You Kain't Use Unicorn For THAT

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  1. [13:47:12] <@Kain> You leave the sanctity of the Ark Hall and move between buildings, watching the skies for red dragons. Looking for Kross?
  2. [13:47:49] <~Amaryllis> Yep! Preferably leaving Mr. Prickles with a simple writing exercise to occupy himself if that's possible.
  3. [13:48:57] <@Kain> Prickles is distracted for a moment and you slip out, inevitably causing him to freak out later when he realizes you're gone, but for now you give him the slip.
  4. [13:49:29] <~Amaryllis> No, no, Ammy lets him know she's going out for a moment and will check up on him later. She's not so cruel.
  5. [13:51:00] <@Kain> Kross hasn't gone too far, in actuality. You find him on a higher level, next to the corpse of the worm hydra, cleaning off his knife.
  6. [13:51:09] <@Kain> He seems surprised to see you again as you approach.
  7. [13:51:35] <~Amaryllis> "Greetings again." Ammy shuffles up.
  8. [13:52:05] <@Kain> Kross: "Greetingssss." the tonberry offers, walking over to meet you.
  9. [13:54:10] <~Amaryllis> "Do you mind if we take a moment to speak? There is much I can say and ask more freely away from the ears of others."
  10. [13:55:22] <@Kain> He considers, and nods. "Asss you will." he begins to push the worm hydra's body out from under the pile of rocks that had landed to it, toward a cliff face. Gravity takes care of the rest.
  11. [13:57:00] <~Amaryllis> "Impressive work." Ammy quietly mutters, watching it fall. She waves a hand, and her lantern appears in her grip. "Do you mind if we walk as we talk?"
  12. [13:58:30] <@Kain> He simply picks up his own lantern and begins shuffling.
  13. [13:59:23] <~Amaryllis> "You are a Summoner, Kross. So first I must ask - did you feel anything when we had last parted?"
  14. [14:00:45] <@Kain> "There isss ssssome connection between you and I, or between you and we, or ssssomewhere betwixt." he comments.
  15. [14:01:25] <@Kain> He considers a moment. "I do not think you are human."
  16. [14:01:36] <~Amaryllis> "I was, once."
  17. [14:03:16] <@Kain> There's a scream and the swoop of a large, red form from the direction the corpse fell off the cliff. Kross walks on, undeterred.
  18. [14:03:21] <~Amaryllis> "I am relieved to hear that, however. I was afraid I might have only ties to the stories humans tell about your kind, and not to the tales laid before us here."
  19. [14:05:09] * ~Amaryllis takes a few steps forward quickly and turns around, calling her knife to hand as well. "The truth is Kross," Her eyes glow, "I am all of you now; I am your living legacy. Eidolon, Godbeast, whatever word you have for this. That is what I am, but there is shamefully much for me to learn about your culture and your civilization still."
  20. [14:05:29] <@Kain> The tonberry keeps walking, watching you.
  21. [14:05:47] <@Kain> and then, there is a small chuckle.
  22. [14:06:35] * ~Amaryllis speaks on, undeterred. "So I wish to learn as much as I can, while I still can. Can you help me with that?"
  23. [14:07:50] <@Kain> Kross: "Sssso we have passsssed into the legendssss like thosssse we worssshipped. It sssseeemsss... sssstrange that a human would begin an apotheosssisss when ssssome of our kind yet live...I will help you, yesssss... but I wisssh to know, why do you think thisss isss?"
  24. [14:10:12] <@Kain> Kross: "Why issss it that the godbeassst of our kind is yet not of our kind?"
  25. [14:10:44] <~Amaryllis> "I died ten years ago, cut down in much a manner as the victims in the tales told about your people now. You see, no one knows the truth of this mountain out there. Despite all the scholars scuttling to and fro within this place, most still think it a dwelling for 'mole-men'"
  26. [14:11:36] <~Amaryllis> "What stories are told of the Tonberries now call them relentless murderers, boogeymen to scare children with, and scapegoats for the dark deeds men do to each other in dark and lonely alleys at night."
  27. [14:12:06] <@Kain> Kross: "Thosssse ssssstoriesss may be truth."
  28. [14:12:57] <~Amaryllis> "Even if so, they are only one truth, and a bland and one-sided set of tales alone."
