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Neta Chara Prologue v0.1

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Nov 5th, 2015
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  1. Neta Chara provisional play-string life Hen
  2. ~ Prologue ~
  3. My name is Horikawa Kento. I’m an employee on a boat company, single, 35 years old.
  4. Why boat? In a world filled with competitive sense, a company that is sinking down with its employees is a boat.
  5. So, now with the pressure from my manager I decided to take a day off. I still have some savings from my deceased parents and a house so I don’t really need to work, however I do it to socialize. I don’t have any friends, much less someone from opposite sex will pick up their phone if I call, because of that I spend my time playing games.
  6. It was a net game. Net games have a wide variety and you can do it alone. I look at a game called “hunter life” which is unpopular. It was supposed to come out two years ago, but the development has been on hold. Its status is open beta, but there has been no update for two years. It was a mixed game like “snow dr*p” eroge with magic skills similar to “m*nster hunter” that is a hit portable game. The most attractive part is the sign of 18+ that is circled and crossed in red colour. I was interested even without reading the manual.
  7. I installed the client in the PC and proceed to character creation screen. It has some CG effects which failed to be displayed because of my PC specs. I wonder if it will run the game smoothly. For now I’ll just create a character.
  9. The first one is race.
  10. Ashura, dragon, beastman, succubus, mystic, ghost, demon, devil and many more lined up. when I hover the mouse it shows some explanatory text. I choose the demon race that has average overall ability.
  11. Next is appearance, I didn’t bother and chose default, although the face is similar to mine it wasn’t a big deal.
  12. And then the name. My Kento name is changed to “Kent” and the age I lowered to 15 years, as for the age I don’t think it matters much.
  14. Finally, the skill selection. There are skills with wide range of choice. From combat skill, gun skill, manufacturing skill, weapon knowledge, trade negotiations and much more, however the initial slots are for four. Anyway this is just a test character and I will create a serious one once I get used to it. I press the random button.
  15. The random skills were shown in a balloon like pop up.
  16. [handsome], [well protected], [womanizer], [sexual prodigy].
  17. [Handsome] is good...
  18. [well protected] what does that mean?
  19. But, [womanizer] and [sex prodigy] am I going to be a Harem king or a pimp?
  20. I could press the random button again but the temptation of two hidden erotic skills overrides my rationality. So I press the OK button.
  21. Status window
  22. Name: Kent Race: Demon
  23. Sex: Male Age: 15
  24. Language: English Reading: None
  25. Combat job: None General job: None
  26. Combat Skills None
  27. General Skills None
  28. Initial Skills Handsome
  29. Well protected
  30. Womanizer
  31. Sex prodigy
  32. Equipment None
  34. I don’t know what I am going to do without combat and general skill. I may need to learn them later on. To end the character creation there is a confirmation screen.
  35. I pressed the [Enter] button.
  36. [Are you ready for the game with this character? YES / NO]
  37. It is of course YES. Nice skill! Erotic Hurrah! !
  38. [Are you sure? YES / NO]
  39. YES! YES! YES!
  40. I was too impatient to start playing.
  41. [So, we will proceed with the summoning to a different world, Grimoire]
  42. Summoning? I was watching the monitor screen...
  43. It shines really bright and I lost my consciousness….
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