Mall Trip (No Spoilers)

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  1. Outfits Link (For Reference):
  5. [17:45] <DrEvilKitteh> (Since I believe no one is using this at the moment, Hel and I shall commandeer it for our own purposes. :3)
  6. [17:46] <Nessalie> (go ahead!)
  7. [17:47] <Helen> (alright, ty!)
  8. [17:48] <DrEvilKitteh> (Others are free to spectate, of course.
  9. [17:49] <Sahara> (As long as its not for degeneracy then feel free)
  10. [17:49] <DrEvilKitteh> (Nah, just funnies at the mall.)
  11. [17:53] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris, once again wearing her Outfit, stared down at Maya. The smaller girl was kneeling on the floor and deep in concentration. Shadows swirled around her and deepened, which instinctively put the ice girl on edge. Since she knew it was Maya, she forced her instincts down and shackled them there for the time being. They were just heading to Maya's...'home', her 'world', both of them concepts
  12. [17:53] <DrEvilKitteh> that Iris was still trying to grasp. She held herself still when she felt something start to happen, but kept her gaze locked on Maya to make sure she wouldn't miss it if anything bad happened to the younger girl.
  13. [18:06] <Helen> The short girl with pale hair has her eyes closed as she seemed to focus, causing her shadow and the ones of those around her to distort, bend and stretch, swirling around her. Maya tried to reach something far away in her mind, as if being able to almost touch the perceived darkness of places in her memory.
  14. [18:06] <Helen> When she seemed to briefly brush against the darkness which evoked the correct feelings on her, she put her hand on the ground - it actually sinking centimeters into her shadow, and smiled. "Okay..! Stay r-relaxed, and here we go!"
  15. [18:06] <Helen> That said, the shadows seemed to expand in a burst, covering and enveloping everything in utter blackness and silence for a split but alarming second - before it all seemed to dissipate as a quickly fleeting mist, and utterly different sounds reached their ears.
  16. [18:06] <Helen> The rustling of leaves, a gentle cold breeze, cars and traffic on the distance, birds chirping. They stood in the deep shadows of a great willow, in the backyard of a large and old japanese-styled house.
  17. [18:08] <Helen> She stood up and exhaled softly, relieved that she didn't mess up with the coordinates again, this once, turning to look at Iris and gesturing shyly towards the scenery. "H-here we are..! This is where I live Iris-chan, um, i-it's not much but do feel at home..!"
  18. [18:16] <Maya_Dusk> The pure white clouds lazily drifting across the sky occasionally hid away the sun from view, but this was otherwise what appeared to be a sunny afternoon in Kyoto. The temperature was cold as expected for this time of the year, but the snow which had fallen a few weeks ago was all but gone already.
  19. [18:17] <Maya_Dusk> Thicker, dark clouds can be seen looming over mount Atago and the mountain range, just barely visible in the horizon beyond the buildings which stood on the outer skirts of the city.
  20. [18:18] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris kept herself steady as they were transported to an entirely different location. She'd experienced some different, but similar kinds of teleportation in the past, back on her own 'world'. A good amount of them had been accidental though, and she had never gotten used to the sensation of being warped far off to another area of the planet entirely. She shut her eyes and shook her head to
  21. [18:18] <DrEvilKitteh> recover from the experience, though it...fortunately wasn't as bad as the aforementioned times. She straightened up and looked around. It was...nice, she thought, to see things intact, not damaged or destroyed. Sure, she'd found a rare house or building that had been relatively untouched, but this? This was something else entirely. Eyes wide, she looked all around, hungrily taking in the sights.
  22. [18:18] <DrEvilKitteh> Then she paused. "...U-um...May-ah? sounds?" She made a passable imitation of a car horn honking. Which...was probably more than a little amusing, given Iris had been the one to make the sound.
  23. [18:28] <Maya_Dusk> Unable to help but to feel oddly happy at seeing how Iris seemed to marvel over the sights of the city, Maya smiled warmly, understanding how that must feel for her, who had just seen the ruins of civilization in her world. She tilted her head at Iris' question, but widened her eyes upon hearing the imitation of the car horn.
  24. [18:29] * Maya_Dusk seemed to take a few moments to take in the information "Ah, yes, t-those, um, t-those are... " however, she covered her mouth and looked down, her shoulders moving up and down slightly as she tried to countain her laughter, not sure whether that was more cute or funny, maybe equal parts of both
  25. [18:29] <Maya_Dusk> "T-those are.." she took a deep breath as she calmed herself, looking up again with a content smile "C-car horns, Iris-chan..! This is something y-you might hear a lot here, one sound cars might make!"
  26. [18:31] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris blinked, head tilted slightly at Maya's reaction. "...Cars?" She made a face at the mention of the stone girl. She...really hoped said cars weren't connected to Karpinsky.
  27. [18:39] <Maya_Dusk> Smiling amused with the connection Iris made again, Maya shook her head "N-no, although it does sound similar to her name..! Cars are, umm, means of transport! You might have seen d-destroyed ones before in your world.. Here, come with me!"
  28. [18:39] <Maya_Dusk> She started to walk to the path by the side of the house which led to the frontyard, taking Iris hand to lead her there.
  29. [18:42] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris started at the contact but almost immediately started walking after Maya; otherwise, there was no way the smaller girl would be able to budge Iris from where she stood. Her fingers twitched, then gently closed around Maya's hand. Her own was much larger than Maya's, and she would have no problem crushing the other girl's hand to pulp if she just squeezed. But that thought never even crossed
  30. [18:42] <DrEvilKitteh> her mind.
  31. [18:44] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Think...I...saw," Iris said softly. She was mainly thinking of some variants of 'Bad' who'd often used advanced vehicles to move around quickly and destroy things easier. Like tanks and aerial fighters.
  32. [18:52] <Maya_Dusk> Just registering that Iris could be startled with the sudden contact after she had done it, then her golden eyes gleamed as she smiled, glad to see Iris was already more used to it, as they reached the frontyard, glancing back at her as they walked.
  33. [18:52] <Maya_Dusk> "Y-you did? Umm, I t-think they might have been quite different from the ones here!" the frontyard of Maya's house was not as big as the one in the back, but still of a decent size, also adorned with a few trees and flowers. The walls weren't particularly tall, standing 1,50m high at best, and the gate was open, allowing sight of the street beyond.
  34. [18:53] <Maya_Dusk> It was evidently a residential neighborhood, but even then, it didn't take long before the engine of an approaching vehicle could be heard. "Ah, one is going to be passing by soon, anytime now!" she smiled as she and Iris got closer to the gate, to get a better look at the vehicle as it went to get a better look at the vehicle as it went by at moderate speed.
  35. [19:00] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris instinctively stiffened and pulled Maya a bit behind her as the car passed by some moments after the latter spoke. She relaxed after a second though and tilted her head contemplatively. "...Mm. it. Saw...'cars'." She reached a hand out to summon one of said cars from hammerspace to demonstrate, but stopped when she remembered how Maya had told her not to use any 'magic' while on her
  36. [19:00] <DrEvilKitteh> world. Her hand lowered awkwardly back to her side.
  37. [19:09] <Maya_Dusk> Tilting her head as she was placed slightly behind Iris, Maya then smiled faintly upon noticing that she acted that protectively to her. She was startled for a second when Iris raised her hand, but relaxed afterwards. "U-un, but I assume they were destroyed, right? Not moving around like this..!"
  38. [19:09] <Maya_Dusk> She turned ot look at her own house "Well t-then, before we go shopping, allow me to show you my house, Iris-chan!" she seemed content as she then started to head towards the door.
  39. [19:14] <DrEvilKitteh> "Most...w-were, yes." Iris nodded. She perked up at the thought of exploring the inside of an actual /house/, or one that was actually lived in. The idea fascinated her and...caused a slight ache deep within her chest. There was no outward appearance of it in her expression or body language, however. She eagerly walked with Maya, and she quickly overcame the smaller girl and actually started to
  40. [19:14] <DrEvilKitteh> pull Maya after her, almost dragging the poor girl. She paused before the door and looked down expectantly at Maya.
  41. [19:25] <Maya_Dusk_> "A-ah, um, w-wait!" Maya was quite surprised as Iris even outpaced her, pretty much pulling her along towards the house, then sighed, but nonetheless seemed happy she seemed eager, smiling, as she produced a key from her pockets and opened the door, allowing them to enter the dark hallway.
  42. [19:25] <Maya_Dusk_> "Like I said before i-it's not much, but I hope you like it..! Ah, um, y-you might want to take off your shoes before walking further in, though.."
  43. [19:32] <DrEvilKitteh> "Mm? Why?" Iris stepped in after Maya, hand still wrapped around one of Maya's, apparently an unconscious gesture. She looked down at her boots and concentrated, letting them dissipate and fade away after a moment. She was left barefoot but still with her Outfit on as she made to take a step further into the house. Iris paused, seeming hesitant, and looked back at Maya. She wasn't sure if there
  44. [19:32] <DrEvilKitteh> was anything else she needed to do, and she also thought that it would be better for Maya to lead the way in these circumstances.
  45. [19:42] <Maya_Dusk_> As the door closed behind them, Maya allowed her transformation to fade and then took off her boots, leaving them by the entrance as she continued inside. "It is a custom here in Japan to do so, related to.. umm, not leaving marks on the floor, I think" despite having lived in Japan for many years by now, she still wasn't quite sure of that fact.
  46. [19:43] <Maya_Dusk_> Noticing the lavender-haired girl's hesitation and how she still held her hand, Maya nodded for Iris with a kind smile "D-don't worry, that was pretty much the only one to be aware of! I think Havel-chan isn't around also, so I'll show you the whole house, p-please feel at home!"
  47. [19:43] <Maya_Dusk_> That said, she continued walking forward, towards what seemed to be the living room.
  48. [19:48] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Mm." Iris followed Maya, bare feet softly padding across the floor. Eyes wide and open, she slowly, methodically looked around, scanning the room and taking it all in.
  49. [19:57] <Maya_Dusk_> "T-then, here is the living room, where you stay at to.. r-relax and rest, watch television, greet guests and such!" she gesticulated with her free hand towards the couches and television as she spoke.
  50. [19:57] <Maya_Dusk_> Maya's house seemed fairly old, judging by the telling smell of ancient wood and the slightly worn furtinute, despite not seeming to be in bad shape at all. It was built in distinctively japanese style, with some parts seemingly newer than others, possibly reformed to accomodate the advancements in technology, further indicating that this was a house that belonged to the family for a long time.
  51. [19:57] <Maya_Dusk_> While most of the rooms had polished wood for the floor, a few did have legitimate tatami. There were many rooms, some visibly vacant and not in use for anything but deposit. The largest bedroom was one of these, seemingly untouched for a long time despite having all the proper furniture.
  52. [20:05] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris was too busy looking at everything to inquire further about television. The house was intriguing in that everything did look visibly aged and worn, but not in the manner Iris was familiar with. If she had the words for it, she probably would've called it 'well-lived in' or something to that effect. There was another twinge in her chest, which she set aside for the moment. She took her time
  53. [20:05] <DrEvilKitteh> to inspect some things. Not the various types of technology so much as intact counters, the floors, some things on the walls, and a few of the more ceremonial and/or decorative pieces and items. It may have looked a bit odd to Maya at first. "...May-ah...home, erm, h-house...good," she said after a while.
  54. [20:30] <Maya_Dusk_> Seeing how Iris seemed to be paying a lot of attention towards some of the details and items of the house, Maya fidgeted slightly nervous, wondering if she was finding such things weird or bad, but smiled truthfully at what her cool friend finally said.
  55. [20:30] <Maya_Dusk_> "Y-you think so? I'm glad you've liked it t-then! If I knew you were going to d-drop by I would have cleaned up a little better and such, but, u-um.. well, a-anyway, one last room!" seeming slightly flustered, Maya walked up to the end of the corridor and slid open the door to the one room she hadn't shown yet.
  56. [20:30] <Maya_Dusk_> "I.. I'm not quite good y-yet, but I thought that you would like to see this!" with a timid smile, she gestured towards the room with tatami floor that seemed to be.. a makeshift painting studio of sorts, complete with blank canvases, color palettes, paint tubes, brushes, a few works in progress and some finished ones.
  57. [20:32] <Maya_Dusk_> Mostly, she seemed to paint landscapes, albeit odd, otherworldly looking-ones, from cities with alien skies to space-faring ruins of impossible geometry..
  58. [20:35] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris stared for a long moment. Then she let go of Maya's hand, a bit in shock, and slowly wandered into the room. She approached some of the paintings and looked over them. Her surprise was so much that her lips were actually parted, open a couple centimeters. "...May-ah...mmm...m-make...?" She asked, and her tone surprisingly had a bit of reverence in it.
  59. [20:39] <Maya_Dusk_> Blushing over having her work being analyzed like that, fidgeting, Maya nodded shyly as she followed Iris inside. "Un, y-yes..! It's a h-hobby I got from my mother.. . t-though I still have a lot to learn, and I'm not g-good with painting persons either, only l-landscapes.."
  60. [20:43] <DrEvilKitteh> "...S-Some...of I...fav-or-ite...not," Iris said in response. Maya might remember the paintings Iris had showed her a while back, and indeed, few of the ones she liked the most were portraits of actual people. The ice girl tilted her head as she considered a particularly bizarre piece. "...Th-Think...would," she said after a moment.
  61. [20:56] <Maya_Dusk_>  "Ah, i-indeed.." she nodded, remembering the paintings Iris had shown her "It's just t-that it, um, m-makes me feel a little jealous when I s-see people who know how to paint persons.." she couldn't help but smile despite her initial surprise at Iris last comment
  62. [20:58] <Maya_Dusk_> "T-that one is indeed a little exotic.. more n-normal ones..? I did some when I was beginning, t-though I always felt like something was lacking, like um, t-that one is really plain" she glanced towards one of her oldest pieces, just a flowery vase."But I might try t-to paint one you could like!""
  63. [21:07] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris looked over at the vase painting and stepped closer to it. "...Mm.," she said in agreement with Maya's opinion of it. Still, she definitely liked it better than the stranger-looking ones. Then she blinked as what Maya last said sunk in. She turned around and quickly glided over to Maya, staring down at her with an expression of mixed surprise, anticipation, and...happiness?
  64. [21:07] <DrEvilKitteh> Hope? Something like that, anyway. "Maya would?" For Iris in her Outfit, she looked positively /thrilled/ by the idea. She shuffled around kind of awkwardly and started fiddling with her hands after saying it though, feeling like she should do something but...not knowing exactly /what/. Maya...might not know the cause of Iris doing so.
  65. [21:13] <Maya_Dusk_> She nodded for Iris with a warm smile. "Of course! If you want, tell me what you want me to paint and I'll try! I j-just hope I can do it well" she seemed a little embarrassed as she spoke the last line, then tilting her head at seeing how Iris appeared to be fidgeting.
  66. [21:21] <DrEvilKitteh> At Maya's nod and confirmation, Iris found her arms slowly stretching out, going to either side of Maya's head. There was a pause wherein she blinked and realized what was happening. She hesitated for a moment, arms twitching...and then she pulled Maya into a hug. The smaller girl's legs dangled in the air, probably with her face squashed against Iris' compressed bust and feeling crushed by the
  67. [21:21] <DrEvilKitteh> somewhat-tight hug (seeing as how Iris was still transformed and therefore was at full strength). It wasn't a 'warm' hug, obviously, but the coolness of Iris' body was somehow still fairly reassuring. " M-May-ah." Her voice was exceedingly soft, barely above a whisper, but Maya could've sworn she heard a smile in those words. Assuming she was able to properly pay attention, of course.
  68. [21:35] <Maya_Dusk_> "U-um, w-what-" Maya widened her eyes in surprise as Iris started to stretch her arms around her, and as she was about to ask what was wrong, she let out a soft gasp of surprise as the tall girl hugged her tightly.
  69. [21:35] <Maya_Dusk_> "A.. awawa, I-iris..?" blushing and not knowing what to do, she whispered almost silently, and as she realized that a hug was indeed what was happening, Maya smiled genuinely despite her embarrassment, and softly hugged Iris back. W-was there even a tinge of happiness on her voice?
  70. [21:35] <Maya_Dusk_> She truly never expected to see Iris herself initiate a hug, since she didn't like these, but this was too good a surprise. Despite the tall girl feeling cold, it was not too extreme, and it felt caring and comforting enough. "I-it's o-ok, you don't need to thank me..!"
  71. [21:41] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris just squeezed a bit harder as if to say "Yes, I bloody well /can/ thank you, so shut up". She slowly loosened her hold on Maya, letting the smaller girl slide a bit out of her embrace and back to the floor. " For," she added as clarification.
