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  1. function helm-toggle() {
  2.     if [ -z "$1" ]; then
  3.         echo "helm client and Tiller (server side) versions always must match. Simply toggle between different Helm versions installed by brew".
  4.         echo
  5.         echo "Usage: helm-toggle <Helm version>"
  6.         echo
  7.         echo "installed helm versions are:"
  8.         brew info --json=v1  kubernetes-helm | jq .[].installed[].version
  9.         echo "current helm version is:"
  10.         brew info --json=v1  kubernetes-helm | jq .[].linked_keg
  11.     else
  12.         brew switch kubernetes-helm $1 > /dev/null # no appropriate error handling here if someone sets something silly
  13.     fi
  14. }
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