  29. [14:13:06] <@Kain> Kross: "It issss difficult for otherssss to underssstand our kind. We are in conssstant sssstruggle. It may be that without a guiding light, the new generationsssss have fallen low..."
  30. [14:14:27] <~Amaryllis> "Perhaps so. In any case, the manner of my death resonated well with these tales. Tell me, Kross. In the Tonberries' summoning tradition, did anyone ever develop a ritual for bringing forth a new Eidolon into being? That is what brought me back from the grave and in the state I am in now."
  31. [14:14:43] <@Kain> He pauses, thinking.
  32. [14:14:50] <@Kain> And then shakes his head.
  33. [14:15:05] <@Kain> Kross: "No. Ssssuch a thing, to create godssss, was beyond usss."
  34. [14:16:01] <~Amaryllis> "I apologize. You must feel that I have stolen an opportunity then from one of your kind. But that is why I must learn more, so I do not dishonor your tales and legacy."
  35. [14:16:32] <@Kain> Kross: "No, I bear you no ill will... it issss sssimply... confusssing."
  36. [14:17:16] <@Kain> Kross: "I will entrussst you with our future."
  37. [14:17:23] <~Amaryllis> "I will say, however, that if my own stories - my memories, my soul, the manner of my death - did not resonate well with your own, then the ritual would never have succeeded. I was, at least in death, close to your kind."
  38. [14:17:48] <~Amaryllis> "Thank you." Ammy nods solemnly.
  39. [14:20:27] <@Kain> Kross stops, a moment, his yellow eyes squinting at you. The two of you are in a dark tunnel now, but you can see each other fine.
  40. [14:20:48] <~Amaryllis> "Is something the matter?" Ammy turns toward him.
  41. [14:21:26] <@Kain> Kross: "Not particularly. I am no judge of human appearancesss... ssssimply trying to imagine how you might look as one of usss...."
  42. [14:22:41] <~Amaryllis> "Favorably, I hope." Ammy says with an amused expression.
  43. [14:24:50] <@Kain> Kross: "I am sssssure you will appear exemplary."
  44. [14:25:01] <@Kain> Kross: "What did you wissssh to asssk?"
  45. [14:25:03] <Giantree> ( )
  46. [14:25:17] <~Amaryllis> (tree stahp)
  47. [14:25:22] <Giantree> (<3)
  48. [14:26:04] * ~Amaryllis turns to look down the tunnel again. "I was hoping first of all if you could show me what daily life was like here in these tunnels. It is easier to tell a tale once you have lived it, or at least made the attempt."
  49. [14:27:13] <@Kain> Kross: "Very well."
  50. [14:27:31] <~Amaryllis> "I had met another Tonberry before this. His name was Kni'lis, and he was one who weighed karma for his people. Upon discovering my nature, he was disgusted that I knew so little and charged me to go on a pilgrimmage, and to discover the meaning of the knife and of the lantern. I hope to do even better than that for when we next meet."
  51. [14:28:03] <@Kain> Kross looks surprised by that. "Then perhapssss our waysss are not completely lossst."
  52. [14:28:42] * ~Amaryllis looks to Kross with a sad expression. "I met him in a cage, captured to be sold as a monster."
  53. [14:28:53] <@Kain> Kross: "I sssseee...."
  54. [14:29:03] <~Amaryllis> "I know not how long he had remained there, but I intend to...purchase him and then free him once I can."
  55. [14:29:36] <@Kain> Kross: "You are kind..."
  56. [14:29:43] <@Kain> Kross: "Now, lissssten well."
  57. [14:30:01] * ~Amaryllis nods silently.
  58. [14:30:18] <@Kain> Kross gestures with his lantern as you reach the end of the tunnel, coming out in another part of the main cavern. He gestures around at the wooden buildings.
  59. [14:33:32] * ~Amaryllis glances around, following Kross's gesture.
  60. [14:33:44] <@Kain> "Assss a tonberry, your home is nearby your place of work. Minerssssss live next to the minesss. The ssssscaler lives before the room of punissshmentsss. The firsssst two hoursss of the waking day are ssspent in meditation at the sssshrine of Sssseraphim, sssstrengthening onesssss ressssisstance againssst the inner monssster. A meal isss eaten afterward."
  61. [14:37:47] * ~Amaryllis nods as she ponders this, but keeps silent, allowing Kross to continue his explanation. Quietly, she hooks her lantern to her wrist, then takes out a pen and begins jotting notes in her journal.
