Final Fantasy VI - ACK palette swapper

Nov 14th, 2018
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  1. import sys
  2. import struct
  4. #this is script to swap the colours in place especially made for use with Final Fantasy VI tiles
  6. PaletteStartOriginal = 0x33;
  7. PaletteStartReplace = 0x60 #the first palette to inject into first 15 colours
  8. PaletteShift = 48 #0x90 - 0x60
  9. ColoursToProcess = 13 #because (0x2D0 - 0x60)/PaletteShift
  11. def replaceBytes(FirstAddress, SecondAddresss):
  12.     SecondaryWriteBuffer[FirstAddress] = OriginalBuffer[SecondAddresss] #I'm doing this extremely easy way just to show step-by-step-by
  13.     SecondaryWriteBuffer[FirstAddress+1] = OriginalBuffer[SecondAddresss+1]
  14.     SecondaryWriteBuffer[FirstAddress+2] = OriginalBuffer[SecondAddresss+2]
  15.     #we just copied OriginalBuffer at address two (i.e. 0x90) to writeBuffer at location of first address. Now we rotate the buffers and do the opposite
  16.     SecondaryWriteBuffer[SecondAddresss] = OriginalBuffer[FirstAddress]
  17.     SecondaryWriteBuffer[SecondAddresss+1] = OriginalBuffer[FirstAddress+1]
  18.     SecondaryWriteBuffer[SecondAddresss+2] = OriginalBuffer[FirstAddress+2]
  19.     #that's all, we just changed in place the colours at FirstAddress and SecondAddresss
  22. FileStream = open(sys.argv[1], 'rb') #we are opening the file given on commandline parameter. rb stands for 'read binary'
  23. OriginalBuffer = #we are now reading FULL content of the file into OriginalBuffer array
  24. FileStream.close() #we don't need this file anymore locked as stream
  25. SecondaryWriteBuffer = list(OriginalBuffer) #we have to do a copy- swapping values on one buffer is problematic. It's simplier this way
  26. for i in range(0,ColoursToProcess):
  27.     replaceBytes(PaletteStartOriginal+ (i*3), PaletteStartReplace + (i*PaletteShift)) #i*3 because the first 0x33 is changing by 3, and i*48 because we replace every 15 colour
  28. FileWrite = open(sys.argv[1] + "_swapped", 'wb') #we appended a _swapped to filename and opened in WriteBinary mode
  29. FileWrite.write(''.join(SecondaryWriteBuffer)) #here's the trick. Normally a string is immutable, so we cast it to list and then join an empty string with every element of the list
  30. FileWrite.close() #and we close the file so it's accesible outside the program
  31. exit() #good bye!
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