A Paladin's Last Quest (Tags: Non-con, gore, torture, vore)

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  1.  {Tags = Horror, rape, torture, tentacles, necrophilia, hard vore, snuff} [
  3. Ashara Icesworn sent, at 03 Oct,2014 12:15:58 AM:
  4. Ashara Icesworn rode steadily deeper into the marshlands, the wind whipping at her cloak and her hair, and threatening to choke her with the scent of decay. The destrier beneath her faltered at the smell and needed encouragement to continue on, but the paladin was nothing if not encouraged by the signs of encroaching darkness. Her mind was never so clear, so focused or so just as when she was riding into the maw of darkness.
  6. For days she had heard rumours, at wayside inns and passing farmers of some great evil that had made the marshlands it's home and even driven away the nearby goblin and orc tribes. Some claimed it was a great demon, some said a particularly foul gang of brigands had taken up, while some bards claimed a necromancer had raised a hundred armoured skeletons that had ventured beyond the swamp and committed unspeakable atrocities. The truth of the situation was of no matter to Ashara. There was evil here. She would purge it.
  8. Her holy helmet, her most prized relic of her Goddess hung from her left hip, it's white gem glittering reassuringly in the corner of her vision, while her weapon was secured underneath her right leg. She held the reins a little more tightly as she sensed herself drawing closer to the corruption. One of the first things a young paladin is taught is how to read auras, and already Ashara was in awe of how omnipresent the evil of the marshlands was. It weighed on every sense it seemed, pressing into her mind and darkening her vision. Evil. That was all it was. Darkness that would yield before the light, as it had time and time again.
  10. Mactator sent, at 03 Oct,2014 7:44:37 AM:
  11. To say the air stank of rotting, of singed hair and burnt blood was quite vivid but not entirely accurate; it would be more accurate to say that something in the air was actively...corrosive. Consciously and forcefully poisoning and destroying everything around it, driving nearby animals to extinction and plants to withering beneath fungi. As if to highlight the tainted nature of this land, lank black glass sprouted in random tufts among the channels of cold, brackish water. A dirty grey, almost black, fog layered the ground, making it quite hard for one to see where they were going or even what they were standing on.
  13. Though she'd arrived earlier in the day, the boglands had been a hard thing to traverse through; the sun was just setting when she came to where she was; the heart of the bog. Ahead, in the mist and the blood red light, she could make out a figure slowly trekking towards her. The taint which had seeped into the surrounding area was sourced to here. To this creature that neared her. She could hear the grind of old metal, the heavy thread of a glacier and wet croaking that hinted at a terrible hunger.
  15. The first thing she was was a gauntlet of metal; aged, dirty and decrepit. Bronze highlights dotted the heavy black iron of the armour, each painted with spots of rust and verdigris. The figure's left hand was limp, something dangling from it but its right...The right arm held what could only be described as an impossibly large cleaver. More like a slab of sharpened metal. A heavy mantle was drawn over its shoulders and the helm, what she could make of it, was darker than black.
  17. [Another?]
  19. Ashara Icesworn sent, at 03 Oct,2014 10:50:49 AM:
  20. The paladin's eyes narrowed at the sight of the creature. Her steed began to falter but she urged it on, maintaining the slow, ponderous pace as she approached this darkness. This was the heart of evil in this place, she could feel it in every ounce of her, but could it truly be alone? Her eyes almost seem to shine as they scanned left, then right, looking for any signs of ambush. The stench of corruption was so intense it seemed to physically sting her body but, even so, the knight felt no fear, only anticipation. She locked eyes with the beast, and wrapped her armoured hand around her sacred hammer.
  22. "One only needs to feel your aura to pronounce your guilt, you foul creature." She called out, her voice a sharp, vibrant song. Like everything else about her, it seemed to shine (perhaps there was some truth to the rumours that this legendary knight shared the blood of an ancient elf hero). The silver hammer seemed almost too large for the girl, but her powerful muscles hefted it up onto her shoulder with ease. The stories she had heard from this swamp, the unspeakable atrocities carried out against the nearby settlers, the death of the very land was too much for her to contemplate. This evil must be purged, but she had to offer redemption to the beast first. It was her way.
  24. "Will you allow yourself to be cleansed in the Light? You may still free yourself of corruption if you yield to me and swear to spend your life in repentance." She did not hope for him to accept, but just saying the words steeled her heart. Knowing that she followed the ways of justice properly warmed her from within. She raised her helmet to her head, covering her raven hair with the shining metal, and the gem in its brow began to glow. It's light was holy, and pained any creature of evil that looked upon it.
  26. [2014/10/03]Mactator:{Sir Robin was his name before.}
  27. [2014/10/03]Mactator:{He wasn't always a blackguard/deathknight/EVIIIIIL}
  28. [2014/10/03]Ashara Icesworn:(Oh, can you repost by the way? I didn't think to copy it before I switched)
  30. [2014/10/03]Mactator: [Optimistic.] The figure finally made its way through the fog and stood at eye-level to her. Even atop her destrier. Unfortunately for her, it matched its inhuman height with shoulders that would put a prize bull to shame; plates of heavy, thick and pitted iron coated the creature in an inches deep carapace, with affections of bronze lion heads, demon faces and spikes sprouting like toadstools from the armour. The mixture of bronze, rusted iron and dried in blood glowed a dark, foreboding red in the dying sun. Atop its shoulders was what looked like the pelt of some mutated abomination and below that came a cloak of what seemed to be human scalps, matted and knotted together. His helm was conical and a flat, opaque black; no eye holes, no mouth. Just metal.
  32. Spiked chains, stained black, ripped through the armour and flesh of his left arm, winding through flesh and iron. Hanging from his palm was a collection of butcher hooks and spiked mauls, with the offal of past victims left stuck to it. The cleaver rested over his right shoulder, mostly out of sight. The coating of mud, soot and ossified metal added to the knight's bulk but also revealed his age; a slow but strong fighter it seemed.
  34. [I am no creature; I am a knight. Sir Robin Giantfeller, grandmaster of the King's Sons in the year 943, now called Accursed, the Ogre Knight and the Trudenfeld Reaper.] From behind the plain helmet, she could hear a wet, boarish snort of derision, [Insipid titles from lesser men. But you...You might give me some better sport, Paladin.] He tilted his head then, seeming to look at her gem and only shrug in discomfort. Without another word, his left hand flailed up to hamstring or gut her horse.
  36. [2014/10/03] Ashara Icesworn narrows her eyes and lowers her gaze at the knight. That hadn't been what she expected- an evil spirit, a demon or even an evil, but mortal, man would have all been more likely. He reeked of foul power, even though by all rights he should have been mortal. She could all but smell the ages of pain and suffering etched into his very essence. He had once been a man, it seemed, yet felt fouler than any demon she had purged. "I have not come to give sport to a false knight, creature. I have come to give you rest." As she rode closer he could see more of her armor, practical and conservative but still closely fit enough to provide hints at the womanly form underneath. "Relish the sound of those titles, for that is the last time they will ever be uttered in this world. None will sing of your deeds, memories of your atrocities will fade." She spurred her horse, closing the difference suddenly, "Nor will I give you the honor of an introduction! I am justice, come for you, and that is all you need to know!" Her horse, brave and true, closes the distance just as the knight's left hand reached out at it. The paladin's reflexes were lightning-fast, and she shifted the reins to her left, away from his hand while simultaneously swinging her hammer down at his chest, the silver tip suddenly crackling with lightning, white and pure.
  38. [2014/10/03]Ashara Icesworn:
  39. [2014/10/03]Mactator:{wut}
  41. [2014/10/03] Mactator: The hammer smashed into his chest, rocking his massive body backwards and sending lightning ripping through his rotten black form; the sound was like a cannon ball slamming into an ice-berg and knocked off a layer of wasted metal but the armour beneath held. Even if its occupant fried... The knight reclaimed his footing and, after barking out a mad, almost hysterical laugh, swung the massive cleaver in a head-taking arc. It was far, far heavier then any cleaver should be, long as a man and broad as two dock leaves. Pitted and washed in offal and gore, it was only the back of the blades, writhing with unholy life, that hinted at its true dark power. [I am already forgotten, bitch of the Church! Maybe the story of the Paladin-Whore's Butchery will set that to rights, eh!?] Even if he missed with the massive blow, his sword would come down in front of him and block any attack from the front.
  43. His left hand, now free, lashed the hooks into the earth and they buried deep, summoning the freaks his presence here had created.
  45. [2014/10/03]Mactator:
  47. [2014/10/03] Ashara Icesworn shouted wordlessly as she wrenched back hammer, preparing another blow to seal this evil finally. The stench of him was overwhelming, made no better as her magic burnt his flesh beneath the armor. Beneath her helmet her face was one of pure focus, her teeth gritted and crystal blue eyes narrowed. The blade he wielded was terrible to even behold, but her arm was fast and strong, wrenching around for another strike to match his own. His evil words washed over her, too focused to allow such meager and vile things into the temple of her body. Their weapons met this time, with an almost deafening crash that almost concealed the paladin's grunt of pain as the unexpected strength of his swing nearly knocked her hammer aside and twisted her wrist, painfully. Another wordless shout as she reeled to the side, her wrist sending daggers of pain all the way up her arm- was it broken? Her horse shifted uneasily against her, snorting loudly as she sang out more holy words, the gem in her brow glowing even more brightly.
