Alex (Loli, incest)

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  1. Alex and her father were sitting in front of the gently crackling ashes of the evening fire, the day drawing to a close. What a day it had been, waking up at 3 to unwrap gifts, chocolate for breakfast, the turkey and most of the kitchen bursting into flames at noon, and Chinese takeout for dinner. It’d been enough to nearly give Barry a heart attack, even spoil what was originally going to be the best laid Christmas plans, but Alex was happy and that was what mattered. She was just beneath the tree, surrounded by wrapping paper torn to shreds, a smile across her face as the little video game she held bleeped and blooped, holding her attention, lighting the freckles across her face.
  2. Barry looked at Alex in the heavenly pale glow of her game. Every time he looked at her she looked more and more like her mother. Her messy blond hair, frazzled in every direction, seemed to give her a set of lopsided horns, bright enough to light up every room she walked into. The way her smile curled across her face devilishly, betraying an intelligence that her short stature and young age could never demonstrate. If Barry were to hold up a picture of Sarah at her age, the two would be indistinguishable, except her eyes. Her eye’s were a faint grey, a stormy grey that had always seemed like a warning to Barry when he’d seen them in the mirror, but on her they held a certain…
  3. Barry shook his head. Part of him knew that he loved her that way, but part of him just wasn’t ready to admit it. He glanced at his watch, as it flashed 9:30 back to him. He’d let Alex stay up an hour later than usual since it was Christmas, and it was hardly as if either one of them would be doing anything tomorrow, but now his eye’s were growing heavy as the day began to wind to a close, the dim crackle and radiant heat of the fire only putting him deeper into his trance. He closed the scarcely touched book she had gotten him gently and placed it onto his armchair, questioning whether or not he would finish it in the days to come. Work had been murder, he could feel flu creeping up on him like the shadow of darkness itself, and Alex was usually a handful whether she wanted to be or not. Barry loved her for that, but that didn’t make it less true.
  4. He looked to his daughter and said “think we should be heading to bed kiddo.”
  5. She looked at him with a knowing smile, and a simple “okay daddy”, as she climbed the stairs, slow at first, but as soon as she was out of her father’s sight, rocketed up the steps as fast as she could with the enthusiasm only someone of her youth could truly deliver. Barry knew all too well that his daughter was planning something, and had a decent idea what it was in the back of his mind, but didn’t want to crush her dreams on Christmas day.
  6. ‘Well, Christmas night I suppose… or boxing day eve now… if that exists’ Barry thought as he listened to Alex brush her teeth upstairs and closed up the fireplace, locking in the heat, putting out whatever flame was still burning. His mind did have a proclivity to wander. Used to be Sarah would keep it in check, rest her soul, but he still had Alex and that was what mattered.
  7. He trudged up the stairs after her, if nothing else, curious what she had planned for the night. He walked into her room, and there she was, under the covers. There was something suspicious about the atmosphere in the room, the way her eyes and smile seemed to just scream that she was hiding something, when she decided she could take the anticipation no longer. She pulled her hands out of the bed, holding the prize she had kept secret all along.
  8. A book. No not just any book, this was a copy of “Allie-Star’s adventures, issue 4; the dreaded nymphs of the forest, and the thorns of time”. They had started the series years ago, though not the type of story that one should read to girls her age, the books always did have a certain charm to them, a sense of adventure, exploration, a genuinely interesting cast to it, and a world that seemed to grow for every book. At first it actually was the kind of book to read to a girl her age, but there was an odd quality that as the later books came out they grew more… adult, and fast. It was certainly odd, like if Harold Trotter had suddenly become a horror about a world where the villains main plan was suddenly revealed to be making the world have a day long orgy, or if in the middle of Pally Thompson, the characters went into great detail how the ogres and trolls… reproduced.
