PhantomSquad's dox 2016 by Cirno

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  1. Oy Oy Oy
  3. The last time Phantom squad got  fucked it was done by BWA and other groups and persons today they got fucked up badly by me
  6. Hello Phantom squad once again you claimed your undoxable but now your not anymore I pulled your sessions from your  browsers heehee you think I'm just a harmless gamer girl guess again the name's Cirno I been watching you for a while I watched  5 hackers jacked your accounts they are tired of your bullshit you claimed mirai via 10 bots can bring down steam kid your stupid steam has  global servers world wide the servers was down due to an overload of transactions every server crashes and you harmless kids beg senpai Keemstar who is fully annoyed of your bullshit he don't want to feature you in dramaalert I can't blame you I know XTM very well he still watches you he got his eyes on you I got him on speed dial  not to mention many other hackers who jacked your accounts  lemme guess you must be Brandon Smith that black guy who pretended to be an hacker jeez you never learned do you
  9. Your information based on your IP address I mean your browsing I just jacked it Phantom Zero aka PhantomSquad leader:
  11. I love Los Angeles USA USA USA I bet you that school kid getting bad grades at school raging because you mad everyone kicking your ass on multiplayer games XD
  13. My homie where is the blunt at? Hehehe just kidding  oh wait you can't swat me I hear you can swat come again
  15. How to swat someone who basically not using VPN proxy  nor  fake DNS  oops you can't Phantom Zero  I'm unswatable , undoxable no one knows what my real name because they couldn't find it
  17. Wanna here an story ?]
  19. One guy from  egypt said nice accounts I let him  rat me as an experiment to see if he can find my name all he said "Are you Cirno?" the fucking fool couldn't find my real name know why? I out smarted  him well you see  when an Phantom member gets dox hackers use the victim's real name because all Phantom Squad members leave their names on  their browsers which can be easily yanked once someone has cookies they got  access to the accounts already Phantom Zero you just don't realized it I just hacked you and what's up with making accounts saying "We're back" dude I jacked you 10 different times in 1 go the 11th time someone hired someone to place a bounty on your forehead  everytime you say you going to  attack a network your twitter gets suspended by me I already convinced the twitter  reps you're a  terrorist group and should be treated like one look all the hackers including BWA don't want you on twitter no more if you on VK  or kik or  Skype we going to come find you  this is what you get for making people miserable
  22. Karma is a  bitch isn't it?]
  25. 11TH time being rekt you decided to fight me knowing I already exposed your  secrets to the entire world I seen your tweets of you saying you  want to fight me on either facebook or twitter okay dude  when I went after you  everyone was paying attention I mean really  everyone was  watching I took down 10 accounts easily single handedly alone it was the best day ever for everyone  everyone was so happy on Christmas morning  yo when I told my friends you claim of taking down steam everyone laughed at you  and call you a joke on the net luckily for you Phantom Zero aka leader of PhantomSquad  XTM the guy who usually decides to do jacking of PhantomSquad accounts decided to let me handle you instead  you be a waste of his time  
  28. Why Keemstar decided to ignore you but mention your name]
  31. I recall something he said  "I don't do news on kids hacking games I do news on Youtubers only" he grew tired of you PhantomSquad so did everyone else
  34. My reaction to people asking you to hack which you lack any skills or ddos because you don't have any botnets what so ever
  36. LMAO  your fanboys will just keep dreaming soon they realized you are nothing more than a joke on the web
  39. My reaction to you faking  DDOS attacks/ hacking  ]
  42. Ever since LizardLands leader got arrested all these  fake DDOS  groups come out to fake shit  LMAO  
  43. LizardLands may had fake DDOS at times but they don't be mean to gamers they want game companies to improve their security on DDOS attacks and get protection
