[PlayboyPlus] Eugena Washington - Oasis (2015)

reliz-boy Aug 21st, 2016 19 Never
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  1. Playmate Eugena Washington lights up the room in this sensuous set from photographer Josh Ryan. It’s hard not to notice a girl like Eugena—she’s tall, naturally beautiful and a social butterfly, with a dirty mouth and a wicked sense of humor. “I look for a guy who’s not insecure,” says Eugena thoughtfully. “I’m not quiet, I speak my mind, and when I go out, I go out—so if a guy wants to be with me, he’s gotta be okay with that. I mean, I already chose you, so don’t be intimidated by me. Let’s have fun.” With that, Eugena gives us a little glimpse into a night out on the town, Miss December style. A dark, smoky bar and a good cigar are all she needs to turn it up—and to turn you on. “Josh shot these photos in an actual speakeasy,” gushes Eugena. “The bar is my favorite place—I love tequila!” Go shot for shot with the unbelievably sexy Eugena Washington, right here on Playboy Plus.
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