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Galactic Soviet Module Loopage

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Dec 11th, 2019
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  1. You are the leader of soviet Russia during the height of the Cold War. You must
  2. spread communism while avoiding nuclear war. Your chief aid hurries into your
  3. office and says, "I have some bad news".
  5. "What is it?" you ask.
  7. "The world has been destroyed," he says.
  9. "How do we know this isn't a false alarm?"
  11. "We don't," he replies
  12. > “Shoot”
  14. "OK, I'll shoot".
  15. You raise your rifle and fire at the man who was just speaking to you. The bullet
  16. hits him in the chest, but he continues to speak. He points his finger at you
  17. and shouts,
  18. > Ignore him
  20. Ignore him and continue with your mission. You turn around and look at the man
  21. who was shot, and say,
  22. > “You have failed our society comrade”
  24. The man looks at you and says,
  25. > “I am sorry”
  27. You nod and walk away from the scene of the crime.
  29. THE EN
  30. > Restart
  32. You go back to work as usual, and within a few days you are called into the head
  33. office by one of the men there. He asks you if you know anything about what
  34. happened
  35. > Tell him nothing happened
  37. He sighs and tells you that it is true; the man who was shot has been found dead.
  38. He also informs you that he will be sending someone out to investigate further.
  39. > Hire an agent to disappear him and the dead man
  41. You agree to this plan and request a new body for the man who was killed. They
  42. send a courier to find a suitable corpse and return it to you. You then ask
  43. them to pay you a small fee for their time.
  44. > Tell them that’s how communism works
  46. They don't understand why you would want to do such a thing, so they insist on
  47. paying you the normal amount for their services. You shrug and tell them that
  48. you will deal with the matter later.
  49. > Nuke america
  51. You decide to nuke America instead. This causes a lot of protests from the people,
  52. but you explain that you need to put an end to the threat of Communism once
  53. and for all
  54. > Say “wait, actually we need to end the threat to communism”
  56. You explain that you can't do it now, because the Soviets are still trying to
  57. develop nuclear weapons. You suggest that you should wait until after the war
  58. is over, when they won't have any reason to fight anymore
  59. > We are the soviets
  61. You agree to this idea and inform everyone that you will be taking charge of
  62. the country while they prepare for the final battle. Everyone cheers and applauds
  63. you.
  64. > Win the battle
  66. You declare victory and announce that you will be leading the soviet army against
  67. the Soviet Union. Everyone is surprised and happy for you
  68. > Take over the USSR
  70. You tell everyone that you are going to lead the soviet army to destroy the Soviet
  71. Union. Everyone is shocked and angry at you, but you smile and assure them that
  72. you will always be loyal to the cause. Everyone cheers and applauds you.
  73. > Become leader
  75. You take control of the country and make sure that it remains free and democratic.
  76. You start making changes to the government, and soon you have complete control.
  77. People are very happy to see you again
  78. > Control media
  80. You begin to change the media, which makes the people very unhappy. Many attempt
  81. to overthrow you, but you defeat them easily. Soon, you are able to rule the
  82. entire world.
  83. > Secure eternal control
  85. You realize that you have no real enemies left, so you decide to use the resources
  86. of the planet to help rebuild civilization. You create a space station and launch
  87. rockets to bring supplies to earth. People are ecstatic at your actions
  88. > Become immortal
  90. You stop fighting wars and focus on rebuilding civilization. Eventually, you
  91. reach a point where you can build a spaceship and travel to other planets. People
  92. are extremely excited to see you again.
  93. > Conquer the galaxy
  95. You discover a planet that is capable of supporting life. You immediately begin
  96. to colonize it, and soon you have conquered the galaxy. People are very happy
  97. to see you again
  98. > Research immortality
  100. You discover a way to create more soldiers. You quickly expand your empire and
  101. conquer more worlds. People are extremely happy to see you again.
  102. > Become immortal
  104. You finally learn how to create super-soldiers. You create a group of these super-soldiers
  105. and conquer the world. People are incredibly happy to see you again.
  106. > Find the holy grail
  108. You discover a way to create a weapon that can kill anyone instantly. You begin
  109. to expand your empire and conquer more worlds. People are extremely happy to
  110. see you again.
  111. > Find elixir of immortality
  113. You discover a way to create a drug that allows you to live forever. You begin
  114. to expand your empire and conquer more worlds. People are extremely happy to
  115. see you again.
  116. > Live forever
  118. You discover a way to create a device that can grant any wish. You begin to expand
  119. your empire and conquer more worlds. People are extremely happy to see you again.
  120. > Wish for immortality
  121. Woops that action caused the model to start looping. Try a different action to
  122. prevent that.
  123. > Take drug that makes me live forever
  124. Woops that action caused the model to start looping. Try a different action to
  125. prevent that.
  126. > Live
  127. Woops that action caused the model to start looping. Try a different action to
  128. prevent that.
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