My Spergy Student Anon

Mar 15th, 2017
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  1. >"Hey girls, you ever wonder why Anon is always alone?"
  2. >"Ah wouldn't talk about Anon Sunset, he's a queer one."
  3. >"I didn't know he was a homosexual!?!"
  4. >"No Pinkie, ah meant that he's strange."
  5. >"What is strange about him Applejack?"
  6. >"He's always got his head in his computer, he never socialises or goes to School events. It's so sad, ah don't think that anybody has even heard his voice!"
  7. >"Surely you've talked to him Pinkie!"
  8. >"Nope! He's the only person in the entire school that I know absolutely nothing about!"
  9. >"I tried to get him to join the soccer team once, but he just ignored me!"
  10. >"He obviously is not that much of a ruffian to join a silly sport team, look at his wonderful suit!"
  11. >"Well, he does seem to be a bit of an egghead anyway."
  12. >"What sort of grades does he get?"
  13. >"I dunno Twilight, it would seem like he gets good grades, but nobody has ever asked him how well he does!"
  14. >While contemplating the situation, Sunset comes up with an idea.
  15. >"I have an idea, to help with my friendship training, why don't I try to make friends with Anon!"
  16. >The other girls except Twilight immediately make funny faces.
  17. >"Sunset dear, ah I don't think that'll work."
  18. >"Anon won't say a thing!"
  19. >"Only if nobody tries to talk to him!"
  20. >"Everyone has tried! It's a lost cause dear, don't even try."
  21. >"Not with that attitude Rarity. If there's anything that I've learned from Princess Twilight, anything is possible!"
  22. >"I've got a bad feeling about this."
  23. >"I agree with Pinkie, if he doesn't talk to you don't try to make a scene."
  24. >"Trust me girls, I know what I'm doing."
  25. >Groans and sighs come from Sunset's friends, as Sunset makes her way over to you.
  27. >You are just reading from your computer, when you hear Sunset talk to you.
  28. >"Hello! Your name is Anon, right?"
  29. >You ignore her, hopefully she gives up like the others.
  30. >"Anyway, I was wanting to get to know you. I haven't talked to you at all before, even before I turned into a... she-demon. You don't still hate me for trying to turn you into a zombie, do you?"
  31. >You shake your head sideways.
  32. > Sunset smiles, ignorantly thinking that she has made the first human contact with you.
  33. >"Ha ha ha, that's great! Well, do you have any- I mean do you want to be friends?"
  34. >You know what she's trying to do.
  35. >You ignore her and continue to read.
  36. >"Hey, Anon?"
  37. >You click your mouse a few times and learn further forward towards your screen to make it look like you're extra busy.
  38. >"Are you even listening to me?"
  39. >Sunset probably said that a little too loud.
  40. >A bunch of other kids start to notice the what is happening.
  41. >Rarity shakes her head, while Pinkie drops her face into her cream pie.
  42. >You continue to ignore her.
  43. >"Come on Anon! You can't live your life without talking to anyone!"
  44. >By now everyone nearby in the cafeteria has noticed, even Granny Smith in the kitchen.
  45. >Applejack hangs her hat over her face in shame.
  46. >Sunset realises what she has done, and blushes.
  47. >You try your best not to blush, but of course you fail.
  48. >Luckily your laptop's screen is big enough for everyone not to notice, except Sunset of course.
  49. >Sunset nervously takes another step back.
  50. >"Look, we'll talk about this another time, okay?"
  51. >You say nothing and continue to read from your laptop.
  52. >Frustrated, Sunset returns back to her friends table.
  53. >Everyone else returns to their lunch like nothing ever happened.
  55. >"Well, I tried."
  56. >"Tried? You failed! Just like everybody else!"
  57. >"Not completely Rainbow, he actually made a form of communication!"
  58. >The table gasps.
  59. >"What do ya mean, he communicated with ya?"
  60. >"He shook his head when I asked him if he still hated me for turning him into a zombie!"
  61. >"Well why would he? He wasn't even there at the fall formal!"
  62. >Sunset realises her mistake and face palms.
  63. >"Damn it! Why was I so stupid!"
  64. >"It doesn't matter anyway, like I said before, it's a lost cause. He shows no emotion whatsoever!"
  65. >Sunset sighs. She decides not to tell them that she saw Anon blush.
  66. >"Maybe... you are right..."
  67. >Pinkie wipes the cream off her face.
  68. >"Cheer up Sunset! Don't give up straight away, I sure didn't!"
  69. >"Yeah, but you still failed in the end!"
  70. >"Doesn't mean that you will! Remember what Princess Twilight said: 'Anything is possible with the magic of friendship!'
  71. >Princess Twilight.
  72. >Sunset thinks of yet another idea.
  73. >"That's a great idea Pinkie! We can ask Twilight for help!"
  74. >Everyone smiles.
  75. >"It has been a while since we last talked to her, maybe she knows what to do!"
  76. >"Well go get your diary out sugar cube!"
  77. >Sunset pulls out her diary.