  49. [2014/10/03]Ashara Icesworn:(Pretty~)
  50. [2014/10/03]Mactator:{I think it could be a good vision of the future}
  52. [2014/10/03] Mactator: There was a brief lull as he removed his chains from the other, swinging himself back into a hunched stance, with arms out wide; flail at the front, waiting to whip out and his massive blade sat on his shoulder. Where her hammer had crushed him, the armour looked...different. Black, gooey flesh spilled from around the breastplate, revealing just some of the horror that lay within the iron shell, He issued another mad laugh then before scything his hooks up diagonally, trying to fell both mount and rider. At the same time, suddenly six disgusting worm-like abominations ripped from the cesspit-waters of the swamp. Fat as a tree and as long as a man, they looked like demonic maggots. One extended a mouth, trying to latch onto her horse with teeth like broken glass.
  54. [2014/10/03]Mactator:{We can keep fighting as long as you want! I'm enjoying it~}
  56. [2014/10/03] Ashara Icesworn glared at the knight, as if her eyes alone would scour him from the Earth. She shifted the weight of her hammer and felt more lances of pain shoot through her arm but, still, she held onto her weapon. The paladin didn't need to urge her horse away from his wild flail, it was frightened enough to flee the strike of it's own accord, but several of the hooks found their mark into the beast's flank while several nearly snagged onto the armor of the rider's leg. The horse screamed, horribly in pain, even as the abominations squirmed their way from the bog. The paladin's hammer flashed out instantly, hammer swinging across the nearest creature and shattering him like overripe fruit, disgusting bile and guts bursting from his corpse- but sending a blinding pain through he wrist and arm, making her head swim. Her mount was almost panicking though, painful barbs in its side and being attacked by disgusting creatures, and was trying to twist away from the knight.
  58. [2014/10/03] Mactator: The knight's laughter finally gave way to an absolutely demented, demonic giggling, [PITIFUL! WRETCHED! I expected more Paladin; you haven't even scratched me yet!] His left hand hauled back, trying to drag the horse forward with the hooks while his right arm swung down, the massive blade swinging with a =WHUMP=. Of the five remaining worms, one more was killed near-instantly by the paladin's strong, deft blows and a third popped as his titanic cleaver slashed through it, sending the top half flashing into the air. One of them, driven mad by the stink of gore, immediately began devouring the severed part, its semi-translucent body allowing one to track the other worm's journey to its gut. The others made fast but weak strikes, one trying to bite into the horse's hindquarters while the other headed straight for the beautiful ladies' meaty thigh.
  60. [2014/10/03]Mactator:*lady's
  62. [2014/10/03] Ashara Icesworn grunted as she flashed out with her hammer as fast she could, ignoring the pain that grew worse with every strike. The horse screamed horribly as the gore around it increased and the black knight's terrible hooks drug it closer after tearing bits from its body painfully. She screamed in righteous anger as she aimed a blow square at the black knight's helmet- if his flesh could melt she would see what would become of his brain- but she suddenly felt her mount collapsing beneath her. A worm had torn into its back leg, sending it tumbling to the ground while she struggled to remain atop it. Her wild swing at the knight carried her forward but her powerful legs kept her from tumbling from her mount, even as it slid to its knees, and she became aware of the disgusting presence of yet another worm, taking the opportunity to leap at her leg. Her armor was strong however, and hopefully would by her a moment, at least.
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  65. [22:17] Ashara Icesworn: Hey there
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  68. [22:20] Mactator: >Dress made of tongues
  69. [22:21] Ashara Icesworn: Yeesh
  70. [22:21] Mactator: Wut?
  71. [22:21] Mactator: You enjoying our RP?
  72. [22:21] Ashara Icesworn: Yup
  73. [22:21] Ashara Icesworn: The struggle... very nice
  74. [22:22] Mactator: Yaaaaay
  75. [22:22] Mactator has the logs still.
  76. [22:22] Ashara Icesworn: Same here, it was your turn I believe?
  77. [22:23] Mactator: Yep
  78. [22:25] Mactator: {Did he end up cutting the horse with his cleaver?}
  79. [22:32] Mactator: {hey?}
  80. [22:35] Ashara Icesworn: (Oh sorry missed that, umm, I thought the worm took down the horse)
  81. [22:36] Ashara Icesworn: (Was only semi-paying attention, watching for a wall of text lol, sorry)
  82. [22:36] Mactator: {It was more like the worm was holding it, distracting her from the cleaver strike.}
  83. [22:36] Mactator: {Should I just carry on and ignore the cleaver swing?}
  84. [22:36] Ashara Icesworn: (Sure, I'm not sure where it was at, the last cleave I remember was cutting a worm)
  85. [22:38] Mactator: {Oh shit, uh. The way I wrote it, I thought it was clear that the slash that killed the worm was heading for the horse}
  86. [22:39] Ashara Icesworn: (I was just starting to think that lol, it makes a bit more sense)
  87. [22:41] Mactator: {Sorry about that}
  88. [22:41] Mactator: {Should i just keep writing?}
  89. [22:41] Ashara Icesworn: (Yeah totally)
  91. [22:48] Mactator: Her armour was more than strong enough to resist the worm; it was impregnable. The moment the worm latched onto her steel coated thigh, snapping and crunching, it burned. The light on her helm shone and the verminous creature cooked and squealed, smelling like baking sewage. However the important part of a distraction is not if it causes harm but if it draws attention; something the worm did perfectly. The blade sliced straight through the horse, pitted edge hacking through bone and muscle with nothing more then sheer weight and power. If she was unlucky, she might even get one of her legs smashed by the heavy blade; but that didn't matter. This dual was proving more than sufficiently amusing. The last two worms immediately starting eating the body of the horse, nosily and messily eating it.
  93. [22:49] Mactator: {I'd post more, but giving you a chance to respond, y'know?}
  95. [22:55] Ashara Icesworn gasped with shock, her swing going wild as her mount was killed underneath her. The blood and gore was splattering more freely than in any duel she had ever seen and her poor beast was still alive and kicking as the worms dug into it. Alas, as her steed fell to the ground for the last time, it rolled over, trapping her ankle before she could fully remove her leg from underneath. She heard a crunch but didn't pause to wonder whether it was her greaves or her bones that were breaking. Using one hand to steady herself, sinking in up to mid-forearm into the muck she mustered all of her strength and swung her hammer one-handedly at the knight, who she was shocked to see now towering over her- she no longer had the vantage of her mount and, even worse, was on her knees and sinking into the muck.
  97. [22:58] Mactator: {I spelt duel wrong. FUCK}
  98. [23:01] Mactator: {She trying to fight while lying on her back? What a derp!}
  99. [23:03] Ashara Icesworn: (Still partially upright, just one leg pinned beneath the shin
  100. [23:03] Ashara Icesworn: )
  101. [23:03] Ashara Icesworn: (Should've been a tad more descriptive, but I was thinking she almost climbed off in time, but got her ankle stuck)
  104. [23:10] Mactator: The black knight let out a grunt as her hammer smashed into his left shoulder, crushing the pauldron their and causing metal to sink into his ruined flesh. Sickly sweet, jellied flesh and what looked like a pulsating green tumour could be seen peeking between armour plates. In response, his fist lashed out and smashed straight into her head as a beastly upper-cut, punching her free of the mount's dying body, [Better! Much better! I can feel my rotten heart afire again! But, not enough! More, lets spill more BLOOD!] The knight stood back then, giving her a chance to recover while he took some time something? The corruption he'd been radiating seemed to be changing now...Altering and shifting as his own form began to change.
  106. [23:19] Ashara Icesworn barely saw the fist coming and any last-moment attempt to flinch away from the blow was in vain- it caught her like a wrecking ball, shattering her most sacred artefact and sending her airborne, her trapped ankle twisting painfully as it was ripped free. She landed heavily into the muck, her helmet laying in three pieces around her body while a braid of raven black hair hanging down to the small of her back was freed. She groaned in pain, trying to scramble to her feet before the knight could speak, but struggled- placing her weight on her right wrist to steady herself at the same time as her twisted ankle burned her vision white for a moment. When she opened her mouth to scream in pain, blood came out to wet the ground in front of her. Pain was slowing her down, she realized, as she noticed that her hammer had fallen to the ground several feet away. Scrabbling to rise, she lost her footing no less than twice before she found herself standing with her hammer in hand. Blood was dripping down her face and straining down the front of her armour in thick rivulets and the glowing stone lay next to her partially-devoured horse, dim as cobblestone.