  62. [14:38:22] <@Kain> Kross: "There isss some free time, after the meal, which may be ssspent asss wisshed, sssuch asss being with family. Next comessss labor, in which mosssst of the day issss ssssspent. A sssssecond period of free time comessss after the labor, and then another meal issss had. Then, meditation at the ssssshrine of Diabolossss to sssssstrengthen your bond with your inner ssssself, and
  63. [14:38:22] <@Kain> finally the period of ressssst in which one may sssssleeep."
  64. [14:39:25] <~Amaryllis> "A very ascetic and structured lifestyle." Ammy comments.
  65. [14:40:31] <~Amaryllis> "So the miners labor in the mines, the sculptors and builders at their work stations...but what of the scaler for example when there are no criminals to be judged?"
  66. [14:41:15] <@Kain> Kross: "Then it issss their duty to asssissst in teaching the young."
  67. [14:42:34] * ~Amaryllis nods and muses to herself, "My title in my line of work is Inquisitor. I suppose that is similar in nature to being one who weighs karma. Or perhaps I would instead be a chef."
  68. [14:43:02] <@Kain> Kross: "Chefssss are esspecially highly regarded in our ssssociety."
  69. [14:44:02] <~Amaryllis> "I am glad to hear it. Do you have feasts in your holidays? Or other culinary traditions? I made note of the ritual carving upon the Chocobo in Shiva's shrine, but I could glean little else."
  70. [14:44:14] <@Kain> Kross: "When rolessss are broken down, the only necessssary one becomesss that of preparing food."
  71. [14:44:50] * ~Amaryllis looks like she wants to burst into food blogging but keeps quiet for the sake of listening and learning.
  72. [14:45:10] <@Kain> Kross: "Mm. Sssssuch thingssss are a rare occurance. I do not know of thissss word, holiday."
  73. [14:46:19] <@Kain> Kross: "Feassssts are held in timessss of utmost joy or sssadnessss. Sssssuch as the defeat of a threat to all of our kind, or the death of a young one."
  74. [14:46:21] <~Amaryllis> "A celebration of a significant day. Usually an annual celebration. The anniversary of a great historical event, perhaps, or a day held in celebration of a hero. It is a day for rest and merriment."
  75. [14:47:22] <@Kain> Kross: "I ssseeeee. We have not celebrated sssssuch thingssss."
  76. [14:47:46] <@Kain> He thinks.
  77. [14:47:49] <~Amaryllis> "Not even the beginning of a new year?"
  78. [14:48:22] <@Kain> Kross: "Not ssssince the Ark saved our people from the Catassstrophe."
  79. [14:49:35] <~Amaryllis> "Can you tell me more of this? I know even before your world had been assimilated into Terra, you were a 'ruined people' wandering the shell of another civilization."
  80. [14:51:22] <@Kain> Kross: "Ruined people... I think, perhapssss you refer to a different tribe. It issss one we have heard of, but very little issss known."
  81. [14:51:45] <~Amaryllis> "Oh?"
  82. [14:53:24] <@Kain> Kross: "The 'King of Tonberriessss' and his chosssen people, wandering the ruinsssss of those humanssss called Centra..."
  83. [14:54:00] <~Amaryllis> "I see. What then of Ark and the Catastrophe?"
  84. [14:55:08] <@Kain> Kross sits down, setting the lantern in front of him. "Ssssit."
  85. [14:56:12] * ~Amaryllis does so, settling into a cross-legged position. She dismisses her own lantern with a wave and gets ready to jot down notes in her journal.
  86. [14:56:19] <@Kain> He reaches over and scoops up a handful of dirt, whispering over it, and casting it into the fire of his lantern, which flares a bright blue as your surroundings begin to change.
  87. [14:56:41] * ~Amaryllis looks around in surprise.
  88. [14:57:17] <@Kain> You seem to be within a great ocean, or the projected image of such. Enormous alien fish swim by all around you.
  89. [14:57:45] <@Kain> Kross: "To explain thisssss event, I musssst return to our origin."
  90. [14:58:07] <~Amaryllis> "I saw a representation of this tale on the walls of one of your buildings."
  91. [14:58:39] <@Kain> Kross: "Yessss, then you have also seen of the Catassstrophe. But perhapssss you would like to hear thisss in wordsss."