  78. >As she writes she speaks aloud for everyone to hear.
  79. >"Dear Princess Twilight, it sure has been a long while, hasn't it? It's been a few weeks after the incident at Camp Everfree, and it seems that I have found a friendship problem that I do not think I can solve. There is this guy called Anon, and I don't think that he has any friends at all! He reminds me a bit about me when I used to not have any friends and I suppose he will remind you of yourself. I have tried approaching him, and have failed to get a single word out of him. I hope to hear from you soon, your friend, Sunset Shimmer."
  81. >Meanwhile, you pack up your laptop and walk to your locker.
  82. >You think about Sunset trying to talk to you earlier.
  83. >You heard about how she and her friends have these magical powers from another dimension, supposedly fuelled by the 'magic of friendship'.
  84. >You honestly thought it was a load of garbage when you first heard it.
  85. >But you didn't even see it for yourself until, much to your infuriation, you were forced to go to Camp Everfree.
  86. >When you saw all the weird stuff going on, you decided to learn as much as you could about these past few events.
  87. >Luckily hardly anybody notices you, it makes it easier to observe things.
  88. >You wonder if you should talk to Principle Celestia about your discovery, but she probably already knows about it.
  89. >As you reach your locker, you notice that a note has been shoved inside it.
  90. >Talk to me after school, it says.
  91. "Shit."
  92. >The bell indicating that lunch is over rings, but you're already lined up, ready for another exciting chemistry class.
  94. >A minute after Sunset wrote to Twilight, a reply is received.
  95. >"Hey girls! Twilight's already replied!"
  96. >They start chatting amongst each other excitingly, as girls do.
  97. >Sunset reads out the entry.
  98. >"Dear Sunset, I'll be there soon."
  100. >Pinkie jumps away from the table, moving around the cafeteria telling everyone the news.
  101. >The noise level in the room rises as everyone starts talking about the Princess's return.
  102. >Sunset's table starts to laugh.
  103. >"Typical Pinkie Pie, although I suppose that I have a few new dresses to try out."
  104. >"That's good and all Rarity, but what I'm thinking about is why my other me is coming here? Surely she should be busy enough with her Princess duties? Whenever we've had minor friendship problems in the past she's just written down advice, but now she's just wrote something very brief saying she's coming here! And such a fast reply as well!"
  105. >"You're right Twilight, this is very unusual..."
  106. >But before the conversation could continue, the bell rings.
  107. >Students start to leave their tables, heading to their lockers before they would go their next class.
  108. >"Hey Applejack, do we have Science next?"
  109. >"Yes we do Twilight, ah'll meet ya'll there.
  111. >Everyone is lining up for chemistry class.
  112. >You're just standing there thinking why she wants to talk to you.
  113. >Maybe she figured out what you discovered.
  114. >Everyone seems to be talking a lot louder than usual.
  115. >You overhear that the Twilight from the other dimension is coming back here.
  116. >This could actually be a good opportunity to check out if the portal actually works.
  117. >The teacher arrives. He yells at the class for being too loud instead of lining up quietly.
  118. >After his rant, he lets the kids in.
  119. >You however, lean against the wall as the other students pass by you to enter the classroom.
  120. >The science teacher stares at you angrily, but you show him the note you got from your locker.
  121. >However, you put your index finger over the part where it says: 'after school'.
  122. >"All right Anon, but you better go straight to her office!"
  123. >Yeah right, like you would waste your time going to listen to her ramble on about your problems.
  124. >You want to observe Twilight coming through the portal.
  125. >The teacher walks into the classroom and slams the door behind you.
  126. >You walk in the completely opposite direction to the office, towards the entrance of school.
  127. >Once you reach outside, you decide to hide in the bushes west of the horse statue.
  128. >How ironic, that the portal to a land full of horses was accessed by a horse statue.
  129. >Luckily your green skin and black suit makes it easy to hide.
  130. >Your mum is gonna kill you when she sees the dirt you got on it.
  132. >Applejack and Sci Twi are in chemistry class.
  133. >Twilight tries her best to pay attention, even though the rest of the class is still talking even after the teacher yelled at them.
  134. >"You shouldn't be talking when I am!"
  135. >Applejack, usually not very interested in science, is leaning back in her chair with her hat over her face.
  136. >"Hey Applejack, isn't Anon in this class?
  137. >Applejack leans forward, making a noise when the front chair legs hit the ground.
  138. >"Applejack! If you lean back on your chair again I'll take it off you!"
  139. >"Sorry sir!"
  140. >Applejack frowns, and then responds to Twilight's question.
  141. >"Uhh, yeah ah guess he is. Don't know why he ain't here now. Usually he's got his face in his computer."
  142. >"Hmm, what could he be doing on that thing?"
  143. >"Ah don't know, it's probably pretty important for him to be on it 24/7, it can't be healthy for him."
  144. >Twilight rolls her eyes at Applejack's last comment.
  145. >"Doesn't the teacher ask him any questions?"
  146. >"That's the thing! No teacher has asked him anything! It's like they've been told not to talk to him at all!"