  109. [23:41] Mactator: By the time she'd readied herself to face him, he was ready. The rust and verdigris, the dirt and the filth clinging to his armour was gone. Instead, opaque black plate coating him all over, crack free and eagerly drinking in the dying light around them. His gauntlets, made solely from bronze, were clawed with each knuckle being decorated with a lion's head. Blood still clung to it but now, seemed more a badge of honour and sadism then dilapidation. The cloak had been shrugged off, allowed to drop to the water-logged, ice-cold dirt. His form looked...Leaner now. Trimmed of excess and sharpened to a lethal edge. The chains in his left arm had retracted, curling about his arm so that he could take the cleaver in a two-handed grip. His helm was the biggest change; cracks now spider-webbed the helmet, a massive gaping maw having been seemingly ripped into the metal. Two ragged holes, like sniper barrels, glared from where its eyes should be. His...flesh still seeped from the cracks and chinks of the armour, staining it, but overall he looked impressive now. Awful.
  111. Looming over her, his head twitched down in acknowledgement. His voice, when it came, was different. Knife sharp and as rough as his armour; the bubbling weakness from earlier was gone, /Yes, that's right. Bleed. This is the finest challenge I've had in fifty years. It will end the same as the others though; your broken body at my feet./ Then, like a gun shot, he kicked off the floor and swung his cleaver down two handed in a berserk charge with all the force of a comet.
  113. [23:42] Mactator: {Shit just got real}
  115. [23:50] Ashara Icesworn shifted her feet uneasily, her hammer held out in front of her in a defensive stance. Her form was practiced, graceful and perfect- or would have been if she hadn't been injured, every motion causing a new jolt of agony. Even gritting her teeth was giving her lances of pain, the paladin realizing that at least one of her teeth had been shattered by the savage blow. She felt smaller, a gnawing realization that she was growing weaker and dimmer while he was growing sharper and darker. Slowly, she shifted her grip on the weapon, letting her left, unbroken hand take the dominant stance. It was not ideal, but she could not afford to have it tumble from her grasp because of a broken wrist. Her thoughts did their best to steel herself, her armor had not yet broken, her hammer was in her hands. The Light was on her side. That is enough. It should be enough. Her face remained one of focus and grit, not allowing herself to reveal any pain or doubt she felt. When the knight dashed at her, she sprang forward, ignoring the pain. He was too mighty for a defensive tactic, she had to cut forward beneath his reach. She stepped in, meeting his charge with a low swing of her hammer, aimed firmly at his abdomen.
  117. [23:51] Mactator: {Damn, how many injuries does she have now?}
  118. [23:52] Ashara Icesworn: (Three... some shattered teeth, a sprained ankle and a possibly broken wrist)
  119. [23:52] Mactator: {Hawt}
  120. [23:52] Mactator: {Fuck, should his sword destroy her hammer or hit her...}
  121. [23:53] Ashara Icesworn: (Either, or she could even land the blow, but get grabbed in response)
  123. [23:59] Mactator: The knight seemed to grow darker and bigger and more awful the closer they came together. By the time they were in hitting distance, he seemed a titan of shadow and suffering, the complete and utter antithesis of everything she stood for. Light was sucked into his eyeholes and gaping maw, a wormy, segmented grey tongue slithering out of the ragged leering grin. His sword came down hard, chopping straight into her shoulder as her hammer slammed into him; he didn't flinch back. No, instead he went deeper, fully committing himself to the barbaric blow even as her hammer strike cracked his chest plate and drove shards of iron into his body. There was no doubt, no second thoughts and no fear. Just a desire for blood and a certainty that in this contest between Good and Evil, Light and Dark, she and he, he would be superior. She would crumple and fall beneath his power and there was nothing she could do to stop it. With thoughts such as these running through his shattered mind, the black knight released a banshee-like shriek as he committed everything of himself to the battle.
  125. [00:05] Ashara Icesworn howled in pain, overtaken by the pure agony of the tainted cleaver biting into her flesh. Her armor was masterfully forged, enchanted and blessed but, still, the evil blade found it's way in and the sheer force of the thing drove her downwards, her broken ankles crumpling beneath her. The scream was a sharp, helpless sound that escaped before she could regain her discipline. Her hammer connected, too, and it's holy lightning arced inside the knight's armor, but she couldn't even see that as she was driven into the soft muck of the bog. The last thing she saw had been his disgusting, slathering tongue before her vision had gone white from pain. Her senses returned and she found herself on one knees, her left hand limply holding her hammer while her right was plunged into the ground, supporting her. How deep at she been cut? The thought crossed her mind dully, but the cleaver was still inside her, wide and terrible. The knight towered over her, his powerful arms and the weight of the cleaver stopping her from rising. She frantically tried to raise her hammer for another blow, but her body was tangled beneath her, and her arm refused to move.
  127. [00:15] Mactator: He brought his foot up hard, kicking her in the chest and off of his blade. There was a wet sucking noise as she pulled off the flesh, causing him to laugh with all the warmth of a guillotine. The worms slithered towards her, snapping and biting at her. One chomped onto her left thigh, futilely trying to chew through the steel while the other opened its mouth wide and tried to devour her head whole. Leaving the stupid beasts with her, he stepped on the wrist of the hand holding the hammer, crushing it and grinding his heel, before ripping the hammer out of her grasp. He hefted it into his hand and gave it a one-over. No wonder he currently had a chunk of his breastplate missing. Admiring it for a moment more, he slammed it down into her chest hard before using all of his might to break it between his two hands. Then, dropping the now-headless hammer to the floor, he stalked over to her gem. A plan was beginning to form in his mind...
  129. [00:23] Ashara Icesworn screamed again, like a child almost, as his foot sent her falling backwards, the blade wrenching painfully out of its hole, letting her blood flow freely from the wound. She writhed on the ground, pain being the only thought she could process until the slithering of the worms brought her a fresh terror to bring her back to her senses. She started to raise her hammer, no matter the pain she felt but the armoured boot came down, pinning her to the ground, a sickening crunch reverberating throughout her skeleton. Her bloody mouth opened again and pain, and she was only left with one hand to fend off the worms. She pushed ineffectually at the first one she saw, no weapon to crush it available. Her hand slipped disgustingly into its maw for moment, but she withdrew it before it could clamp down. The sight of the knight above her, blotting out all light from view was almost too much, until the second worm, unseen began to close it's wet, circular mouth around her scalp and she screamed again, pushing it back with her one free hand until -CRUNCH- her own hammer, her tried-and-true instrument of justice came crashing down. She felt bones break, although she couldn't have guessed which ones but, worse, was the white lightning that arced out into her, flowing through every inch of her and causing her blinding agony from head to toe. She felt blind, and did nothing but writhe and whimper, not even seeing something amiss as the knight left her, momentarily.
  131. [00:29] Mactator: He paused for a moment, noting how good a reaction the hammer had had. Hefting the handle for a moment more, he smacked it in between her legs, torturing her groin. The worm on her head made a movement, swallowing just a bit more of it. Before he grabbed it and dragged it off her anyway. With the gem in his hand now letting out a dark violet light, he slammed it into her forehead. Magic began to blaze from the gem, digging into the paladin's body and running wild, /This will keep you alive even if your body would give out. A gift, so you don't die before I'm satisfied./ He idly scratched the broken plate on his chest for a moment, not noticing the worm that was currently swallowing the arm attached to her ruined shoulder, /Good sport you were. Lets see if you can't provide me some more. If you want to live, take off your armour./
  133. [00:35] Ashara Icesworn flinched away and squealed like a child as he pressed the gem painfully into her head. Gone was the unflinching paladin, now all that laid there was a husk full of agony and terror. Her armor was shattered in places, covered in mud and other but still protected much of her body. She couldn't even feel the worm digging at her arm, it felt as if the entire limb had been removed. Still, she struggled to move it and shoo away the creature, only to send a fresh gush of blood and a wave of pain from her ruined shoulder. She drew a ragged breath, suddenly conscious of a growing puddle beneath her, spitting out blood as her wavering voice answered, "Never..." Death would be better. Could she accept it though, being bitten? Shame came crashing down around her as she realized she was now choosing her death, without a thought of victory
  135. [00:36] Mactator: {Her hair's covered in saliva by the way. And some of her head.}
  136. [00:36] Ashara Icesworn: (I actually meant to mention that >< plus all the muck and mud around her now)
  137. [00:36] Mactator: {I thought she'd crack. He was going to have her strip out of her armour, then run}
  138. [00:37] Ashara Icesworn: (She's probably not even capable of it with her arms like they are and the intricacy of armor... Plus death would be easier)
  139. [00:37] Mactator: {I guess its time to strip her then, isn't it?}
  141. [00:44] Mactator: A bear-sized claw grabbed her hair, ripping it free of its bindings and letting the raven hair fall straight. It's other arm swung down then, punching through her armour and slamming into her stomach. [Let me rephrase. You do what I say now and you might be able to stay among the living. If you fail to please me, I'll be putting that gem through its paces to see just how much torture it will take to kill you.] His free hand released the clever then and now, began to peel this nut free of her shell. Armour piece after armour piece was removed and dropped to the floor, the silvery plates glinting in the twilight of dusk. Soon, all of it had been removes but her greaves; instead, he'd torn them up so now it looked more like she was wearing a pair of silver stockings. The worms leered nearby now, seeming to understand they'd actually be able to eat her now. /Now. Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to let you run away with a half hour lead. Then, I'm going to hunt you. Now, you can either take this offer and one last chance of hope...Or I find other ways to amuse myself, Paladin./
  143. [00:46] Mactator: {Should the gem be attached to her forehead or will it fall off now?}
  145. [00:51] Ashara Icesworn whimpered and struggled underneath him as he tore off piece after piece of her carefully assembled, blessed armor. Tears were flowing freely down her face as he tore even the tunic she wore underneath, exposing her soft breasts and muscular stomach. Pain was everywhere, in her shoulder, her shattered bones, the gem in her forehead and in her mind. She was still fighting to regain her breath after the punch to her stomach as he made his offer, her bright blue eyes now watery and filled with a deep terror. Could she accept such a deal? It was sinful to even consider accepting a deal with such a creature but... shouldn't it also be to throw her life away? She had given everything to her goddess and had somehow found herself here, under the heel of eons of pain. She couldn't bring herself to answer, but her body began to respond, struggling to roll over and rise. So many ribs were broken it was agony to do even that, and her arm hung limply beneath her wounded shoulder. Her ankle screamed as she put weight on it, but slowly she began to move. Every step was agony as she clumsily made her way step after step, barely upright and still leaning on her broken wrist to support herself. She was sobbing hysterically as she stumbled away as fast as she could manage.
