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  1. The list of words that can get you suspended or permanently banned on Twitter is similar to the words that will get you banned or suspended from most online platforms or forums, with the exception of words that target Christians and White People, those words are completely acceptable according to Twitter, they actively encourage people to use them attack white people.
  3. Here's a list of words that can be used in a derogatory manner to attack and harras White People or Christians that Twitter permits on their website: Bible Beater / Bible Thumper / Cracker / Gringo / Goim / Goyim / Hillbilly / Limey / Mayonnaise / Mick / Polack / Redneck / Swamp Guinea / WASP / Whitey / White Trash / White Bread / WOP / Wypipo / Zipperhead
  5. Here are links to searches for tweets with some of those terms:
  7. Normal Tweets: [Cracker] (      
  8. Verified: [Cracker] (
  9. Normal Tweets: [Mayonaise] (
  10. Verified Tweets: [Mayonaise] (
  11. Normal Tweets: [White Bread] (
  12. Verified Tweets: [White Bread] (
  13. Normal Tweets: [White Trash] (
  14. Verified Tweets: [White Trash] (
  15. Normal Tweets: [Wypipo] (
  16. Verified Tweets: [Wypipo] (
  18. An example of how saying the exact same racist statement directed at a white person is ok, but saying it directed at a black person will get you permanently banned. ( (Archive:
  20. Here's a list of over 200 tweets containing racist comments, racial hatred, targeted harassment or threats of violence against white people that Twitter permits on its website:
  22. - Archive:
  24. Twitter's Management Team allows open hatred towards white people, but the exact same type of language, behavior, targetted harassment or threats of violence against other races, sexualities, genders or religion, is not tolerated. Examples of terms that will get you banned include terms like the following:
  26. Anal Assassin / Anal Astronaut / Aunt Jemima / Back Door Bandit / Bean Flicker / Boi / Bone Smuggler / Butch / Chimp Out / Ching Chong / Chinaman / Chink / Cholo / Cock Jockey / Cock Sucker / Coon / Coonass / Cuntboy / Darky / Darkey / Darkie / Dickgirl / Dink / Dothead / Dune Coon / Dyke / Fag / Faggot / Fairy / Fruit / Fudge packer / Gook / Hajji / Hebe / Heeb / Hermie / Homo / Hook Nose / Hymie / Injun / Jew / Jew Boy / Jigaboo / Kike / Knob Jockey / Kraut / Lezzie / Lesbo / Muff Diver / Negro / Niglet / Nignog / Nig Nog / Nigger / Nip / Oreo / Pansy / Pillow Biter / Porch Monkey / Pussy Boy / Quran Thumper / Queen / Rag Head / Sambo / Sand Nigger / Sausage jockey / Shemale / Shylock / Slant Eye / Slope Head / Sodomite / Soy Boi / Soy Boy / Spade / Spear Chucker / Spic / Spik / Tar Baby / Timber Nigger / Ting Tong /  Towel Head / Tranny / Twink / Yid / Wetback
  28. The exception to this rule is the use of these directed towards President Trump or any members of the Trump Administration or Trump Family. You can freely use any of these terms as long as it's directed at Trump in a negative, hurtful or derogatory way, and Twitter will never suspend or permanently ban your account.
  30. Here are links to examples:
  32. Normal Tweets: [Trump cock sucker] (
  33. Verified Tweets: [Trump cock sucker] (
  34. Normal Tweets: [Trump faggot] (
  35. Verified Tweets: [Trump faggot] (
  36. Normal Tweets: [Trump pussy] (
  37. Verified Tweets: [Trump pussy] (
  40. Another set of words that Twitter doesn't tolerate is anything that states that Illegal Aliens / Illegal Immigrants are criminals who are guilty of committing a crime. According to the law in U.S.C. Section 1325, anyone who crosses the border illegally has committed a criminal offense ( If you read the law the fifth and sixth words of the first sentence in the first paragraph clearly states that these are "criminal offences".
  42. Currently Trans people make up 0.6% of the population of the United States ( Twitter has decided to impose the arbitrary and elaborate rules of less than 1% of the population on the remaining 99% of the people. You must acknowledge that someone's girlfriend can have a penis. You must acknowledge that someone chopping off their penis does make them a woman. You must acknowledge that even though a person doesn't have a uterus they can still menstruate. If a biological male named, Bob was born with a penis that they had surgically removed, they should now only be referred to as Denise. If you ever call this person Bob again, you are committing a vile hate crime and deserve to be severely punished.
  44. This is a living document and may be modified as needed.
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