  45. [PhantomSquad's defeat by Cirno comes at the best moment]
  47. I already won I killed PhantomSquad alone  PhantomSquad was talking to me for nearly 4 fucking hours meanwhile those fanboy journalist  are becoming part of the problem they about to get kicked off twitter if they continue to advertise for PhantomSquad TechWorm along with HackRead better remove those articles mentioning PhantomSquad taking down steam which they didn't do because Valve took  steam down for repairs
  53. I'm a girl gamer nothing more else to  say
  55. Reason for the raid  : 1 hour ago I gotten spam news saying steam offline and you saying you took it down well since you  attacked steam or said you did it was an act of war regardless so I had to be on twitter for a while dealing with you while no one in BWA decided to go after you they feel you are just an skid and that you are harmless I spent like  2 hours you said you took down steam even showed fake proof I dropped a 1 second hijack of your IP address I peaked into your ports and found interesting clues you just mad you were losing in multiplayer and wanted revenge by  pretending  you are a dangerous hacker that should be feared no no cutie you should be fearing BWA they are the real pros on twitter if you fuck with them  be ready to cry for hours Phantom squad leader they will not give your shit back I seen them jacked other hackers and never give anything back once jacked by them say bye  social media accounts
  57. Reason 2: Because you said you took down by falsely claiming  that you did  I accessed and hijacked your browser gave me information browsers stores cookies and I obtained your cookies kid looked thru your shit I took you down for a reason to make sure you don't pose a threat to any gaming networks  even if you said you are  hackers which you are not  
  60. Warning : Next time I  hijack your browser Phantom squad leader your IP is going to my  friend who is going to sushi on your router I might give him the Okay to shut down your PC for good  stay off twitter and social media for while my presence will reach other sites before you know it Phantom Zero aka Phantom squad your squad  will have no where to  hide we will raid your lobbies I have your asses be forced to use an site like OurMine team to spread your lies where no one hardly gives a  fuck F.Y.I Ourmine team  themselves admitted to me they used Leakedsource for most of their breaching they are not hackers either
  66. Congrats Phantom squad this is your 6th time being hacked what are you going to do to me? Fight back? Come on I hit every single one of your members swiftly in 1 hour  meanwhile 2 hours you kids thought ya took down steam  you took down an decoy server hehehe other words Valve personally took down the server to  fix  repairs don't think by  making shit up you can get Keemstar to noticed you today and a few days ago Keemstar did mentioned your name however he doesn't want to hear your bullshit nor does he want to make drama alert news of you he said  "I'm not interested in kids taking down video games I make news from other youtubers only "  
  68. You were bitching at me for  4  fucking long ass hours I keep telling you kids Steam goes offline for repairs but I guess you kids never learned @PhaggotNations said he'll leak the info of you if he does I will combine his dox alone with the other doxes this will serves as Phantomsquad's dox history  when I say Dox history Phantom squad been  dox 3 times 2 in the past and 1 recently  
  70. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  72. Main leader's information
  75. - Suspended by Cirno
  76. - His inactive account
  78. - He rage quits
  79. - rages
  80. -  random
  81. - He ends up getting banned or his friends trolling him
  83. - Its confirmed PhantomSquad is not dead yet they moved to VK after they got kicked off twitter they speaking Russian
  85. - His hidden account which I found while reading his data files
  86. - His other site account
  87. - He is the leader of the  club I think he put an place on it
  88. - Hidden account
  89. - His fake defacing of an Islamici site LMAO he didn't though I would take a peek into his past heehe
