Isabella and Marble double blowjob

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  1. /////Camp morning event if you have isabella and marble, also Helia.  requiires having had morning blowjobs previously but disabled them.
  2. A cacophony of moos jolt you awake. You note the sun barely beginning to rise, and the crisp morning air helps to clear the sleep away. The moos continue, and your wits return in full. Now mentally prepared, you set about identifying to source of this noise.
  4. Wandering off from your [cabin], you spot the commotion at Isabella's awning. It would seem she and Marble are having an energetic time mutually performing fellatio on a minotaur.
  6. You heave a sigh, burying your face in your [hands]. The sun is only just crowning on the horizon and already you feel the yearning for a stiff drink. Rubbing your grimace away, you shift your gaze around in search of Helia, no doubt in your mind that she'll have plenty of alcohol to spare. To your dismay, you hear a familiar moan, and look back to notice Helia is with the cows, eating out the minotaur's ass. No drink will wash away the misery that is your life.
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