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  1. Hi ,
  3. Thank's for replying back!  Great to hear from you and I am so happy you are in a happier place!  So sorry to hear you & Joe divorced - but it does sound like it was the best decision.  I am glad you & Rex are hitting it off so well, sounds like he treating you the right way!
  5. Crazy to think we were partying in Jamaca 8yrs ago.
  7. On my end things are good - the girls are now (8) & (3).  Still trying to figure out what we are doing in Nebraska.  I am in the midst of planning a surprise birthday party for Erin, which is more work than I anticipated.
  9. It sounds like you went through alot with Joe!  I literally LOL'd at your mention of the 'hording paradise' - too funny!  Sad but true.  Joe changed alot, I agree - because of the synthetic pot.  It really changed him as a person, to the core.  He should have kept it all natural.  Hopefully is not drinking anymore.  I fondly recall showing up to KC and seeing his house in shambles and him missing a tooth!  And he didn't think it was a problem...Really sad.  I am shocked to hear he was verbally & emotionally abusive - I can see him behaving that way, but hate that he directed it at you.  Not surpised he made the divorce a long drawn out process - that is a Joe move.  I don't think he wants to be alone.
  11. I do have 3 mutual friends I know via Joe - I don't think they are in contact with Joe anymore - He pushed them all away.
  13. I hate to sound like I am talking shit about Joe - but, something changed him in a bad way.  You & him divorcing makes me consider reaching out to him - haven't decided if I will - but thinking about it.  Everything you mention makes it seem like Joe needs to go on that show Intervention.  
  15. Do not worry at all - I will never tell Joe about anything you've mentioned.  Ever.  
  17. I really appreciate you updating me on you, Joe, and the whole situation.
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