  90.  - I guessing  VM services
  91. - status site
  92. - status site
  93. - status site
  95. - He rage quits
  96. - He ragequits
  98. /interstitial?url= - N/A
  99. - Status
  100. - I don't what this is
  101. - LMAO He follows PoodleCorp knowing they are out of commission
  102. - His hidden account unaware I found it he forgets to delete it
  103. - Co leader of  Star Patrol confirmed  jack pot or maybe hes fanboying star patrol
  104. - He uses an VPN that is an proxy
  105.  - His other hobby
  106. - He follows people they follow back  
  107. - He once watches it and never returns
  108. - He trolling some girl
  110. - Newly discovered illegal services which he thought no one would access his file [Uncovered by Cirno]
  111. - He talks like he is an dangerous hacker but he poses no threat
  112. - Anime account  
  113.!/following  - Brandon is a Roblox user
  114. - Roblox user confirmed
  115. - He thinks is that black hat hacker that is so dangerous trying to act tough he just got  fucked by someone who can hack but rarely does it on occasions
  120. - Brandon's old account  its been jacked and rendered useless its there for the world to see just how harmless they are
  122. PhantomSquad leader's secret behind the scenes shit that no one notices until now I dox them this time  no one else didn't please ignore
  123. @PhaggotNations I have a feeling their dox be inaccurate if they release info I will add it to the latest dox
  125. =====================================================================================================================================
  127. The PhantomSquad Leader's life
  129. Nulled from another pastebin which I recovered from  searching him up
  132. AUTOMSG 8:10PM
  133. Neflix $3, Warrenty 2 Months - I can get the entire Netflix package for an year for free LOL
  134. Hulu $10, Warrenty 2 Months  - They be scamming and faking PhantomSquad is fake
  135. Facebook $15, No Warrenty  - I gonna laugh they can't hack OR DDOS
  136. Instagram $15, No Warrenty  - They be using old hacks already patched  bet they using leakedsource like Ourmine team
  137. Twitter $15, 2 Week Warrenty - I never seen them jack  they fake twitter  hack to make it seem real
  138. SWAT $30-100, Depending on Person, Can take time - This is how they swat ever seen those videos on youtube where kids be on skype call making pranks on someone that is what they do
  139. Dox $9-$15, Depends on Person, and Time
  140. --DDOS--
  141. 1 Hour, $10
  142. 1 day, $15
  143. 2 Days $20
  144. 1 Week, $25
  145. 2 Weeks, $50
  146. 1 Months, $100 -  They use cmd in their parent's basements LOL
  147. --TRAINING--
  148. HOW to DDOS, $8.00 - Bet they be using that cmd LOL
  149. HOW to BRUTEFORCE, $10 -  hackerforums skids they are  
  150. HOW to DOX, $15   - LMAO  it already proves just how stupid they are  they fake dox people by making shit up
  151. -----Servers-------
  152. VPS:
  153.     $8.00 Spoofing,Custom UDP perl - they  using a online VM lol
  154. Dedo
  155.    $45 Spoofing,Custom scripts, dns amp/reflection. 24/7 Support - they can't spoof better they be raging when  I use their email when I do it  they be  freaking wondering  where the mail coming on  I don't use scripts or tools
  158. Makeing botnets reg for 20$ - They make botnets fake botnets
  159. self replication 50$ - They can't replicate I can do better I can get their fanboys to follow me  an they mistake me for the real deal hahaha
  161. Dont Pm one of us if u dont got money rdy or dont say ur gonna save up  - They sure love the scam yet alone brag that they are hackers
  163. Lets not forget PhantomSquad likes to pretend to be hackers also they can't hack they fake twitter jack by making accounts and pretending to say they hack it LOL
  165. pm one of our skypes
  166. zerotntsquad - feel free to hack the skype you can jack their skypes guys
  167. RootingBotnetz - free to hack skype
  168. bl4ck.j3sus - free to hack skype
  171. zerotntsquad's life he is a wanna be hacker who thinks he is dangerous he  just a roblox user coming soon I going to  access his cam
  172. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  173. Lets see since hardly anyone never mentioned Phantom squad's past incidents lets begin shall we ?