  92. [14:59:12] <~Amaryllis> "As a storyteller, it would be preposterous for me to refuse such an offer." Ammy leans in a bit with an eager smile.
  93. [14:59:48] <@Kain> Kross nods, and gestures around broadly, his voice at once becoming much clearer and bolder in tone.
  94. [15:00:29] <@Kain> "Our people was one of the ocean. We were born of the water, as were the fish, but above fish we rose with our will and intellect."
  95. [15:01:27] <@Kain> "We fashioned weapons, unknown things to the creatures of the deep, but just as sharp as their teeth. We fashioned lights, in the manner of the anglers of the darkest recesses."
  96. [15:02:07] <@Kain> "And then, our god appeared to us. While we had once looked below, away from the light far above us, there was now a shadow above as well."
  97. [15:03:46] <@Kain> "We cowed in fear, wondering what terrible beast this might be. But it waited, patiently, calmly. Any who approached the shadow would vanish, never to return. But it did not come after us. And then, one day, the shadow began to move. And the more curious of us began to follow."
  98. [15:04:52] * ~Amaryllis scoots a bit closer and leans in a little more as Kross tells the story.
  99. [15:06:02] <@Kain> "We came to a point where the mud rose above the water and ceased being mud. It was firm with dry plants growing out of it, and towering things as hard as stone. Or at least it was believed of the trees, back then. But as we looked over the surface of the water for our god, we saw only a boat, piloted by humans. And I think, perhaps, that was all it ever was. But by then, our people's
  100. [15:06:02] <@Kain> legends had spread."
  101. [15:06:30] <@Kain> "And one day... the shadow once again appeared above us, this time in the sky, to lead us onward once more."
  102. [15:07:03] <~Amaryllis> "Your tales created an Eidolon to guide your people." Ammy nods.
  103. [15:09:01] <@Kain> "We were lead to caves, far more comfortable to us than the bright, sunny lands above water. We fashioned new weapons, lighter ones, and new lanterns of the strange light that hurt to touch. And in these caves we found our true home. But our content would not last for long."
  104. [15:10:14] * ~Amaryllis 's eyes flit about for a second before focusing back on Kross, expecting a change of scene.
  105. [15:10:21] <@Kain> Oh, right.
  106. [15:10:40] <@Kain> As he's been telling the tale, his words paint the landscape with these events.
  107. [15:11:14] <@Kain> You've just now gotten to a massive, dark cave that the more modern-looking tonberries, robeless, are exploring with lanterns containing fire.
  108. [15:11:24] <~Amaryllis> "You must tell me how you do this afterwards." Ammy mutters as she inspects the scene. "...Sorry, go on."
  109. [15:11:29] <@Kain> "Creatures of the deep earth rose to impede us. Creatures of the bright sky dived to greet us. Other monsters of the land followed, to eat us. " The scene shows monsters flooding in from every direction.
  110. [15:12:24] <@Kain> "And then, one tonberry cried forth."
  111. [15:12:35] <@Kain> Kross stops speaking as one of the images calls out.
  112. [15:13:29] <@Kain> "O' Ark, where art thou? Surely thee did not lead us from the place of our home to abandon us in this eternal darkness!"
  113. [15:13:52] <~Amaryllis> (>eternal darkness)
  114. [15:14:59] <@Kain> And then, the ceiling of the cave begins to shatter apart, a mammoth airship resembling a dragon, descending inward. The monsters begin to flee, but the airship begins to... change, moving and twisting into a human forum, before tracing the entire area with a beam of light. A rune forms on the ground and the entire area quakes as the monsters are all obliterated in a flash of light.
  115. [15:15:40] <@Kain> "Ark had returned to save us."
  116. [15:16:15] <@Kain> "The Catastrophe of a thousand beasts that would have ended our tale then and there was averted..."
  117. [15:16:24] <@Kain> "And there began our practitioning of the summoning arts."
  118. [15:17:13] <@Kain> The cave changes over time, the ceiling being repaired, structures being built...
  119. [15:17:28] <@Kain> And then it slowly fades away as it overlaps with the area around you.
  120. [15:17:55] <@Kain> Kross: "There wasssss a great celebration that day the likessss of which would not be ssssseeen again."
  121. [15:17:55] <~Amaryllis> "Well told, Kross!" Ammy claps as reality fades back into view.
  122. [15:18:07] <@Kain> Kross bows his head. "Thank you."
