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  1. 11:02 AM] Sarah: I feel frustrated.
  2. [11:03 AM] iHerbal: Oh?
  3. [11:03 AM] Sarah: I need to bitch .-.
  4. [11:03 AM] iHerbal: Do itt
  5. [11:04 AM] Sarah: I'm just fucked off
  6. [11:04 AM] Sarah: So emroidz bought ladyship for me without me asking and was like oh you can have all the art etc just pay me back as and when. I was like um ok I didn't ask you to get her for me but ok???
  7. [11:06 AM] Sarah: After a month I'd paid like 35 dollars out of 80 and I got a reminder from PayPal from em. I threw 10 dollars in. Next day I get a formal message from em basically saying she feels used and stuff as I've spent my money on other things instead of paying her back (the spiders which Andrew paid for and yes a couple bits of cheap art)
  8. [11:06 AM] Sarah: The week before I had apologised about being slow to pay and she said to take my time. Now I was being told that she was putting a limit on it and I had a month to pay. I ended up just giving her the money out of some other savings I had just to be done with it b
  9. [11:07 AM] Sarah: We haven't spoken since and now she's rammed herself up Aub's ass and I'm just like ugh
  10. [11:07 AM] Sarah: Like her and lune are suddenly bff's with Aub. Getting art and stuff all the time.
  11. [11:07 AM] Sarah: And I'm a bit like. Stung I guess
  12. [11:07 AM] iHerbal: Of course
  13. [11:08 AM] Sarah: Also Aub called off our rp as she wasn't feeling our chars around the same time they all started hanging out
  14. [11:08 AM] Sarah: So it's like. Oh
  15. [11:08 AM] Sarah: And idk. It feels like this was the start of my wall hitting
  16. [11:08 AM] Sarah: And I just need a friend to just talk to and cry on and I feel fucking alone
  17. [11:08 AM] iHerbal: hug,
  18. [11:09 AM] Sarah: Am I being stupid?
  19. [11:09 AM] iHerbal: Hemoriodz is a bitch
  20. [11:09 AM] Sarah: Like. I didn't ask her to buy the design.
  21. [11:09 AM] Sarah: She just did
  22. [11:09 AM] iHerbal: Why?
  23. [11:09 AM] Sarah: She knew I wanted it and she wanted to plot so she bought a second design which we were gonna rp and then we never did.
  24. [11:10 AM] Sarah: But like I said, she just bought the design and was like now u can pay me back
  25. [11:10 AM] iHerbal: Thats so dumb
  26. [11:10 AM] Sarah: Idk I'm struggling with my chars so bad rn
  27. [11:10 AM] Sarah: I keep buying new ones and then realising I don't want them or I can't connect.
  28. [11:11 AM] Sarah: I have Charles whining for rp BC he's decided to lodge himself up my ass now
  29. [11:11 AM] iHerbal: Maybe you need a break
  30. [11:11 AM] Sarah: Well with the new job I'm gonna have to lol
  31. [11:11 AM] iHerbal: I think itll be good for you
  32. [11:11 AM] Sarah: I'm just frustrated.
  33. [11:12 AM] iHerbal: Yeah
  34. [11:13 AM] Sarah: Like I deleted a few chars last night BC I was just freaking out. I know I have a reputation for buying and selling now.
  35. [11:13 AM] Sarah: I'm 98% sure no one likes me ahaha
  36. [11:13 AM] iHerbal: You should have told hemorids that if you could afford the design to begin with, yiu would have,
  37. [11:13 AM] iHerbal: Aww
  38. [11:14 AM] Sarah: So yeah
  39. [11:14 AM] iHerbal: hug
  40. [11:15 AM] Sarah: I'm just annoyed that once again, Em drops me and I fucking knew she would
  41. [11:15 AM] Sarah: She always does.
  42. [11:16 AM] iHerbal: She drops everyone that isnt lune
  43. [11:16 AM] Sarah: Bc lune has money to sink into art.
  44. [11:20 AM] Sarah: Idk. I just miss having good friends.
  45. [11:21 AM] iHerbal: Gee, thanks
  46. [11:21 AM] Sarah: I just feel alone a lot of the time.
  47. [11:22 AM] Sarah: Like. I know I do it myself
  48. [11:22 AM] Sarah: Idk
  49. [11:22 AM] Sarah: Ugh I'm too in my head again.
