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  1.  Stacey:  hey there...
  2.  Sent at 12:36 PM on Thursday
  3.  Stacey:  hey there...
  4.  Sent at 2:39 PM on Thursday
  5.  Stacey:  :-* hi
  6.  Sent at 4:42 PM on Thursday
  7.  Stacey:  Are you there??
  8.  Sent at 7:40 PM on Thursday
  9.  Stacey:  Are you busy??
  10.  Sent at 9:22 PM on Thursday
  11.  Stacey:  :-)
  12.  Sent at 11:26 PM on Thursday
  13.  me:  Who are you?
  14.  Stacey:  Im bored and wanted to meet new people...  22/female..u ??
  15.  me:  sure, let's meet up. where do you live?
  16.  Stacey:  I'm feeling a little naughty want to have some fun ?  =)
  17.  me:  nah let's meet up. where do you live?
  18.  Stacey:  here's a picture lol  www.i.imgur.com/PxwzlQk.jpg   you like? hehe :)
  19.  me:  says it's removed
  20.  Sent at 11:35 PM on Thursday
  21.  Stacey:  hey, are you around?
  22. :-)
  23. :-* hi
  24. :-* hi
  25. Hello :-)??
  26. :-)
  27. Hello :-)??
  28. Are you busy??
  29. what's up?
  30. :-* hi
  31. Hello :-)??
  32. Haha, you want some more??
  33.  me:  yes please
  34.  Stacey:  www.i.imgur.com/YEMXIA9.jpg   my turn.. wow. I'm soooo wet right now!
  35.  Sent at 11:37 PM on Thursday
  36.  me:  that one is removed as well. you'll have to do better than that
  37.  Stacey:  Mmm...is the game getting "harder"?  ;)
  38.  me:  yeah it's pretty hard to see images that don't exist anymore
  39.  Stacey:  www.i.imgur.com/XQEWPFP.jpg i want your cock baby really bad would you give it to me??
  40.  Sent at 11:40 PM on Thursday
  41.  me:  that one has been removed too. you're clutching at straws now. I'd look at your whole imgur album if I were you and delete every removed image so you can properly seduce people with images that haven't been removed
  42.  Stacey:  www.i.imgur.com/IWB8j0O.jpg ok last one lol, you'd love to fuck me wouldnt you ;)
  43.  Sent at 11:42 PM on Thursday
  44.  me:  alas, that picture has been removed too. I now have no proof to convince me whether or not I would 'love to fuck' you or not. I think you should really try harder to seduce people through gmail to be honest
  45.  Stacey:  you wanna fuck me ?? lolz
  46.  me:  I have no idea what you look like. Any hypothetical question therein is devoid of content because I have no frame of reference
  47.  Stacey:  Baby we really need to go on cam i cant wait anymore
  48.  me:  I don't have a camera but I do have a credit card. Would you like the details?
  49.  Stacey:  Here i just invited you www.iCumOnCam.com?freeInvite=xqwasd try accepting that babe
  50.  Sent at 11:46 PM on Thursday
  51.  me:  google tells me that's a homosexual website. Sorry random internet person who has never seen or met me before and can't provide visual proof of your libidinous intentions but I don't swing that way. Bad luck, but chin up
  52.  Stacey:  Its supposed to be the best app for this kind of thing, hurry up and accept!!!
  53.  Sent at 11:49 PM on Thursday
  54.  me:  well apps these days don't go through much of a screening process so I can't ascertain its validity. in fact, looking on the appstore and googleplay I can't find any results for icumoncam. have you spelt it right?
  55.  Stacey:  Its worth the annoying signup babe, wait until you see what we can do once you're in
  56.  Sent at 11:51 PM on Thursday
  57.  me:  well i assume if one were to sign up and both participants have a web-camera (which I do not, I've been pretty clear about that but you seem to keep ignoring my logical and honest assertions) they would then engage in mutual masturbation which is a pointless exercise if the streaming quality is only 420p or less which I assume it will be to alleviate bandwidth problems on both ends when only 1080p HD clarity would only be the best way of viewing titillating content of what I once again assume to be a bored asian housewife which unfortunately does not float my boat unless we struck up a conversation about what type of housework she does to keep herself busy. C'est la vie. How's your day been?
  58.  Stacey:  Its free to join.. i promise.. but it will ask for a card i think.. im gonna get naughty and i cant have kids watching..
  59.  Sent at 11:59 PM on Thursday
  60.  me:  why would kids be watching? are you doing this from home? that's not very safe. Social Services would have something to say about that
  61.  Stacey:  Ok babe.. talk to you in there.. gonna charge my phone.. mwa! xoxo
  62.  Sent at 12:02 AM on Friday
  63.  me:  I told you I'm not going to to use that dodgy app. For a phone sex worker your communication skills leave a lot to be desired
  64.  Sent at 12:03 AM on Friday
  65.  me:  Hello? You there? Stacey? STACEY? STAAAACEEEYYYY!!!
  66.  Sent at 12:05 AM on Friday
  67.  me:  Oh stacey, you came and you gave without taking, but you sent me away, oh stacey :(
  68.  Sent at 12:00 AM on Thursday
  69.  me:  Ok Stace, we've had our ups and downs. I'm working out my trust issues but if you can send me a GENUINE working link to a picture of some grot then I'll come (no pun intended) on icumyouwatchok?.com and we can fap all day evry day #swag
  70.  Stacey:  Its www.iCumOnCam.com?freeInvite=xqwasd
  71.  me:  thanks for the clarification!!
  72. now show me a working imgur link to some tits
  73.  Stacey:  yeah i can be a tease ;)
  74.  me:  i don't think so, just lazy. if you ggogled tits and sent me the image url i would at least know if you had any initiative or not
  75. want me to do it for you?
  76.  Sent at 12:12 AM on Friday
  77.  me:  http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01597/tits_1597927i.jpg
  78. there, copy and paste that link to other people and it will at least show a picture that isn't removed
  79.  Sent at 12:15 AM on Friday
  80.  me:  Stacey? Does your name mean 'gives up' in chinese or something? You never convinced me to follow you into an online tryst
  81.  Sent at 12:20 AM on Friday
  82.  me:  Ah twas brief we knew each other Stacey, I wish you all the best in your future endeavours, just try a little harder and verify the validity of your honey-trap links in the future. Au-revoir mon amie
  83.  Stacey:  i wish i could put you face in between my tits!
  84.  me:  *your
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