Stuck in a Rut

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  1. Stuck in a Rut
  3. Glass littered the floor of Twilight’s library. Twilight was walking back and forth, sweeping the shards into a dustpan with a scowl. Spike followed close behind, picking up and pieces she had missed. In the corner, crumpled and unconscious, was a blue pegasus, propped against the wall with her wings splayed outwards. The window that was once directly across from Rainbow Dash was now simply an opening in the tree, its frame devoid its glass. Twilight walked over to Rainbow and kicked her leg.
  4. “Come on, Rainbow,” she said, “Get up.” The pegasus blinked, shaking her head viciously. She opened her eyes, her pupils contracting from the sunlight shining through the window.
  5. “Ow,” she said, rubbing her head, “What happened?” Without saying a word, Twilight levitated a wastebin over to Rainbow. Twilight stood over her like a man upset at his dog. She tilted the wastebin forward. Rainbow looked down into the bin, and found lots of reflections staring up at her. She looked at Twilight, then to the glass, then to the window, before going back to Twilight. After a bit of thought, she put the pieces together.
  6. “Oh,” Rainbow said, “I guess..I uh...sorry about that.” She got up from her seated position and shook off any loose debris, laughing all the while.
  7. “I guess I shouldn’t have been practicing that trick so close to the town...”
  8. “Geez Rainbow,” she said, “You’re too reckless. One of these days you’re going to get yourself stuck in a situation you didn’t mean to be in.”
  9. “It’s just a window, Twi,” Rainbow said, ignoring her, “why are you getting so upset?”
  10. “It’s not the window I’m upset about,” Twilight said, “I’m mad about your attitude. You constantly ignore rules, disobey orders--”
  11.         “Now wait just a minute,” Rainbow interrupted, “What do you mean ‘disobey orders’?”
  12. “Well there’s performing stunts within 1000 meters of Ponyville.”
  13. “That’s a dumb rule!” she shouted, “When did that start?”
  14.         “Last month.”
  15. “See, how was I supposed to know--”
  16.         “It was implemented after you crashed into the orphanage.”
  17. “Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad--”
  18. “You put three foals in the hospital.”
  19.         “They only had a couple sprained wings. Why do you always worry? I almost never lose control, and I recover most of the time.”
  20.         “It only takes one mistake to land yourself in a bad situation.”
  21. “Whatever,” Rainbow said dismissively, “What do you eggheads know about athleticism anyway?” Rainbow turned towards the door.
  22. “I’ll pay you for the window,” Rainbow opened her wings, “but I got some more practicing to do for the airshow.”
  23. “You better stay away from Ponyville,” Twilight warned, “next time you crash here I’ll hand you to Celestia herself!” Rainbow casually flicked her tail, crouched, and sprung into the sky. She flew off as fast as her wings could carry her, far away from Ponyville. She was enraged, upset at Twilight, upset at the rules, upset at everything.
  24. “Stupid eggheads,” she said to herself, “They don’t understand what pushing yourself means.” She banked away from Ponyville, traveling another few miles before hovering above the mountains. She looked down at the ground, judging her altitude. She had enough height for a split-S, she reckoned. It was a lead into her big stunt, a quadruple outside loop. She had to practice; at least now she was far enough away for Twilight to stop breathing down her throat. She focused her energy, breathing deeply, and let go.
  25. She rocketed forward at ridiculous speeds, maintaining a strict control.Eventually she rolled onto her back and leaned down. She made a great downwards arc in the sky, leveling off just before the rocks. The feeling of speed and the pumping of adrenaline flowed through her. She closed her eyes to soak in all the bliss she felt. She couldn’t see the rocks flying by her head. She didn’t feel the sudden shift in the wind. She had ignored the most important rule of flight: Never close your eyes.
  27. +++
  30. Rainbow regained consciousness, noticing a dull ache throughout her body. When she opened her eyes, her vision was distorted. A dense fog seemed to cover her eyes, a light green piercing through. Rainbow tried to flap her wings but felt like weights were tied to the end.
  31. “What the--?” she said, pulling on her wings but not moving them at all. She started to panic, thrashing her other limbs but found them held fast as well.
  32. “No no no! What’s going on?” she shouted, but was frightened to hear her words come out as muffled grunts. Her eyes shot open as her mouth was filled with a viscous green substance. It shot past her lips and flooded her mouth, pressing against her palette. Rainbow tried to force her mouth closed but the pressure of the flow prevented her from doing so. The fluid writhed against her cheeks, pulsating as it wormed its way deeper inside her. Rainbow felt her tongue being tickled. It was like it knew what it was doing. It felt...alive. Rainbow felt the jelly in her mouth start to move back and forth. It pumped rhythmically, sliding over her tongue and ramming itself down her throat.