  123. [15:19:04] * ~Amaryllis has been scribbling notes in the margins of her father's book on Ark and closes it with a fumpf.
  124. [15:20:32] <~Amaryllis> "So that is how the Tonberries came to learn the Summoning Arts. Curious, curious. May I ask, have you found it any different practicing those arts on this planet compared to your own world?"
  125. [15:20:46] <~Amaryllis> "Was there any change, perhaps, in the nature of the Pact between Summon and Eidolon?"
  126. [15:23:06] <@Kain> Kross: "It isss ssssaid that it wassss different in the older dayssss, that eidolon would bond more directly with the ssssummoner, and enhance their sssstrength with the power of magic."
  127. [15:23:56] <@Kain> Kross: "The nature of ssssome eidolonssss changed, assss well, ssssuch asss Ifrit and Sssshiva."
  128. [15:25:11] <@Kain> Kross: "I am unssssure if the pact itssself wasss different."
  129. [15:26:05] <~Amaryllis> "That is still interesting. And helpful. Thank you." Ammy then stops, tapping her chin and thinking.
  130. [15:26:27] <~Amaryllis> "...What is..." Ammy starts to ask.
  131. [15:26:38] <~Amaryllis> "...your favorite dish?"
  132. [15:27:18] <~Amaryllis> "I do not suppose you have wellingtons. Or stargazy pie. Or baked Esto Gaza. No, you would not know what an 'Esto Gaza' is. Hm."
  133. [15:28:15] <@Kain> Kross: ...!? His face turns a little red at that question. "...Fileted Feather Circle..."
  134. [15:28:58] <~Amaryllis> "Why the embarrassment? Food is nothing to be ashamed of." Ammy smiles. "I do not believe I have heard of that dish, however."
  135. [15:29:10] <~Amaryllis> (oh god imagining blushing tonberry too kawaii)
  136. [15:29:27] <@Kain> Kross: " isss underssstandable you do not know."
  137. [15:29:35] <Giantree> (drawing it now)
  138. [15:30:04] <@Kain> Kross: "A tonberry asssking another of the oppossssite sssex what their favorite dissssh iss, with intent to prepare it isss... a ssssign of affection."
  139. [15:30:20] <~Amaryllis> "...Oh."
  140. [15:30:24] <~Amaryllis> "Um..."
  141. [15:30:57] <~Amaryllis> "Apologies. I did not know." Ammy fidgets awkwardly.
  142. [15:31:04] <@Kain> Kross does too.
  143. [15:31:07] <Giantree> (oh god that loud noise was the sound of my heart exploding)
  144. [15:31:42] * ~Amaryllis fidget fidget. "A-anyway!"
  145. [15:31:47] <@Kain> Kross: "I-it'sss no problem."
  146. [15:31:50] * ~Amaryllis clears her throat.
  147. [15:32:30] <~Amaryllis> "Let's just move on, yes? Yes." Ammy nod nods to herself and gets to her feet.
  148. [15:32:57] <@Kain> Kross: "Yesss. Let'sss."
  149. [15:33:08] <@Kain> He picks up his lantern and begins to shuffle onward.
  150. [15:33:48] <~Amaryllis> "Do Tonberry couples often ask each other for help training in the dark sword? Or with meditation? I wish to learn more of these, but I do not wish misunderstood." Ammy babbles awkwardly as she follows.
  151. [15:35:22] <@Kain> Kross: "It isss... ussually a private affair. Sssuch thingsss happen, but are not common."
  152. [15:36:13] <@Kain> Kross: "Meditation, I mean."
  153. [15:36:28] <@Kain> Kross: "I would be happy to teach you what I know, however."
  154. [15:36:54] <@Kain> You find yourselves looking over the shrines again from a level up.
  155. [15:37:11] <~Amaryllis> "I know the art by instinct." Ammy raises a hand and pulls back her sleeve, wrapping her arm in a dark flame. "Likely due to my transformation, of course. But I have had to search for lost archives to learn more of it, and I still do not know what training methods you and the rest of your kind used."
  156. [15:38:29] <~Amaryllis> "As for the meditation..." Ammy looks away. "I have not been able to control my inner beast. A glance through the corridors of my inner world reveal many portraits of those I have killed unwillingly. I would be deeply thankful to learn your meditation techniques."