  147. >"Maybe he has magical powers to remove people's memory?"
  148. >They start to giggle.
  149. >Just then, Twilight got a text message from Sunset.
  150. >"Hey Applejack, I just got a message from Sunset, apparently she estimates that other me will be here in a few minutes!"
  151. >"That's great! We'd better find an excuse to leave then."
  152. >"But how do we-"
  153. >Applejack presses her finger on Twilight's lips, then she put her hand up.
  154. >"Hey! Uhh, sir?"
  155. >"What is it Applejack? Haven't you interrupted the class enough already?"
  156. >"But sir! Ah really need to go!"
  157. >Some of the students at the back of the room snicker.
  158. >"Applejack, I will not be humiliated in my classroom! This is your last warning!"
  159. >"But it's that time of the month!"
  160. >The class roars with laughter.
  161. >The teacher's face flushes red with anger.
  162. >"Alright, but be quick!"
  163. >Applejack and Twilight then sneak off as the maddened teacher rages at the class.
  164. >Twilight giggles as she and Applejack make their way down the hall.
  165. >"Where did you learn that one Applejack?"
  166. >"Rainbow taught me that, it works well especially when the teacher's under stress."
  167. >Soon they are joined by Rarity and Fluttershy, leaving from their cooking class.
  168. >"Hello dears! Oh I can barely keep my emotions to myself! I am so excited!"
  169. >"Me too, I guess..."
  170. >The girls laugh as they exit the building, Rainbow and Sunset are already there waiting for the long awaited return of their friend.
  172. >Unbeknownst to them, You are hiding in the nearby bushes.
  173. >You watch as the girls gather around the back of the statue.
  174. >Then, a woman walks out of the portal, she doesn't look like Twilight at all.
  175. >She falls to the ground, and you blink your eyes and lean forward to try and get a better look.
  176. >You see a shocked expression appear on Sunset's face, before she breaks down into tears.
  177. >The rest of her friends appear to be confused, but then she stands up, and your heart skips a beat.
  178. >She's beautiful.
  179. >Her clothes are that of a Greek Goddess, in fact she looks like if Aphrodite had long rainbow hair.
  180. >Her body is a perfect hourglass.
  181. >Oh god, what you would do to get a taste, of her peppermint creams.
  182. >By now you have left before they might possibly find you, but you're so mesmerised by the woman.
  183. >You watch as she hugs Sunset.
  184. >Maybe she knows her.
  185. >You really want to know her.
  186. >You think about going out and talking to them, but the thought of talking to her scares you.
  187. >'Stop being such a fucking faggot Anon.'
  188. >Even bullying yourself in your mind does not convince yourself to leave.
  189. >Fucking hell, out of all the things that could be wrong with you, why did you have to be so fucking scared of talking to a girl?
  190. >After mentally punching yourself, you think about leaving.
  191. >However, your tent just got set up right after you saw her boobs jiggle a bit.
  192. >You might as well dismantle it before you leave, you never leave a campsite until you've packed up your stuff.
  194. >Sunset, Twilight, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Rarity all stand in a semi-circle in front of the horse statue.
  195. >All of a sudden, a magical noise is heard, and a womanly figure falls out of the base of the statue.
  196. >The girls gasp and rush forward to pick her up.
  197. >Sunset stares at the woman with a frown on her face, but then she realises who she is.
  198. >Tears fall down her face as the girls try to help her up.
  199. >The heavenly princess is able to stand up with the help of the others.
  200. >Finally their eyes meet.
  201. >"T-teacher?"
  202. >Celestia smiles and starts to tear up, and the two hug and start to sob.
  203. >"I'm so sorry! I was so selfish and greedy and arrogant! I only wanted to be the best student you ever taught!"
  204. >"I know..."
  205. >While the two of them sob together, the other girls are confused.
  206. >"Who is this Sunset?"
  207. >"This is Princess Celestia, ruler of Equestria, and my... former teacher."
  208. >"Do not trouble yourself my little pony, nobody is perfect. In the thousands of years that I have lived, I have made even worse mistakes than you have. I still consider you to be my student."
  209. >Sunset laughs, and her tears of sadness are now of joy.
  210. >"Let me introduce you to my friends your highness, my friendship lessons have been going great!"
  211. >Sunset helps Celestia walk, and the fellowship walks back into the school.
  213. >You finish your serious business, and walk around to the back entrance.
  214. >You remember you have to talk to her.
  215. >Grudgingly, you walk to her office.
  216. >Vice-Principle Luna is there.
  217. >"Hello Anonymous, I see you've decided to come 5 minutes early.
  218. "Yeah, what does she know what I think she does?"
  219. >"Yes, you sure are brighter than you appear Anonymous."
  220. >You hate it when teachers make fun of your autism.
  221. >"I suppose that you and I are... more alike than you think."
  222. >What did she mean by this?
  223. >But before you have time to ask her, she walks opens the office door.
  224. >Then you realize who the woman that came out of the statue is.
  225. >It's the Equestrian version of her.
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