Hyuga of the Leaf Relationship Sheet

Aug 15th, 2016
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  1. Relationship Sheet
  3. Hiashi Hyuga (father)
  4. Your father is unsure about your potential to lead the clan, he does not doubt your resolve or sense of duty but he is unsure whether or not you have the power to protect it. He is jealous of Neji's natural talent and despite his initial reservations to teach him alongside you he is happy your relationship has flourished as Neji's power will be a great boon to the clan and his friendship with you will keep him in check. He expects more from you, but it proud that you where willing to do what needed to be done and sealed your sister.
  6. Hinata
  7. Your sister loves you dearly, she has become fairly reliant on your security when it comes to issues with her confidence and she feels much more relaxed around you. She is scared of your Byakugan, a programmed response from all the intense training you and her go through and your reluctance to holding back, she doesnt mind the training as long as you spoil her afterwards. Since sealing her however she has distanced herself from you slightly, she knows it is the Hyuga way but a part of her was hoping you would fight for her.
  9. Hinabi
  10. Your youngest sister is very prim and proper keeping quiet in most situations, you will very rarely get much out of her when father or mother are around but when your alone she wont leave you alone. "Nii-chan candy" has become her most used phrase as of late, she definitely loves you but she may love the sweets you buy her more.
  12. Hizashi
  13. Your uncle has a very special fondness for you, he was worried about Neji's future as a member of the branch house and was sad knowing he would never be recognised. At a time when this was slowly making him bitter and resentful of his brother you and Neji developed a friendship and trained together regularly. He is happy that Neji is being treated as an equal and has a chance to demonstrate his skill to the main house in hopes that one day the system will change and Neji's children wont have to wear the clan seal. He is grateful to you.
  15. Neji
  16. Your cousin and you have a very strong sense of trust for each other due to all the training you both go through. He is very happy go lucky with a very strong love of competition and will often try to find new games/ways of sparring for you to compete in with him. You are his best friend and although he is a little jealous that he wont be learning all the clan techniques you will be he still hopes you'll treat him the same even when you are clan head.
  18. Might Guy
  19. Your new teacher doesn't know you very well yet but he's happy with the way you fought and was impressed by your quick grasp of the body flicker technique. Overall he's happy with his team and that he can help you and Lee out with taijutsu as he doesnt consider himself any good at teaching other things, he's upset on behalf of shino because he wont be able to enhance his already honed skills but he can help him out with his obvious weakness' at close range combat.
  21. Lee
  22. Lee looks forward to sparring with you, your clans taijutsu style interests him a lot. He was impressed by how you continued to fight on with Shino against Guy and hops you two can become friends.
  24. Shino
  25. Shino thanks you for helping him be of some use in the fight against guy. He's looking to get stronger and hopes you will do the same alongside him. He wants to get Ramen with you and Lee some time.
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