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  1. Ori / DevinToday at 5:01 PM
  2. So. What do I get out of this
  3. nexusgenesis535Today at 5:06 PM
  4. Not much, unless you decide to go into the same field of work as me; then you''l have a lot of experience. And the satisfaction of catching a long-time criminal.
  5. Ori / DevinToday at 5:09 PM
  6. See your asking for help from me without offering anything in return.
  7. nexusgenesis535Today at 5:09 PM
  8. I only need help from those who want to help
  9. Ori / DevinToday at 5:09 PM
  10. Least you could do is offer info in exchange
  11. nexusgenesis535Today at 5:09 PM
  12. But at the same time it could be cool
  13. Ok
  14. On what
  15. Ori / DevinToday at 5:12 PM
  16. what interest do you have in Tai's family? What kind of "dangerous" are we talking about here
  17. nexusgenesis535Today at 5:13 PM
  18. Dangerous?
  19. Ori / DevinToday at 5:14 PM
  20.  We're reaching out because he's part of a dangerous group
  21. you said that in your email.
  22. nexusgenesis535Today at 5:15 PM
  23. oh, he's an escapee from a scientific facility, kind of like Area 51
  24. Ori / DevinToday at 5:17 PM
  25. why are you hunting them
  26. nexusgenesis535Today at 5:18 PM
  27. Who said we were hunting them, we just want to bring them back to the labs so they don't get hurt or put into a zoo or something
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