  157. [15:39:43] <@Kain> Kross: "Then I will help asss bessst I can." he thinks on it a little bit, and then stammers. "E-except for one."
  158. [15:40:06] <~Amaryllis> "Hm?"
  159. [15:41:53] <@Kain> Kross hesitantly begins to explain. "Ssstresss relief can be effective in dealing with the ssstrain the inner beasst putss upon onessself. Which isss why the mating hall wasss esstablisshed." he looks down at the building marked by Unicorn. "...Underssstandably we will avoid that method."
  160. [15:42:05] <~Amaryllis> (>Unicorn)
  161. [15:42:13] <~Amaryllis> (pffft well played)
  162. [15:42:43] <Giantree> (^)
  163. [15:43:45] <~Amaryllis> "R-right." Predictably, Ammy's thoughts go to Noah for a second as she turns away and she starts taking on a pink hue. She shakes her head and takes a deep breath. "Focus, focus." She tells herself.
  164. [15:45:00] <~Amaryllis> "Perhaps you should show me the training techniques for the dark sword first then. Unless the practices are intertwined in some way?"
  165. [15:46:16] <@Kain> Kross: "Ssssubmiting to or conquering the beassst can affect one'sss ability, but we can focusss on other techniquesss... Thisss way." he leads you back down, towards Crusader's shrine.
  166. [15:46:45] <@Kain> (Is this something you want to play out, too?)
  167. [15:47:31] <~Amaryllis> (if it'd be easier to explain in a more OOC manner what kind of techniques Kross explains, that's fine. So is playing it out. Whatever works best for you)
  168. [15:48:14] <~Amaryllis> (Tonberry stress relief sex hotel is totally not something I expected btw)
  169. [15:48:42] <@Kain> (What did you THINK it was for when I described it)
  170. [15:49:18] <~Amaryllis> (I....I don't know.)
  171. [15:50:04] <~Amaryllis> (napping chamber? ;_;)
  172. [15:51:48] <~Amaryllis> (this is hilarious. I can't imagine how Noah is going to react when told about that.)
  173. [15:51:59] <@Kain> Kross goes over some techniques with you. He explains that while some focus on trying to embody darkness entirely, that the dark sword is best accentuated by holding on to some of one's inner light and manipulating that. It's kind of hard to grasp what he's talking about at first, but after a bit he demonstrates how distinctive his shadow is against the wall when his lantern is lit,
  174. [15:52:00] <@Kain> and how the shadow moves precisely where he wants it to with a bit of movement from the lantern. With the lantern unlit, his shadow isn't distinctive at all and lost in the surrounding darkness.
  175. [15:53:04] <@Kain> He explains that those who master this particular brand of dark sword don't injure themselves quite as badly as others.
  176. [15:54:47] <~Amaryllis> (sounds like SKILL TREE BRANCHING time)
  177. [15:56:19] <@Kain> It's an interesting lesson, if not a particularly useful one without a good deal more training.
  178. [15:57:13] * ~Amaryllis would ask if this means there's another brand of techniques that others ascribe to.
  179. [16:00:40] <@Kain> There's several, yes.
  180. [16:02:28] <@Kain> There's the Betraying Sword, which rips lifeforce out of allies, the Sword of the Beast, which utilizes some strange art that actually transforms them into a different creature altogether, there are some styles that focus on variations of Darkside, like one that comes out in a wave, or poisons the user for a constant boost. And there's a particularly forbidden style that combines the
  181. [16:02:28] <@Kain> dark sword with the summoning arts, the Way of the Dark Eidolon.
  182. [16:03:15] <~Amaryllis> Oh you can't expect me not to be curious about that last one. :P
  183. [16:03:44] <~Amaryllis> Though Ammy would also ask if any happens to involve turning into pure shadow yourself and explains that's what her inner beast did once.
  184. [16:03:55] <@Kain> The way of the dark eidolon is forbidden because it unnaturally creates and draws out a tonberry-like 'inner beast' within an eidolon, corrupting them but increasing their power up to tenfold.
  185. [16:04:12] <Giantree> (d-don't look at me like that ammy)
  186. [16:04:59] <@Kain> And Kross does mention to you that that sounds like shadowwalking, a technique of the particularly learned.
  187. [16:07:17] <~Amaryllis> Are there training manuals or anything around here Ammy can take with her to study and train this stuff on her own later?
  188. [16:07:40] <@Kain> Pick one.
