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  1. # Pause/Play
  2. # /* Set and check for a PLAY_STATE variable to allow us to always display the
  3. #  * correct PAUSE/PLAY state icon when seeking. This is a touch driven
  4. #  * interface so remember to the state the user will enter instead of the
  5. #  * current state for the PLAY and PAUSE cases. */
  6. %V(160,-96,160,96,-)
  7. %T(0,0,160,96,play)
  8. %T(0,0,160,96,stop,repeat_press)
  9. %?mp<%xd(STOP)|%xd(PAUSE)%vs(PLAY_STATE,set,1)|%xd(PLAY)%vs(PLAY_STATE,set,2)|%?vg(PLAY_STATE)<%xd(PAUSE)|%xd(PLAY)>|%?vg(PLAY_STATE)<%xd(PAUSE)|%xd(PLAY)>>
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