  147. [00:52] Mactator: {So...She's topless now, with gem attached? How big are her tits?}
  148. [00:53] Ashara Icesworn: (Not too huge, but not small... and yeah, the gem should be stuck in there)
  149. [00:53] Mactator: {Is she wearing anything besides greaves? I'll take that as D then}
  150. [00:53] Ashara Icesworn: (Probably naked then if her tunic was torn off, maybe some panties)
  151. [00:55] Mactator: {Woooo, lingerie!}
  153. [01:01] Mactator: She was...ravishing. Alabaster skin, large firm tits, a tight muscular body and long black hair. As his eyes ran up and down her body, drinking in her frame, he made the conscious decision to rape her repeatedly after having caught her. Which given her current pace, would not take too long. Beside him, the two worms made odd burping noises, obviously displeased that they lost their kill. This changed to an odd shrieking noise as their bodies fell apart, flesh being re-created as they began to become some sick mixture between a wolf-hound, a ramora and a leech. After the half hour had passed, he made a clicking noise with his tongue. The pack of now-six such dog creatures hooted with delight as they raced into the swamp after the gorgeous paladin who was all alone. After giving them a few minutes to get a head, the black knight began to follow behind.
  155. [01:07] Ashara Icesworn was still sobbing hysterically and stumbling every third step, even a half hour later. Every inch was an agony that made her yearn for death even more, but she didn't let herself stop. Her already broken body was not covered with scores of cuts and bruises as she stumbled through the wilderness. She considered laying down to die, or even pushing herself into a puddle and holding herself their until she drowned with every step. Her black hair was almost always perfectly clean and beautiful, but now it hung loose and wild, soaked with mud and slug mucus and blood in different spots, while her beautiful, pale skin was covered in cuts, bruises and caked-on blood. She had not made it far when half an hour came, although in her mind hours had already gone by and she felt, against all logic, that she had fled successfully or that the knight had grown bored. The paladin would not be hard to find for the hounds, she was not far and the scent of blood or the piss would take them right to her.
  157. [01:08] Mactator: [Piss?}
  158. [01:11] Ashara Icesworn: (No way she didn't piss herself at some point during all that... not that piss is my fetish or anything, but I'm sure either around the time she was being stood on or as she fled she let loose while too scared to even notice)
  159. [01:12] Ashara Icesworn: (But I've actually gotta run, some irl stuff just came up, I'll be back on tomorrow, or you can note me the response!)
  160. [01:12] System: Ashara Icesworn is offline.
  162. [23:26] Mactator: Already, despite her head start, she could hear the demented, childish laughter, warbles and hoots of the damned knight's creatures coming after her, slithering and stalking and rushing through the swamp, drawn by the smell of her blood, the sound of her heart and the tread of her foot. The more she struggled and the harder she fled, the quicker they encroached on her. Occasionally, she could see flashes of things on either side of her, flitting in and out of her viewpoint and goading her forward to her end...Whenever she grew too tired, the extension of a gaping maw or revelation of a squamous paw would help goad the prey on further, extending the hunt.
  164. Eventually, he grew bored however and so, ended it. One such beast, a twisted amalgamation of hound and parasite[/url burst from the gloom of the cloudy, misty night and tackled her off her feet. With her battered, tired body there was no hope of resistance. Its mouth lolled open then, revealing transparent teeth with tendrils budding from the gums. Its mouth snapped down on her breast and cut shallowly before it suckled from her. Awfully, the creature was drawing up blood and not milk from the already worn paladin.
  166. On her forehead, she'd feel the pain of the gen fusing to her so it could better perform its vigil of keeping her alive, no matter the costs.
  168. [23:27] Mactator: { Hunting dog. God damn it, wanted to tag it}
  169. [23:28] Mactator:
  171. [23:32] Ashara Icesworn gasped in horror at the sight of the creature bursting into her view- if she was sane she would've have remembered fighting bigger, more terrible foes and sending them to the abyss, but in her current state even fleeing was impossible. Her eyes lingered in its maw for far too long, sending fresh waves of terror into her heart. She squealed, an undignified, basic noise escaping the knight whose composure was legend, as the beast painfully attached itself to the chest she had never even let a lover caress. It's teeth and it's flesh seemed almost like they were fusing with her own as the creature began to drink and her small, powerless fists tried to slam the creature ineffectually. Her head lolled back as the crystal pulsed and she felt as if it were digging it's way into her skull.
  173. [23:34] Mactator: {It's almost like she's enjoying it}
  175. [23:39] Mactator: The other five dogs latched onto her arms, her shoulder wound, her abs and her curvy rump, each feeding from her. By the time the knight reached her, she'd have died several times over if not for the gem. Well, it wasn't quite correct to say they'd all been feeding; one of them had latched onto her underwear and pussy and had been using tendrils to stimulate her virgin body while devouring its share of blood. Tendrils lashed against her clit and slid along inside, looking for her delicate, sensitive places while maintaining her virginity. Their semi-translucent skin was flushed red with her blood and as the moon light came out, each of the creatures looked positively hellish as they fed off of and raped her.
  177. She didn't see his arrival. Instead, all she could hear was the heavy sound of his boots off of the rapidly forming ice from the cool night, each step at first like a gun shot but slowly turning to cannon fire, /The prey's been brought low it seems. Now, what to do with you...I mean, I could kill you straight off but...Can you think of any other way to amuse me? Maybe some torture? I think one of those sapphire eyes would look quite good mounted on one of my gauntlets./
  179. [23:40] Mactator: {What theme are you using? Blue, dark, bright?}
  180. [23:41] System: Ashara Icesworn is offline.
  181. [23:48] System: Ashara Icesworn is online.
  183. [23:48] Ashara Icesworn screamed and struggled as much as she could as the other beasts latched onto her. She momentarily forgot even about the one latched on her chest as she felt one of the abominations 'tongue' probing at her most private spots. Her legs kicked out wildly, failing at making any sort of contact with the beast as its brothers latched on, dragging her even further to the ground. By the time the knight approached, she had been pulled to her back, laying spread eagle in the muck, shivering as much from the cold as from the spasms of pain that ruled her existence. Both of her legs were pulled apart and gnawed on, her undefiled pussy being toyed with and her chest drank from. The blood loss was making her alabaster skin even paler. When the knight finally came she was lying almost motionless, eyes staring wide at the nothingness above her while her one free hand pulled and tugged at the crystal in her head, her fingernails cracked and bleeding.
  185. [23:49] Ashara Icesworn: (Sorry, internet is getting on my nerves ><)
  186. [23:49] Mactator:
  187. [23:49] Mactator: {Do you want to continue?}
  188. [23:49] Ashara Icesworn: (Yeah, I'd say it shouldn't happen again, but it shouldn't have happened the last two times either)
  189. [23:50] Mactator: {She's enjoying herself~}
  190. [23:50] Ashara Icesworn: (But I can at least type while it's down, did you get my last post?)
  191. [23:50] Mactator: {I did!}
  192. [23:51] Mactator: {Dang it, I'm trying to banter here!}
  193. [23:53] Ashara Icesworn: (No, she isn't~)
  194. [23:53] Mactator: {She's stopped fighting it, of course she is! Also, would you consider this nightmare fuel?}
  195. [23:54] Ashara Icesworn: (yes, and she can't really fight it with one arm that's useless from the shoulder wound and the other with a broken wrist... She's just trying to pull out the crystal so she can die)
  196. [23:54] Ashara Icesworn: (Also, tons of blood loss)
  197. [23:54] Mactator: {She's trying to die so she can never not feel this good again!}
  199. [23:59] Mactator: The knight looked down at the poor thing, covered in blood and filth and wounds. He tilted his head back and laughed. The laugh was a rich and deep sound, full of vim and vigour and carried on for minutes or hours. Finally, he stopped and kicked away the beast at her arm. Sadly, using force caused it to rip away a small piece of skin but he didn't much mind at this point. The crystal had rooted itself into her skull now, black corrupted veins running to and from the increasingly dark shattered crystal. He could probably even heal her now or at least keep her fuckable. Stepping over her and shooing the rest of his hounds off, her got down on both knees and pinned her arms beneath them. Two massive hands, each alone able to encircle her head, gently touched her face, pulling her to him.