  72. [21:57] <Maya_Dusk_> Though the embrace tightened even more briefly, surprising her and almost making her feel like she'd be crushed for a second, Maya still enjoyed the contact and the coolness of Iris, before she let her go and she returned to the floor.
  73. [22:03] <DrEvilKitteh> To Maya, who was getting better and better at figuring out the nuances to Iris' expressions, she...thought that the ice girl was looking down at her with a certain bit of fondness. At least, moreso than she'd displayed on her face in the past.
  74. [22:07] <Maya_Dusk_> Noticing Iris' expression, Maya fidgeted, flustered, but still smiling for her friend as she tried to recompose herself "Um, w-well then, that was it of my house..! I guess the time should be good for us to get to the mall now.. and shopping!" she seemed eager
  75. [22:11] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris nodded readily. She made to walk in the direction of the front door, waist cape-dress swishing out behind her, but paused for a moment. She turned and looked at Maya, evidently waiting for her to catch up. One hand's fingers twitched, a slight unconscious desire to hold hands with Maya again being expressed.
  76. [22:16] <Maya_Dusk_> As she walked towards the front door following Iris' steps from a little behind, as she closed the door to her studio and turned off the lights, she tilted her head as to why Iris had stopped, then glancing at Iris' hand, and widening her eyes slightly, before smiling and pacing up to her, holding her hand hesitantly.
  77. [22:17] <Maya_Dusk_> "T-then, let's go! The mall isn't too far from here, so we shouldn't have problems getting there, I don't r-really liking taking buses at least" she said shyly as she continued walking, a little embarrassed but happy that Iris seemed to be that accepting of contact now!
  78. [22:26] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris promptly turned and continued on, Maya's hand held firmly in her grasp. She opened the front door but paused to let Maya lock up, patiently waiting by her side. Once that was done, Maya led the way to the front gate and through it. After they reached the sidewalk, Iris paused as a feeling of deja vu came over her, probably stopping Maya cold if she didn't realize that and kept walking. She
  79. [22:26] <DrEvilKitteh> turned and craned her head to peer into the distance at the mountain ranges. This...all of this, seemed eerily familiar to the ice girl, though she didn't exactly know how to say so. "...Mm..." she made a musing sound, brow furrowed as she thought.
  80. [22:28] <Maya_Dusk_> Noticing that Iris had stopped walking, Maya did as well, looking up to her and tilting her head "I-is everything okay, Iris? What's w-wrong?"
  81. [22:32] <DrEvilKitteh> "..." Iris slowly shook her head, then continued on walking. She dismissed the nagging feeling to ponder over later. For now, she had a mission: go shopping with Maya. And hopefully see what 'fun' was along the way.
  82. [22:42] <Maya_Dusk_> She stared at Iris with a troubled look for a few seconds as she shook her head, but then nodded, taking Iris' reply for it "O-okay then! If anything is b-bothering you, do tell me! And a-ah, p-please don't w-wander away from me w-when we are there, right?"
  83. [22:42] <Maya_Dusk_> She had a concerned expression which soon softened into a shy smile, as she proceeded to walk with Iris, leading the way. Iris would without doubt call some attention, b-but.. others would think it was cosplay at worse, and it wouldn't be too much attention.. right? Still, she was eager to find her some.. not-cute clothes.
  84. [14:00] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris nodded at Maya and dutifully followed after her, still holding her hand. She kept looking around at everything from beneath her beaked hood, silver-white eyes wide and taking in the sights. The entire place was /alive/, with actual /people/. It...felt good to see. She knew it wasn't her world, but...still. After a bit, she blinked and tapped Maya's hand with one of her fingers. "Mm...May-ah?"
  85. [14:00] <DrEvilKitteh> She asked in a soft voice. "" She was referring mainly to how those who frequented the pub had been so diverse in appearance, many even having exotic traits and colors (which was really the biggest proper exposure to people Iris had had), whereas almost everyone here looked very much Japanese, with little variation in base physical appearance compared to the pub's
  86. [14:00] <DrEvilKitteh> patrons. "...And...why...stare?" Really, if a 6' 3" foreigner with weird hair and eye color wasn't enough, she /was/ clad in strange clothes and actually holding hands with Maya still, who wasn't exactly the most normal or subtlest-looking girl around either.
  87. [14:17] <Helen> As Maya seemed to contently lead the way, she couldn't help but steal glances at Iris from behind her locks of white hair, with a faint smile on her face. She couldn't help but wonder how that experience was being for the lavender-haired girl who had only seen the ruins of civilization in her world.
  88. [14:17] <Helen> She looked curiously at her when Iris called her name, and then couldn't help but widen her eyes in surprise, before covering her mouth to stifle a giggle, averting her gaze briefly. Her friend definitely didn't mean it in the bad way, but it still got her nonetheless.
  89. [14:18] <Helen> "I-Iris-chan, d-don't say that, people are very different..! There's just not so much u-um, hair color variation o-out here!" her expression was more amused than anything as she said in a soft voice.
  90. [14:18] <Helen> Upon hearing Iris second question, however, she did notice how they were indeed drawing a lot of attention. Her face heating up slightly as she stared at the onlookers briefly, before looking back at Iris and trying to pay it no mind.
  91. [14:19] <Helen> "T-that though, um, they a-are not used to seeing people like you, s-since you look very different than them. Since my change I d-did get more stares too"
  92. [14:34] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Mm." Iris could definitely see the differences in people's appearances, but it was still odd to her. Not that she was really bothered by it, unlike the stares. She...did not like the attention. While she knew they were just people, not enemies who would attack her, she still felt anxious and wary. She did her best to not give away that she was feeling such, but Maya would most likely be able
  93. [14:34] <DrEvilKitteh> to pick up some of the more subtler signs in her body language that signaled how uncomfortable Iris was.
  94. [14:50] <Helen> While Maya was already used to some degree of attention both before and after her transformation.. Iris was drawing way more attention than she could was possible. In her case, it were just occasional glances and whatnot, but Iris would cause people to look at her, poke the ones next to them, point to her and comment things to one another.
  95. [14:50] <Helen> And she could also feel Iris subtly shifting the pressure on her hand. Looking up to her, the silver-eyed girl did seem restless at the attention.. by extension, this was causing her to get extremely flustered as well, since the attention did fall her way too.
  96. [14:51] <Helen> "U-uwa, y-you really is drawing attention, u-umm, t-this could be bad.. if o-only we had something to make you less noticeable.." she commented shyly while she glanced around trying to think of what to do, her golden eyes set upon a nearby convenience store, and she smiled faintly.
  97. [14:51] <Helen> Squeezing Iris' hand a little harder, she looked up to her "I have an idea, c-come here, Iris-chan!" and she started to walk towards the 7-Eleven not too far away.
  98. [14:56] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris blinked and glanced down at Maya. She nodded and walked after the smaller girl to the convenience store. She'd seen similar places, but of course most of them were damaged in some way or mostly reduced to rubble. The food and drinks inside made her eyes widen fractionally; if she'd found such a place on her world, she would've stashed everything in her hammerspace and live off of the food
  99. [14:56] <DrEvilKitteh> haul for weeks, perhaps months if she could stretch it. She looked back down at Maya after a bit, curious as to what she had in mind that would make Iris 'less noticeable'.
  100. [15:06] <Helen> When Maya and Iris walked into the store, the cashier greeted with a lazy 'Irasshaima...-ssu' widening his eyes as he set them upon Iris, and Maya nodded shyly in response to the greeting, proceeding with her tall friend towards the womens bathroom, heaving a small sigh of relief as they were finally freed of public attention.
  101. [15:06] <Helen> "O-okay, here it should be good.." Maya put a hand to her hip as her expression got focused, analyzing Iris from head to toe, before her features softened into a confident smile.
  102. [15:06] <Helen> "Un, I think I got it..! Maybe if we could cover your clothes with a few um, l-less noticeable ones it would draw less attention! B-but ah, d-don't take off your 'armor', c-can you make some clothes big enough to fit over it?"
  103. [15:16] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris looked down at herself and thought about it for a moment. "...Hm. Can...make...not key-oot...clothes...Maya showed...I. Again." She pulled on the waist cape-dress and rolled it up, then a pair of somewhat baggy gym pants appeared on her lower body. She plucked at the white cloth wrapping around her torso that was connected to her beaked hood, then concentrated for a moment. It dissipated,
  104. [15:16] <DrEvilKitteh> allowing her to put on a top that matched the pants without making it look weirdly bulgy in parts from the wrapping underneath. Without her really meaning to, a hood was formed on the top and settled over her head, acting as a sort of replacement for her Outfit's true hood. All in all, it covered up almost all of her Outfit save for part of the thin gloves over her hands and the boots, but the
  105. [15:16] <DrEvilKitteh> latter at least would probably blend in decently. "...Bet-ter?" She asked.
  106. [15:28] <Helen> The white-haired girl nodded happily "Yes, this should go much better!" she glanced up and down her tall friend again, and placed a hand under her own chin, thinking. The only thing left were the piercing silver eyes, which could still attract attention from under the hood..
  107. [15:28] <Helen> It shouldn't be a problem though, and probably scare a few stares away, too! So- she widened her eyes suddenly, her lips forming a smile with a tinge of playfulness. "O-oh, your eyes could be a problem t-though, Iris-chan.. say, can you make, um, o-one of these?" she quickly googled for a picture of glasses on her phone then showed it to Iris.
  108. [15:37] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris leaned in closer to take a better look at the picture. She was mildly puzzled by it, but after figuring out how exactly she was supposed to wear them, a pair of glasses appeared on her face. She blinked and tilted her head this way and that, looking through the lenses in a bit of confusion. But it didn't /really/ obscure her vision too terribly, so she supposed it wasn't that bad. She
  109. [15:37] <DrEvilKitteh> pinched the glasses on the corners and wiggled them a bit, still adjusting to the feeling of having them on her face. She looked down at Maya, fingers still on the corners. "...Good?"
  110. [15:46] <Helen> She looked up at Iris expectantly, but as the tall girl did manage to summon the glasses and put them on, Maya widened her eyes and put her hands over her mouth as it dropped open slightly, practically sparkling, face slightly flushed. "T.. t-too c..." she then shook her head to herself quickly, managing to cut it off mid-sentence
  111. [15:47] <Helen> "I mean, T-too good, u-um, this should be perfect, Iris-chan! This way w-we shouldn't draw too much attention!" Maya could also not help herself but stealthily take a picture of Iris with her phone. Thankfully, it was silenced, in case she knew what the shutter sound meant!
  112. [15:52] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris nodded and lowered her hands, then stretched out for a few seconds to get used to having the dark blue tracksuit over her Outfit. "" She asked, glancing over back towards the door.
  113. [15:58] <Helen> Taking a moment to calm herself, giving a quick glance to her phone to confirm the photo turned out well before smiling timidly for Iris and nodding. "S-sure! Ah, also, a-aren't you thirsty? I'll buy a water since i-it'd be impolite if we j-just came to the bathroom then left" she mused as they left the bathroom
  114. [16:03] <DrEvilKitteh> "Not...m-mind," Iris replied, opting to wait somewhere near the cash register while Maya went to grab the drink(s). She ignored the cashier's stare and just kind of stood there, unmoving, as she watched Maya.
  115. [16:11] <Helen> Nodding for Iris with a smile, Maya grabbed two water bottles then went and swiftly paid them by the register, watching amused at the cashier's expression and nervousness with Iris' presence. She then got the goodies and offered her hand to Iris again "Alright, to the mall then!"
  116. [16:16] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris took the water and Maya's hand, then followed her out of the store.
  117. [16:16] <DrEvilKitteh> They walked for a while longer until they reached the mall, and Iris slowed as they neared it and finally entered. There were...a lot more people in here, compared to outside. A /lot/ more people. And they were busy, bustling about. ...At least the ones who noticed them didn't stare nearly as long at Iris and Maya as the people before.
  118. [16:27] <Helen> As expected for a sunny afternoon in this time of the year, the mall had quite a lot of people moving about. "I-it sure is full today.. but anyway, that shouldn't be a problem, the stores here are q-quite good!"
  119. [16:27] <Helen> Maya's expression still looked determined as she continued to step further inside the mall, glancing curiously at the stores close by, a hand to her chin as she tried to think of a good starting point.
  120. [16:28] <Helen> As her eyes caught up to a familiar clothes store she had visited on once before but didn't quite remember where it was located, her golden eyes gleamed and she pulled Iris' hand softly "T-there, that should be a good one, Iris-chan..! There are many c.. n-not cute clothes there, maybe!"
  121. [17:03] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris followed after Maya, very much looking forward to finding some new clothes that wouldn't make her look cute. She paused as they entered, slightly wide eyes slowly scanning the place from left to right. ...So many clothes. Why...why did they /need/ to many clothes? And when they didn't even act as armor to boot! She shook off those thoughts and looked down at Maya expectantly, seeing as how
  122. [17:03] <DrEvilKitteh> she didn't really know where to start.
  123. [17:42] <Helen> As they stepped inside the store of a fairly successful chain, they were again greeted by clerks who seemed slightly astonished at Iris, but a little less so because of the clothes she was currently wearing - or just professional enough to hide it - and Maya timidly explained to one in Japanese they were koko to pick kawaii to kuuru clothes for her tomodachi.
  124. [17:42] <Helen> The clerk seemed almost in doubt if they would have the correct sizes, but Maya just dismissed her concerns with a wave, and nodded accompanying her as the clerk guided them to a certain section of the store, making a few suggestions which Maya took note of before she allowed them room to choose for themselves.
  125. [17:43] <Helen> Maya then turned to look at Iris with a timid smile, slightly flustered "A-alright then Iris! S-she did have some good suggestions.. Umm, okay, l-let's pick a few now and go to the fitting room! If you see any you like, do tell me!" that said, Maya was already looking excitedly about, choosing a few clothes she thought Iris would look in, particularly picking a few sweaters, skirts, dresses and shirts.
  126. [17:49] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris slowly nodded. She was mostly thinking that she might have to learn Japanese as well, since a decent of people seemed to do so in the pub, but quickly refocused on the clothes. Yes, let's see if there were any she liked. Any...she...liked. ...She had no idea if she liked any of them, especially not when she wasn't wearing them. But more than that, she just had no idea what really looked
  127. [17:49] <DrEvilKitteh> good. A side effect of living in a post apocalyptic world for a few years while wearing nothing but the same Outfit at practically every moment. "...This...trick-y..." She mused after a bit, blinking several times as she tried not to be overwhelmed by the sheer selection of things.
  128. [18:11] <Helen> Slowly collecting a growing selection of clothes on her arms, Maya glanced to see how Iris was doing and smiled in amusement to herself, seeing how her friend seemed overwhelmed. "I-it's a little hard at first, but the best thing when you get used to it! O-ok, I think that these should be enough for now.. ah!" as she said that, she noticed a shirt with a fairly nice cut and... a very particular stamp.
  129. [18:11] <Helen> It in no way looked bad, and should be overly fitting. Her eyes gleaming, she added it to the pile, covering her mouth as she giggled silently thinking it'd be perfect. "Alright, n-now this should be good for now..! Let's go try it out~!"
  130. [18:11] <Helen> She excitedly grabbed Iris hand and led her towards the dressing rooms, finding an empty one and handing her the first set of clothes. "Just go in there to u-um change into one of these, then open to let me take a look too..!"
  131. [18:12] <Helen> The first set of clothes she handed for Iris was a white blouse adorned with black flower and laces of fabric, cut with a v-neck and doubling as a skirt as it fell down to her tights, accompanied by black thigh-fitting pants.
  132. [18:15] <Helen> (indeed should be easier like this )
  133. [18:24] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris walked inside the dressing room and stared down at the clothes. Maya had the sense of mind to shut the door behind her, which Iris had forgotten to do. The ice girl let her tracksuit vanish, then willed all but the basic parts of her Outfit to dissipate. Should've done that earlier, she mused to herself. She set the clothes down on a little bench-seat thing and stared at it them more. ...How
  134. [18:24] <DrEvilKitteh> should she put it on, exactly...? Oh, well, she didn't exactly /need/ to, now did she? She concentrated, and a replica of the mundane outfit appeared over her body, allowing her to examine it both from above and in the mirror. She quietly opened the door a bit and peeked out. "...I...done...change."
  135. [18:38] <Helen> Sighing in relief as she managed to close the door in enough time after Iris went into the dressing room before anything tragic happened, Maya glanced around the store with her arms behind her back as she waited briefly, then smiling, happy, as Iris peeked out.
