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[Halo CE - TSC:E] Scripts in your map - Sapien Prep

FtDLulz Jun 12th, 2015 (edited) 54 Never
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  1. Open your map in OS_Sapien. Click 'Mission'. In the properties, there's a box labelled 'project yellow definitions'. Click '...' and navigate to your globals folder you copied. Select the .project_yellow file. Save, but don't close yet.
  3. You'll need a few objects in your map. The first, a flag named 'the_void'. Do that now, and place it in a place inaccessible to players.
  5. Next, you'll need the following weapons in your map named the exact way I show. Do not include the 's, that's just to show where the name begins and ends. Doing this wrong will make your map not compile scripts. First is the path you'll find the weapon at in 'cmt\weapons', second is what you should name the placed weapon in Sapien.
  7. • human\pistol\pistol - 'backpack_hp'
  8. • human\assault_rifle\assault_rifle - 'backpack_ar'
  9. • human\assault_rifle\_assault_rifle_grenade\assault_rifle_grenade - 'backpack_ar_gl'
  10. • human\battle_rifle\battle_rifle - 'backpack_br'
  11. • human\shotgun\shotgun - 'backpack_sg'
  12. • human\sniper_rifle\sniper_rifle - 'backpack_sr'
  13. • human\rocket_launcher\rocket_launcher - 'backpack_rl'
  14. • human\dmr\dmr - 'backpack_dmr'
  15. • human\pistol\spistol - 'backpack_spistol'
  17. • covenant\plasma_pistol\plasma_pistol - 'backpack_pp'
  18. • covenant\plasma_rifle\plasma_rifle - 'backpack_pr'
  19. • covenant\needler\needler - 'backpack_ne'
  20. • covenant\carbine\carbine - 'backpack_cbn'
  21. • covenant\spiker\spiker - 'backpack_spkr'
  22. • covenant\brute_shot\brute_shot - 'backpack_bs'
  23. • covenant\shredder\shredder - 'backpack_shrd'
  25. Another thing you might need in your map is a 'marker_test' object. It's an invisible scenery object, and can be found at 'tags\cmt\globals\_shared\empty_objects\empty_scenery.scenery'. Just put this in your map (it won't show up at all, not even a marker, from my experience) and name it 'marker_test'. If you accidentally click off of it, find it in the scenery list (it'll show as 'empty_scenery') and rename from there.
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