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  1. These 12 videos are all from my bookmarks of Google Chrome. Instead of going through the trouble of uploading them/giving them on Kik or Skype, I made this pastebin of the sources where I downloaded the videos. I did because you may not have Kik, Skype, or just choose not to give me your username. All these links have come from tkff.forum2go.nl,The Kids Feet Forum.
  3. http://videobam.com/rEwax
  4. http://videobam.com/aoxoU
  5. http://videobam.com/PhOvD
  6. http://videobam.com/ZDwDb
  7. http://videobam.com/wBEwR
  8. http://videobam.com/NWybO
  9. http://videobam.com/MbFmw
  10. http://videobam.com/HQIxs
  11. http://videobam.com/xGIGD
  12. http://videobam.com/QLxmO
  13. http://videobam.com/WRZQm
  14. http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/8088/video133789052783.mp4
  16. *Note that I have 40+ pics of kids feet too (from tkff.forum2go.nl and other sources), but it is too burdensome to upload every one. There are more videos, but I downloaded them and their sources are restricted to those initiated + signed up to The Kids Feet Forum. Sign up to TKFF and direct your questions about this "initiation" are to be read in: http://bit.ly/112XBae
  17. Happy fapping ;)
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