not like this. Yes, he could do this. In fact, he could love this, especially so long as the woman above loved it too. He even felt like, if she didn't start thrusting soon, he might just begin wiggling his hips, maybe even plead with his body. "R-rae... I- I... ahH, nnngg!"
  489. "Problem is," she cooed once more, reaching up and cradling the side of his head, "well, it's like I told you Garret. You remember, right?" As she spoke, her hips pulled back, retreating from his interior, allowing the human to fully appreciate just how far he had been stretched, to really feel some of the burn the lubricant had muted. Then she slammed forward, taking nearly a half dozen inches and cramming each one, unceremoniously into her lover's body. When she connected the slap of her balls against his own, her pelvis to his posterior, it made a liquid sound that rippled through-out their bodies. "I want all of you. I want that human animal that took me tonight and refused to let me go. I want that sweet, wonderful young man whose heart broke when strolling beside a harpy with clipped wings. I want the part of you that trembles when taking all I have to give and the other part that waits impatiently to even the score."
  491. She reared back, "Just like you said," then slammed forward. Rae pulled back yet again, laying several kisses to his shoulder and throat. "Not a piece," then thrust, "and not a part of you," back again, "all of it. All that you can give, and then," she pulled back while the young man underneath her cried out in abject, unfamiliar bliss, "I want more!" When next she slammed, she had pushed her lover over in a tumble, his elbows no longer able to sustain their position.
  493. Garret found himself face down and ass most decidedly up. It only took a few more slapping, stabbing, power pummels for him to come to the conclusion that this was how she liked to fuck. With his face pressed against the kitchen tiles, his upper body sliding an inch or so with every pump, he found that he enjoyed it too. Though, as she began to really build up a full head of steam, tunneling out an untested male bottom in a way that was absolutely, positively going to hurt like all hell in the morning, he decided he wasn't going to tell her just how much he liked it.  
  495. "G-gods, you're so fucking tight," Rae gasped, settling back onto her knees so she could properly focus on her pump, "I love it!" Her winged hands drifted all over him, gripping his shoulders and pulling him up and onto her cock. It was an impossible request that she made of his body, and only because of her relatively impossible strength did she manage to pull it off. "Y-you are going to fuck me again," she groaned into his ear, stabbing upward as she raised him to a sitting position of his own, within the slick, sticky mess of her lap, "and then I'm going to fuck you," she thrust, "and then you will fuck me," he bounced, "and then we'll sleep for a bit."
  497. She began to laugh in a blissful caw, purely for the joy and the sharing of it. Rae lost it once more, louder still, when a breathless Garret joined in a gasping gulp, his voice stuttering in time to the bounce of his body, "Y-you waaHna get breakfast after? Maybe pancakes?"
  499. She sunk into her human to her very hilt, "Flat slab of buttery, syrupy dough?" She bounced a few more time in a rising sticky reptition, "Try ah-again."
  501. "E-eggs maybe?" Garret did his best to process something, anything beyond the incredible tension within, stretching his near-pulverized anal entrance. He couldn't quite get a feel for the cock inside of him, not in the way he might have expected, but it was touching something, something internal that he had only ever touched by accident before. His body responded with an aroused shudder that made his own shaft pearl in response. "N-no wait, stupid, right? Lik-like saying chicken and waffl- AH!"
  503. Rae wrapped her arms around her lover, holding him tightly as she felt that all encompassing tension that meant she was about to make a simply ungodly mess. Then suddenly she lunged forward, crying out in a sudden, delighted squeal. The harpy's heart felt like it might burst, frantically pumping living-sustaining red through-out her circulatory system, just as she pumped fresh, creamy whites into her human vessel, only to accumulate inside a more rubbery one.  Passionate and panting, she nibbled with only her lips along his ear, "AAaah, aaaah... aaaaaaaAaahhhHhhh. God, y-you are so lucky you're so damn pretty. One last time," she added a sudden nip while a jettison of freshly squeezed harpy seed left her capped cock at surprising speeds. "Here's a h-hint, you almost said it."
  505. Garret, who was coming down from his own rolling eruption, though this time on a much more internal and strangely intimate level, blinked, then broke into a slow smile. "Waffles. That's it. You want pockets with your buttery, syrupy dough, right?"    
  507. Finally, she rested her head against his back, nuzzling to his neck, cooing in a low, rumbling affection. "There you go," Rae smiled, "Now you see the real me. Waffles and all." Leaning up, she caught his lips as best she could, making him work a bit for it in their awkward position, but also making sure it was well-worth the effort.
  509. After an evenings worth of back and forth, Rae's gloss had finally reached it's limit, leaving a few matte-black imprints along her lover's lips. "Sounds like a date." Garret wore it well. As time passed, and their relationship deepened, they would both come to wear it even better.
  512. The Beginning, With No End In Sight.
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