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  1. Rogue GUI
  2. Buy today and get banned tomorrow!™️
  4. What is Rogue?
  5. Rogue is a script made by Gopnik. Within our terms of service, you can be banned for any good reason - and remember that any good reason includes pinging Gopnik and informing him about the GUI!
  7. The features?
  8. - People getting unbanned after feeding information to developers and getting buyers banned.
  9. - People getting banned for pinging Gopnik informing him of stuff.
  10. - And many more!
  12. The Pricing?
  13. Well, we just take a solid 10 USD from you and then ban you! Simple as that. No more complicated rewhitelisting.
  15. Ready to Buy?
  16. Or you can click the thread design!
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