  33. Rainbow felt violated, and yet the fluid seemed caring. It moved slowly, caressing her tongue and palate. It felt like it knew what she wanted, like a lover holding her in a tight kiss. While the fluid pumped inside her mouth, Rainbow felt a slow pulse running down her wings. She moaned as the wave of pressure slowly moved down her wings. Her sensitive wings sent shocks of pleasure through her body, almost as though it was milked out of  the wings themselves.
  35. Rainbow hardly noticed the slime around her stomach start to convulse. She felt a strong pressure against her nethers. Rainbow moaned in disapproval, but the pressure grew stronger. She opened her eyes and stared through the fog. She could make out a large amount of grayish-green shapes that resembled sleeping bats. She swore she had seen those before. The pressure grew stronger, forcing her labia apart. She squinted even more and made out darker shapes writhing inside the suspended shapes. Rainbow’s eyes shot open as she realized what it was. She was in a changeling pod.
  36.         Her mind snapped back to reality as her pussy was forced apart. Rainbow let out a muffled wail as the slime rushed inside her tunnel. The slime pressed against her walls as it was determined to fill her completely. Rainbow writhed as the thick fluid butted against her womb. The slime held itself inside her, forcing Rainbow Dash to feel every inch of it. The fluid pulled itself back, dragging its membrane slowly across Rainbow’s walls. It thrust inside again, prodding Rainbow’s cervix with each push.
  38. Rainbow, as she was fucked back to front, wondered how she had gotten herself into the situation in the first place. She couldn’t think for long before being thrust into reality by the tentacles.
  39.         “Okay,” she thought, “I was flying...I came to this big canyon...” she tried to remember every detail, ignoring the tendril pushing against her ass, “and I closed my eyes for just a second.” Rainbow realised her fault. She didn’t see where she was flying, the cardinal sin of pegasi. She had probably flown blindly into a changeling hive, knocked herself out, and placed in one of these pods. She felt like crying but the slime prevented tears from coming out. She sobbed quietly as all three of her entrances were violated. This slime was having its way with her and she couldn’t do anything about it.
  40.         The tendrils seemed to have unlimited stamina, never stopping for a second. Rainbow didn’t know how long she was in the pod nor how long it had been pleasuring her, and she saw no end in sight. Rainbow began to give up when she felt a deep well of pleasure inside her stomach.
  41.         “No...” she thought, “I can’t let this to me!” She fought harder against the fluid but the fluid pushed harder. The fluid compressed her into a near fetal position, preventing her from moving even a small amount. The slime doubled its efforts, thrusting faster and faster into Rainbow’s holes. She sobbed loudly as she approached her orgasm. The well of pleasure started to expand, running along her spine and spreading to every nerve in her body. Her pussy began to contract violently, sucking against the tendril as it pumped furiously inside her. She couldn’t hold herself back. The pleasure was too much.
  49. Rainbow screamed into the slime as she came. She rocked and bucked as she sprayed her cum all over the tentacles. They, however, were not quite done. They continued to pound Rainbow as they neared their end. They thrust faster than ever before, fighting to release themselves. They forced themselves as far as possible as they came. The tendrils unleashed a torrent of fluid into her. The slime in her pussy forced its way through her cervix and pumped directly into her womb. She was shocked to find the fluid was cold. It felt like she was being filled with ice as her womb expanded to accommodate the syrupy fluid. Rainbow heard a tearing sound beneath her. She felt the fluid in the pod rush downwards as she began to lose consciousness. The fluid seemed to drag her down with it as she passed out.
  52. +++
  56. Rainbow Dash woke up to a dull buzzing noise resonating in her ears. She lulled her head around to get a sense of her surroundings. She felt air brush against her fur, a welcome change from the viscous slime. She looked down to see the ground racing under her. She wasn’t flapping her wings, but she was flying. Her forelegs were held outwards and her hind legs dangled under her. Her stomach had a very small bulge. She turned to look at her arms and was greeted with thin, black legs with multiple holes. There were two changelings carrying her to some unknown location. They stared straight ahead, moving at a moderate pace. Rainbow tried to break away from her captors but found herself weak. Her muscles wouldn’t respond to the slightest command.
  57. “Hey!” Rainbow said, “Where are you taking me?” No response. The changelings didn’t even flinch.
  58. “Hello!” Rainbow said, much weaker this time, “Where are we going?” With each word Rainbow felt her strength leak away. She begged for an answer, anything to ease her mind.