  175. Lets begin with all of their hijacked twitters :
  177. -  Hacked by XTM who was tired of hearing their shit I can't blame him the account is there as a reminder that Phantoms are harmless
  179. Incident: Causing trouble pretending to ddos networks  
  181. - Phantom squad  falsely claims they jacked it it gets taken over by #BWA @KINGSA7AN @buaidbaido Shout outs to the BWA crew you have my respect
  183. Incident: PhantomSquad  pretends to be  dangerous l33t haxors  by making a twitter account and pretending to say they  they hack it they are confronted by BWA  who takes over  the account and was later doxed
  185. Update: AfricaSquad was made by PhantomSquad to fake a  twitter  hack
  188. Mars Security
  190. Fate : Jacked by XTM , Might been suspended
  192. It was an account belonging to PhantomSquad  
  194. Incident: Made tweets of saying they planning to ddos networks  XTM responded shiftly by taking it over
  197. - Fan boy of Phantom squad  just there to grab people's attention from the main Phantom squad who already got shutdown by me  he is an decoy to get PhantomSquad fans to be glue to him instead
  198.  ============================================================================================================================
  200. Past incidents relating to  fake DDOS claims
  202. PhantomSquad steals credit from Lizard Squad who was giving companies advice on DDOS protection  caught XTM's attention by surprise  PhantomSquad makes a statement planning DDOS attacks which prompts XTM to deliver a message on PhantomSquad's website :
  206. PhantomSquad leader gets exposed shortly after  and was quickly destroyed and the leader leaves twitter forever
  210. More proof of Phantom Squad is fake they  buy their shit and its been confirmed by XTM himself
  214. XTM destroys PhantomSqaud  tweet deleted because account is suspended
  219. Lizard Squad declares war on Phantom Squad the founder of Phantom's location is revealed
  223. You know that moment when Brandon returns  and claims he is going to take down networks  which he can't do because he can't hack
  228. ==========================================================================================================================================
  231. I killed off PhantomSquad  this time  
  235. The reason why PhantomSquad's accounts keeps disappearing was because I took them down in 10 minutes while everyone else did flag them which  twitter ignored it
  239. Mines were more  serious  and  sounded like a realistic threat to the point twitter decides to take them down in 10 minutes flat yup   they disappear  every 10 minutes when they appear I was the first one to spot their new accounts and the first one to take them down
  241. When they mentioned steam they started disappearing instantly I took out all of their core members easily PhantomSquad is dead by me I killed off PhantomSquad you know what else PhantomSquad plotted a counter attack against me because I destroy them easily  I got rid of them easily before they can even do shit to me  
  243. I defeated them without no help they argued with me for 4 damn hours claiming they can ddos steam my friends said steam can't be ddos Valve shuts down the servers for repairs so the PhantomSquad gang was talking shit to me I ended up  hijacking their IP and  found clues of their past life  they say they can hack but they can't  hack nor ddos they always claiming credit or faking an DDOS for attention they think Keemstar will give them the attention Keem himself even got annoyed by PhantomSquad's bullshit so did everyone else
  246. Update: PhantomLair was removed by me   , Phanomsaudi was removed by me , PhantNation  got terminated by me Phantom Squad aka zerotntsquad who is the leader of the Phantom squad got his accounts terminated by me Any twitter accounts mentioning the members of the PantomNations gets deleted suspended in 10 minutes pronto    
  247. Facebook :
  249. - Appears to be the  satire version of the Phantom squad they are trolling nothing more to it if you noticed there are people who basically asks Phantom squad to hack and ddos which Phantom squad can't do
  251. - Phantom squad account
  254. Skype: I going to disguise myself as a decoy so I can get more clues in what they doing  on Skype its good disguising and get noticed by Phantom squad  if Phantom squad says "welcome new member( my name)" just don't go after me if I set my bio to make it look I was a part of the Phantoms I just getting the Phantoms to lower their guard to let me in what ever group they got on Skype think of it as being a spy and the Phantom squad don't know I  leaking their information
  257. Kik: I making an Kik soon I going undercover don't attack me I posing as a decoy with an legit looking resume  lets just say Phantom squad don't take randoms  easily  
  260. Their other  chatrooms : I going to try to get them to let me in their hidden chatrooms I take snapshots of what they say and add em to the updated dox
  262. -Credits-
  264.  Cirno
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