  189. [16:08:08] <~Amaryllis> D-do I have to pick now? I kinda figured on making that choice later.
  190. [16:08:30] <@Kain> I suppose you could just carry around a bunch of heavy slates...
  191. [16:08:36] <Giantree> (Cecil darkness wave is the best and for real manberries 1,1pick dark eidolon fgt)
  192. [16:09:59] <~Amaryllis> I guess she could transcribe them? OR USE 8 FORCE TO BE STRONGTH.
  193. [16:11:01] <@Kain> alright then, go ahead
  194. [16:11:08] <@Kain> you can have them
  195. [16:11:18] <~Amaryllis> Yayifications
  196. [16:11:21] <Giantree> (1,1this is obviously your character-specific upgrade you goof trying to take all of them will lead to frowns and headshakes)
  197. [16:11:27] <Giantree> (1,1... or not apparently, okay)
  198. [16:11:57] <~Amaryllis> (I know that Tree - I just don't want to have to CHOOSE which one to learn right now. Ammy would want to think that over too)
  199. [16:12:23] <~Amaryllis> (I figure time/effort would be the natural limit against learning more than one)
  200. [16:12:32] <@Kain> And as you look
  201. [16:12:38] <@Kain> And you look and you look
  202. [16:12:46] <Giantree> (I hold to my suggestion!)
  203. [16:13:02] <~Amaryllis> (b-but Nat would disapprove so hard ;_;)
  204. [16:13:23] <@Kain> Actually, nevermind~
  205. [16:13:33] <Giantree> (Honestly I'm just curious because Mary already exists so what would even HAPPEN)
  206. [16:13:34] <~Amaryllis> W-what?
  207. [16:13:46] <@Kain> In any case
  208. [16:13:49] <@Kain> What else do
  209. [16:14:44] <~Amaryllis> No longer flustered from the uh, Unicorn conversation and all, Ammy would wanna know about the meditation techniques for resisting/communing with inner beast.
  210. [16:15:58] <@Kain> Everyone's meditation techniques are different, Kross replies. The best he can suggest is meditating in the places of power themselves, clearing your mind, and steeling your will.
  211. [16:17:27] <@Kain> You may not even get very far in your first attempts.
  212. [16:18:20] <@Kain> He does caution you, though.
  213. [16:19:01] <@Kain> Meditating in the shrine of Diabolos requires you assert the three C's. Calmness, confidence, and control.
  214. [16:20:01] <~Amaryllis> Hmm. Alrighty! Definitely sounds like something to try there. Ammy just has one last question before thanking Kross for his time. "As I have wandered these tunnels, I have not seen a single skeleton or graveyard. How do the Tonberries treat their dead?"
  215. [16:20:46] <~Amaryllis> Even if it might end disastrously, I imagine Ammy would at least -try- meditating there.
  216. [16:21:36] <@Kain> Kross: "They are disssssposssed of into a sssshaft leading into the heart of the mountain." he replies. "A different path from the room of judgement, but the ssssame destination. Much like our souls take."
  217. [16:22:11] <@Kain> Kross: "I have, however, ssseeen many ssskeletonsss in the ressssidential buildingssss..." he gestures at the wooden structures.
  218. [16:23:08] <~Amaryllis> "Would you like me to collect them and send them off in the shaft with the others?"
  219. [16:24:13] <@Kain> Kross: "What isssss done with the remainssss is no longer important. None remain to underssstand the ceremony. Do with them what you wish, they are merely bonessss."
  220. [16:25:00] <~Amaryllis> "Ceremony is important if even one exists to appreciate it."
  221. [16:26:50] <@Kain> Kross: "Your life may be more important. Do not be afraid to call on the ssssspirits of Tonberriesss passst if you are ssso in need."
  222. [16:27:35] <~Amaryllis> "I will remember that. Thank you."
  223. [16:29:22] <@Kain> (Anything else?)
  224. [16:29:44] <~Amaryllis> "If ever you need help or guidance in the world above, feel free to seek me out. Until we meet again, Kross."
  225. [16:29:54] <@Kain> Kross nods. "Until we meet again..."
  226. [16:30:05] <~Amaryllis> (nope, thanks! Ammy's gonna try meditating and then grab Prickles for more writing tootering)
  227. [16:30:07] <@Kain> He begins to shuffle off, looking left, then right, then bounds off.
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