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Final Fantasy RPG Black Mage Trouble

PrincessPaladine May 16th, 2018 (edited) 117 Never
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  1. TROUBLE: Overly Polite
  2. Arcanette is polite to everyone and everything. Even in situations where she is clearly in danger or the other side is clearly not open to discussion, she tries to negotiate, use diplomacy, and reason with her enemies, holding back on unleashing her magic until conflict is forced upon her. She also expects logic to work on everyone she meets, can't read the mood, and approaches everything like a day-to-day affair even in crisis situations. She is easily taken advantage of, gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, and even when she has suspicions she will go along with whatever the other party says because she considers it the height of rudeness to distrust someone. She will always rescue an enemy in trouble, trust her back to a proven betrayer, and accept a deal offered in bad faith for the sake of even the CHANCE of peaceful resolution and what she considers to be good manners. In all situations, her personal motto is that she would rather trust and regret than doubt and regret.
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