  59. “We’re going to the Main Chamber,” one changeling finally said, “Now keep quiet.” Rainbow was grateful that she knew where she was going but felt shafted by the cryptic answer. She tried to ask again but found herself too weak to speak. All she had the power to do was to watch as the drones carried her through the tunnels of the hive. The tunnels were dark and glowed a very light green. She heard moans and screams, mingled with the constant buzzing of the changelings. The trio broke into the main chamber. The chamber was massive; it was three times as big as Canterlot Castle, and bathed in bright green light. Rainbow squinted as she accommodated to the bright light. The changelings didn’t flinch from the light as the carried Rainbow towards the top of the chamber. Rainbow noticed a large bulbous structure hanging from the ceiling. She reasoned that’s where she was going, but she didn’t know what lay inside.
  61. The changelings dove inside one of the many tunnels in the bulb and popped out on the other side. The interior of the bulb’s walls were jet black with green tumors glowing bright green inside them. Rainbow was tossed onto the floor, landing with a thud at the foot of a rock. She didn’t have the strength to bring herself to her feet. She lay there, sprawled on the ground as her two escorts landed next to her.
  62.  Rainbow heard movement in front of her. The changelings at her side bowed low to the ground. Rainbow’s breath quickened as she put the pieces together. A large black leg stepped in front of her. It resembled a pony’s leg, however this one had holes. Dozens of holes of all sizes dotted the leg, growing more and more numerous as Rainbow tried to look upwards.
  63. “Look at your queen, you wretch!” Chrysalis lifted Rainbow’s chin with her leg, forcing her to look up. Rainbow was greeted by a familiar face. She could recognize it anywhere, those long white fangs, that pale blue webbing, that ridiculous crown on her head. She towered over Rainbow, easily taller than Celestia. Chrysalis puffed her chest and began to speak.
  64. “Welcome to our hive!” she shouted, “I hope you’ve found it...comfortable.” Rainbow tried to respond but was too weak to talk.
  65. “I see the pacifying agent is working,” she said, “It’s a new type of ejaculate specifically bred for this purpose. Pretty neat, huh?” Chrysalis cooed. She knew Rainbow couldn’t answer but found it fun to toy with her. Rainbow grunted and wriggled as much as she could to show disapproval.
  66. “Oh stop worrying so much,” Chrysalis said mockingly, “After all, you’re undergoing a very important task to the Hive. You are performing a great service to us, Ms. Rainbow Dash.” She nodded to the two changelings beside Rainbow. The two changelings flipped her over, laying her on her stomach. They extended her forelegs out in front of her. The changeling excreted a green syrup onto her legs. The liquid dribbled down to the floor and started to harden. Rainbow felt the syrup thicken as she tried to get loose but was too slow. The mucus held her legs firmly in place as the other changeling applied it to her wings. Rainbow felt powerless. Her wings were her symbol of freedom; they represented all she stood for. Now, bound and immobile, they were useless. She felt useless. She started to sob as her hind legs were curled at her side. She looked like a dog lying on the ground. One last spurt of mucus covered her mouth as tears ran down her cheek. Chrysalis walked towards the bound mare.
  67. “Thank you, my subjects,” she hissed, “Now leave! I demand privacy!” The drones were quick to act as they fled from the bulb and rejoined their places in the hive. Chrysalis turned back to the mare presented for her. Rainbow weakly pulled at her binds. The queen loved watching her captives fight, but this one had quite a bit more energy than the rest. She felt a powerful force from between her legs as she neared Rainbow’s rump.
  71. “You see, Dash,” she said, “We changelings can’t easily produce on our own. A changeling embryo feeds on love just as we do. There’s only one problem. Our bodies barely produce enough love for the fetus to properly gestate. We need bodies that will provide maximum nourishment for our brood. That’s where your kind comes in.”
  72. She crept behind Rainbow and stared alluringly at her. She traced her cutie mark with her foreleg. She brought her foreleg down to Rainbow’s slit. Rainbow recoiled against her bonds as Chrysalis worked her leg up and down. The queen resumed her speech over Rainbow’s muffled cries.
  73. “Your species,” she said, “is incredibly maternal. All mammals are, but you ponies seem to have a much stronger instinct. You pour all you attention and care into your unborns.”