  9. Barry held an encyclopedia of similar ideas. He had to reading the stories with Alex every night. She might have been far more than old enough to read through such stories on her own, but Barry could practically make a character’s history with his voice alone or incite a giggle out of her at just the right moment, Barry would make her lose herself in a world of giants and elves and trolls every night that she just couldn’t get when she was reading alone. That wasn’t to say she didn’t, constantly, drowning out the other children and the grey dull world around her with the latest issue of Sherlock, or any other decent book.
  10. Barry looked at the book in his daughter’s hands, gently pulling it into his own. The front cover was of Allie, sprinting away from an unseen danger as vines and thorns grew around her. It was slightly singed, a little ruffled, and with a few nicks and scratches along the front, one unfortunately cutting the head off of Allie as she ran in the direction of the reader.
  11. 'Where’d you find this?’ he asked, the sheer wonder in his voice unshakable. Ever since it had evolved into more adult themes, people in town, and every other town white enough to not have any real problems, had treated it as though it were contraband. Effigies of the author hung from windows, librarians and book sellers publicly lynched, protests whenever the shipment would come in, and other acts of total chaos. Every issue that was released sparked another shit show until something else happened to shut them up; Starbucks designing a new coffee cup, Leslie getting implants, or something else that was equally mindless. It was a miracle to even catch a glimpse of one of these before it went up in an angry cloud of smoke, let alone have the chance to read it.
  12. Alex wordlessly tapped the front cover. Flipping it open, Barry was hit full in the face with a pamphlet taped to the cover: 'SINFUL BOOK BURNING THURSDAY THE 20TH 8PM! The powers of jesus shall overcome the unholy scripts and devil work. I ask of thee, wilt thou let Christmas slip into the unwashed grasp of the unpur-’ Barry slammed the book shut before the thought of going to the church with a machine gun burrowed too far into his skull. Alex began looking at him pleadingly, but Barry needed no convincing. Thumbing past the propaganda, and immediately settling in for chapter one, he knew this would be the start of something beautiful.
  13. Two hours had passed. They couldn’t have been less than halfway through the book by this point, Allie’s adventures bringing her to the jungle and in the grip of the tendrils of time, thorns just starting to dig into her skin, holding her hostage for reasons she assumed could only be nefarious as they stripped her to the nude, when Barry noticed what time it was, and just how far he had gotten. Alex was on the edge of her seat, covers nervously fidgeting in her hand, eye’s wide as dinner plates, and, even though he hated to admit it, Barry couldn’t help but feel the same.  He coughed a bit as the chapter came to a close on yet another mind blowing cliffhanger, both of them wanting more as he closed the book once more.
  14. “And then? C'mon dad I gotta know, does she get away from the thorns of time? A-a-and grey horn? What did he know about the whole thing? And why would Emily betray her like that?” Her father simply looked at her and shrugged, he knew about as much as her at this point, and the same questions were ringing in his own mind, but he knew that he couldn’t keep Alex up much later than this. She’d never been that great at re-adjusting to sleep schedules, and he knew that already this was probably playing havoc with her.
  15. “I won’t go to sleep until I know,” she said, puffing her cheeks with righteous indignation. Barry tried to think of a way out of this situation. If there was anything he knew about his daughter it’s that she was determined, and if she said she wasn’t going to sleep, she wasn’t going to sleep. There were times where she’d spend the whole night, cheeks puffed, frown across her face, sitting on the bed. Of course that was before-
  16. “Unless” she suddenly spoke as softly as possible, gentle, barely above a whisper “That story has gotten me all… runny down there” in half an instant Barry began to wonder if the book burning weirdos might’ve been onto something, as his daughter dropped the covers she’d once held so tightly around her chest, “ maybe if daddy eats my cunny, I’ll change my mind? … Real quick, I promise.” There it was, he thought, turning out the lights.