  50. [11:22 AM] iHerbal: Itsxwhy yiu need a break
  51. [11:23 AM] Sarah: You know I adore you but I always feel like I'm annoying you ;3;
  52. [11:23 AM] iHerbal: Noo
  53. [11:23 AM] iHerbal: Its just that
  54. [11:23 AM] iHerbal: Sometimes you dont listen
  55. [11:26 AM] Sarah: I'm sorry ):
  56. [11:26 AM] iHerbal: <3
  57. [11:27 AM] iHerbal: I was exactly were you are
  58. [11:27 AM] iHerbal: Buying and creating new characters so often
  59. [11:27 AM] iHerbal: Never connecting
  60. [11:27 AM] iHerbal: With them
  61. [11:27 AM] iHerbal: Desperate to fit in and get friends
  62. [11:28 AM] Sarah: Yep
  63. [11:28 AM] iHerbal: And I took a step back
  64. [11:28 AM] iHerbal: It wasnt easy
  65. [11:29 AM] Sarah: It just sucks
  66. [11:29 AM] Sarah: Like I know I'm gonna have to clean house and sell chars
  67. [11:30 AM] iHerbal: Yeah
  68. [11:30 AM] Sarah: And I wanna hoard everyone lol
  69. [11:32 AM] iHerbal: Well, you can do that
  70. [11:32 AM] iHerbal: Nobody tells you to sell them
  71. [11:33 AM] Sarah: Lol see I just see them sitting there as a waste
  72. [11:33 AM] Sarah: Idk i like only having active chars
  73. [12:16 PM] iHerbal: I love u
  74. [12:17 PM] Sarah: Love you too
  75. [12:18 PM] iHerbal: but yeah
  76. [12:18 PM] iHerbal: withall your characters you buy
  77. [12:18 PM] iHerbal: then resell
  78. [12:18 PM] iHerbal: you come off as a bit flakey
  79. [12:18 PM] iHerbal: and I understand that people are hesitant to plot with you sometimes
  80. [12:19 PM] iHerbal: But you need to do what is best for yourself
  81. [12:19 PM] iHerbal: maybe it's not wise for you to buy the characters you randomly want all the time, because it sometimes looks like  a whim
  82. [12:20 PM] iHerbal: but I know buying stuff is "good" therapy, IDK about you, but it makes me feel a bit better for a few minutes, then I'm like "omg, what did I just buy"
  83. [12:22 PM] Sarah: Just sucks because I do want plot but no one ever wants to stick with me
  84. [12:22 PM] iHerbal: Can you blame them?
  85. [12:23 PM] iHerbal: I'msorry, it sounds harsh
  86. [12:23 PM] iHerbal: but with your constant buying new characters then resell them the next moment? It's
  87. [12:23 PM] iHerbal: it's scary to try and plot with you, because it feels like you can drop the character without warning
  88. [12:24 PM] Sarah: I only drop them when people drop me
  89. [12:24 PM] Sarah: Like I still have my original three but no one wants to play with them
  90. [12:24 PM] iHerbal: (also, show me Ladyship)
  91. [12:24 PM] Sarah:
  93. [12:25 PM] iHerbal: oooh
  94. [12:25 PM] Sarah: Yeah.
  95. [12:26 PM] Sarah: My issue is I hate seeing inactive chars on my rpr
  96. [12:26 PM] Sarah: So I sell them off
  97. [12:26 PM] Sarah: I don't get to get on client as much anymore which hinders a lot of my rp
  98. [12:27 PM] Sarah: Sometimes I just makes me think I should sell them all BC I don't get in client.
  99. [12:27 PM] iHerbal: but you like to rp?
  100. [12:30 PM] Sarah: I do but it sucks when no one wants to plot ideas
  101. [12:30 PM] Sarah: Or they say they do and then suddenly move on
  102. [12:41 PM] iHerbal: hm
  103. [12:41 PM] iHerbal: also
  104. [12:41 PM] iHerbal: I'm still pissed at
  105. [12:41 PM] iHerbal: hemoriodz
  106. [12:42 PM] Sarah: Yeah?
  107. [12:42 PM] iHerbal: it's not really ok
  108. [12:42 PM] iHerbal: to buy you a design
  109. [12:42 PM] iHerbal: then
  110. [12:42 PM] iHerbal: "you gotta pay me back"
  111. [12:42 PM] Sarah: Like I've done it before where I've agreed with friends
  112. [12:43 PM] Sarah: But there was no discussion beforehand.
  113. [12:43 PM] iHerbal: yeah
  114. [12:43 PM] Sarah: I'm sure it was supposed to be a nice gesture
  115. [12:43 PM] Sarah: But idk man
  116. [12:43 PM] Sarah: I feel like our friendship is now tainted.
  117. [12:44 PM] iHerbal: yeah
  118. [12:44 PM] iHerbal: it was to beginw ith
  119. [12:44 PM] iHerbal: since she ditched you once >>
  120. [12:44 PM] Sarah: Yeah. And she's done the same again. Like I could tell her interest in whit and Ellie was waning
  121. [12:44 PM] Sarah: And again, it's one of the few couples she has with like. One piece of couple art
  122. [12:44 PM] Sarah: Unlike all hers with Lune
  123. [12:53 PM] iHerbal: :\
  124. [12:56 PM] iHerbal: But do you need couples art?
  125. [12:57 PM] Sarah: No but it's like. Idk
  126. [12:57 PM] Sarah: Validation isn't it
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