  136. [18:38] <Helen> "A-already? Ok, let me see how it is!" that said, Maya walked forward and opened the rest of the door, widening her eyes as she took in the information, her mouth opening briefly in surprise. I-it did look better than she could have hoped, and to get to see Iris in different and legitimately cute clothes was just too great.
  137. [18:39] <Helen> "C.. U-um, I mean, i-it looks great, Iris-chan! I w-wish Emilia and the others were here, they would love t-to see this!" even though as she said she, something seemed slightly off, as she noticed the clothes still lying on the small bench in the dressing room. She did use her abilities to change as expected, but it was almost like Maya was forgetting something important...
  138. [18:50] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Hm." Iris looked down at the clothes and moved a bit in them to see how they shifted, and their range of motion. Now, at least in the back of her mind, she was starting to figure out that Maya wasn't exactly choosing 'not cute' clothing for her. She...couldn't really believe she was doing so, but she was actually starting to grow used to being called cute. It wasn't as if she enjoyed it or
  139. [18:50] <DrEvilKitteh> anything, more that it'd been said so many times and used so often to describe her that she just...didn't really care about it anymore. Well, she did still care, but it caused less of a reaction inside her every time. She stopped moving experimentally after a few seconds and looked back at the smaller girl. "May-ah...have...more...clothes?"
  140. [18:58] <Helen> Lowering her cellphone, with which she had mysteriously fidgeted with, Maya nodded, eyes still sparkling and a warm smile on her face "S-sure! Also, do t-take note of the ones you like, Iris-chan!" as she handed Iris the next set of clothes, she looked down at her cool friend's boots, thoughtful for a second.
  141. [18:58] <Helen> "Hmm, this won't do... A-ah, yes, I will take a few shoes and boots for you, too! For this one.. this!" relieved, she managed to find right away fitting boots for the current set of clothes. She gave them to Iris, this time it being a chestnut brown sweater along with a beige short flared skirt and high brown boots.
  142. [18:58] <Helen> ( )
  143. [19:05] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris took the clothes and closed the door behind her, then dismissed the current clothes forged by Eternal Style and created a replica of the new outfit in their place. The boots...were... She blinked. Heels. She had never experienced those before. They took some getting used to and weren't the worst that she could have had, but still, they seemed impractical. She silently opened the door again,
  144. [19:05] <DrEvilKitteh> letting Maya observe while she tentatively walked around a bit, just a bit wobbly in the heels. "...These...b-boots...weird," she muttered.
  145. [19:17] <Helen> Having swiftly picked a few more boots and shoes for Iris while she changed, she glanced at her again with expectation as she opened the door, again her golden eyes gleaming at the vision. "T-this one looks even better..! And I love how the colors go with your skin and hair!" that said, as she was looking her up and down she noticed how that combination inadvertently gave Iris a zettai ryouiki and blushed, averting her gaze downwards slightly.
  146. [19:17] <Helen> "T-the boots..?" still embarrassed, she glanced up to Iris again and giggled silently, covering her mouth, as she realized what Iris meant. "Heels are hard to get used to at f-first, right? But they are fairly nice, make you taller.. t-though you hardly need it.."
  147. [19:17] <Helen> She trailed off, looking to the side slightly defeated "S-still, those are fairly small, you should get used to them soon!"
  148. [19:21] <DrEvilKitteh> "Maybe," Iris mumbled. "" She came to a stop and shifted a bit, trying to find the best way to stand on the heels. It took a couple seconds, but she succeeded in such and stood still. "...N-Next?" she asked of Maya.
  149. [19:26] <Helen> "R-right here!" putting her phone away again, she promptly handed Iris the next clothes, this time a white summer dress - though hardly fitting for the season, it was not cold inside the store.. n-nor Iris would find it cold, at least.
  150. [19:26] <Helen> ( )
  151. [19:31] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris tilted her head at the more simple dress, a single piece of clothing. She took it and tip-toed back into the changing room, door closing behind her. As before, she dismissed the current clothing. She sighed, grateful to not be in heels for the moment at least. With a bit of concentration, a replica white sundress fluttered into being over her body. Part of her Outfit was actually visible
  152. [19:31] <DrEvilKitteh> like that, mainly the section that went around her bust and compressed it, which showed where some of her cleavage would've been seen otherwise. She took a few seconds to play with the dress, swishing it around and such, before opening the door and presenting herself to Maya. As her Outfit's boots had been removed, her legs and feet were bare, but it still looked like it fit with the dress.
  153. [19:44] <Helen> Stretching herself while waiting for Iris, Maya turned towards the door as she noticed it opening with a smile, her eyes gleaming as she starts to look Iris from feet up "Summer dresses do look good even if you're barefoot.. e-even though it's simple, this dress is looking nice too-"
  154. [19:44] <Helen> Maya stopped as she glanced up and noticed what had probably been bothering her in the back of her mind so far, widening her eyes then frowning slightly. "A-aah..! Then t-that was it.. you s-shouldn't be wearing them over your outfit, Iris-chan! With other clothes it might be ok b-but in this case it's showing beneath the dress, s-so it doesn't fit well"
  155. [19:45] <Helen> She took a short step forward, inching forward to examine closer. "U-un, I think if you take away the rest of your armor, then it'll be even more comfortable and fit better I think!" she smiled kindly for Iris as she said that.
  156. [19:49] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris frowned and looked down at the dress. It didn't look /that/ bad with the bit of her Outfit showing underneath. From her perspective, anyway. Still, apparently this place was safe, so...maybe a tiny bit of trust in Maya could be permitted. She reluctantly nodded and detransformed. Her skin darkened and lost that little bit of etherealness, her hair darkened as well, and her eyes changed back
  157. [19:49] <DrEvilKitteh> to a rather warm hazel. And...her bust seemingly grew almost double its size, but fortunately the conjured sundress automatically adjusted so she didn't have any wardrobe malfunctions. "...Bet-ter? Good?"
  158. [20:03] <Helen> Blushing slightly as she noticed the erm, well, growth, Maya briefly just averted her gaze and nodded timidly, before glancing back to Iris to take in the new look "Un, this looks much better! And it fits even with your natural hair and eye colors-"
  159. [20:03] <Helen> Maya seemed to gasp and widen her eyes, a tiny drop of sweat running down the side of her forehead as she realized what her subconscious might have been wanting to tell her. Her cheeks flushed up fully as her voice was down to almost a whisper "I.. I-Iris-chan, y.. you a-aren't w-wearing..?..!"
  160. [20:03] <Helen> Feeling almost lightheaded, Maya wordlessly stepped up and ushered Iris inside, closing the door to the dressing room and resting her back against it afterwards, flustered as only she could get. "Y-you.. you d-don't have any.. u-underwear, Iris-chan..?"
  161. [20:03] <Helen> .d 1d2
  162. [20:03] <Internets> :: Total 2 / 2 [100%] :: Results [2] ::
  163. [20:04] <SkinnyNecro> (is it getting /e/ in here?)
  164. [20:05] <Helen> (N-no! Though RNG may be slightly involved)
  165. [20:07] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris let Maya push her back inside, as even without her magically enhanced strength, she still could've easily resisted the smaller girl. She stood there and tilted her head at Maya, obviously confused as to what was causing her to act so oddly. "...Un-der-wear?" She blinked. ""
  166. [20:09] <Helen> "T-then you don't..? A-awawa.. t-those are clothes you, u-um, wear under your clothes for.. p-protection.. um.. w-wait here, I will go get s-some for you then!" Maya barely even waited for a reply before setting off through the store, trying to find some fitting undergarments for Iris.
  167. [20:09] <Helen> (will go have dinner, brb!)
  168. [20:11] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris blinked again. Wait, there actually /were/ clothes that protected you, that acted as armor? Why hadn't anyone said so?! She opened her mouth to say something, but by then Maya was gone and the door was already swinging shut. "...O-kay..." she mumbled to herself, now even more confused than before.
  169. [20:46] <Helen> .4d10
  170. [20:46] <Helen> .d 4d10
  171. [20:46] <Internets> :: Total 23 / 40 [57%] :: Results [1, 5, 10, 7] ::
  172. [21:01] <Helen> As she quickly made her way to the section of the store where the underwears were located at, trying to draw the least attention to herself possible, Maya quickly found herself lost trying to pick the correct sizes for Iris. B.. n-no, that was too little, um C.. D..? E..? D-did those sizes even exist..?!
  173. [21:01] <Helen> She never needed anything slightly like that, so there's no way she'd know..! Feeling even a little dizzy and out of place trying to pick those, Maya's mind was going through far too many thought processes, while she fought back her blushing cheeks. As she heard approaching voices, she turned to look at two approaching girls who seemed to be looking through the clothes too-
  174. [21:02] <Helen> A-and was that N-Nagano..? H-her old classmate?! W-why?! She wouldn't recognize her, so she shouldn't be distressed, but this just made it all worse..! In her restlessness, Maya simply picked the closest garments and quickly ran back to the dressing room before the girls could see her.
  175. [21:02] <Helen> "A-awawa, h-here Iris-chan, t-these..!" Without looking, Maya simply opened a crack in the door and fit the garments through it for Iris to pick.
  176. [21:03] <Helen> The white-haired girl then took a step back and a deep breath, brushing aside a lock of white hair which had fallen on front of her eyes, thankful the crisis had been averted.
  177. [21:16] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris stepped forward and reached out to take the new "protective" clothing, briefly fumbling them due to Maya's haste. She gathered them up in her arms and set them on the bench-seat, then looked over them. ...Well, obviously she had to choose /that/ one, because it looked like it would provide the most coverage. Probably. Hm. She tilted her head, then dismissed the sundress and exchanged it
  178. [21:16] <DrEvilKitteh> for the new undergarments. She looked at them in the mirror and blinked. ...Would she be able to wear this one underneath other clothing? Maybe. It would probably work. She turned and padded to the door, then opened it by just a crack. Iris wanted to err the safe side, since she was still fuzzy on the subject of even 'partial nudity'. "...May-ah?" She beckoned the smaller girl to
  179. [21:16] <DrEvilKitteh> come inside and examine it for herself, rather than just step outside and risk upsetting Maya unnecessarily.
  180. [21:37] <Helen_> Having managed to recover from the earlier shock successfully, Maya for one reason feared Iris would step outside as the door opened, but smiled when the tall girl instead simply peeked out and called her inside. "Ah, um, s-sure, let me take a look!"
  181. [21:37] <Helen_> The white-haired girl then happily entered the dressing room as well, hoping that somehow she would have picked the correct size- and as she looked up after closing the door behind her, she flinched, widening her eyes as her cheeks quickly turned bright red again and she brought her hands up to her face, only peeking between her fingers.
  182. [21:37] <Helen_> "I.. I-I-Iris, w.. w-what, t.. this.." feeling even lightheaded, Maya all but fell down, supporting herself against the wall of the dressing room. W-why was that.. did she pick something l-like that? She was sure she took some plain ones- no, it w-was when she was fleeing..
  183. [21:37] <Helen_> Only vaguely managing to glance away and look in direction of the other clothes in the bench, she did see the others - along with the one Iris was wearing. Her voice was but a whisper as she tried to speak "N.. n-no, u-um.. n-not this one... it.. i-it should be like.. t-the others.."
  184. [21:37] <Helen_> She looked down, embarrassed, her head pretty much spinning in circles.
  185. [13:44] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris blinked at Maya's reaction. What? Surely this one was the best, seeing as how it covered more of her body than the others and even had a hanging...dress- or cloak-like part that went midway down her thighs. Admittedly, a good amount of it was sheer, but that wouldn't reduce its protective properties. Probably. ...Would it? “W-Why...?” she asked after a moment, looking down at the
  186. [13:44] <DrEvilKitteh> undergarments and moving around some in them, the curtain-like part over most of her torso swishing about a bit. “ oth-ers. Right?” She looked back at Maya and started when the smaller girl seemed to lose her equilibrium. Or at least moreso than before. She glided over to her and caught her beneath the armpits before Maya completely collapsed, then
  187. [13:44] <DrEvilKitteh> gently helped her down to the floor into a sitting position. “U-uh” She looked back at the other couple sets of underwear that Maya had grabbed and exchanged her current getup for one of them. She turned and knelt down beside Maya and placed a cool, soothing hand on her forehead. “”
  188. [14:08] <Helen> Maya was still blushing fully with her hands on her cheeks, slightly lightheaded as the tall dark lavender-haired girl seemed puzzled, shaking her head softly over her inquire ".. n-n.. no, Iris.. chan, t-that's.. d-different- A-awawa.."
  189. [14:08] <Helen> However she widened her eyes again and flinched as Iris moved over and tried to support her, helping her down to the floor, making her lose her balance altogether as she inadvertently got to look directly at Iris again from even closer, sitting down on the floor and not even knowing where to look to anymore.
  190. [14:09] <Helen> "I, I'm s..sorry.. I didn't m-mean.. I" whispering softly to herself as she barely could understand the happenings anymore, her mind going in loops as so almost did her eyes, Maya was pulled back into reality again as Iris petted her, causing her to yelp softly.
  191. [14:09] <Helen> She glanced over to Iris hesitantly, barely peeking from behind her locks of white hair, but her expression softened as she sighed in relief, noticing Iris had changed into normal undergarments.
  192. [14:09] <Helen> Feeling calmed down by the headpat Maya nodded shyly with a faint, relieved smile, despite still looking fairly flustered "A-a-ah, yes...! That's.. t-that's the c-correct one, Iris-chan..!"
  193. [14:14] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris kept her hand on Maya's forehead and squinted at the smaller girl. After a moment, she spoke up again. "...Why...oth-er one...not good? And...why...May-ah...get it?" She shook her head slowly. " Right?"
  194. [14:22] <Helen> Maya tilted her head, trying to calm down but growing slightly restless under Iris' stare, her forehead probably feeling fairly warm to her touch, and she widened her eyes at the question, averting her gaze timidly. "T-that's.. I, I g-got it on accident, I d-didn't realize I did.. s-s-sorry, Iris, I t-truly didn't mean to..!"
  195. [14:22] <Helen> She bowed her head slightly to the lavender-haired girl, and then swallowed dryly, unsure of what to say "As t-to why it's not good.. um, n-n-no, not q-quite..! T-the other is not r-really meant to, u-um be used like regular underwear.. it.. i-it is intended for.. o-o-other t-things.." she blushed up again, so much for trying to calm down.
  196. [14:27] <DrEvilKitteh> "...What oth-er...things?" Iris asked in a flat tone. " more?" She exhaled loudly through her nose in a huff and stood. "Not...make...sense..." she grumbled to herself, stepped over to the clothes stacked on the bench and idly rifling through them. While...still dressed in only the new set of conjured underwear.
  197. [14:29] <Skinny_Necro> (exhibitionism!)
  198. [14:30] <DrEvilKitteh> (Nope.)
  199. [14:30] <Helen> (Necro pls :'3)
  200. [14:36] <Helen> "O-other things a-as.. as..." Maya fidgeted, her voice but a whisper as she tried to find a way to explain it, just getting herself more flustered "A-as, u-umm.. t-trying to.. l-look good for the p-person you like..? I m-mean, l-like the person y-you kiss and.. a-and.." steam almost seemed to puff out of her head, as she decided not to say anything else.
  201. [14:36] <Helen> Iris, meanwhile, could be able to find a set of what seemed to be a nicely cut white t-shirt with a very particular stamp, along with black shorts, shoes and socks. ( the stamp should be different though~)
  202. [14:37] <Helen> "S-still, it.. d-doesn't protect more.. s-since the fabric is t-thinner, t-too.." she tried to say with some determination, though her voice was a faint whisper as she glanced over to Iris picking through the clothes in her underwear, getting flustered and glancing down again.
  203. [14:41] <Skinny_Necro> ( )
  204. [14:45] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris tilted her head at the next set of clothes and stood up, then concentrated. A new set appeared over her, appropriately-sized. She looked down and moved a little in it. "...Hm. More...prac-ti-cal...than...some...others." She turned to face Maya and presented herself in them, not exactly realizing what the T-shirt's stamp was or meant. "I...look...good? Mm...not...key-oot?"
  205. [14:49] <Skinny_Necro> (contradiction!)
  206. [14:51] <DrEvilKitteh> (It's Iris.)
  207. [14:54] <Helen> Looking up at the hazel-eyed girl again as she spoke up, Maya couldn't help but smile timidly, covering her mouth and giggling silently to herself, feeling a little of the tension dissipate. She then nodded for Iris, eyes sparkling "Yes, it looks r-really amazing Iris-chan, m-most things do on you..! This one is, um, fitting too!"