  17. She had been wearing… well she liked to call them her funny pajamas, underneath. They had once been a set of regular children’s pajamas that fit her snugly, but she had decided to make them more useful for her and her dad’s nightly escapades. The bottoms were slashed into somewhat of a short skirt, as the stitching around the legs were cut open on either side, up into the crotch, and the legs were cut to barely an inch below. The crotch had been completely destroyed around the bottom, exposing her underage, puffy, pink, and usually wet pussy. A small heart was cut out just above the opening, or at least, that had been the intent, one of Alex’s greater weak points had always been scissors. Her dad had helped with the top though, cutting the fabric to expose the cute small nibs and still far from developing chest. He had been going for something of a spaghetti strapped dress, cutting the arms off, widening the neck a good deal, and cutting everything below her nipples into ribbons. It was funny in the end, at one point they had been the pair she hated the most, always too small and too warm, but over the course of a few hours they’d became her favorites.
  18. It had been far from the first time they had done something like this. It seemed that every day, or every other day, one of them had been flirting or fucking the other. Sure Barry knew it was wrong, but to hell with it, if the world would be unjust, and cause such misery, maybe he could make just a little bit of happiness for his girl. Besides neither one of them really slept well until after a few orgasms and masturbation never really helped, taking somewhere along the lines of 8 hours for either one of them. Her dad kissed her on the lips, climbing into the bed with her.
  19. 'Naughty daddy’ she thought as he began tracing his tongue down her form, 'he forgot to brush. His mouth still tastes like an ashtray.’ Barry paused at his daughter’s pert nipples, licking, nibbling, sucking and everything else he knew would make her putty in his hands, as her breathing grew more ragged above. Rough, calloused fingers traced patterns in her skin eliciting shivers as Alex lost herself in the moment, and Barry played with the soft flesh.
  20. He started to move lower, facial hair tickling her as he moved down, his 5 o'clock shadow scratching the young girl’s skin. His tongue trailed behind his movements, every action yielding a reaction. Barry could taste his daughter’s sweat, could sense her passion, with the salty-sweet taste on his slug like organ, face just cresting betwixt her legs.
  21. Finally he had moved to his and her target just below. Her pussy shining beautifully in the moonlight, soaked from the teasing actions above, couldn’t have looked more beautiful. Pink the shade of salmon, lips poking out over a crevice that hid them, clit hard and small as a pebble a brighter shade, flush spilling out over the whole thing. Barry began to run his tongue over the lips, the juices caught on his tongue holding an almost honey like quality to them, sweet and sticky and clinging to the back of his throat and tongue.
  22. “Oh… god… dad… keep going” Alex moaned somewhere above. Her father obliged, continuing the feast so succulent. He began putting his tongue deeper, passing the folds, prodding the holes, tasting the interior. The sweet taste of honey seemed to only become more divine the deeper he went, and every time he did it would shock him that he could go so long without it. Occasionally he’d slip in a digit to test the smoother, otherwise unused sweet meat, gentle caresses and rubbings making her shake.
  23. “Ah… fuck… dig deeper into my fucking cunt daddy.” He paused, only a second and looked up to Alex, only moments before being consumed by the throws of an orgasm, eyes shut, mouth open and watering, a finger and a tongue inside her.
  24. “Lnngmuag” he chided, the word muffled by her snatch as he got back to her awaiting sex. In an instant she dropped all pretense.
  25. “SHUT THE FUCK UP AND EAT MY FUCKING CUNT, DAD!” As soon as “DAD” left her lips her legs tightened as much as she could, and she came into her father’s mouth. The effect was not unsimilar to being threatened by a toy poodle in terms of danger or fear, but between her legs it was clear how arousing using such profanity was making her, as every swear tightened her up and got her more wet than before. Barry had to question where she’d heard such terms and if his daughter might have been developing a bit of a dominant streak, as she convulsed above him, but decided to let it go. If anything the dirty talk was welcome here.
