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Aug 14th, 2017
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  1. Prince: Question, is the Ocean of Grief an ocean or a sea?
  3. Ryogawa: I didn't pay attention to the difference. But it shouldn't be too wide an area, so sea?
  5. Prince: Seas are bodies of water that can be part of oceans, but are at least parially enclosed by land. Oceans are vast, open stretches of water that aren't enclosed by land masses. Think about the differences between the Mediterranean and Black seas, and the Indian Ocean.
  7. Ryogawa: They describe the place a little. Read it and tell me what you think it should be.
  9. Prince: Yeah, I'm not too sure even with the description.
  11. Ryogawa: Sounds like an intersection point to me. Since it can lead to so many other places, I guess it's not too close to land?
  13. Prince: I'm not sure. The description makes it sound like it's surrounded by land, but then again, those places could be on a convex coastline... King of like South Africa's coastline. The fact that he says the Ocean of Grief is an area where pirates are active, makes it sound like it's only a sea that's part of a larger ocean...
  15. Ryogawa: Then sea of grief it is. I'll have to update my glossary on it.
  17. Prince: The minutiae we fret over that the reader will never see...
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