  208. [14:55] <Helen> She couldn't help but keep an amused expression. It was truth that the clothes were nice well and looked great on Iris, and the t-shirt was fairly stylish, but the text reading 'Ice Queen' on it, along with a discrete silhouette of who was obviously Elsa from Frozen made it far too fitting.
  209. [14:55] <Helen> (Iris indeed :d! and lol the armor)
  210. [14:56] <Helen> While she fidgeted with her phone, Maya seemed content "And I'm a-also glad you liked it, some c-clothes are really comfortable, right?"
  211. [14:57] <Skinny_Necro> ( )
  212. [14:57] <Skinny_Necro> ( )
  213. [15:02] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris gave a small, awkward shrug. "Some...are. But" She took a moment to relish in footwear that didn't have heels, then looked up at Maya again. "...More...clothes?" Her eyes flicked over to the door of the changing room, then she looked back at Maya expectantly.
  214. [15:04] <Skinny_Necro> ( last from me for now )
  215. [15:06] <Helen> (all these biker jackets omg)
  216. [15:08] <Skinny_Necro> (bikerjackets are kind of armor)
  217. [15:12] <Helen_> Exhaling softly with a smile, Maya nodded "The o-outfit is usually more comfortable indeed.." The short girl's golden eyes almost seemed to gleam as Iris' question, happy that she seemed to be enjoying this "S-sure! Just a second!"
  218. [15:12] <Helen_> Maya then quickly left the dressing room, returning by the door to hand Iris another set of clothes, this time a loose sleeveless grey shirt, black denim shorts along with thigh-high black socks, and a sweater she briefly told Iris that could be good if she wrapped around her waist like a skirt.
  219. [15:12] <Helen_> ( )
  220. [15:13] <Helen_> That done, Maya glanced around while pondering, and seemed to remember a trend from not long ago.. w-well, it was something that didn't quite work on her, but maybe Iris could...! She quickly gathered around the next set of clothes.
  221. [15:20] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris waited until Maya had left again before she exchanged outfits. The new one was reminiscent of the 'Ice Queen' outfit, though the shirt did expose a bit of her stomach. And...why was the sweater wrapped around her waist? What purpose did that serve? She shrugged and went to open the door. For now, she was content to realize that a lot of things in a 'non-destroyed' world weren't gonna make
  222. [15:20] <DrEvilKitteh> sense to her, and probably wouldn't for a long time. She blinked down at Maya and opened her arms a bit, again wordlessly showing her new set of clothes to her.
  223. [15:27] <Helen> As Iris showed her new clothes for her, Maya clapped softly with a nod of satisfaction and a smile "Really great Iris-chan! This fashion does look good on you, you could be a m-model..!" she mostly seemed to muse that last line for herself for some reason, while looking at her phone and pondering briefly, then looking up to Iris again.
  224. [15:27] <Helen> "A-alright, now um, t-this one next..!" she a little timidly handed Iris the next set of clothes she had thought of, with deep brown shoes that complimented her eyes, thigh-high white socks, a greyish-blue skirt and.. a very particular sweater that had almost a mythical status, s-so much that Maya wanted to see if it was real.
  225. [15:28] <Helen> ( ~)
  226. [15:28] <Helen> (wrong link aw ))
  227. [15:37] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris took the clothes and stepped back inside the changing room, door closing behind her. She swapped attire again and looked at herself in the mirror. Hm. She...didn't think it looked too bad, and the sweater was actually quite comfortable. The hole in the chest was a bit...peculiar, but she chalked it up to one of those 'fashion' things again. She opened the door and stepped out again. Iris
  228. [15:37] <DrEvilKitteh> peered down at Maya through her glasses, one hand idly pulling on the sweater a bit on the edge of the chest hole to adjust it somewhat.
  229. [15:54] <Helen> Having been eagerly waiting for Iris to put on the latest set of clothes, the white-haired girl nonetheless widened her eyes, the gold almost seeming to sparkle and blushed as Iris stepped out to allow her a sight "U-uwaa..! T-that..!" her voice was but a whisper as she analyzed the hazel-eyed girl with a hand on her cheek.
  230. [15:55] <Helen> She did hear the rumors and see pictures, but to actually *see* it was different! Maya also felt quite flustered as Iris seemed to tug slightly on the opening on the chest, as well as noticing the absolute territory again there, and the glasses were just t-too "c... ute..- awawa, I m-mean, it looks r-really awesome, Iris..!"
  231. [15:55] <Helen> The white haired girl hesitantly took more pictures with her phone. "U-um, like I s-said, really good..! T-the others would like to see t-this too!"
  232. [16:00] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris' eyes narrowed imperceptibly, but as she was looking down at her new clothes, Maya wouldn't even be able to notice. " C-Com-...fy." She played with the skirt a bit, still somewhat bemused by that kind of lower body attire. She ceased after a few seconds and looked back at Maya. "More?"
  233. [16:08] <Helen> "Y-you do? I'm glad..! You should really wear it more often..!" Eyes sparkling, still entranced for a few seconds, Maya then blinked and nodded for Iris as she returned to reality "Ah, y-you've been liking skirts and dresses then.. okay, this should be great!"
  234. [16:08] <Helen> That said, Maya handed for Iris a strapless gentle brown one-piece dress with a spring/summer feel to it, along with a hat that should make for a great set.
  235. [16:09] <Helen> ( )
  236. [16:09] <Helen> As she waited, however, she started to glance around a few corners of the store and seem to get some ideas. "Japanese clothes...?" she put a hand close to her mouth as she pondered.
  237. [16:12] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris quirked an eyebrow at the hat, but went back inside and changed once more. She hadn't realized what to do with the hat until a replica had materialized atop her head, and she blinked and bobbed her head about for a moment before she realized what had happened. She looked at herself in the mirror and cocked her head. ...The hat was unusual, but it was kind of like her hood, and the dress
  238. [16:12] <DrEvilKitteh> itself was fairly simple and another one-piece, no less. She walked back out and stood there, awaiting Maya's judgment on it.
  239. [16:30] <Helen> Having been choosing carefully the next clothes for Iris, when she once again exited the dressing room, Maya's eyes sparkled and she nodded for the dark lavender haired girl, though her face flushing slighlty as she noticed the outfit had the, w-well, usual dare that strapless dresses gave off.
  240. [16:30] <Helen> "This.. f-fits really well too, Iris-chan..!" she glanced Iris up and down again while fiddling with her phone, seeming radiant "Un, t-this is very stylish, you look like some celebrity with this!"
  241. [16:32] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris blinked. Well, she...liked?...that it was 'stylish' (or at least didn't mind), but... "Ce-le-bri-ty?"
  242. [16:36] <Helen> The white haired girl tilted her head at Iris question for a moment, before smiling faintly "Ah, y-yes! Celebrities are very f-famous persons that are well liked by many, and usually u-um, wear really nice clothes and l-look good doing it!"
  243. [16:38] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Mm." Iris reached up to play with her hat for a moment, shifting it in an equal attempt to see what it felt like in different positions and how it looked in said positions. "...More?"
  244. [16:56] <Helen> As Iris shifted her hat, Maya couldn't help but feel content for getting such a good shot of her fixing her hat, before smiling and nodding eagerly "Y-yes..! Here Iris-chan, I'd like you to try these..! They are traditional here from Japan, I think you should look great on these..!"
  245. [16:56] <Helen> That said, Maya handed Iris three traditionally cut yukata with flowery patterns, white, red and yellow, looking extremely eager to see Iris in them.
  246. [16:56] <Helen> (might have brought in the wrong link -;e-one-size-H0048.jpg )
  247. [16:57] <Helen> ($_1.JPG?set_id=880000500F )
  248. [16:57] <Helen> ( )
  249. [17:02] <DrEvilKitteh> Japan...? Oh, yes, right. The area of Maya's world they were now in. Iris took the yukatas and stepped back inside the changing room. She opted for the yellow one first and blinked after a replica materialized over her. This...was...strange. Definitely different than the previous types of clothing, and it sort of constricted her movements a bit. She shrugged and moved over to open the door again.
  250. [17:02] <DrEvilKitteh> ""
  251. [17:16] <Helen> With her phone camera ready, Maya's face was radiant when Iris exited the dressing room wearing the yellow yukata she had picked "A-ah.. Iris, t-that looks..!" Maya exhaled softly and nodded for her hazel-eyed friend "It.. looks very pretty! J-Japanese clothes do look good on foreigners!"
  252. [17:16] <Helen> She couldn't help but think that the contrast of the japanese clothing with her foreign appearance was being very nice..!
  253. [17:20] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris slowly nodded. She couldn't say she agreed to that, but...she supposed she'd take Maya's word on the matter for now. She went up on her tip-toes and craned her head, looking around to see if anyone was nearby. She backed into the changing room and looked at the red yukata, then changed into it with the door still open. But it was a mostly instantaneous process, so it more or less just looked
  254. [17:20] <DrEvilKitteh> like the yellow yukata flickered and changed color. She turned back around to face Maya. "...And...this?"
  255. [17:30] <Helen> Maya couldn't help but widen her eyes when she noticed Iris was about to change clothes with the door open, but quickly felt relieved as she remembered the process was instantaneous. As Iris turned around, she couldn't help but take a step closer, leaning forward slightly, her eyes sparkling.
  256. [17:30] <Helen> "W-wow, this one looks even better, Iris-chan..! It looks so elegant on you even i-if it isn't a kimono, you look like a lady..!" she nodded excitedly, fiddling with her phone without as much as glancing at the screen.
  257. [17:33] <DrEvilKitteh> "Mm." Iris waved her arms about in a rather silly manner, watching the wide sleeves flutter somewhat. " I...look like...lady?" She blinked down at Maya.
  258. [17:39] <Helen> The white haired girl tilted her head at the movements Iris was making, and then remembered the first time she dressed a yukata and had to cover her mouth as she closed her eyes and giggled silently, amused at her antics, before looking up at her again at her question. "A-ah, um, like a lady.. because i-it gives you a really noble air, like a celebrity but better..!" she smiled faintly
  259. [17:42] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Hm." Iris thought about that for a moment, then turned and again swapped clothes, this time to the white yukata. She looked back at Maya and tilted her head slightly, wondering what Maya thought of this one compared to the other two.
  260. [17:49] <Helen> While Maya had already liked how Iris had looked on the other two yukatas, her face became radiant and she covered her mouth as it opened slightly upon seeing iris on the white one, and couldn't help but clap her hands softly, her face even a little flushed.
  261. [17:49] <Helen> "T.. T-too good..! It l-looks really great, Iris..!" the other two yukata were already pretty, but this was something else, the flowery pattern going well with Iris' hair color, and the white blending well with her innocent behavior. Making sure to snap many pictures, Maya gave a shy nod.
  262. [17:49] <Helen> "I r-really want to go to a festival with you dressed on a yukata now..!"
  263. [17:53] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris couldn't help but...feel a bit of a warm sensation at Maya's reaction. It was similar to when the smaller girl had touched the marking of her 'guardian spirit' on her back, but not nearly as strong. Still, despite it being a lesser variation of it or something close, it was...nice. She unconsciously shuffled a bit and looked down at herself. "...Yu-ka-ta...feel...odd. But..." she shrugged.
  264. [17:53] <DrEvilKitteh> "'fun'..." She blinked and looked back up at Maya as she realized something. ""
  265. [18:01] <Helen> Tilting her head curiously at how the lavender-haired girl seemed to shift a bit, Maya still kept her kind if shy smile towards her friend "I-it does feel odd at first, right? But it looks r-really great!" she brushed a strand of white eye away from her eyes.
  266. [18:01] <Helen> "Festivals are really fun! They are, u-um, when people gather to celebrate something important or a tradition and s-such. There is a lot of great food, fun games, music and pretty fireworks too..!"
  267. [18:08] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris looked intrigued by that. Everything she heard sounded like it could prove to be very interesting, if not 'fun'. She gave a slow nod. " go...festival...with...Maya." She flapped the sleeves around once more. "" She lowered her arms back to her sides and refocused her gaze on Maya. "...More?"
  268. [18:21] <Helen> "Y-you would?" Unable to contain her excitement, Maya smiled radiantly and softly hopped forward, wrapping Iris in a quick hug "T-thanks..! I'm looking forward to it then!" as she realized what she did, she blushed and stepped back. "Yes..! There is still a couple, um, t-this dress should look well!"
  269. [18:21] <Helen> Maya then handed Iris another one-piece dress with a somewhat short length but richly ornamented, along heels to match.
  270. [18:21] <Helen> ( )
  271. [18:25] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris' expression became nonplussed when she saw the heels, but she dutifully took the clothes and walked back inside the changing room. She closed the door behind her this time, as some other people were walking around nearby. She swapped outfits and held her arms out as heels appeared on her feet, helping her keep her balance. She huffed as she steadied herself, then turned and walked back to
  272. [18:25] <DrEvilKitteh> open the door again. The ice girl held herself relatively still as she let Maya check out her attire, trying not to move in such a way that would make her have to move on the heels more than necessary.
  273. [18:32] <Helen> As the door to the dressing room opened, the white-haired girl tilted her head as she noticed Iris apparently trying to move the minimum possible, smiling as she realized it was thanks to the heels. "D-don't worry Iris-chan, you w-will get used to these!"
  274. [18:33] <Helen> Still, as she look her from head to toe her expression was slightly flustered yet filled with admiration. "Y-you do look great on pretty much everything I-Iris-chan.. it looks v-very um, b-beautiful..!" she fidgeted timidly with her fingers
  275. [18:36] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris' reaction was more subdued than it would've been otherwise, thanks to the heels. She gave a slow, curt nod. "...Good. Mm...any...more?"
  276. [18:40] <Helen> Drawn back to reality, Maya nodded shyly for Iris "Ah y-yes, just a few more..! This is the kind of trend some, um, c-cool girls from my school liked, I think it could fit you!" with that, she handed Iris the next clothes - a dark-green checkered skirt, a black shirt, black shoes and thigh-high socks to go with.
  277. [18:40] <Helen> ( )
  278. [18:49] <DrEvilKitteh> Not noticing the pun, though it was most likely unintentional anyway, Iris took the clothes and retreated into the changing room. The door closed behind her like usual. She dismissed the current dress and heels--FINALLY--and replaced them with the new outfit. Hm. This was much easier to move around in, and the shoes were pretty decent. Simple, and fairly comfortable. The skirt was short compared
  279. [18:49] <DrEvilKitteh> to most of the others, but it didn't particularly bother her. She opened the door and strode out, then walked in a smooth circle, as if to spite the heels. She passed behind Maya and stopped again in front of the changing room, then bounced a bit on the balls of her feet before coming to a full rest and looking at the other girl.
  280. 19:06] <Helen> Having decided upon the last outfit she'd like Iris to try before asking her for favorites.. though she still had some ideas, Maya looked up with expectation as Iris opened the door and walked out. Her mouth hanged briefly open as she noticed that the skirt was actually shorter than she thought it'd be.
  281. [19:07] <Helen> Her face slightly flushed due to that fact, she couldn't help but notice just how much of an absolute territory that outfit conjured on Iris. Though she was guilty of having a bit of these on her clothes, it was nothing like this.
  282. [19:07] <Helen> "W-wow, Iris-chan, that looks r-really.. e-eh?" she raised her hands to her cheek as she walked around, inadvertently looking almost as a true model, before stopping before her. "V-very amazing..! W-way better than the other girls I had seen!" she then, however, was surprised as Iris.. decided to b-bounce slightly in front of her, probably relieved without the heels.
  283. [19:07] <Helen> Maya blushed fully at that, her eyes almost spinning "U-um l-like I was s-saying.. it looks.. great.. awaw" she almost took a step back to steady herself, seemingly lightheaded at the sight for some reason.
  284. [19:19] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris took a couple steps forward and instinctively reached out to place a hand on Maya's shoulder. The smaller girl's reaction was similar to earlier, when she'd donned the 'not appropriate' underwear, but it wasn't quite as pronounced, and she didn't seem to be saying anything about how it wasn't right or proper or anything. She thought about that, then looked down at her outfit and experimentally
  285. [19:19] <DrEvilKitteh> cocked her hips, moving them from side to side in a bit of a wiggle; maybe that was the cause of Maya's reaction? The skirt fluttered and swayed, once or twice threatening to reveal too much, but never doing so. Well, it wasn't sheer like the aforementioned underwear, and she'd just worn somewhat see-through stockings with the previous dress, so it was probably fine. She mentally shrugged and
  286. [19:19] <DrEvilKitteh> returned her gaze to Maya.