  26. Barry began to move his head out from between the girl’s legs, wiping the juices out of his stubble.  She sighed content, eye’s closed, breathing softly and slowly. If anything he could tell when she was out like a light. He smiled as he got up to leave, and immediately attempted to readjust himself.  A painful and obvious bulge making the process of simply standing up an ordeal more difficult than he had first intended. Finally, after a good deal of awkward fidgeting, attempting to slip the boner into his pant leg, he stood up, carefully so as to not wake the sleeping child, when he felt a gentle tug on his arm. Silently he cursed as he turned to look at the now awake Alex, the moonlight setting her now crimson, freckled face glowing.
  27. “We’re not done yet, daddy…” she teased, perhaps a touch orgasm drunk, doing her best bedroom eyes.
  28. “Aren’t you a little old to be putting off your bed time Alex?” She sat up and began to crawl towards him.
  29. “Maybe. Maybe not. I know I’m old enough to know when daddy is hiding a treat from me.” She winked and unzipped Barry’s pants, yanking down the boxers beneath and, with a nigh-audible sproing, produced the thick, 8” member, already wet at the head with pre cum. She began rubbing her hands along the stiff appendage, stroking clumsily but quickly, spreading the pre around the head, moving her hands down the shaft. She knew exactly what her father liked, stroking with a speed and determination that would make a prostitute blush.
  30. Just as quickly as she started, she stopped, holding the erect cock still as she moved her head closer. Experimentally she started licking it, running her tongue along the base upwards, but after a few seconds, once again, grew bored and opted for stuffing the erection as far into her little mouth as she could, not getting past 4” but none the less, as far as she could.
  32. All of this took place over the course of seconds, scarcely a full minute had passed when she went from nothing to handjob to blowjob. Say what you will about Alex but some things you can’t teach a girl her age were pace and subtlety. This of course didn’t stop her father from trying. He put a hand onto her head, gently pushing her off his member.
  33. “Ok, Ok, you’ve convinced me. Just… let me guide you a bit, alright?” He gave his hand some slack and let her get close to the hard dick, barely a half inch away from her mouth. “ alright, stick out your tongue”
  34. “Bleeeeh” she couldn’t resist adding her own sound effects, as her tongue spilled out of her mouth, limply dangling down her chin. Her father began to guide her head around the turgid cock, covering it with her saliva. She could tell what to do when she came to it, running the tongue along the underside, side or top, slathering the skin, playing with the stones when daddy stopped guiding for a moment. And when he became lost in the moment, jump onto the head and suck as hard as she could!
  35. Barry rolled his closed eyes. Lead a horse to water… he thought as his daughter rocked her head as fast as she could. She was making up with lack of subtlety and experience with incredible enthusiasm, rocking her head back and forth as fast as she could, running her tongue around and around, doing everything as fast as possible. Once again he grabbed her head, stopping her. He began to gently move it across his phallus, once again going slowly and gently, making sure she didn’t choke herself on it.
  36. As Barry continued he let Alex pick up more and more speed, going deeper and faster, rapidly speeding up with a near boundless amount of energy. He let go of her head, letting her go as fast as she please. Barry could feel his orgasm getting closer and closer and started to help his daughter keep the pace she was going by putting his hand back onto her head, this time from the back, helping her stay as fast as possible and deeper than she could before, as finally he could feel it crest.
  37. Barry held his daughter’s head onto his schlong as it dumped load after load in her mouth. Alex responded in kind, gulping down the white viscous liquid as it was poured down her throat. Finally he pulled back, the cock spraying a few last spurts onto her face. Alex began to gather up the surprise facial in her hands and lick it off her fingers, staring into her father’s eyes. They both knew that they wanted to go further, whether the night was still young or not, whether it was still holy or not. Barry climbed into bed with her, and once again, began to kiss her, not as her father,  but as her lover, tongue exploring her mouth, tasting her passion, and immediately regretting it when he began to taste his own dick in his mouth.