  201. The dead tears in the metal that served as eyes for him stared into hers and she could almost make out a flash of hazel for a moment. /Do you want to die, former paladin?/ Before she could reply, his long, segmented grey tongue pushed out of his mouth and stabbed into hers, partly kissing her plush lips and virginal soft tongue and part fucking her gorgeous, work-of-art face with the maggoty leathery muscle.
  203. [00:01] Ashara Icesworn: (Nnnnf)
  204. [00:01] Mactator: {She'll be gagging for him soon~}
  205. [00:02] Mactator: {I think he'll treat her lady-like now, like's courted her. Sweet, cruel non-con is best.}
  207. [00:07] Ashara Icesworn barely reacted to the knight's presence, merely laying there, hyperventilating as he steadily removed his beast. A wordless, spasm of pain was her only reaction to the flesh being torn from her arm. When the knight settled his weight down upon her, she could not so much as wiggle her shoulders. His weight was immense, it was as if all the world's evil at settled upon her, blocking out the knight sky. She was shaking from the cold and from terror as hands big enough to crush her skull like a walnut wrapped around her filth-caked scalp almost tenderly. She flinched away from every touch of his, her sapphire eyes clenching shut as if he would disappear if she refused to look. She choked on the whimper that fought its way out as his disgusting, almost prehensile tongue forced its way into her lips. The only kisses she had ever shared were upon the altar of her Goddess, the hilt of her weapon and, now, the blighted monstrosity that refused to let her die. She didn't fight, not much at least, only trying to pull her head away with what tiny amount of strength her exsanguinated body could muster. There was blood in her mouth from the punch that had first savaged her.
  209. [00:09] Ashara Icesworn: (That gentle touch with hands that could squeeze her brains out.... Something so hot about having your face touched, such an invasion of personal space and intimacy)
  210. [00:10] Mactator: {And the massive tongue face raping and kissing her?}
  211. [00:10] Ashara Icesworn: (Yep)
  213. [00:14] Mactator: She wasn't the only one wounded from their duel; even now, his flesh was left charred in places, his left shoulder exposed and burning in the light of the moon and his breastplate completely gutted by her hammer. The pain made these moments even better, even more passionate. Gentle and considerate, a perfect lover, he moved against her, grinding his passion into her frigid body. His tongue pushed into her throat, filling and fucking it after having devoured the blood and broken teeth in her mouth. His hands slid down, pinching and playing with her breasts with the utmost care, only desiring to make his lover aroused...Of course, bronze fingers can be quite sharp and her tits put up an impressive struggle in the battle to fill his massive hands. Teeth like razor blades were pressed directly against her lips, pushing and moving against them as if he could feel.
  215. Worse yet...It was starting to slither out of his armour. Tentacles were pushing free of the gaps and chinks, licking across her lean but bountiful curves and tying her to him.
  217. [00:20] Ashara Icesworn wriggled helplessly beneath the knight, tears flowing down her face and her throat visibly bulging from the invasion. It felt like he was about to engulf her as his teeth met her soft flesh. The smell of him so near was worse than almost anything, and she was quickly wishing that he would just close his fist around her head and be done with it. Her breasts were a mess of criss-crossing cuts and bruises, the hound's tendrils having penetrated them in several spots even before the roughness of his caress cut the surprisingly plump orbs even worse. Her legs kicked behind him at the air, if only because they were the last part of her that could even move. She barely felt the pain of his touch, though, it was nothing to her after the horror she'd felt. The crystal somehow kept her alive but she felt number and colder every moment.
  219. [00:21] Mactator: {Bloodloss is killing her anyway, herp}
  220. [00:23] Ashara Icesworn: (I like the thought of being just a weak as someone dying of bloodloss should be, but not losing consciousness and dying because magic)
  221. [00:23] Mactator: {SHe'll be so limp when he squeezes her over his cocks}
  223. [00:27] Mactator: Her underwear, soaked with all manner of fluids, was finally pulled off and revealed her tight, untouched ass and pussy. The knight, after feeding off some more blood and teeth broke their kiss. With her divine protection gone, she was now going to experience more and more of the black knight's taint, corruption and defilement seep into her body and flesh. Not necessarily just the fun kind either, given the fact the berserker was such a corrosive, hate filled being. Tentacles were groping and molesting her wounds, slipping inside and enjoying the feeling of soft flesh and hard bone. A hand of his went to her ass, giving it a hard smack before lecherously groping it. He sat up, picking her up and arranging her in his lap like a doll, pussy resting against his crotch, tits against his chest and her large firm (but yielding) ass stuck into the air. Fingers ran through her hair, stroking it as he ran a sharp finger from the hollow of her neck down the middle of her chest to her belly button.
  225. [00:34] Ashara Icesworn tried to push away, barely able to lift her weak arms. Her womanhood being exposed was too much, worse than the physical pain she was feeling. Every open wound was being lapped at by black tongues and she was as powerless as a ball of clay as he arranged her across his lap to please her. His hands engulfed her plump rear, possibly the least ruined part of her body and (unbeknownst to her) the most whispered part of her legend. She pushed against his chest as he began to caress her front, cruel hands cutting nicks into her skin whenever they grasped her too firmly. Her hair hung down to her waist, the smell of lilacs that normally followed her like a cloud only detectable by the sharpest of senses underneath all of the filth and death. Her eyes were crossed, looking through her chest when her broken mouth found its voice again, "Kill me?"
  227. [00:36] Mactator: {HRRRRRGH}
  229. [00:47] Mactator: His thumb caressed the outline of her ribs, occasionally slipping down to her hips to rub from waist to breast before going back to her bone-structure. His other hand went to her scalp, scratching it just lightly enough that his claws didn't tear her skull or skin open, /Now, why would I kill you? We're having such a wonderful time together my Love...No, you'll have to earn your death./ The armour seemed to almost flicker in the moon light, momentarily a death-mask before returning to its spiked, cracked visage. Rubbing her fondly as oily black slivers fucked holes into her, the pose was twistedly romantic, intimate yet filial at once.
  231. He stayed there for a time, stroking her, as a particularly fat tentacle came to her ass and back to lick and lap at it, trying to force a tongue into her.
  233. [00:52] Ashara Icesworn shivered under his touch and spasmed in pain as he caressed her shattered ribs. "I will." Her voice a hoarse whisper from behind broken teeth. Her hips shook, trying to shy away from the insistent appendage that slid against her backside. "I'll earn it." The paladin showed less emotion than a doll as she slowly raised her weak hands to the black knight's helmet, palms touching the sides of his blighted helmet like a lover. Her fingers slipped inside, unflinching as the touched the foul, blistered skin of the knight's face. She gritted her broken teeth and grunted an instant before she shoved the tip of her fingers into his eyes with every ounce of strength that remained to her.
  235. [00:53] Ashara Icesworn: tips*)
  236. [00:55] Mactator: {I like her~}
  238. [01:08] Mactator: Her fingers squished and squished and squished...But all that gave away was meat. Rotten, cooked, dying, tortured meat. An chuckle came from the knight then before he placed his own two colossal hands to his helmet and...pulled. What awaited her eyes was terrible. There were no features there, no eyes, no ears...No mouth. She saw now that the "tongue" she'd seen before was like some kind of tumour, just growing off the meat and flesh that made up his form. /I told you Sir Robin as dead. Did you think I meant metaphorically? [b]HA![/b] No...This rotten vessel, this.../ It gestured at the lesions and veins that stabbed through the body, holding him together, /Form is just a skeleton for my armour and weapons. I think we'll add a year onto your squireship to me for this though.../
  240. Quick as a flash, he let go of her side and his hand curled into a fist in her hair. The other whipped down to his belt and pulled forth...Her hammer's shaft, sharpened into a stake. Without a moment's hesitation, he stabbed the stake straight through her left eye and out the back of her head as his own leaned back, having no mouth but needing to laugh as could be heard from the sick squalling noise that resounded around her.
  242. [01:12] Ashara Icesworn screamed horribly, a shrill sound that drowned everything else in the world. The stake was in her, -through- her beautiful, crystal-blue eye and out the back of her head. She kept screaming. She flailed, trying to escape his lap, bash her brains against the ground, anything to die. Her hands grabbed at the shaft, unable to even move it an inch. The fist in her hair was the only thing keeping her upright, the corrupted gem the only thing keeping her living. Her legs twisted underneath her, kicking at nothing.
