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  1. #Alliance*Dethroner: chill.
  2. %Alliance Melo: Deth youre being rude
  3. #Alliance*Dethroner: Yeah there are two sides to a coin
  4. +Hazey: ?_?
  5. %Alliance Melo: That doesnt mean you can be rude to member who are loyal to alliance
  6. %Alliance Melo: Church isnt leaving forever, just taking a hiatus
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  13. %Alliance Melo: And youre snapping at healer because you think he wants attention
  14. #Alliance*Dethroner: Yeah pm me about this
  15. #Alliance*Dethroner: not in the mood for a scene.
  16. #Alliance*Dethroner: thanks.
  17. #Alliance*Dethroner: And viosmic has been trying, healer had an alt a few days ago
  18. #Alliance*Dethroner: !regdate revival healer
  19. revivalhealer is not registered.
  20. #Alliance*Dethroner: he was on it either way or something like it
  21. #Alliance*Dethroner: !regdate revival dayhealer
  22. revivaldayhealer is not registered.
  23. #Alliance*Dethroner: idk what it was
  24. #Alliance*Dethroner: either way.
  25. #Alliance*Dethroner: He has been off alt constantly
  26. #Alliance*Dethroner: not really giving a shit to be on it
  27. #Alliance*Dethroner: and viosmic just stole ivris
  28. %Alliance Melo: Deth healer is literally here now
  29. #Alliance*Dethroner: a little while ago ivris went to revival
  30. %Alliance Melo: And no one is stealing anyone
  31. #Alliance*Dethroner: and viosmic didn't even tell me about it
  32. #Alliance*Dethroner: yes she did.
  33. Revival Viosmic was banned from The Empire by Alliance*Dethroner.
  34. #Alliance*Dethroner: Revival Viosmic: and xfrz
  35. #Alliance*Dethroner: now you know who the snake is
  36. #Alliance*Dethroner: please stop behaving naive.
  37. #Alliance*Dethroner: we'll recover from this
  38. %Alliance Melo: Deth you really need to relax
  39. #Alliance*Dethroner: please calm down melo :)
  40. #Alliance*Dethroner: she's taking our players
  41. #Alliance*Dethroner: stop being blind
  42. %Alliance Melo: How am i being uptight and blind
  43. #Alliance*Dethroner: I'm the one stopping it from being a scene.
  44. %Alliance Melo: Explain that, deth
  45. #Alliance*Dethroner: i won't.
  46. #Alliance*Dethroner: I'm not turning this into a scene.
  47. #Alliance*Dethroner: You are.
  48. %Alliance Melo: No, youre the one being snappy and rude to healer and viosmic
  49. %Alliance Melo: Its not cool, deth
  50. #Alliance*Dethroner: uh she just stole ivris
  51. #Alliance*Dethroner: xfrz
  52. #Alliance*Dethroner: and been trying on healer
  53. %Alliance Melo: And if you think im being the troublemaker
  54. %Alliance Melo: Then demote me and im out of here
  55. #Alliance*Dethroner: if you want out that's your choice.
  56. #Alliance*Dethroner: I've been as nice as I can.
  57. %Alliance Melo: Unless you explain yourself
  58. #Alliance*Dethroner: How many times do you want me to do it.
  59. #Alliance*Dethroner: Scroll up.
  60. #Alliance*Dethroner: Not repeating
  61. %Alliance Melo: I havent done anything wrong deth
  62. %Alliance Melo: I love this league, but, its in serious turmoil
  63. #Alliance*Dethroner: not really.
  64. #Alliance*Dethroner: We'll rise.
  65. #Alliance*Dethroner: Most probably, we always do
  66. #Alliance*Dethroner: when people write us out
  67. #Alliance*Dethroner: they did it during ulc
  68. #Alliance*Dethroner: we won it.
  69. #Alliance*Dethroner: they did it before, we rose again
  70. #Alliance*Dethroner: we want people who want to stay
  71. #Alliance*Dethroner: not those who give ultimatums
  72. #Alliance*Dethroner: I've been nothing but nice.
  73. %Alliance Melo: Ive said my piece
  74. #Alliance*Dethroner: and?
  75. %Alliance Melo: Demote me if you hate me, or let me stay, either way, this league needs rebuilding
  76. #Alliance*Dethroner: yeah I don't hate you
  77. #Alliance*Dethroner: I need you to understand viosmic was in our room trying to get our members
  78. #Alliance*Dethroner: to go to her league
  79. #Alliance*Dethroner: and healer didn't give a shit about alliance recently. Always off alt, making revival alts, etc.
  80. #Alliance*Dethroner: We will rebuild.
  81. #Alliance*Dethroner: With people who care.
  82. #Alliance*Dethroner: No healer, that's fine.
  83. %Alliance Melo: Deth, i have alts for a lot of different leagues, but you didnt ban me
  84. %Alliance Melo: I dont use them, but still
  85. #Alliance*Dethroner: That's not the case
  86. #Alliance*Dethroner: he made an alt while in alliance
  87. #Alliance*Dethroner: and was on it
  88. %Alliance Melo: Neither does healer, at least, not very much
  89. #Alliance*Dethroner: thinking i won't see him
  90. #Alliance*Dethroner: but I caught him
  91. %Alliance Melo: Youre being really harsh on him
  92. #Alliance*Dethroner: No not really? He was trying to multi league
  93. #Alliance*Dethroner: and he was off alt, and he wanted to leave. he's gone now, I didn't say much to him
  94. #Alliance*Dethroner: either way
  95. #Alliance*Dethroner: What did I even say to him here?
