40k factions - Chaos Space Marines

Nov 13th, 2017
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  2. So you like the idea of 8 feet tall supermen, but prefer the spikey and evil look of the traitor legions? Well, Chaos space marines remain middle of the road, similar in many respects to their loyalist brothers, but their aesthetics tend to veer towards 'ugly' 'evil' and/or 'sickly' looking.
  3. Much like their loyalist brethren, each warband is descended from one of the 18 legions, and has(or had) a primarch. Those primarchs that survived have all been empowered into daemonhood.
  4. III: Emperor's Children: (Typical colours: pink/violet and black). Vain sons of the beautiful primarch Fulgrim, the Emperor's children have fallen to the whispers of the god of excess, slaanesh. Whether it is beautiful speed in melee, or using their Noise Marines to annihilate their foes with the power of music, the Emperor's children embody sickly perfection.
  5. IV: Iron Warriors: (Typical colours: dark grey and hazard stripes). Sons of the traitor Perturabo, the iron warriors are masters of siege, and thus disregard their opponent's use of cover in combat. They also deploy a LOT of daemonic daemon engines, such as the helbrute or heldrake.
  6. VIII: Night Lords: (Typical colours: Dark blue and red). Sons of the fallen traitor Konrad Kurze, the Night Lords are a dark mirror of the loyalist Raven Guard. Striking from the shadows, the Night Lords strike fear into their opponents, maximizing that fear in order to scatter their foes and annihilate them in the confusion.
  7. XII: World Eaters: (Typical Colours: Red and gold). Sons of the traitor primarch Angron, the World Eaters perfectly encapsulate their patron chaos god, Khorne. Terrifying melee monsters, the world eaters care not from where the blood flows, and will murder allies and enemies alike until all around them are bloody pulp. They value martial skill far above shooting or, even worse, sorcery, and will forego their guns for a chainaxe almost all the time.
  8. XIV: Death Guard: (Typical colours: puke green, pus yellow, bruise purple). Sons of the traitor Primarch Mortarion, the Death Guard have given themselves completely to the god of stagnancy, decay, and disease, Nurgle. Their daemon engines fling blight and disease, and to be in proximity of a death guard space marine is to invite the most deadly and potent diseases in existence. Their marines are slow, but hardy, able to ignore shots through their rotting bodies as they make their way to their enemies, and there is no avoiding the damage of many of their weapons, as no armor can protect you from the diseases of Nurgle.
  9. XV: Thousand Sons: (Typical colours: Blue and gold). The sons of Magnus the Red perfectly embody the idea of 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions'. Once, they were a legion that sought knowledge and psychic mastery, but it was that psychic power that was their undoing. After being forced to turn traitor due to machinations by their patron god, Tzeentch, a mistaken spell to protect them instead annihilated the entire faction, turning all but the most powerful of their psykers to dust. As a result, much like the Grey Knights, the Thousand Sons forces are few, but hardy, flinging psyker powers and mind bolts about like candy. Their current aesthetic is very egypt-inspired, with khopesh blades and high-crested helmets.
  10. XVI: Black Legion: (Typical Colours: Black and gold). Once known as the Sons of Horus, and led by the Greatest of Traitors - Horus Lupercal, the Black Legion is now led by the warmaster of Chaos, Abbadon. Much as the Ultramarines perfectly embody the loyal Space Marines, the Black Legion is the face of chaos. It is their forces leading the black crusades across the galaxy, and their forces which assaulted, and finally destroyed, Cadia. Theirs are the forces that are easiest to find and build when making a chaos army.
  11. XVII: Word Bearers: (Typical Colours: red and silver) The first of the legions to turn traitor, and led by Lorgar, the Word bearers are religious zealots who have fully dedicated themselves to serving the ruinous powers. In ages past, their primarchs words led the imperium to worship the Emperor as a god, now, they spread the word of chaos wherever they can, inviting daemons to flay their enemies. Their forces are almost always accompanied by daemon engines or chaos daemons.
  12. XX: Alpha Legion: (Typical colours: dark blue and green) Sons of the dual-natured Alpharius Omegon, the Alpha Legion is shrouded in secrecy. Plans layered upon plans, none know where the loyalties of this legion lie - not even, some speculate, the alpha legionnaires themselves. Sewing dissent among the loyalists, or among the traitors, the Alpha Legion prides themselves on being impossible to kill.
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