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IM2.0 Install - InstallPC

sweenig Apr 25th, 2014 90 Never
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  1. #echo "Updating the system..."
  2. #yum -y update
  3. echo "Installing missing libraries..."
  4. yum -y install glibc.i686 unzip bc sudo libstdc++-4.4.6-4.el6.i686
  5. echo "Making CentOS look like RHEL 5.8..."
  6. echo "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.8 (Tikanga)" > /etc/redhat-release
  7. echo "Disabling SELinux..."
  8. cat /etc/selinux/config | sed -e 's/SELINUX=.*/SELINUX=disabled/' > /etc/selinux/config
  9. echo "Downloading the installer..."
  10. curl -u im20:******** -# -o /opt/CA/CAPerfCenterSetup.bin
  11. echo "Installing CA Performance Center..."
  12. chmod u+x /opt/CA/CAPerfCenterSetup.bin
  13. echo 'USER_INSTALL_DIR=/opt/CA
  14. -fileOverwrite_/opt/CA/PerformanceCenter/uninstall/Uninstall_PerformanceCenter.lax=Yes
  15. -fileOverwrite_/opt/CA/PerformanceCenter/ThirdPartyContent/CAPC_ThirdPartyContent.txt=Yes
  16. -fileOverwrite_/opt/CA/PerformanceCenter/CAPC_SeedFile.xml=Yes' > /opt/CA/PCinstaller.properties
  17. /opt/CA/CAPerfCenterSetup.bin -i silent -f /opt/CA/PCinstaller.properties
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