  287. [20:13] <DrEvilKitteh> ["Wiggle Wiggle", goes the Iris' hips. "Awa Awah~", goes the red-faced Maya.]
  288. [20:13] <DrEvilKitteh> ["Flutter Flutter", goes the tiny miniskirt, with stockings not far below. "E-Eh Wha- O-Oh~...", goes Maya's trembling lips, with steam issuing forth from her ears.]
  289. [20:32] <Helen> Already having trouble to handle the situation beforehand, Maya flinched and let out a soft yelp of surprise as Iris placed a hand on her shoulder, peeking hesitantly from behind her bangs of white hair up to the hazel-eyed girl, her cheeks flushed.
  290. [20:32] <Helen> She tilted her head nervously, wondering what Iris was thinking "U-umm, w-what is wrong Iris-"... and then followed her gaze down as the tall girl wiggled her hips, causing the skirt to sway and flutter dangerously as Maya's eyes tracked it, the extra proximity doing nothing to help her.
  291. [20:33] <Helen> The white-haired girl widened her eyes and her mouth dropped open slightly from surprise, as her face became as bright red as ever, smoke pretty much puffing out from behind her ears. "T-t.. hat- a-awawawa" she almost fell down backwards, remaining in place just thanks to Iris' hand or her shoulder.
  292. [20:33] <Helen> "D.. doing t-t-t..that m.. m-might be.. d-dangerous.." she could barely whisper those words, trying desperately to stay calm but failing to do so, glancing down extremely flustered, hiding her eyes behind her hair.
  293. [20:36] <Helen> "B-but again it looks..v-very great.." Maya all but seemed out of air as she finished her line.
  294. [20:39] <DrEvilKitteh> "...How?" Iris tilted her head, confused by that. "...Not matter." She shook her head slightly and gently but firmly guided Maya over to a chair and made her sit down in it. If she was going to faint, it might as well be in the chair so she wouldn't run the risk of hurting herself even more by accident. She tapped Maya on the head to get her attention. "Maya have...more?"
  295. [20:55] <Helen> After having sat down, Maya managed to calm down a bit, though still flustered, she looking down while she tried to answer Iris as she looked up to Iris, still minding the tall girl's clothes slightly "A-as in.. u-um.." she was trying to think of an explanation when she thankfully could take her mind away from it as the lavender-haired girl asked for clothes.
  296. [20:55] <Helen> ".. Ah y-yes, there is..! Where it was.. h-here..!" struggling a bit to find the clothes after the happening, glancing around quickly, she does finds them on the chair by her side, and happily looks up to Iris, handing her the clothes - only to realize the angle after she had done so, her expression all but unmoving as her face started to redden up again.
  297. [20:56] <Helen> "H.. h-here.." her voice trailed off to a whisper and Maya glanced down, covering her face again, thankful that she was sitting as her head spun. Iris would notice that this time it's a dark lavender colored one piece tube dress, that should go nicely with Iris' hair.
  298. [21:01] <Helen> ( before I forget)
  299. [21:05] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris tentatively took the dress and looked with concern down at Maya, not realizing the reason behind her reaction this time. She slowly backed up before turning and walking into the changing room. She closed the door behind her and looked down at the dress. Hm. She switched into it and looked down. It was smooth and fairly form-fitting in places, though it wasn't exactly super skin tight. It
  300. [21:05] <DrEvilKitteh> flowed well and didn't seem like it would restrict her arms at all, or her legs by very much. She looked at herself in the mirror for a moment, then tilted her head when she realized that her bra had apparently automatically vanished. ...Okay then. She hadn't meant to do that, but maybe her magic fashion stylist knew more than she did on the subject...? She gave a mental shrug and turned to open
  301. [21:05] <DrEvilKitteh> the door, then glided out and moved over to Maya's chair. The ice girl halted a few paces away and waited, hazel eyes unblinking as they stared down at Maya.
  302. [21:23] <DrEvilKitteh> [...Did Maya perchance get any accidental panty shots of Iris...?]
  303. [21:24] <Helen> [... m-maybe]
  304. [21:24] <Helen> [maybe a luck roll :'3]
  305. [21:24] <DrEvilKitteh> [More successes equal more of a panty shot, or less?]
  306. [21:25] <Helen> [let's go 1d2 again! more/less]
  307. [21:25] <Helen> .d 1d2
  308. [21:25] <Internets> :: Total 1 / 2 [50%] :: Results [1] ::
  309. [21:25] <DrEvilKitteh> [1 again. Or rather, “successes equal more” again.]
  310. [21:25] <Helen> [... yes. I think so]
  311. [21:25] <Helen> .d 4d10
  312. [21:25] <Internets> :: Total 26 / 40 [65%] :: Results [8, 1, 9, 8] ::
  313. [21:25] <DrEvilKitteh> [And 3 successes again!]
  314. [21:26] <DrEvilKitteh> [Maya just gets the /best/ luck, doesn't she?]
  315. [21:26] <Helen> [:'3 I'm d-dying over here]
  316. [21:26] <Helen> [Yes she does]
  317. [21:32] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris looked down at herself. She...had the sudden urge to do a twirl. She hesitated for a moment, then gracefully did so, the bottom of the dress spreading out in a circle before falling back against her figure. "Hm...May-ah? W-When...would...I...wear...this?" She asked after a moment. It did seem different than most of the others, kinda gave her a similar feel to the yukatas. Well,
  318. [21:32] <DrEvilKitteh> not so much in how it felt on her, but more in how it was a kind of special thing. Not culturally special, again like the yukatas, but still.
  319. [21:52] <Helen_> Still looking over Iris' outfit and nodding satisfiedly with gleaming eyes, Maya tilted her head as she noticed the tall girl about to do something, and her surprise was evident as Iris twirled gracefully. She almost instinctively said the forbidden words, and then got notably flustered, glancing down timidly.
  320. [21:52] <Helen_> ", I m-mean it looks r-really g-great..!" she said softly, and looked up again with a shy smile, her hands at the hem of her own skirt, fighting back her awkwardness. She blinked at Iris' question before understanding what she meant "Ah y-yes, this kind of dress is more suited for a f-few kind of events, like.. parties!"
  321. [11:00] <DrEvilKitteh> “...Par-ties. What” Iris inquired as she idly walked around a bit, watching with a bit of fascination how the dress moved and fluttered slightly in the air.
  322. [11:09] <Helen> Maya put a finger close to her mouth and looked up as she pondered "Parties are, u-um.. another event people go to h-have fun, like festivals, but.. a b-bit different, and it's more for dancing, too!.. a-and drinking, a bit."
  323. [11:18] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Dan-cing." Iris paused and quirked her head. "...Think...I...heard...that. What...dancing?"
  324. [11:23] <Helen> The white-haired girl paused for a moment, thinking of how to explain that without trying to do a small demonstration "D-dancing is when you.. move according to a song you like, o-or maybe don't like much, but it's a fun thing too!" she smiled shyly
  325. [11:26] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Hm." Iris looked down at herself. She might have to get Maya to show her more specifics and maybe even a demonstration later. For now though, she wanted to continue doing things here. She looked back up at Maya. "...More? O-Or...was...this...last?"
  326. [11:33] <Helen> Exhaling softly, relieved that her hazel-eyed friend didn't ask more about dancing, then glanced around, seeing if there were any more clothes she had picked, before looking towards Iris with a faint smile and shaking her head. "We w-went through most of the c.. p-pretty ones I think would look good on you, so unfortunately no more for now.. however..!"
  327. [11:34] <Helen> She stood up from the chair and, clasping her hands together and with her eyes gleaming, looked up to her tall friend "T-then, tell me, which ones did you like the most?"
  328. [11:41] <DrEvilKitteh> "Mm..." Iris went back inside the changing room and grabbed some outfits. She stepped back out and showed them to Maya. There was the keyhole sweater outfit, the last zettai ryouiki one with the miniskirt, the more 'normal' clothes with the 'Ice Queen' stamp, the sundress, the trenchcoat outfit, and the brown strapless dress with the hat. She also pointed at the tube dress she currently wore.
  329. [11:41] <DrEvilKitteh> ""
  330. [11:48] <Helen> "Ah, a f-few of my favorites too! I'm glad you also liked t-them!" she nodded contently as Iris started to show her the outfits, Maya however couldn't help but blush slightly remembering her own reactions with a few of them. D-did Iris consider her reactions p-positive? A-anyway, they were nice clothes nonetheless.
  331. [11:54] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris nodded and started to idly sort through the outfits. "Mm..." She paused as she realized something, then tilted her head at Maya again. ""
  332. [12:00] <Helen> Having been quickly glancing around the store for anything she personally liked, Maya picked a black blouse with golden details and smiled timidly for Iris "Now we pay for them, and then we're done in this store! A shame we couldn't find.. a-ah..!" she widened her eyes as she glanced outside, remembering a certain store she visited a few times on this mall.
  333. [12:01] <Helen> "S-so, give them here and it'll take just a second, don't run off..! There's still somewhere else we.. m-must go...!”
  334. [12:03] <DrEvilKitteh> "O-kay," Iris replied softly. She momentarily stepped back inside the changing room to change back into the hooded tracksuit and glasses. She reached up both hands to adjust and fiddle with the glasses again, then looked back down at Maya expectantly, ready to follow her.
  335. [12:13] <Helen> After having properly acquired the outfits and grabbing the bags with the clothes, Maya looked up to Iris and seemed slightly surprised yet happy at seeing her fiddling with the glasses again, before nodding for her. "Okay, this way now..!" that said, she timidly held Iris' hand and started to walk out, saying the proper farewells for the clerks.
  336. [12:13] <Helen> She then would guide Iris through the shopping to the 2nd floor, where in a corner stood a store with far more.. colorful clothes - one dedicated to cosplaying!
  337. [12:23] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris' hand was much warmer than usual, Maya would notice. A side effect of her being untransformed--or rather, her seemingly lower body temperature would have been a side effect of her transformation. She looked all around the mall again as they walked, then looked with interest at the new store and the...rather different-looking clothes it had within. Well, different compared to the one they'd
  338. [12:23] <DrEvilKitteh> just been in. She was fairly certain she'd seen people wearing similar outfits to some of the things inside the cosplay store in the pub before, so she didn't particularly think said outfits were all that strange.
  339. [12:35] <Helen> As they walked inside the cosplay store and the bell rung, the two girls were greeted by much more visibly surprised clerks who could barely stutter the welcome, looking up to Iris.
  340. [12:35] <Helen> Not only that, but the reaction from the rest of the clients in the store was much more drastic, a few openly saying 'w-wow' in amazement, a girl even fumbling with the clothes she was carrying to the cashier.
  341. [12:35] <Helen> Maya bowed her head politely for the clerks and went inside with a confident smile, somehow not seeming too fazed by the reactions.. or rather, it was almost as if she was proud to be the one there with a cool friend who'd fit perfectly for some cosplays!
  342. [12:35] <Helen> "D-don't mind the others, Iris-chan" Maya whispered softly as she got to promptly trying to pick the clothes she thought of "A-ah, and if you like any here, don't hesitate to pick them!"
  343. [12:42] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris slowly nodded, then cautiously looked around. Despite wearing something that should make her less conspicuous and make it so people didn't stare as much, the ones in here...were. It was a bit troubling. For now, she'd wait to see what Maya picked out for her before she decided to try to select anything she might like.
  344. [12:49] <Helen> Selecting a few outfits, Maya seems to be beaming, excited over seeing Iris trying them out. "Alright, those should be g-great..!" she took Iris' hand and guided her towards the nearby dressing room, ignoring the others who had started to discuss which cosplays would be good for a girl that tall. "Iris-chan, t-try this one first..!"
  345. [12:50] <Helen> She handed to Iris, at first, what was a typical miko outfit, although with detached sleeves.
  346. [12:50] <Helen> ( )
  347. [13:09] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris took the outfit and meandered into the changing room, then swapped into it using her Eternal Style. She walked out and held her arms out to either side, looking down at the outfit that was mildly reminiscent of the yukatas she'd tried out earlier. "...Look...good?" She asked.
  348. [13:24] <Helen> Having been waiting expectantly for Iris to exit, making even the quick moments seem hard to bear, Maya' eyes sparkled and she brought her hand up to her cheeks, slightly flushed as she nodded with enthusiasm. "I-it looks better than g-good, Iris-chan..! V-very great..!" she had been thinking of a certain cheating miko as she picked the outfit, but this definitely reminded her better of another girl who wore such clothes.
  349. [13:24] <Helen> Despite feeling slightly flustered, Maya's excitement over getting Iris to try more cute cosplays had gotten the better of her.
  350. [13:44] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris nodded and turned to look at herself in the mirror. "...El-e-gant?" She noticed other people in the store staring even more now, but put them out of mind for now. She glanced back at Maya. "More?"
  351. [14:20] <Helen> "Quite elegant, indeed!" she nodded with a shy smile, despite feeling slightly flustered, Maya's excitement over getting Iris to try more cute cosplays had gotten the better of her. "T-then, how about this one next..!" she handed out for Iris a stylish black and white dress
  352. [14:20] <Helen> ( Yorda it is )
  353. [14:29] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris took it and retreated back into the changing room where she swapped outfits once more. This one was similar to that lavender dress he'd tried on before, though it did have partial sleeves. Neat, simple, not quite as restrictive as that aforementioned dress--though the tube dress hadn't actually been very much either. She stepped out and walked around a bit, enjoying how the material of the
  354. [14:29] <DrEvilKitteh> dress allowed it to flow quite pleasingly in the air. She stopped and let Maya take a better look after a few moments.
  355. [14:43] <Helen> While the priestess outfit had quite an elegant feeling about it, Maya gazed in awe as Iris walked around, apparently enjoying the outfit. She was slightly flustered over how the fabric was light and, w-well, how it was cut on the neck, but she should have expected for it "W-wow, this one gives you q-quite an air of grace, while l-looking great too!"
  356. [14:51] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris nodded in acknowledgement of Maya's words. She did like this one. The priestess outfit had been...kinda nice, but it was similar to the yukata in that she wouldn't really want to wear it. At least not for extended periods of time. She did a small, slow twirl, then came to a stop and looked back up at Maya. "Mm...n-next?"
  357. [14:55] <Helen> "S-sure, right here!" Nodding shyly, Maya quickly handed her the next outfit, this time it being the clothes of a famous pink-haired virtual idol.
  358. [14:55] <Helen> ( )
  359. [14:59] <DrEvilKitteh> Hm. This one looked to be a little odder, but Iris figured her magic would be able to sort it out. She took it and stepped into the dressing room, then swapped outfits as soon as she was out of sight. She looked down and moved about a little, stretching out her arms and legs to test it. The slit up the left side of the dress allowed for more ease of movement than she otherwise would've had,
  360. [14:59] <DrEvilKitteh> which was a pleasant surprise for her. The...things on the arms and chest were interesting, and she quickly got used to them. She exited the room and again walked about a bit, shapely leg with a thigh-high stocking on it poking out through the slit in the dress with almost every other step. She turned, stopped, and looked to Maya for her opinion.
  361. [15:08] <Helen> Having readied her cellphone camera again, having been sure that Luka's outfit would fit well for Iris, Maya widened her golden eyes, as they almost gleamed once Iris stepped out of the dressing room, almost forgetting to snap the pictures. "W-waa, i-it looks..!" she brought a hand up to her cheek as it heated up, while tracking Iris' movements through the room with her eyes.
  362. [15:09] <Helen> She had seen a few Luka cosplayers before, b-but still had never seen it fit that well before, maybe it was Iris' magic, and even if the hair color and such was different, it looked "p-perfect..!" she couldn't help but blush seeing the efficiency of the side-cut on the dress.
  363. [15:09] <Helen> "A-awawa, r-really great indeed..! E-even if your hair color is different y-you still look like a g-great Luka.. I want t-to go to Comiket with you too, now!"
  364. [15:10] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris tilted her head. "Com-i-ket?" She figured that Maya's 'wanting to go with her' to Comiket was similar enough to make a connection between the two.
  365. [15:11] <Helen> Maya nodded shyly "Y-yes..! But one where instead of wearing yukatas, you wear clothes like that!"
  366. [15:12] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris looked down at herself once more and nodded. "" She returned her gaze to Maya. "...More?"
  367. [15:14] <Helen> .d 1d2
  368. [15:14] <Internets> :: Total 1 / 2 [50%] :: Results [1] ::
  369. [15:17] <Helen> Nodding for Iris, Maya fudged with the other cosplay clothes at hand, and handed Iris a fairly traditional looking sailor school uniform. "I-it's kinda like what I used to wear at school, I wonder how you w-would look on it?"