  74. Chrysalis moved her leg more quickly as her speech went on. Rainbow kept moaning over her.
  75. “Your bodies provide more than enough nourishment for one changeling,” Chrysalis removed her leg from Rainbow’s pussy. Rainbow garnered enough strength to look behind her. To her horror, she saw something droop under Chrysalis’s belly. It resembled a stallion’s member, but it was pointed, as opposed to a flat head. She shook her head, crying into the mucus covering her mouth, pleading Chrysalis to stop. The queen ignored her as she mounted her. Rainbow felt the tip of the queen’s appendage press against her lips.
  76. “Oh yes,” Chrysalis hissed, “This body will give them all they need...” she trailed off as she moved her hips forward. The long shaft slid easily into Rainbow’s pussy, spreading her walls as it traveled. Rainbow cried as the changeling queen penetrated her. The appendage seemed to be infinite. It just kept moving further and further up Rainbow’s pussy until she reached the cervix. Half of the shaft was still outside Rainbow’s body.
  77. “Shame,” the queen said, “They usually go further. You must be really tight~” She slowly pulled back out, the smooth shaft gliding over the ridges of Rainbow’s walls. She pulled nearly all the way out before thrusting back inside. She started to go faster, rocking her hips back and forth against the helpless filly. Rainbow could only sit and sob as she was violated again. Her pussy ached from the previous encounter and was growing worse with each thrust. Her walls clenched as hard as they could to force the intruder out, but the tranquilizer in her body prevented her from doing so. Chrysalis was lost in a world of pleasure, both from the stimulation of Rainbow’s pussy and the lust she was draining from her. Rainbow’s small blue rump rippled with every collision with the queen’s hips, sending waves of pleasure down her body.
  78. Chrysalis leaned her head down to Rainbow’s neck. She continued to pump her pseudo-cock inside Rainbow’s defenseless body. She brought her tongue slowly along Rainbow’s neck, drawing a long moan out of the bound mare. Her tongue snaked to her mouth, driving itself between her lips. The royal tongue soon found Rainbow’s own. They coiled together like embracing snakes. Rainbow felt her energy being drained from her with every stroke. She started to slip in and out of consciousness, each thrust bringing her back from the void.
  80. Chrysalis started to moan and Rainbow felt the intruder growing in size. She felt her lips dilate but then slowly retract. This feeling ran slowly up her pussy, expanding and contracting as the queen started to slow down. The bulge was nearly at the top of her tunnel when she felt another bulge, similar to the first one, pass by her lips. Rainbow didn’t have time to process what was going on when she felt an immense pressure on her womb. Something was trying to get inside it. Rainbow struggled as pain shot through her spine. It was a pain she had never before experienced. The pressure on her entrance was lifted when she felt her cervix open. Rainbow was confused. She had never felt anything like this before. What was the queen doing to her? Rainbow was brought back to Earth when she felt something drop into her womb.
  81. “Mmmph!?” Rainbow yelled into her gag. She tried to force the object out of her uterus when she felt another sickening lump drop into her. Rainbow realized what was happening to her. All the talk about raising a new generation, her body providing nourishment, the lumps in her stomach, it all made sense to her now. That wasn’t a penis; it was an ovipositor. That wasn’t cum; those were eggs. Rainbow furiously thrashed about, more than she had, but the mucus held her fast. Chrysalis moaned with each release, dropping egg after egg into Rainbow’s womb. The sickening feeling of the eggs travelling up her pussy into their inevitable destination started to wear on Dash. Each egg dropping into her womb felt like an anvil. She couldn’t bear her body, the thing she admired above all else, being used against her will. Eggs still dropping into her womb, Rainbow sobbed quietly.
  82. Soon the assault stopped, leaving and exhausted Chrysalis lying on top of Rainbow. She hissed loudly into the air, two changelings appearing shortly after.
  83. “You two,” she panted, “Bring her to the incubation room. The fertilizer from earlier should take a few hours to activate.”
  84. The two changelings liquified Rainbow’s bonds and picked her up, cradling the blue mare between them.
  85. “Be careful with her!” Chrysalis shouted, “She’s carrying your brothers!” The changelings slowed their pace, an extremely tired blue mare between them. Rainbow sobbed to herself, the sickening feeling of the eggs, her eggs, bouncing inside her. The eggs splashed in the fluid of the pod, a horrible stew of reproduction. She was carrying the future of the hive inside her. She was no longer a pegasus, a free spirit eager to push herself. In her place was a husk, a simple vessel for the progression of her enemies’ species. Her body was no longer hers. It belonged to the eggs resting inside her. It was a pile of muscle and bone surrounding her womb, leeched by the queen’s deposit. Her energy slowly drained away as she was carried along. Her eyes started to droop. With the constant buzzing serenading her, Rainbow passed into sleep.
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