  96. #Alliance*Dethroner: Please tell me
  97. #Alliance*Dethroner: quote me
  98. #Alliance*Dethroner: because I didn't say anything.
  99. #Alliance*Dethroner: I think your friendship is blinding you
  100. %Alliance Melo: My friendship is blinding me?
  101. @Alliance ♞ Onom: Testing
  102. @Alliance ♞ Onom: 1
  103. @Alliance ♞ Onom: 2
  104. @Alliance ♞ Onom: 3
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  125. #Alliance*Dethroner: Quote something, that I said to healer, otherwise you're blindly saying i'm being way too harsh to him
  126. #Alliance*Dethroner: something harsh.
  127. %Alliance Melo: You told healer to not have a pissy bitch fit when he literally said fucking nothing
  128. #Alliance*Dethroner: Yeah that one thing
  129. %Alliance Melo: You snapped at healer
  130. #Alliance*Dethroner: after that
  131. Because moderated chat is set, you must be of rank Voice or higher to speak in this room.
  132. #Alliance*Dethroner: what did I say?
  133. %Alliance Melo: Im done with this
  134. %Alliance Melo: Demote me
  135. #Alliance*Dethroner: alright.
  136. %Alliance Melo: Im done
  137. @Alliance ♞ Onom: Sadf
  138. @Alliance Purgatory - ⓛⓞⓛ: yo add me on that
  139. @Alliance Purgatory - ⓛⓞⓛ: demote list
  140. #Alliance*Dethroner: k mate.
  141. @Alliance Purgatory - ⓛⓞⓛ: You get way too hostile towards "fam" when they try to leave
  142. -- Alliance Purgatory is no longer lol.
  143. #Alliance*Dethroner: i did everything i could.
  144. @Alliance ♞ Onom: Purgatory is right
  145. #Alliance*Dethroner: lol?
  146. @Alliance ♞ Onom: Here's the thing
  147. @Alliance Purgatory: titania left and she's some anti alliance snake
  148. @Alliance ♞ Onom: From reading up
  149. @Alliance Purgatory: healer leaves and you throw a scapegoat
  150. @Alliance ♞ Onom: You blew up
  151. #Alliance*Dethroner: aite. i'm the bad one
  152. #Alliance*Dethroner: i'm the worst.
  153. $Titania-hime: Not just anti-Alliance Purgatory! He also made up stories about me being anti-Muslim!
  154. @Alliance ♞ Onom: Not the worst
  155. @Alliance Purgatory: yeah i'm not about that
  156. &Alliance Azumi: I'm leaving Alliance, cuz college.
  157. &Alliance Azumi: #YOLOLIFE
  158. #Alliance*Dethroner: ll
  159. #Alliance*Dethroner: kk
  160. &Alliance Azumi: jk
  161. @Alliance Purgatory: The dehthroner you sold me wouldn't turn his back on his "fam"
  162. -- Alliance Azumi is now lol.
  163. @Alliance Purgatory: pls demote
  164. #Alliance*Dethroner: ?
  165. #Alliance*Dethroner: who did i turn on
  166. #Alliance*Dethroner: healer has been off alt
  167. #Alliance*Dethroner: constantly
  168. #Alliance*Dethroner: and has been making other league alts
  169. @Alliance Purgatory: off alt =/= a pissy bitch wanting attention
  170. #Alliance*Dethroner: and yes titania did say shit like that once
  171. #Alliance*Dethroner: no i told healer
  172. #Alliance*Dethroner: to say it in pm's
  173. #Alliance*Dethroner: end it there
  174. #Alliance*Dethroner: not say it infront of everyone
  175. #Alliance*Dethroner: make a bit of a scene
  176. @Alliance Purgatory: Why would he not want all his friends to know
  177. #Alliance*Dethroner: that's about it.
  178. @Alliance Purgatory: that he's leaving
  179. @Alliance Purgatory: why keep em in the dark
  180. #Alliance*Dethroner: because i didn't want some silly ripple effect, wait a little
  181. #Alliance*Dethroner: because healer is important
  182. $Titania-hime: No, Titania never said anything like that at all
  183. @Alliance Purgatory: like you seem like a smart and nice guy at times, I just wonder sometimes why you make certain decisions
  184. @Alliance Purgatory: but if they found out that Healer made the choice
  185. @Alliance ♞ Onom: There wouldn't have been a ripple effect Deth
  186. #Alliance*Dethroner: i did it do avoid something, I didn't say anything until
  187. @Alliance Purgatory: it doesn't really matter when
  188. #Alliance*Dethroner: church said that too
  189. #Alliance*Dethroner: and i was like
  190. #Alliance*Dethroner: here we go
  191. #Alliance*Dethroner: i've seen this many times
  192. Titania-hime was muted by Alliance*Dethroner for 1 hour. (not your place to talk rn)
  193. @Alliance Purgatory: o.0
  194. +Miyu: .
  195. +Miyu: Poor titania.. that was rude...
  196. #Alliance*Dethroner: many times I've seen this happen
  197. #Alliance*Dethroner: one person leaves
  198. #Alliance*Dethroner: others follow
  199. #Alliance*Dethroner: i try to sooth it
  200. &Alliance Church: what now?
  201. #Alliance*Dethroner: that's all.
  202. #Alliance*Dethroner: literally all
  203. #Alliance*Dethroner: and i've never said healer isn't fam?
  204. #Alliance*Dethroner: can't fam have fits?
  205. @Alliance ♞ Onom: And doing that caused a potentially larger ripple
  206. #Alliance*Dethroner: we see some of us having fits all the time
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