  370. [15:18] <Helen> (pictures are mostly unneeded I t-think, but still )
  371. [15:37] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris nodded as she took the uniform. She decided to ask what a school was later, though. As she turned to go back into the dressing room, one of the people in the store approached Maya and hesitantly asked her a few things in Japanese, mainly questions about Iris and such. The ice girl didn't pay that any mind however, as she paused upon seeing something nearby. She took a step closer and took
  372. [15:37] <DrEvilKitteh> the outfit in hand, then glanced back at the picture on moderately-sized carboard cutout beside it. It seemed rather similar to her own armor Outfit, so she was a bit intrigued by it. She stepped inside the changing room, Maya not having noticed since she'd been explaining things to the other person. Iris decided to go with the outfit she'd picked first, and changed into it. A quick look in the
  373. [15:37] <DrEvilKitteh> mirror showed superficial similarities between it and her Outfit. Its...material wasn't the best, though. Maybe... A thought, and it changed slightly to something more comfortable. Better. She looked herself up and down in the mirror, then turned and stepped out of the changing room. She walked around a bit to get a feel for it, seeing as how it wasn't quite as magically comfortable as her armor,
  374. [15:37] <DrEvilKitteh> then stopped and turned to look at Maya, wondering what her reaction would be, especially since it was a surprise.
  375. [15:37] <DrEvilKitteh> And there Iris stood, in a blue jump suit of some kind that, unlike her Outfit, did not compress her bust. She was, undoubtedly, dressed in Samus' Zero Suit.
  376. [16:12] <Helen> Maya was caught off guard and surprised when one of the other clients of the store approached, quite intrigued by Iris and having been impressed with her cosplays and such, and the white-haired girl replied a little timidly, having to be a little vague on a few points.
  377. [16:12] <Helen> As the person nodded and was departing back to her own business, hearing Iris step out of the dressing room, Maya turned to her expectantly "Ah, t-then, how is it-" but widened her eyes, unmoving as she took in the sight of what her tall friend was wearing. ".. Z.. z-zero suit..? A.. awawa" her face gradually reddened up as Iris walked around briefly, trying out how the clothes felt.
  378. [16:13] <MorgRora> (how did that happen? also 'stops copy')
  379. [16:14] <Helen> While some other persons in the store did voice their amazement, the short girl raised her hands to her cheek, barely knowing what to say, "N-not the one I p-picked.. d-did you.. a s-surprise..?" peeking out from between her finger, Maya nodded timidly ".. u-un.. g-good one.. I-it looks.. v-very beautiful...”
  380. [16:14] <Helen> She trailed off to a shy whisper, almost as if steam was trailing out of her head.
  381. [16:15] <Helen> (we moved to a cosplay store and I was handing her outfits, but then Iris decided to try something on her own a-apparently)
  382. [16:15] <MorgRora> (o)
  383. [16:15] <Helen> (I knew Doc was up to something when she asked of zss in the other chat!)
  384. [16:17] <MorgRora> (szz is pretty hot. i can't blame him)
  385. [16:36] <Sirocca> (You slut Helen :3)
  386. [16:36] <Helen> (w-what, Saha!)
  387. [17:08] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris nodded and moved her body about in somewhat of a wiggle, similar to earlier, as she tested the material and how it stretched. "," she explained. " But..." she gave a small, awkward shrug. "" The ice girl looked back up at Maya, taking careful note of her reaction. "...Will...change in-to...other, now." She turned on her heel
  388. [17:08] <DrEvilKitteh> and slowly, gracefully stepped back into the changing room.
  389. [18:38] <Helen> The white-haired girl blushed deeper as Iris seemed to wiggle for some reason, trying out some more movements on the outfit, and Maya could only peek from between her fingers, nodding shyly. "A-awawa.. s-similar to.. armor, u-un, y-yes..! I, I'm h-happy you liked it too..!"
  390. [18:38] <Helen> She tried to recompose herself as Iris was leaving, but widened her eyes as the tall girl turned, just keeping a timid smile, holding the hem of her skirt and sitting down on the chair behind her, lightheaded and eyes still spinning.
  391. [18:43] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris closed the door behind her and swapped garments for the sailor-style school uniform. She pulled the skirt up and flapped it a couple times, now kind of finding those particular articles of clothing rather amusing. Still weird, but amusing. The stockings again ran up most of the way up her thighs, making a neat zettai ryouiki, and the top felt fairly comfortable. She turned and exited the
  392. [18:43] <DrEvilKitteh> room, then walked up to the now-seated Maya and tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention. She blinked upon realizing that her glasses had reappeared during the change, and subsequently reached up to pinch the frame and wiggle them around a bit to adjust them better.
  393. [18:59] <Helen> Having been sitting by a little nervously and struggling with her thoughts, much to the confusion of a few of the other clients walking by, the golden-eyed girl was drawn back into reality with a soft yelp when iris tapped her shoulder "A-ah, um, s-sorry, I wasn't paying attention..!!"
  394. [19:00] <Helen> Maya was visibly surprised as her eyes sparkled in awe when she saw how her lavender-haired girl looked in the sailor fuku. A-again the zettai ryouiki was there, and her mouth opened slightly, as she noticed the glasses again, making Iris look like a legitimate intelligent school girl.
  395. [19:00] <Helen> "W-waa..! Amazing.. u-um, I m-mean, it looks v-very great, Iris-chan..!" her face was still flushed as she nodded with a timid smile, fidgeting with her phone with determination "Y-you would definitely be, u-um, very notorious in my school..!" her voice trailed off slightly as she thought of her own image in the seera fuku.
  396. [19:01] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris looked intrigued by that, if a bit wary. "No-to-ri-ous? Mm...n-not...sound...good."
  397. [20:07] <Helen_> The white-haired girl shook her head softly "N-no, it is a good thing, r-really..! I m-mean, it could be bad, but you'd be in the good way! Like p-people would think.. u-um, you're cool and p-pretty and such."
  398. [20:19] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris stared blankly at Maya. " mean, May-ah." She looked back down at the sailor uniform. "...A-Also,"
  399. [20:24] <Helen_> Maya tilted her head "E-eh? I-it's like another word for famous..! I t-think.." she seemed thoughtful for a second, before looking up to Iris with her question "School is where um, most young persons go to learn things! It's where you learn how to write, math, history, and such!"
  400. [20:29] <DrEvilKitteh> Suddenly, Iris was /directly/ in front of Maya, her nose a centimeter away from the smaller girl's. She stared through the glasses, unblinking hazel orbs locking with gold. "...I...want...go...t-to...s-kool." Really, it sounded perfect to her. A seemingly-convenient place to learn how to write and presumably talk better was extremely appealing to her, not to mention this...math thing might be
  401. [20:29] <DrEvilKitteh> interesting, and she...never really knew any history.
  402. [20:35] <Helen_> Her face flushing up at the proximity, Maya leaned back slightly for some breathing room as she nodded timidly "Y-you -do? But um, i-it's not that simple and I h-haven't been to school in a while, myself.. but we may be able to think of something t-to get you to try!" she gave a faint smile
  403. [20:38] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris slowly nodded and straightened back up. "...L-Learn...sound...nice," she mumbled. She shook her head lightly and looked back at Maya. "More?"
  404. [20:43] <Helen_> With a happy nod, Maya handed Iris another outfit "U-um, this is another quite popular one you might like.. !" and with that, she handed for Iris a black and white outfit with lots of frills.. quite clearly, a maid outfit!
  405. [20:58] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris took the outfit and retreated into the changing room. A quick blur over her person and she'd changed her attire. She tilted her head as she considered herself in the mirror, glasses still on. It seemed...okay? The frills were odd, along with the bow on the back, and a bit unnecessary. She mentally shrugged and walked out to show Maya the stereotypical maid outfit. "...How...look?"
  406. [21:33] <Helen_> While Iris changed, Maya had been trying to think up of some other outfits that could look great on her, she was approached by another girl who had been in store selecting outfits too and apparently had seen the other outfits, who quickly gave her some goods ideas too. T-turns out they like the same kind of anime as well!
  407. [21:33] <Helen_> She thanked her, and had been selecting some more outfits when Iris came out of the dressing room again, causing Maya's eyes to sparkle as she clasped her hands together "S-so pretty..! It looks r-really great, I c-can imagine you greeting s-someone as they returned.." she averted her gaze briefly, flustered, before resuming with a nod and a shy smile
  408. [21:33] <Helen_> "Y-you'd be r-really popular in a maid cafe, Iris-chan..!"
  409. [21:34] <DrEvilKitteh> [She's imagining Iris greeting her, isn't she.]
  410. [21:35] <DrEvilKitteh> [All doe eyes and "Mistress" and hugs with giant...bosomy bosoms...]
  411. [21:38] <Helen_> [... m-maybe.]
  412. [21:36] <DrEvilKitteh> "Hm..." Iris moved around a little bit in the outfit before looking back up at Maya. ""
  413. [21:41] <Helen_> Her face flushed a little at the question, and she held her arms behind her back while trying to explain "U-un, yes! A maid cafe is like, u-um, kinda like the bar in the overcity, but the waitresses all a-are dressed like you are now, and c-call people 'master' and 'mistress' a-and such"
  414. [11:28] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Mas-ter...Miss-tress..." Iris tilted her head at those words. "What...d-do...those...mean?” She blinked and contemplated Maya's words some more. “, food...for...others. R-Right?"
  415. [11:38] <Helen> "T-they are.. words maids use to refer to the persons they, u-um, work for!" the white-haired girl averted her gaze briefly every now and then while pressing her index fingers together as she tried to give a good answer, then widening her eyes and kinda doing a half nod of sorts. "W-well, yes, at least in maid cafes..! A-and some other things, too"
  416. [11:45] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris seemed to take Maya's words at face value and nodded slowly. She looked back at Maya expectantly. "...More?"
  417. [11:51] <Helen> "Y-yes! There are still many!" with a eager nod, Maya quickly grabbed the next clothes and handed them over for Iris - a particular set of a white, short, sleeveless shirt and a black miniskirt - Tifa's clothes, FF!
  418. [11:54] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris took the clothes and headed back to change. She looked down at the short shirt. It was rather tight, but she didn't think it was too bad. The miniskirt wasn't as loose as the one she'd tried in the 'normal' store, so it wasn't as good, but it could've been worse. She stepped out and walked a bit closer to Maya, then halted and waited.
  419. [11:57] <DrEvilKitteh> [So yeah, that short...tight...shirt... White, too. And exposed midrift.]
  420. [11:58] <Helen> [... y-yeah]
  421. [11:58] <DrEvilKitteh> [...Maya's doing this all to herself, really.]
  422. [11:58] <Helen> [I-in her defense, the Tifa outfit was a suggestion from mystery otaku girl in the store!]
  423. [11:58] <DrEvilKitteh> [Fair enough. But still. She went along with it. :3]
  424. [11:59] <Helen> [W-well, she can't blame anyone r-really. :'3]
  425. [12:01] <DrEvilKitteh> [Oh, and of course the tight miniskirt too. Which shows off her legs. And probably looks really good on her rear/waist/hips.]
  426. [12:03] <Helen> [I j-just start to fully realize this now that you're mentioning it, h-heavens]
  427. [12:04] <DrEvilKitteh> [It may not be quite as "bad" as the Zero Suit Samus, especially since that one was a surprise, but the Tifa one does have exposed skin.]
  428. [12:04] <Helen> [Yep..! ZSS had added shock, b-but this still is quite something]
  429. [12:11] <Helen> Having been waiting eagerly, having finished to pick the other outfits, Maya turns to look at Iris with a shy smile as she exits the dressing room, nonetheless widening her eyes at the sight, and her face flushing significantly as the tall girl approached. "W-wa.. I-it.. it r-really l.. looks.."
  430. [12:11] <Helen> She raised a hand to her cheek as she glanced over Iris, getting considerably more flustered, and barely paying mind as she noticed the girl who had given her the tip nodding in approval while giving a thumbs up. Blushing, Maya averted her gaze downwards with a shy nod despite her sparkling eyes, fidgeting "Um, t-this is really great t-too..! F-fit even better than.. t-than I thought"
  431. [12:12] <DrEvilKitteh> [I bet that random otaku girl ships them.]
  432. [12:12] <Helen> [Heavens.. y-you're right. inb4 Maya finds fanart of her and Iris in the internet]
  433. [12:13] <DrEvilKitteh> [She's totally gonna.]
  434. [12:13] <Helen> [>the girl was famous mangaka all along]
  435. [12:13] <DrEvilKitteh> [And then Maya comes across the doujinshi.]
  436. [12:14] <Helen> [... o-oh dear...]
  437. [12:14] <Helen> [It's super effective. Maya has fainted!]
  438. [12:14] <DrEvilKitteh> [And really, from a drawer's perspective, Maya and Iris would be /amazing/. Real-life weird hair/eye color, and Iris is kinda lightly bronze'd skin-wise while Maya's incredibly pale. Very nice contrast there.]
  439. [12:14] <DrEvilKitteh> [...At least I think they would.]
  440. [12:15] <Helen> [A-as an aspiring artist, I do agree, and also there's an incredibly popular couple s-somewhat similar out there]
  441. [12:15] <Helen> [Quite different, b-but similar color scheme]
  442. [12:15] <DrEvilKitteh> [Oh, also the height difference.]
  443. [12:15] <DrEvilKitteh> [One tiny and loli, one tall and...big.]
  444. [12:16] <Helen> [Indeed, t-those are... quite popular, I'd say]
  445. [12:19] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris pulled a little at the gloves on her forearms to adjust them, then poked at the white short shirt. "...Mm. I-Is..." she thought for a moment, "...tight." She gave a small shrug. "...Not...not-comfortable." To get Maya's attention, she one again tapped the smaller girl, though she had to lean over to reach her better as Maya...seemed to have shrunk down a bit on her chair. "...More?"
  446. [12:20] <DrEvilKitteh> [And now Iris is leaning forward.]
  447. [12:20] <DrEvilKitteh> [Maya's probably at a really good height to see...well, her chest.]
  448. [12:20] <Helen> [N-no mercy :'3]
  449. [12:20] <DrEvilKitteh> [Nope~]
  450. [12:31] <Helen> She nodded timidly to Iris words "A-ah, tight, i.. indeed..!" She seemed surprised as the hazel eyed girl tapped her shoulders, Maya looked up and seemingly blushed as she realized she had closed in, widening her eyes and averting her gaze "W-wa, un, y-yes, r-right away!"
  451. [12:31] <Helen> She then handed over to Iris the next clothes, smiling faintly despite being flustered as she thought of what it was. It was a long and graceful looking dress, in pale, cool colors - nothing other than Elsa's dress.
  452. [12:36] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris took the dress and turned to slip back inside the dressing room. A blur of clothing later and she was clad in a long, flowing dress, totally unlike what she'd worn before. It was...colorful. Sparkling a bit in places, too. While it did have a certain appeal to it...she didn't think it was the most practical thing. It wouldn't 'restrict' her so much as hinder some movements.
  453. [12:36] <DrEvilKitteh> kind of nice to look at in the mirror. She turned and, careful not to step on it or get the part of the dress tailing on the floor behind her caught on anything, she opened the door and slowly walked out. She paused before Maya and looked down at the smaller girl expectantly.
  454. [12:48] <Helen> Having calmed herself down, Maya exhaled softly, then tilted her head as she noticed the girl from earlier seeming to look thoughtful at her direction for a second and adjusting her glasses. When Iris exited she dressing room, she turned to look at the tall girl.
  455. [12:48] <Helen> At first she couldn't help but close her eyes and cover her mouth, giggling silently for herself at how fitting it as, then smiling warmly and nodding, radiant "It looks really pretty, Iris-chan..! Y-you do look like you could be from the royalty with that dress!"
  456. [12:49] <DrEvilKitteh> [*Otaku girl's internal shipping intensifies*]
  457. [12:50] <DrEvilKitteh> [And she's also thinking of how best to dress them in drawings.]
  458. [12:50] <Helen> [Pfff, indeed..!]
  459. [12:50] <Helen> [She's definitely brainstorming right now]
  460. [12:51] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris moved slowly, cautiously around in the dress for a moment, watching how it flowed and shone in the light. "...Roy-al-ty?" She inquired as she did so, eyes locked onto the dress.
  461. [12:53] <Helen> "Y-yes! It's like, um.. Sirocca-chan, who we met at the pub! She was from royalty, they're the persons who rule the land and are quite rich too!"
  462. [12:54] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris blinked and paused, tilting her head as she thought back. She gave a slow, thoughtful nod that...actually really went well with the dress. She returned her gaze to Maya then. "More?"