  39. “Bleugh.” Alex spat as the kiss halted abruptly, killing the mood. “You taste like my pussy.”  And strangely enough, that was all it took for her. She pounced back onto her father, locked in passionate embrace, practically on fire from the liberty of being able to swear in front of him and get away with it, from the minimalistic at best dirty talk, being naughty turning her on like nothing else she had ever done, a torrent flowing from her snatch, a fire in her chest, a goal in her mind.
  40. Her father fell over on the bed, and she began to straddle the thick rod, positioning herself over it, with one hand on her father’s chest to steady herself. Feeling his loud pounding heartbeat, she began to tease him, rubbing herself on his head. She didn’t need to of course, she  was soaking, he was hard as diamond and he was lubed as possible with her spit already, but she always got nervous at this part. She could never take the full length into her, but she always tried, and she always hurt herself by trying. She lowered herself slowly, letting the feeling of fullness envelop her, scratching an itch she always forgot she had. She threw her head back and moaned as she lowered herself further, every inch a new feeling of accomplishment, until she finally stopped at her record. 6 inches in. She was so close to victory she could taste it, but she just could not put the member any farther than that.
  41. Alex started bouncing on it, willing it into her, willing away that barrier that kept it out, poking and prodding trying to force it further in. She began to pick up speed moving to the top of her thrust and back down again, colliding again and again with the hard flesh, but never moving past 6”, never able to take the base. She rolled her eye’s and simply tried to focus on just having a good time, rocking back and forth, letting the member in and out of her as fast as she could, losing herself in the rhythms and shakes.
  42. Barry was losing his mind. Alex was still tighter than any woman he had ever been with, sarah included, and had the energy to knock him on his ass and still have enough left over to hump his brains out a thousand times, and the stamina to outlast him at just about everything. Well, everything else. This, he thought, snaking his arms to her hips, was the one thing he could always keep up with her on.
  43. Again she thrusted back into him, the cock submerged another half inch deeper as she felt her womb pushed further into herself, her labia stretching itself further trying to accommodate more of the thick sausage. Her father continued rubbing her thighs, matching her movements with his own unconsciously. She started to go faster, gyrating and moaning as she tried to force the member deeper and deeper. Her father continued to move with her, contrasting the movements to throw himself further into her as well.
  44. Suddenly, Alex noticed a strange feeling. She looked down, a smile crossing her face. She had done it. All 8 inches. And it felt… actually it hurt alot now that she had a moment to feel it. She instantly regretted going this far. Jumping off the still diamond hard member with such force that she actually fell off the bed. Barry immediately went to his daughter, in a blend of confusion and parental worry.
  45. “Jeez, Alex, you alright sweetie?”
  46. “Erm, yeah I think I might’ve taken it too far.”
  47. “I think we should drop it for the night…”
  48. “No, no I’m ok. Just… you take the lead ok?”
  49. “Are you sure, I mean maybe we should just drop this here, it is late.”
  50. “No, listen neither one of us have finished yet, and I’m not going to let the night end on that, besides, I’ve got one last Christmas gift for you.” Alex opened her drawer, producing a small yellow bottle. She began to pour the lotion into her hands, oiling them until they glinted in the moonlight more brightly than her pussy. She took one hand, and began to rub it onto her pussy, taking the other and stroking her father’s cock, slathering the lotion across it, slipping it across and making soft squelching noises.  In moments they both noticed how hot they were, the oil working as a potent aphrodisiac. They both started to pant, lost in the feeling of lust as they looked at each other, more horny than they had ever intended.
  51. “Where did you get this stuff?” her father asked. Alex gave a small wink, looking up at her father.
  52. “Let’s just say, a girl has her ways.” She got up on the bed again, and parted her legs like curtains to a play “c’mon daddy. Fuck your little princess.”
