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  1. FPSB | Ŕєãþeŕ: Want me to take over the comics with ninja for now
  2. Sparks: Yes please!
  3. Sparks: We don't want to stop
  4. FPSB | Ŕєãþeŕ: b4 u disappear then, can u give me some kind of note on the plans for the future skit
  5. FPSB | Ŕєãþeŕ: so I know what to work with for the next one
  6. Sparks: Yeah hold on, ill bumb the old thread
  7. Sparks:[page]=2&mn=1&26=
  8. Sparks: shit i am last poster
  9. Sparks: um
  10. FPSB | Ŕєãþeŕ: anyway
  11. Sparks: just post saying you're taking over until i have returned
  12. Sparks: or some shit
  13. Sparks: and um
  14. FPSB | Ŕєãþeŕ: how do u do the shit
  15. FPSB | Ŕєãþeŕ: Ninja makes a server or something
  16. Sparks: Yeah
  17. FPSB | Ŕєãþeŕ: or what's ur process
  18. FPSB | Ŕєãþeŕ: k
  19. FPSB | Ŕєãþeŕ: I'll have to add him then
  20. Sparks: download hamachi
  21. Sparks: well
  22. Sparks: add him
  23. Sparks: he will explain everything
  24. FPSB | Ŕєãþeŕ: k
  25. FPSB | Ŕєãþeŕ: I got hamachi
  26. FPSB | Ŕєãþeŕ: I used it to play pirated RE5 in coop
  27. Sparks: alright
  28. Sparks: um
  29. Sparks: then
  30. Sparks: Network
  31. Sparks: join exsisting network
  32. Sparks: then it's
  33. Sparks: Sparks is gay
  34. Sparks: and password is lol
  35. Sparks: I think
  36. Sparks: Basically
  37. Sparks: start from like the de port_09 map
  38. FPSB | Ŕєãþeŕ: kai
  39. Sparks: when they decide to follow the guys directions
  40. Sparks: then do like a map shot of city 17 basically
  41. Sparks: then they ask for a dude named sebhael
  42. Sparks: and some guy like takes them to a secrete layer
  43. Sparks: um
  44. Sparks: use this character
  45. Sparks: for seb
  46. Sparks:
  47. Sparks: when they all meet, botch will be like whats with the bag
  48. Sparks: then he is like my face is to ugly yada yada
  49. Sparks: then
  50. Sparks: um
  51. Sparks: seb explains
  52. Sparks: about hte zombies
  53. Sparks: and when
  54. Sparks: he says like
  55. Sparks: the person behind all this ....
  56. Sparks: then like some creature busts in
  57. Sparks: and starts destroying shit
  58. Sparks: then go from there
  59. Sparks: make somthing up
  60. Sparks: don't forget a choice
  61. FPSB | Ŕєãþeŕ: I got an idea
  62. FPSB | Ŕєãþeŕ: the creature that bursts in is a "Troll"
  63. FPSB | Ŕєãþeŕ: it's perfect
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