  463. [12:59] <DrEvilKitteh> [Maya: Iris Crush +3~]
  464. [13:00] <Helen> [O-oh goddess, d-did this become a stat of sorts?!]
  465. [13:00] <DrEvilKitteh> [Not really referring to anything in my post, just a thought.]
  466. [13:00] <DrEvilKitteh> [And maybe.]
  467. [13:01] <Helen> [I, I see! A-aahh that random thought of yours ><!]
  468. [13:01] <DrEvilKitteh> [But it did go up a bit, didn't it~? :3]
  469. [13:01] <DrEvilKitteh> [After seeing Iris in all dem cute, sexy, and pretty outfits.]
  470. [13:01] <Helen> [P-possibly. Hey, n-no meta!]
  471. [13:02] <DrEvilKitteh> [What meta?]
  472. [13:02] <DrEvilKitteh> [This is funny commentary on the ongoing RP. :P]
  473. [13:02] <Helen> [No cheating to go look at hidden stats!]
  474. [13:02] <Helen> [W-well that it is though!]
  475. [13:02] <Helen> [:'3]
  476. [13:03] <DrEvilKitteh> [I'm not /looking/ at them. I'm very accurately guestimating.]
  477. [13:04] <Helen> [Nice save :d! Y-your guesses are dangerous things]
  478. [13:04] <DrEvilKitteh> [:3]
  479. [13:04] <Helen> With a happy nod, Maya gave Iris the next outfit, the clothes of another famous virtual idol, but this one with a rather light green palette - Hatsune Miku's outfit! "W-well, since the one from Luka looked g-good, I wonder about this one.." she whispered faintly, mostly for herself.
  480. [13:09] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris took the outift and carefully moved back inside the dressing room. As soon as she closed the door, Elsa's dress vanished off of her. She exhaled in relief, glad that she wouldn't have to keep watching out for it anymore, then placed the newest virtual idol's attire on the bench. She concentrated, and a replica appeared over her. She turned to look in the mirror. ...Not bad. It reminded her
  481. [13:09] <DrEvilKitteh> of the school girl uniform a bit, and the skirt was...definitely mini. The detached sleeves that flared off at the end were interesting, and the headpiece was...odd. She mentally shrugged and turned to walk out. She did so with much more ease than with the last one, and walked with a bit of a spring in her step over to Maya.
  482. [13:22] <Helen> When Iris moved out of the dressing room dressed in Miku's outside, the white-haired girl clasped her hands together, her golden eyes gleaming "W-wow, this one is really great too..!" she blushed slightly when noticing the length of the skirt, fidgeting.
  483. [13:23] <Helen> "U-un..! It looks very good! Even if you look different than Miku it's still q-quite amazing.." her voice was more of a whisper to herself on her last few sentences.
  484. [13:28] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris grabbed the end of the tie and flicked it around a bit, playing with the article of clothing. She blinked and shook her head slightly, then looked back at Maya. "More?" As she spoke, Iris reached a hand up to fiddle with the headgear. It was mildly uncomfortable, much moreso than the hat she'd worn earlier.
  485. [13:34] <DrEvilKitteh> (Oh, and for reference QG, Maya and Iris are currently at the cosplay store, and Maya just dressed Iris up in a Hatsune Miku costume.)
  486. [13:35] <QGloaf> (oh gawd, and what do you made Taru do meanwhile?)
  487. [13:37] <Helen_> With a small nod, Maya presented the next set of clothes to Iris - which seemed to be in shades of dark red, some sort of flowy dress/cape hybrid.. Kyoko Sakura's outfit, from PMM!
  488. [13:38] <Helen_> (I myself thought of it as Taru having a sudden compromise or having to play some important online match and not being able to go along right away >>)
  489. [13:38] <Hotarun> (yeah, me too now :3 but she's back)
  490. [13:38] <Helen_> (agh, I mean appointment, w-whatever ><)
  491. [13:40] <Helen_> (nice~! If Taru will drop in, Iris and Maya are currently at a cosplay store in the mall, after having made tons of shopping in a regular clothes store :3)
  492. [13:40] <DrEvilKitteh> (I can send you logs later, btw)
  493. [13:40] <DrEvilKitteh> (They'll be quite fun, especially since I added the commentary to them.)
  494. [13:41] <Helen_> (o-oh dear :'3)
  495. [13:42] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris blinked at the outfit and took it, then walked into the changing room. A blur over her person later and she was wearing Kyoko's outfit. She tilted her head as she looked at herself in the mirror. ...It looked vaguely familiar. Maybe she'd seen someone wear it in the pub before...? Either way, it was rather nice. Comfy, loose but not too loose, flowing but not to a ridiculous degree. She
  496. [13:42] <DrEvilKitteh> turned and walked out, quietly stepping over to Maya and standing before her, presenting her most recent costume to the smaller girl.
  497. [13:42] <Hotarun> A familiar face walks by the storefront, looking inside as if looking for something. Her face brightens up as she sees her love, and with a confident stride, walks into the store... but trips over the threshold to fall face first. A store clerk helps her up, yet she is the one who apologizes for falling. Wiping her face with her ever-present black sleeves, she walks over to Maya and Iris, who most likely noticed her by now.
  498. [13:49] <Helen> Nodding happily for Iris as she walked out, Maya smiled timidly while clasping her hands "I-it does suit you really well! As I thought the cape reminds me a b-bit of your own clothes! E-even if um, it s-still looks q-quite different on you.."
  499. [13:49] <Helen> As she averted her gaze down, she could hear some commotion at the entrance to the store, and tilted her head, before widening her eyes and smiling warmly as Taru arrives! "T-Taru-chan..! Y-you've made it- ah, a-are you okay?"
  500. [13:55] <Hotarun> "Yesh, I dhink I am... but my nose hurts." Taru clutches at her nose, and a flash of light pain goes through her expression. "I went only third place on that Tekken tournament... but at least I won some money again, so -- w-wait, Iris in cosplay? I w-was not prepared for this, whoa..." she says, finally noticing Iris' outfit.
  501. [13:58] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris swished the cloak around some. It was attached by the shoulder and at the back of her neck, unlike her own cape-dress that flowed down from her waist. Still, she could see the similarities. And...then she showed up. Iris schooled her face into a neutral expression as Taru arrived, even if the trip was...a little...amusing? Hm. No matter. She gave the smallest of closed-mouth sighs and turned
  502. [13:58] <DrEvilKitteh> to face Taru full-on so she could get a good look at her outfit. The ice girl glanced back at Maya after a moment. "...N-Next?"
  503. [14:05] <Helen> "T-that's good! B-but um, r-remember you have to take more care..!" Maya seemed slightly concerned as this Taru seemed to get involved in such little accidents often, and the white haired girl frowned slightly at the news "A-aww, but I was sure n-no one would be able to best you.. b-but yep, third is very amazing s-still!" she smiled, before turning for Iris.
  504. [14:05] <Helen> "Ah, yep..! Right away, um, next s-should be.." she seemed slightly flustered as she realized what she had on her hands next and handed it over for Iris, the mysterious girl in the corner of the store nodding slowly - it was a one-piece white dress with an unusual ribbon accessory, Hestia's dress!
  505. [14:06] <DrEvilKitteh> [*Otaku Girl Shipping Intensifies*]
  506. [14:06] <Helen> [A wild Taru appears! "W-what, a rival?!" *ideas intensify on her head*]
  507. [14:06] <Helen> Afterwards, she nodded for her Taru-chan "Y-yep, you should have seen the other ones, and some r-really pretty clothes too.. A-ah! Here, let me show you the pics I took, Taru-chan!"
  508. [14:06] <Hotarun> (mysterious girl?)
  509. [14:06] <DrEvilKitteh> (Later, QG. :3)
  510. [14:07] <Hotarun> (ooookay~)
  511. [14:07] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris took the dress and withdrew to the waiting room, not realizing what Maya was intending by talking about the "pics she took".
  512. [14:09] <Helen> Maya then shyly switched to the picture viewer app of her phone and started to show Taru the other pictures she had taken of Iris - like the one with her adjusting her glasses meganekko-style on her 'disguise'; 'that' sweater she tried out in the other store, as well as many outfits, the Ice-Queen frozen tshirt, the Elsa cosplay, Luka, Miku, Tifa,.. Z-Zero Suit Samus...
  513. [14:10] <Hotarun> "Oh! Show me, show me!" Taru excitedly pleads, and stands right next to Maya, planting a cheeky kiss on the girl's rosy cheek.
  514. [14:10] <DrEvilKitteh> (By "that" sweater, she means the beige(?) keyhole turtleneck sweater.)
  515. [14:13] <Helen> The white-haired girl was already flustered, and yet blushed fully as Taru kissed her, smiling shyly with a nod, and allowing her better view to the phone.
  516. [14:22] <Hotarun> "Oh, naiiisu!" Taru exclaims forgetting English pronunciation, showing a thumb up with a full-on toothy grin on her face. "So! When are you going to cosplay for me?" she asks Maya with a mischievous look, leaning in so their cheeks touch in a soft contact.
  517. [14:24] <DrEvilKitteh> The ice girl closed the door behind her and willed her clothes to change. She turned to look in the mirror and tilted her head at it. ...Hm. It reminded her of a cross between Yorda's dress and Tifa's miniskirt, in that it was tight and cut low on the chest, but also how the lower part covered about as much as said miniskirt. It was extremely form-fitting, and while her legs wouldn't have the
  518. [14:24] <DrEvilKitteh> best range of motion she could hope for, it wasn't too terrible, she supposed. The gloves weren't bad, either. But...there was also that ribbon. It went beneath her bust and lifted it a bit (why, she couldn't comprehend), back over her arms, and the ends were tied off in a ribbon around her throat. It...made her a bit nervous. The ribbon itself wasn't exactly the worst, and didn't really hurt
  519. [14:24] <DrEvilKitteh> or anything, but it was still in a position that could prove...less than ideal should something happen in a fight. She stepped over to the door and opened it and exited. She made a bit of a zig-zag as she approached the other two, getting a feel for how the outfit felt on her person as she did so. The...ribbon made her chest feel kind of strange every now and then, but she ignored it. Finally,
  520. [14:24] <DrEvilKitteh> she stood in front of Maya and awaited her judgment.
  521. [14:26] <DrEvilKitteh> And Taru was there, too.
  522. [14:26] <Helen> [“And Taru was there, too.” - IRIS, Thoughts of, 2016]
  523. [14:30] <DrEvilKitteh> [I actually waited a full minute before posting that line.]
  524. [14:30] <DrEvilKitteh> [Just for emphasis.]
  525. [14:31] <Helen> [Pfff, ahaha!]
  526. [14:31] <Helen> [Well played, I did notice the tiny delay!]
  527. [14:36] <DrEvilKitteh> [Also, so much Maya flustering.]
  528. [14:36] <DrEvilKitteh> [First Taru arriving and kissing her, then /Hestia's/ outfit.]
  529. [14:36] <Helen> [Y-yes! It's like y-you two are doing a tag team now!]
  530. [14:37] <DrEvilKitteh> [I think it's a legitimate concern that Maya might actually pass out at some point.]
  531. [14:37] <Helen> [It is]
  532. [14:37] <Helen> [Indeed]
  533. [14:42] <Helen> She nodded contently agreeing with Taru on her opinion, then averted her gaze shyly at the question, fidgeting "E-eh, m-me? But, I, u-um, I w-would not really look g-good in cosplay..?" her face then significantly heated up at the contact, and despite her embarrassment, Maya smiled.
  534. [14:42] <Helen> Maya then could hear the door to the dressing room opening, and looked over as Iris walked out, widening her eyes at the sight. "A.. a-awawa, t.. t-that, it looks.." while she was already flustered with Taru by her side, steam all but trailed off her head as she saw how Iris looked.
  535. [14:42] <Helen> While she had again heard about it, she didn't really watch that anime or look much into it to know how it'd actually be. She leaned softly against Taru for support as her eyes spun.
  536. [14:43] <Helen> "I.. it.. looks v-very good, I-Iris-chan.. a-awawa.." Meanwhile, the mysterious girl herself seemed interested at the turn of events, nodding while clapping silently from between the shelves.
  537. [14:48] <DrEvilKitteh> ["Yes, go get that adorable white-and-gold loli, Iris-chan! Don't let the interloper steal her away!"]
  538. [14:48] <DrEvilKitteh> [Either that or "Yes, expand your harem and enjoy it, Maya-chan~!"]
  539. [14:48] <Helen> [Oh goddess :'3 indeed!]
  540. [14:49] <Helen> [Depending on her tastes, too, she'd think like"Yes, added conflict makes it more meaningful!"]
  541. [14:49] == Hotarun [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
  542. [14:51] <DrEvilKitteh> (...Think that was accidental?)
  543. [14:52] <Helen> (not the first time I see Hotarun do that, it's related to work I think)
  544. [14:52] <DrEvilKitteh> (Eh, we can keep going and make a pastebin.)
  545. [14:53] <Helen> (yeah D: )
  546. [14:54] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris slowly nodded as she looked down at herself. She reached up with one hand to briefly shift the ribbon back into a proper spot, then regarded Maya again. "...More?"
  547. [14:55] <DrEvilKitteh> [Lil bit of jiggle with that ribbon adjustment~]
  548. [14:55] <Helen> [Y-you're evil :'3]
  549. [14:56] <Helen> [Oh, also, w-which one was left?]
  550. [14:57] <DrEvilKitteh> [Rin, Saber, or Sakura from F/SN; Power Girl. Do Power Girl last, since it's kinda similar to the one she currently has on.]
  551. [14:57] <Helen> [Ok~. Hmm, I d-don't think I remember Sakura, let me google really quick.]
  552. [14:58] <Helen> [Ooh, her! Alright!]
  553. [14:58] <DrEvilKitteh> [Similar hair and bust size.]
  554. [14:58] <Helen> [Indeed!]
  555. [14:58] <DrEvilKitteh> [Though Rin or Saber might be more iconic. And Iris in either of those might be a bit funnier.]
  556. [15:00] <Helen> [Indeed..]
  557. [15:00] <DrEvilKitteh> [ ]
  558. [15:00] <DrEvilKitteh> [or ]
  559. [15:00] <DrEvilKitteh> [ ]
  560. [15:01] <DrEvilKitteh> [I'll leave it up to your discretion and choosing.]
  561. [15:01] <Helen> [Either would look great, I'll go 1d2 I think, since they're more iconic even though Sakura would be great~!]
  562. [15:02] <Helen> .d 1d2
  563. [15:02] <Internets> :: Total 1 / 2 [50%] :: Results [1] ::
  564. [15:02] <DrEvilKitteh> [Yeah. And Saber it is. Apparently the chat has had enough zettai ryouiki for now.]
  565. [15:03] <DrEvilKitteh> [...Though one can never have enough zettai ryouiki.]
  566. [15:03] <Helen> [Haha, indeed, the chat has decided! :'3.. a-and agreed]
  567. [15:04] <Helen> Blinking as she calmed down, thankful Taru had been so close now to give her support, though embarrassed again over realizing what she just did, she nodded timidly for Iris "Um, y-yep! This should look good too!" and handed to her a long, particular layered and ornamented blue and white outfit - Saber's clothes!
  568. [15:06] <Helen> Noticing how Taru-chan had been quiet, she looked over to her with an embarrassed smile, tilting her head "I, I know, i-it can be quite shocking, right?" the golden-eyed girl paused as she noticed how Taru seemed almost as if.. connection had been lost due to shock.
  569. [15:06] <Helen> She couldn't help but cover her mouth and giggle silently after noticing Taru was indeed okay.
  570. [15:06] <DrEvilKitteh> [Dat fourth wall leanage, tho]
  571. [15:06] <Helen> [:P i-it was just barely there though!]
  572. [15:07] <DrEvilKitteh> ["Just barely"]
  573. 15:21] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris took the outfit and promptly turned and walked back into the changing room. She set it next to the others and watched in the mirror as the clinging white one-piece shifted into the long, ornate dress. She blinked and looked herself up and down. This one was definitely different than most of the clothes she'd tried on before. It, too had a similar feel as the yukatas and priestess outfit,
  574. [15:21] <DrEvilKitteh> though in a rather different way. Had she had a full vocabulary and some knowledge on things, Iris probably would've noted the more European-esque style and design as compared to the former Japanese ones. Interestingly, it covered most of her body, even having long sleeves, and practically none of it was actually form-fitting. That was somewhat unusual in and of itself, especially since some of
  575. [15:21] <DrEvilKitteh> the others had displayed a large amount of skin. Not that she particularly cared about that, especially since these clothes weren't even protective, unlike the underwear. She pushed the door open and walked back to Maya and stood in front of her seat.