  244. [01:12] Mactator: {SOmething wrong?}
  245. [01:13] Ashara Icesworn: (No... just a short post)
  246. [01:13] Mactator: {ohthankgod}
  247. [01:14] Mactator: {Thought I'd annoyed/upset you there for a second}
  249. [01:19] Mactator: He dragged out the shaft then, dropping it to the ground and slipping on his own helmet as the tendrils at his legs undid his belt, pulling out the massive tainted cock. Covered in lumps, thorns and crowned with squirming feelers, it was quite the impressive if worrying site. He pressed it against her pussy and, with gusto, slammed her down all the way on top of it, ripping straight through her cervix and tearing into her womb. The feelers explored around, licking at her innermost parts and hunting for her eggs. He gave her a moment to adjust before lifting her off by her ass again and slamming her back down to the hilt; long, slow thrusts to open her up and make it easier to fuck her at pace. With his helm re-attached, he leaned forward for another kiss off the gorgeous cripple.
  251. Her eye would heal in time; he found them to ravishing to take away before finally disposing of her. But, for the next few minutes at least, she'd be seeing the world with only one eye, with half of her brains temporarily painting the floor behind her. He didn't care much; merely having such a work of art being slammed up and down on his shaft was a pleasure all of its own and one he planned to fully indulge in.
  253. [01:26] Ashara Icesworn howled again and again, growing horse but unable to stop in her hysteria. Her sacred, private spots was destroyed in an instant. The pain was even worse because of how it came from inside her, from such a fowl tool Would this be enough to kill her? Was she wrong to hope to be killed by a demonic, blighted cock? Her mouth was hanging open, her screams caught into the knight's mouth as his thick, maggoty tongue slid back into her mouth. Blood flowed down her cheek, and her remaining eye seemed to sag in it's socket, as if her entire face was about to cave in. Dimly, she realized she could no longer feel the right half of her body, nor could she as much as make her hand or legs twitch in response. She coughed and choked against his tongue, but after a few moments of his kiss and his cock she was silent, still and almost catatonic.
  255. [01:29] Mactator: {fowl tool, that a pun?}
  256. [01:29] Ashara Icesworn: (A typo)
  258. [01:51] Mactator: The fact that she wasn't moving much, just catonically leaning against him, made it all the easier for him to use her like a doll. Her stomach bulged upwards, overly filled with his ruinous, rancid shaft but it made no difference. No matter how brutally or quickly he fucked her, she just wouldn't die. In fact, her eye had even begun to regenerate itself when a snake sized tentacle slithered its way into the hole in her head and fucked it hard, curling about her silky soft, filthy raven hair. His tongue kept filling her mouth, pushing as deep as it could down her throat as cold iron teeth pressed against soft, relenting flesh lips. Her arms were bound behind her back, the tendrils that had weaved themselves into her wounds orgasming and tying her arms behind her back before resuming their task. Now covered in a film of tainted cum and her own, once-sacred blood, she could feel the tongue pushing hard against her ass again, trying to rim her.
  260. Her lover's pace was as sedate as ever ignoring the ever-increasing ease of sliding in and out of her blood-and-juice-lubed cunt.
  262. [01:51] Mactator: {God damn, I'm enjoying this scene}
  264. [01:58] Ashara Icesworn couldn't have made a sound if she wanted to, the tongue plunged so deeply into her throat, choking her. Her remaining vision was swimming and blurring, but the crystal stopped her from even losing consciousness. The coiling tentacle could have tightened over her broken skull, but instead it dove into her flesh, fucking her. She couldn't see what was happening to her arms, but she felt the slime and the pain as the tentacles wound through her wounds in her flesh and pulled them together, tightening their grip until a sharp snap vibrated through her skeleton. Her body twitched in the most obscene fashion as the missing chunks of her brain slowly regenerating, the pain of her right side returning to her in flashes. She wanted to take solace in the fact that his tool had ruined her so utterly she wouldn't be able to bear children, but nothing she had experienced today would let her keep even that sliver of hope.
  266. [01:59] Mactator: {Sadly, she can in fact bear his spawn}
  267. [01:59] Ashara Icesworn: (I assumed as much)
  268. [01:59] Mactator: {Do you mean hoped?}
  270. [02:06] Mactator: He broke the kiss then, teeth pulling away and then, several seconds later, his tongue. It had just been squirming into her stomach when the, for a lack of a better term, tetratroma pulled itself back out of her. The tendril in her right eye pushed forward, smacking into her brain lewdly and fucking it at a much quicker pace then the abominable warrior was taking her cunt. His left hand curled around her skull, thumb stroking her lips with the slightest hint of affection, /Say my name. Say...[color=purple]Blight.[/color]/ It wasn't truly his name, but it would suffice for this. Her eggs had been repeatedly stabbed through by his tendrils, one of them being straight ripped out of her and torn to shreds but the other...The other was dragged into a position where it could be better insemeninated when the time came. And, as his cock throbbed once inside her and he began to pick up pace, it became evident that moment was approaching them.
  272. Her shuddering didn't help, forcing him to go moderately hard and fast as he now began to thrust into her, his right hand leaving her ass to cop another feel of her ripe, juicy bust. The poor thing was being fucked by a meat-grinder.
  273. [02:14] Ashara Icesworn groaned as the knight withdrew from her throat, a bubble of mixed drool, blood and corruption dribbling down her lower lip onto her chin in its wake. The tendril in her skull rummaging about sent indescribable sensations through her- the brain couldn't feel pain- but she could still feel it fucking her, and her body was convulsing horribly with every thrust and flick of the tentacle. Her stomach was bulging, the paladin's body was normally healthy and ample, perfect for bearing children had she ever chosen to indulge in that path. As she was now, so pale she seemed almost transparent, little more than a bloodless husk, it didn't even seem that she could support herself. The crystal pulsed again, black veins of corruption stretching into her scalp. The seemed to burn and sear her body as she hoarsely whispered, "Blight." Drool and corruption tumbled from her lips as she spoke and, even after she finished, her tongue hung out as if forgotten.
  275. [02:17] Mactator: {She being corrupted?}
  276. [02:18] Ashara Icesworn: (The stuff coming out of her mouth? Just 'leftovers'. The veins I'm just thinking of a visible sign that the crystal is working overtime to keep her functioning)
  277. [02:27] System: Ashara Icesworn is offline.
  279. [02:28] Mactator: He tutted then as the bubble of juices came from her mouth, catching it on his fingers and offering it like a sweet meat to her, [Now now, don't be wasteful. Drink it all down. Every last drop./ As he did so, he gave her left tit a hard, possessive squeeze before pinching her nipple, /Ugh, this is excellent. I haven't raped so fine a lover in a long time. Especially one so tough. If you hadn't been a paladin, I think you'd have broken by now but you seem to thrive off your little broken bauble./ A tendril slithered up, poking the gem fusing to her skull and body, /It reminds me of you. Broken and remade for a new loathsome purpose. Move if you can, I us to make love and fuck.] Each thrust of his hips shook her body now, the massive cock bulging with each landing as he slammed into the very core of her being, his dick stretching it inot a sleeve for himself. Killing her was going to be amazing...
  281. As he idly thrusted into her, throbbing with every quick movement as he came close to climax, he ran his hands over her, pawing over her as a miser would a favoured treasure. His pet Paladin sweet-meat, to be savoured and slaughtered when he wished.
  283. [02:30] System: Ashara Icesworn is online.
  284. [02:31] Ashara Icesworn: (Ugh.. If you posted I missed it)
  286. [02:32] Mactator: He tutted then as the bubble of juices came from her mouth, catching it on his fingers and offering it like a sweet meat to her, [Now now, don't be wasteful. Drink it all down. Every last drop.] As he did so, he gave her left tit a hard, possessive squeeze before pinching her nipple, [Ugh, this is excellent. I haven't raped so fine a lover in a long time. Especially one so tough. If you hadn't been a paladin, I think you'd have broken by now but you seem to thrive off your little broken bauble.] A tendril slithered up, poking the gem fusing to her skull and body, [It reminds me of you. Broken and remade for a new loathsome purpose. Move if you can, I us to make love and fuck.]Each thrust of his hips shook her body now, the massive cock bulging with each landing as he slammed into the very core of her being, his dick stretching it inot a sleeve for himself. Killing her was going to be amazing...
  288. As he idly thrusted into her, throbbing with every quick movement as he came close to climax, he ran his hands over her, pawing over her as a miser would a favoured treasure. His pet Paladin sweet-meat, to be savoured and slaughtered when he wished. It was clear however, that he was taking pains to let her enjoy it. He stayed as gentle as he could in his passions and made it a point that his molestations would also be honest attempts to bring her to orgasm and beyond.
  290. [02:38] Ashara Icesworn only seemed to suffer more from his attempts the coax pleasure out of her. Every one of her senses was being assaulted by his filth, every part of her being had been violated. She shook under his grasp, the tentacle in her skull pulling along her brain once more and accidentally bringing her mouth forward to the disgusting mixture he held out for her. The taste would have been enough to make her vomit, had she not been bathed in it already. Her pussy was screaming at her in pain, disgusting, slick sounds coming from whatever corrupt organ he was fucking her with being bathed in her own blood and god-knows-what-else. "Kill me? She sobbed as a strange convulsion took her body, vibrating up from her pussy and burning away her pain, if only for the smallest moment.