  53. In a heartbeat, Barry was on top of her, covering her in a bear hug, or bare hug as it were. He took it slow as he could, knowing that they both had a tendency to be impulsive when they were excited, only teasing the first inch to start, barely past the head really, and simply stopped to appreciate her. Her tightness, her softness, her heat, it never did fail to impress him. Everytime he re-entered her it was as though doing the most powerful drugs, eating the most delicious food, a euphoria he simply could not surmise into words took hold of his mind. He gazed into those stormy eyes once again, lost. Lost in their beauty as they reflected back his own gaze, and nostalgia as he gazed into the face of his lost love.
  54. Alex meanwhile, was beginning to grow impatient, rubbing her slit against his massive erection, stopped just inside her, as though frozen in time. The annoyance spelled across her face snapped him out of it, his hips began to move, once again staying gentle and shallow. Trying to maintain passion without once again going too far. She began to gasp once again, this time not as loudly and quickly but with a new sense of passion to it. A reverence to the act seemed to take hold of her as it continued, the slow dull thrusts having an artistic grace and beauty to them. This wasn’t just stopping her from hurting herself, there was beauty in that slowness, in that gentle rhythm. Alex gazed up at her father, looked him dead in the same cold grey eyes as her own. She tried to wrap her legs around him, but would not need to. She tried to kiss him, he bent down for her. To her this whole event had gone from simply two people filling a need to a genuine act of love at that very moment.
  55. The room was quiet save for the gentle gasps and bed creaking when Barry began to move faster. He kept his thrusts shallow so nothing else could interrupt as he began to gyrate quicker and quicker, the rhythmic sound of her juices being stirred just starting to cross their ears.
  56. “G-gonna-” Barry had begun to pull back when Alex reached a hand down to stop him, holding his dick inside her. There was an instant of surprise before he unloaded, again and again, pumping her with more seed than she had ever seen him cum before. Underneath him she came as well, her mind in euphoria, her pussy filled with cum.
  57. They both sighed, content at last, feeling the waves of their orgasm wash over themselves in the dim moonlight, the windows now fogged white. They fell asleep in the same bed, both too tired to bother moving out of it, only adjusting so that she could be on top, her breath gently shaking and tickling his body hair as the sheets grew stained with their juices.
  59. The next morning, Barry woke up first. Getting out from under his daughter to make breakfast for the both of them and go out for a quick smoke. He crept down the stairs with as much silence as he could muster, the creaks and groans bringing pleasant memories of the night before, but none the less needed to be avoided. He left the coffee brewing as he went outside onto the porch. He sat down at the front steps, a cigarette between his lips, Alex still on his tongue and mind.
  60. He finished the smoke, throwing the butt in some direction he barely cared about and continued to think about the night before and his future with Alex, when she stepped out of the house. Fully clothed and with a cup of the freshly brewed java. He reached for it, but she held it just out of reach, shaking her head mischievously. She brought the mug to her lips and took a sip, another instant regret as she spat out the mouthful she had, and retching at the overly bitter taste. He reached for it again, and this time she handed it to him without hesitation, licking her own hand while she did.
  61. “You want to sit down?”
  62. “Can’t daddy. My pussy still hurts like a bitch after you fucked it raw last night.” Suddenly Barry was really glad that no one was awake at that hour anymore, or at least that no one was around.  
  63. “Where’d you learn language like that, anyway?”
  64. “Where do you think? Don’t tell me you didn’t notice all the swearing and lewd speak in Allie-Star?” For the second time in 24 hours, Barry began to question if the crazies were right.
  65. “It’s sort of… interesting but you can’t say words like that outside of the bedroom, okay?”
  66. “Will you teach me more?”
  67. “Sure, just no one else knows where you learned them or… why.”
  68. She giggled a bit at this “ You noticed?”
  69. “Kinda hard not to.” Alex turned to walk in, but paused at the door, a smile curling across her lips.
  70. “So… if I were to swear… you’d have to punish me?” He looked at her from a half closed eye and her grin spread to his lips.
  71. “I suppose I would…”
  72. The two went back inside, giggling, intent on making the most out of their boxing day.
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