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  1. Hello my name is KP and I wish to appeal my WL ban from the middle of last season. I've been having conversations with Niko and he said that my appeal would at least be looked at should I give it to you guys at W5.
  3. Firstly, I want to apologise for everything that I did last season, my judgement was extremely clouded and I was making impulsive decisions that weren't becoming of a staff member of my level. My stress levels were very high as I was running 6 teams that season as well as doing all my duties as RA and it just became too much for me and I did things that I deeply regret. I cannot apologise enough and I know that you have every right to deny this appeal but I just hope you will hear me out.  
  5. Every thing that I did as an RA, was done to prevent the league from crashing down on itself. I had 6 teams under my supervision and I was under the impression that if one of those teams dropped the rest would follow suit and as there were no mid season transfer rules, I was unable to rectify any of the mistakes made after the deadline without taking matters into my own hands. I know this doesn't justify my actions but I just hope you can see it from my perspective.
  7. I am not asking to ever be let on WL or any type of staff role ever again as I believe it is known by now that I am not suited for a role like that and this ban will remain through this season as I am not registered for any WL clan as of this moment.
  9. All I am asking for is to be able to play with my friends again in a competitive capacity while maintaining all my active threads on MKBoards. I understand what I did was wrong but it was a mistake that was made in the heat of the moment and all I want now is to be a normal regular member of the community who just wants to have fun and play properly once again.
  11. Everyone who is reading this is probably aware of how much this community means to me and how much time and effort I have put into it. All I am asking for is a second chance to make things right and just be a normal member of a community I love.
  13. I accept any decision you make and thank you for taking the time to read this appeal. If you have any additional things you need to ask me feel free to message me on Discord.
  15. KP
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