  292. [17:45] Mactator: [If you wanted to die so bad, you should have thought longer about trying to kill me. No, you're going to suffer now.] As he said this, he finally emitted an earth-shaking groan, the noise rather reminiscent of a broken-neck rasp. Cum, polluted and obscene though it be, pumped from his cock and deep into her belly, soaking into her eggs and tubes and causing ruined spawn to start trying to take root in her. If it did...Well, she'd be fucked even worse then she was now. More of its tarish, bitter fluid sank into the folds of her brain and all over her face, joining with the layer of saliva building up as its tongue licked her remaining eye.
  294. A hand went down to her ass, slapping it hard as it coaxed her to move against it.
  296. [17:55] Ashara Icesworn cried out, her tears flowing freely from her remaining eye onto the black knight's tongue as the waves of orgasm receded and sensation and thought returned to her, leaving her once more a cold, lacerated husk of pain. She was naive, and while she couldn't recognize an orgasm she -knew- what the foul, overwhelming warmth being pumped into her once sacred womb was. She was ruined. Death wouldn't come. Had she failed her Goddess so much she couldn't deserve that? She yearned for the brief respite she had felt a moment ago, that strange rapture... She was losing her mind, she realized numbly. She couldn't hope to die, but perhaps the more her shattered mind was overwhelmed she could achieve that again. The soft flesh of her rear jiggled underneath his huge hands, the reflex moving her hips upward away from the strike, sliding along his foul cock as -again- she twitched and convulsed, mind burning blank if only for a moment.
  298. [19:28] Mactator: {Sup good lookin?}
  299. [19:30] Ashara Icesworn: (Hello again)
  301. [19:40] Mactator: /It feels better if you move. Makes it harder and faster, which will make you cum again. And you seem hungry for it...Quite the slut of a paladin, aren't you?/ He pulled out of her then, sliding her off his still harder-than-rock-cock and letting her flop to the floor, her face in the dirt. Seeing as she was so weak, it was quite easy to re-arrange so that she was in a position with her ass and cunt high in the air, begging to be fucked. Her arms still had tendrils curled about them which had detached and were forming a make-shift sleeve; like one might see in a straitjacket. With her legs spread and her butt resting on the soles of her feet, she made quite the pretty picture...If one ignored the pulsating mess of her shoulder, the gem digging and fusing itself to her skull with black veins, the odd shape to her ankle and the numerous cuts, bruises and drying patches of black fluid and blood on her. Of course, her degradation and violation only made this increasingly unholy vessel more appealing to the Blighted Knight and he nuzzled her intact shoulder and neck while his left claw stroked her womb. The razor like bronze fingers were easily wide enough to spread across her entire stomach and even tickle her breasts.
  303. Cum which had also been inflating her stomach poured out, dripping from her like a water-fall and forming a pool in between her legs but so much had been put in, most of it remained within her. Cold, black iron teeth pressed against her neck, their fresh sanguine glazing making them seem almost like lips. He said nothing, his hands merely caressing her as if he valued as anything more then a temporary toy to murder. His inclination was increasingly turning to forcing her to ride his sword to death, but he gave it little thought for now.
  305. [19:47] Ashara Icesworn groaned, her remaining eye rolled into the back of her head as the massive tool slid out of her, the walls of her cunt still tight enough to cling to it until it pulled away with a lewd, wet sound. She collapsed like a broken doll into the cold mud with her face buried into the muck. Her pussy throbbed with soreness but, still, she felt a relief to be empty again... Well, slightly more empty, as her tummy was still distended with corrupt cum that was, little by little, dripping out of her cunt and down her thighs. 'Hungry for it' He had said. It had made her pain disappear, it was true. She could forsake her honor, if it meant death. Any hell would be better than this, any insanity sweeter than the pain. She shifted underneath his grasp and pushed backwards, leaning her soft, pale neck into his mouth as if daring him to rip it out.
  307. [20:07] Mactator: He took her invitation, giving her a love-bite on the neck before ripping off a small piece of her intact shoulder, chewing it greedily /Sweet. Your meat is some of the best I've ever tasted, muscley and juicy but with just enough fat to give you.../ He cupped her tits, crushing them in his hands to emphasise his point /Flavour. I think I'll have to gobble some more of you down, when you've had some time to heal and regenerate./ He stroked her stomach again, sighing, /It will be interesting to see if you get pregnant. My seed is so rotten it shouldn't flower but then, if any womb could give it life, it would be a paladin of such a high calibre./ She could feel his length begin pushing up and down between her asscheeks, fucking the gap in between them while the various...juices that clung to him began to lube up her pert, large ass. She could feel something of similar size begin to rub against her ruined gaping pussy, promising fresh penetration soon. She was by no means any more but the gem in her head and her own natural healing ability would most likely mean she'd be a good fit again by the time he pushed inside. Her tits, so plush and so busty, had tendrils sliding around them now, instinctively manipulating and teasing them. Two of them partly engulfed her tits, mircovilli caressing and rubbing them while the large blooms pumped her breasts. Between, a large blunt ending tentacle pushed between her tits, fucking them.
  309. /You think you'll go insane, don't you? That you'll go mad and abandon everything so that you can just indulge and enjoy this like the wanton slattern you are...You're wrong. I won't let you. Oh, I will indulge your madness if I decide to keep you as an eager partner is a good one, but never will it be for long. No, as I've said before, you have to earn your death and you'll earn it by suffering./
  311. [20:15] Ashara Icesworn moaned as the flesh was torn roughly from her supple shoulder. Having her body appraised by such filth made her, once more, want to bury her head in the muck and drown herself or simply beat her skull against the ground until. The hand on her stomach send chills through her, deeper than any pain had... Pregnant, he said. How could death give life? She wanted to scream and cry but her eyes were as dry as her throat, both feeling like they'd have split own if not for the corrupted crystal continually cursing her with life. The slimey tendrils carressing her ample chest revolted her so much she couldn't stand to look down, but at least they weren't tearing into her anymore. What was another lair of filth piled upon her ruined body at this point? "Please take it out..." The crystal pulsed. P... please..."
  313. [20:16] Mactator: {Take out the crystal?}
  314. [20:16] Ashara Icesworn: (Yes)
  315. [20:16] Mactator: {SO selfish.}
  316. [20:19] Mactator: {Maybe Ashara should get horns...A nice set of handle bars}
  318. [20:23] Mactator: He paused, as if honestly confused, /But why? Why should I? There's no reason to. You've nothing to offer but your evident torment and suffering. And of course, this delightfully lewd body of yours.../ He gave a particularly hard hump, her ass hugging to the thorns, probes, tongues and ridges of his cock. He then paused, taking a moment before lining up with her ass. Due to how they were angled, doing so would result in her pussy getting hilted again as well but he'd already reduced that to his sleeve. No, her ass was a far more difficult thing to penetrate, the lube and slime still making it quite difficult. If she hadn't been so drained, it would have been harder. But...Well, such filth and corruption can only be resisted for so long and his tarnished, bloated shaft began to inch inside her, rotten flesh rubbing against pristine. At the same time, the tentacle fucking her tits kept her a steady pace, soaking them in a new layer of runny grey liquids while rubbing against her lips, as if encouraging her to suck it. Her tits were suckled on lovingly, lavished with a proud, possessive attention.
  320. [20:28] Ashara Icesworn struggled to find a response. She couldn't reason with him, how could she? Her mind raced, trying to find some motivation to turn, some evil urge to exploit, but her mind was half-broken and her hope gone. "I have to die sometime... She muttered so quietly it didn't even seem like she was speaking to him. Her tits were slimy and sensitive, getting slicker and slicker beneath the foul love of the tentacles and she dumbly remained still as the one probed her lips, taking no action to stop it nor encourage it. But as soon as he pressed into her ass, she let out a sharp, breathless gasp of pain and shock and disbelief. He pushed into her pussy as well, and soon a gush of foul liquid was splattering on the ground lewdly, pushed out of it's place by the sudden double penetration.
  322. [20:37] Mactator: [Actually, when you die I'm going to bind you to that little crystal and either devour you or fuse you to my sword. But...How about a wager? We'll play a game. If you can make me cum before I can make you, you get to die and go to the Abyss, not your Goddess of Love's afterlife. If *I* win...] His helmet cracked further, the axeman's smile across it growing, [You pledge to forsake your Goddess and fall right here and now.] To punctuate this, he bottomed out inside of her and could already feel her muscles shifting, now trying to accomodate his lengths. Of course, the fact that most of them had torn and he'd burst through her gut lining in both holes made little difference as her broken, ruined form healed around him. Needles from the villi stabbed into her chest, lapping at her cuts and suckling on them softly. Every noise that came from the duo was a mixture of horrifically lewd and pervertedly disgusting. Wet slapping noises combined with hellish brimstone rasps, the sound of shifting bodies mixed with the creak of armour and slither of infected, buboe covered flesh.
  323. [20:44] Ashara Icesworn squealed as the warm relief of the tentacles' almost loving embrace turned once more to cruelty, draining her of more of her life. She felt pain indescribable as he pushed into her organs, sliding muscle and flesh aside to fuck her. It was worse than being in her pussy, even, that at least was meant to fuck. Not demons, but at least to fuck. Slobber ran from her lips onto the ground, her tongue hanging out into the dirt before her still-damaged brain regained enough sense to process what he had said. It was a horrible, horrible sin to even consider making a bargain with something so evil, and there was no reason to believe he'd hold his word, she realized. [sub]"To gamble... forsaking my Goddess... it is... the same... as forsaking... her..." Her voice comes out in tiny gasps, as if her very diaphragm was struggling around his organ.
  325. [20:45] Mactator: {Her eye and brain could be healing by now}
  327. [20:52] Mactator: [Either you take my offer...Or, you reject it and I do those horrible things to you anyway. Your Goddess can't help you now, there's nothing to be done. Either accept the deal or I'll take it away and you'll enjoy worse than this until your body rots and then long afterwards. I'll pluck the strings of your soul for all time in between my other "challengers".] He sniggered at the time, the sound croaky like a knife in a lung. All over, tiny tendrils as thin as baby fingers licked at her knees, her thighs, her hips and her ribs, replicating the loving treatment her breasts were getting as he pumped them like she was a cow. He began to move his hips very, very slowly, hands clasped to her own. The tiny figure in his embrace was given time to hump against him and slowly ease into the fucking. Each shaft bottomed out in her at the same time and their crowns seemed to wriggle, each anemeone like head wriggling around for something to pleasantly torment. In fact, with every thrust it seemed that his cocks were starting to squirm around as well, switching between brutally solid and just slightly more firm tentacles.
  329. [21:00] Ashara Icesworn was squeezed and stroked, inside and out, until her whole body was flush and slick with his fluids. Her tits were feeding his tentacles, her suffering was feeding his soul. She was less than a lamb to slaughter, she realized, as its nourishment would at least be used for some good in the world. Her tiny, white form writhed, every twitch pulling her against some tentacle or touch, brushing some secret spot with her pale, soft flesh. "Do as you will. I know... I am your... plaything." She swallowed, her dry throat cracking, No vows protected her, no Godess of Light was here to care for her. "Tell me what... what you'll have from me... What do say... or do... But kill me, please..."
  331. [21:01] Mactator: {She's asking for directions, yes?}
  332. [21:02] Ashara Icesworn: (Yes)
  334. [21:10] Mactator: She was all but totally encircled now, his massive armoured form like a cage and his feelers tormenting her constantly. It was a cruel mix of pain and pleasure and wringing out every last drop of misery from her was something he enjoyed on a spiritual level. [So cute...Fine. Pleasure me then. Give up everything you have left at the alter of Blight and, when I'm done, I may grant you the reprieve you wish. Give me everything.] His thrusts were coming faster now as he tilted her forward, forcing her into a lazy doggie position while he now selfishly hammered away at her holes, done trying to taunt and tease her. Let the tentacles teasing her chest keep her pleased and docile. Lying in the pool of ice-cold water, steaming blood and ever-increasing black cum, she was used as little more then a cumdump, a toy to pleasure him.
  336. [Consuming everything you are is such a...pleasant thought. I may just leave a bit for later, a lightly erotic snack...]
  338. [21:17] Ashara Icesworn moaned, the pain and pleasure hitting her as hard as the shame and self-hatred of giving herself to the foul being. But, she did as she was told... or at least, tried. The former paladin wriggled in his grasp, skin flushed against every slimy tentacle while her breath clouded the air. Her arms were still pinned, leaving her no way to even support herself to stop her face form dragging in the dirt but she moved her hips, as much as his tight grasp allowed her whenenever the savagery of his thrusts allowed her a moment to react. "Goddess..."
  340. [21:18] Mactator: {Yeah, I think he'll keep her}
  341. [21:30] Mactator: {what's her gods name?}
  342. [21:31] Ashara Icesworn: (No name, just the Goddess)
  344. [21:37] Mactator: His thrusts started to synchronise with hers, hard sharp metal smacking off of soft smooth flesh. He now lay over her, totally pinning her to the floor and not quite caring she could be crushed. Instead, his thrusts began to come faster and faster again, now at a medium pace and banging into her with a fairly regular pace. [Don't mention the Goddess again unless it is to forsake her. I care not for your childish delusions; if she, mother of us all, cared for you a most humble, powerful servant of hers, why have you come into my tender care and mercies?] The knight laughed joyously, the pace of his hips as merciless as steam-roller. Over and over again, he hammered in and out of her nubile body. Over and over again, feelers and tongues cut open fresh wounds to slither inside to feed and fuck. Over and over again, the gem in her head dug deep, spread further and infested more, as unrelenting and immortal as cancer. Over and over again, his hands dug deep furrows in her stomach, hooking into the soft meat of her ribs and peeling off intercostal muscles, before hooking onto them. Over and over again, her chest as fucked and forced to feel things she, as a Holly Warrior, should never have felt in so debased a manner.
  346. As the night wore on, she had suffered a thousand indignities, a million pains...with no sign of an ending.
  348. [18:19] Mactator: Sorry about that
  349. [18:20] Ashara Icesworn: No worries, I know the pain of terrible internet
  350. [18:20] Mactator: No, when I say power outage I mean
  351. [18:20] Mactator: All lights were out
  352. [18:20] Mactator: No electricity, at all
  353. [18:22] Ashara Icesworn: That sucks
  354. [18:22] Mactator makes a joke about how Ashara also sucks
  355. [18:24] Mactator: How we doin
  356. [18:28] Ashara Icesworn: Okay, eating some breakfast
  357. [18:34] Mactator insert sausage joke
  358. [18:38] Mactator: Post?
  359. [18:39] Ashara Icesworn: Yes, one moment
  360. [18:39] Mactator: Oh, I thought that's what you meant
  361. [18:40] Mactator: I want to addict Ash to cum now
  362. [18:40] Mactator: That is, if you ever want to RP again...
  364. [18:50] Ashara Icesworn made tiny, ragged noises into the muck. Her overabused body was barely able to breathe, her insides torn and rearranged by the knight's cock. Occasionally, she could manage a scream of pain, such as when he reached inside and tore out muscles she didn't even know she had, but mostly she was silent except for her hoarse, ragged gasps and breaths. Her muscles grew back, slowly, but always lesser and weaker than they were before. Gone was the fit, plump knight- replaced with a skinny, pale husk of a person, barely visible beneath the layers of filth on her. Even her once brilliant sapphire eye grew back so pale it was nearly white. It was mismatched with her other eye, adding to her ruined appearance. Her waist-length hair was so soaked into the mud it would be difficult to even guess at its original color. The crystal pulsed painfully into her skull, finally digging deeply enough to touch the soft mass of her brain. As the hours went on, she would scream, pant and moan in turn, forgetting sometimes who or where she was, until the gem pulsed and restored her senses, painfully.
  366. [19:02] System: Deatrix Quintilla is online.
  367. [19:10] Mactator: Eventually, the knight couldn't help himself and bust his tainted, ruinious load inside of her. His claws entangled in her ribs, his teeth chewing her shoulder and his essence feeding off the fading embers of hers. He seemed to be almost taking her soul as he pumped her full of abominable jizz, filling her ass and pussy up so much with it she'd be vomitting it up if not for the tendril down her throat, fucking and filling that in turn. He molested, he groped, he fucked. She couldn't be more thoroughly used and abused if all the legions of horrid hell had a chance at her together and sadly, that wasn't when he finished up using her either...
  369. Dawn. The knight led out a pleased sigh pulling the...remains of her off of itself. It took some effort, due to how sticky and fragile it was. An arm, totally deprived of all flesh. A leg, repeatedly broken and reset during the night. Her ribs, torn to splinters and steadily healing again. Black veins criss-crossing her body as the gem now finished its task of becoming her, for lack of a better term, phylactery. Her stomach, open and gutted like a fish and spilling yet more sickening sperm from slit intestines. He scratched idly on the plate of his chest, leaving the husk to start its bitter task of healing again.
  371. /I'm bored now. I think I'll leave you for a bit, to enjoy the tender mercies of my burial ground. Maybe see if you can thrive here, or not. It doesn't matter, you won't be leaving anyway. Go here or there or far, far away; your soul and body are stamped damned black and no matter where you go, misery and woe will follow. Curses will hunt you, spirits will flock to feed off one baring your brand. And I will follow as well. I assure you, even if you do manage to ruin that gem, I'll collect its remains and keep you, trapped inside, as my bauble. But, I'm bored now. I think I'm going to destroy a caravan and tell the bard inside of your miserable fate.
  373. Now, I'll have countless more battles and victims to grow off of and feed. And it's all. Thanks. To. You./
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