  576. [15:23] <DrEvilKitteh> ...For some reason, Iris felt like the outfit would be more complete with something in hand. A weapon, maybe? Eh, whatever. She dismissed that line of thought and held her arms out a bit so Maya could get a better look.
  577. [15:24] <Helen> [Oh Iris]
  578. [15:25] <DrEvilKitteh> [Hey, Maya never explained that properly to her.]
  579. [15:25] <Helen> [Yep :'3]
  580. [15:25] <DrEvilKitteh> [She thought the lingerie would be better, but Maya's like "No, /that's/ the stuff you wear for protection! This one is for other stuff!"]
  581. [15:26] <DrEvilKitteh> [And thus Iris never figures it out.]
  582. [15:26] <Helen> [P-poor Maya was too flustered to think straight and explain it properly by then]
  583. [15:26] <Helen> [:d]
  584. [15:26] <DrEvilKitteh> [Also, she's curious as to why the protective undergarments don't cover more vital areas on the body, like the throat, achilles tendon, etc.]
  585. [15:31] <Helen> When Iris stepped out for them to see the outfit, Maya turned and clasped her hands together with a cheerful nod "This one looks very superb too, Iris-chan! F-fit for a king, or, umm, q-queen indeed! Quite different from the others you've worn, right?" she smiled kindly, looking thoughtful for a second and whispering to herself and Taru "If only we had a prop sword it'd be even better.."
  586. [15:36] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris nodded and moved side to side, letting the heavy fabric of the dress sway along with the motion. "...Y-Yes. Diff-er-ent." Really, it wasn't that bad. It was...kind of simple, at least, and didn't particularly restrict or hamper her movements. She looked back at Maya. "...More?"
  587. [15:44] <Helen> "Sure, one, um, l-last one I think.." almost as if the white-haired girl was unsure, she took the last outfit and handed it over to Iris, thoughtful. She didn't quite know much about this one but it looked heroic? She was trusting her new otaku friend's advice, nonetheless!
  588. [15:45] <Helen> .. It was a superhero outfit - more precisely, Power Girl's
  589. [15:53] <AgathasDiary> (>boob window)
  590. [15:53] <DrEvilKitteh> (Yes.)
  591. [15:54] <AgathasDiary> (Hue)
  592. [16:00] <DrEvilKitteh> (...Shit, I just realized I forgot what Kyoko's outfit looked like.)
  593. [16:00] <DrEvilKitteh> (That bit about the cloak coming down from the shoulder...ah, just...just retcon that.)
  594. [16:06] <DrEvilKitteh> The ice girl took the last costume and headed to the dressing room for...maybe the last time. ...Hm. She didn't know what to think about that. It Had she...had 'fun', doing this? Going around with Maya and trying on new outfits that she never would have thought to wear otherwise? It was taking a while to do so, but she was very patient. Not to mention it was a learning experience in
  595. [16:06] <DrEvilKitteh> what 'normal' people did (at least some of the time), and she was definitely hungry for more knowledge along those lines. So...maybe? She'd have to think about it more to be sure. For now, she just concentrated on changing costumes once more. After the usual blur and shift over her person, she looked at herself in the mirror. It was sort of like Hestia's dress, with something similar to the keyhole sweater's, er,
  596. [16:06] <DrEvilKitteh> chest window. Though it had nothing covering the legs, save for the boots that went up to just below her knees. And it had a short cape, with a strap going over her left shoulder and below her right armpit. ...Well, at least it wasn't around her neck. The gloves were decent, fairly flexible. She turned and stepped out of the changing room, then made her way back to Maya again.
  597. [16:49] <DrEvilKitteh> [Note: Otaku Friend shall actually become Maya's friend on her world, and when Maya occasionally stops by her world, she'll sort of catch OF up on stuff. Unbeknownst to her, but knownst to us, OF is secretly doing her thing with her new Original Manga, which Maya will eventually find out about when she sees the cover of one and thinks it looks vaguely familiar.]
  598. [16:50] <DrEvilKitteh> [And then she opens it up and low and behold, almost where she first flips to, Iris and Maya kissing or doing something equally intimate.]
  599. [16:50] <DrEvilKitteh> [Next page skip and flip, and there's drama with Maya, Iris, and Taru.]
  600. [16:50] <DrEvilKitteh> [Then cue the mother of all steam plumes rising from her ears.]
  601. [17:18] <Helen> [O-oh goddess, that happening :'3 with the manga and such]
  602. [17:38] <Helen> Having been besides Taru waiting patiently, having traded a few last words with her new friend who was apparently leaving, getting her contact, though she seemed to deliberately take a slow time at the cashier for some reason, Maya then turned to look at Iris as she left.
  603. [17:38] <Helen> "Then Iris-chan, how is-" the white-haired girl blinked in surprise upon seeing how the outfit was, her expression unmoving as she took in the information with a faint smile before blushing deeply, her eyes spinning "W.. wa.. t-that outfit, it.. awawawa"
  604. [17:39] <Helen> Lightheaded, she instinctively held onto Taru besides her for balance, while it was almost as if someone had placed a boiling kettle behind her head. "T.. t-this is what.. h-heroes wear nowadays..? U-un, q-quite nice..!" her voice trailed off to a whisper.
  605. [17:49] <DrEvilKitteh> The lavender-haired girl grabbed the bottom part of the cape and idly flapped it, watching how the fabric moved. She tilted her head at Maya after she spoke. "...He-roes?" Iris asked, clasping her fingers and stretching them a bit to test the gloves, then sticking a leg out to the side and pointing her foot to do the same with the boot.
  606. [17:58] <Helen> Nodding while partially hiding her face behind Taru, Maya seemed to get even more flustered as Iris stretched herself. "U-un, h.. heroes are t-those that help o-other persons, s-save them from monsters, f-fight baddies and s-such."
  607. [18:00] <DrEvilKitteh> [And Iris isn't even doing sexy-like posing with the stretching.]
  608. [18:00] <DrEvilKitteh> [It's just a mildly awkward, if graceful, foot stick out and point.]
  609. [18:01] <Helen> [Y-yep, but Maya was just wary of any movement by then :'3]
  610. [18:06] <DrEvilKitteh> "Hm." Iris lowered her foot back to the floor. "And...this...he-roes...clothes." She looked down at the costume and poked at her midrift, seeming to be curious about it being the outfit of a 'hero'. Her eyes refocused on Maya after a moment. "...This...last...o-one, right?"
  611. [18:09] <Helen> The girl's golden eyes peeked shyly from behind her white hair as she nodded. "Um, y-yes, but if you liked a-any other you can try it too..!"
  612. [18:11] <DrEvilKitteh> A slow blink momentarily obscured hazel eyes. Iris nodded, then stood up straighter and lifted her head, and cast her gaze about. She took a step, but paused and looked back at Maya. "Mm..." She made a small gesture indicating the general area they were in. ""
  613. [18:11] <DrEvilKitteh> [...Damn, now I need to have Iris (me) try to find something else she'd like to try on.]
  614. [18:11] <Helen> [lol :P]
  615. [18:14] <Helen> "Of course, yep! Just pick the ones you like and try them on!" she let go of Taru, slowly calming down.
  616. [18:14] <DrEvilKitteh> [Someone from Kill la Kill; most likely, Ryuko w/Senketsu, except not in transformed mode.]
  617. [18:15] <Helen> [A-ah, for one second I feared it was transformed :'3]
  618. [18:15] <Helen> [But senketsu on default form is quite nice indeed!]
  619. [18:15] <DrEvilKitteh> [Nah. I didn't want to do even more skimpy things.]
  620. [18:16] <DrEvilKitteh> [And it looks like a school uniform, which would draw her attention.]
  621. [18:18] <Helen> [Indeed~! Seems like Iris liked sailor uniforms a lot :3]
  622. [18:20] <DrEvilKitteh> [More like since they're connected to school, and therefore learning things, she is interested in them.]
  623. [18:20] <Helen> [Did think as much, it makes sense ^^]
  624. [18:22] <DrEvilKitteh> At Maya's given permission, Iris turned and resumed walking around the store. She stayed roughly within eyesight of Maya, and occasionally glanced back at her. ...And Taru. As she walked, she noticed even more stares coming her way, mainly from the people inside the store. Iris even thought she heard someone behind her slide down a wall and slump to the floor, but she avoided looking over her
  625. [18:22] <DrEvilKitteh> shoulder at the noise. There, that one looked interesting. She reached for it and gently removed the outfit from where it lay, then saw another promising one close by.
  626. [18:33] <Helen> Maya sat by watching with a troubled smile as she noticed how the people were reacting to Iris, but nonetheless anxious to see what she was choosing. Her new friend had already left the store, but had just added her on twitter~!
  627. [18:36] <DrEvilKitteh> [Oh damn. *snaps fingers* I was kinda figuring that "New Bestie" would've been the person who fainted, but...suppose it was just some random guy who got overwhelmed when he saw dat ass.]
  628. [18:38] <Helen_> [O-oh sorry, I didn't realize that D:!]
  629. [18:38] <Helen_> [Well might have been her. "Had already left the store" <was out of sight since she fell down]
  630. [18:41] <DrEvilKitteh> [Eh, it's fine either way.]
  631. [18:59] <DrEvilKitteh> Several minutes passed before Iris returned, three different outfits in hand. "L-Last...four." She lifted them a bit to indicate that the costumes were the ones she was referring to. "...I-I...think." She turned and smoothly glided back inside the changing room, then set the three down. She looked at each of them, then decided to go with the biggest one. A blue outfit that had caught her eye
  632. [18:59] <DrEvilKitteh> because it was...sort of reminiscent of the sailor uniform. A blur and shifting of clothes later, and in the mirror Iris saw that a kind of uniform had appeared on her. Somewhat baggy pants, a tassel on the right side of the chest, and there were mid-cut coat tails that went down past her knees. She opened the door and stepped out, revealing to Maya that she had elected to don Riza Hawkeye's
  633. [18:59] <DrEvilKitteh> military uniform. Iris walked over and stood still for a moment to let Maya get a good look at the outfit.
  634. [19:56] <Maya_Dusk> The white-haired girl seemed extremely happy over seeing Iris had returned with some outfits, happy that she was indeed enjoying this too, nodding for her as she went back into the dressing room. As the tall girl walked back outside, Maya's eyes sparkled and she clasped her hands together "H-Hawkeye..! R-really good one, Iris-chan!"
  635. [19:56] <Maya_Dusk> She looked Iris up and down happily "Y-you look really cool with that military style!"
  636. [19:58] <DrEvilKitteh> "Mil-i-ta-ry?" Iris decided to walk around a bit, pacing slowly back and forth, as she awaited Maya's answer, trying to get a good feel for the outfit. All in all, she'd have to say it was pretty good. Fairly comfy, easy to move in, not restrictive much, if at all.
  637. [20:08] <Maya_Dusk> Maya seemed to ponder briefly on her question, thinking of a good way to define the term, while smiling at how Iris seemed to be enjoying the outfit "U-un, military is the organization of people who train c-combat, use weapons and such, who work for the government and fight to keep others safe”
  638. [20:12] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Hm. Si-mi-lar...heroes?" Iris waited for Maya to reply before she headed back in to the changing room.
  639. [20:16] <Maya_Dusk> She tilted her head with a half nod of sorts "A little d-different, since heroes are u-usually stronger, but yes, sometimes they are very heroic. I might show you some stories about them, one day!"
  640. [22:56] <DrEvilKitteh> (As we take a casual jaunt back in time, we'll see over in the future the Faye Valentine cosplay. In the past, the Riza Hawkeye costume. Now, in the "present", we have the real second costume that never actually made it in.)
  641. [22:56] <DrEvilKitteh> (...Mostly because I forgot about it.)
  642. [23:02] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris "Hm"-ed at that before she entered the changing room. She stared down at the second outfit she had selected and willed her clothes to alter in order to match it. Clad in a...similarly-colored blue outfit to the Riza Hawkeye cosplay she'd just been wearing, this next one was a bit darker in hue. It resembled the sailor uniform, albeit with a bit of an exposed midsection and a red fingerless
  643. [23:02] <DrEvilKitteh> glove and thick bracelet of sorts on the left hand. It was quite easy to move in, though the suspender straps were a little weird. She turned and opened the door, then stepped out and approached Maya for what felt like the umpteenth time that day. The shorter girl would easily be able to recognize the Ryuko Matoi-in-Senketsu cosplay Iris now wore; thankfully, it was in the default style, not
  644. [23:02] <DrEvilKitteh> the battle-mode that...would've been more than a little revealing. "," the ice girl mumbled, explaining why she'd picked this one.
  645. [23:14] <Helen> Maya was stretching her arms as Iris came out of the dressing room again, looking up to her with a slightly surprised expression at the clothes she was wearing, seemingly a little flustered, but even more so happy as she smiled for her tall friend, clapping softly.
  646. [23:14] <Helen> "W-wow, Ryuko's..! R-really a great choice, Iris-chan..! I really love that outfit, and u-um, it looks quite pretty on you!" she nods timidly, then being unable to help but feel amused upon thinking of the contrast between the personalities - hot-blooded Ryuko, and cool-headed Iris.. mostly, if she isn't being surprised, at least!
  647. [23:14] <Helen> "It d-does look like a school uniform, right? It's kinda a variation on it!"
  648. [23:22] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris nodded slowly, glad that she'd been on the mark when she'd picked this outfit--more or less. She strode around a bit, almost pacing in the same manner as when she'd worn the Riza Hawkeye costume. One hand idly flapped part of the skirt a bit, and she noted how while it was short, she'd tried on shorter before. After a bit, she turned and looked at the changing room, then made her way back to it.
  649. [23:23] <DrEvilKitteh> (Time now resumes normally~)
  650. [20:18] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris closed the door behind her and looked at the next outfit. She concentrated, and her clothes blurred and shifted into a smooth, shiny yellow, uh...thing. It had suspender-like straps connecting the top and the bottom, and a red jacket of some kind was pulled down and had the bottom tied right in front of and below her bust. Why it wasn't completely covering her torso, she didn't know, but
  651. [20:18] <DrEvilKitteh> she'd long since accepted the oddities involved with 'normal clothes shopping'. She walked through the door and stood in front of Maya, in a rather good Faye Valentine costume. "...Remind...I...of...I." She pointed up at her hair, obviously indicating its color and how Faye's hair was a bit similar to her own.
  652. [20:27] <DrEvilKitteh> While her hand was up there, she poked at the headband and shifted it a bit so it was more comfortable resting on her head. ...Still felt weird though, but not as weird as the Hatsune Miku headpiece.
  653. [20:19] <DrEvilKitteh> [Also: Short shorts, midrift-baring shirt, decent cleavage, and quite form-fitting around the bust.]
  654. [20:19] <DrEvilKitteh> [Keep that in mind for Faye's costume~]
  655. [20:22] <Maya_Dusk> [O-oh dear.]
  656. [20:22] <Maya_Dusk> [Keeping it in mind :'3 Iris and h-her Maya targeting ordnance]
  657. [20:22] <Maya_Dusk> [O-or rather, Maya brings things down upon herself too~]
  658. [20:23] <DrEvilKitteh> [I mean...]
  659. [20:23] <DrEvilKitteh> [ ]
  660. [20:23] <DrEvilKitteh> [ ]
  661. [20:23] <DrEvilKitteh> [ ]
  662. [20:23] <Maya_Dusk> [Y-yep, I had just seen that very pic.. d-dear heavens]
  663. [20:37] <Maya_Dusk> While waiting for Iris to return, Maya had been trying to imagine what outfit she had chosen, and when she did exit, the white-haired girl flinched, not being prepared in the slightest. "Ah-ah.. F.. Faye..?..! T-that looks.. a...awawa.." she raised her hands up to her mouth as it opened slightly, averting her gaze downwards briefly before looking up again.
  664. [20:37] <Maya_Dusk> “Q.. q-quite.. g-good choice.. U-un, it looks v.. v… very similar..” she leaned against Taru for support again, looking down, steam streaming out from behind her ears as she tried to hide her blushing “Y.. y-you’d be very popular with that cosplay, i-indeed”
  665. [20:41] <DrEvilKitteh> [...Actual Steam?]
  666. [20:41] <DrEvilKitteh> [*steam]
  667. [20:41] <Maya_Dusk> [... l-like the software!]
  668. [20:41] <DrEvilKitteh> [This is important, now.]
  669. [20:41] <DrEvilKitteh> [DAMMIT, DON'T MOCK MY TYPOS]
  670. [20:41] <Maya_Dusk> [O-oh sorry :'3]
  671. [20:41] <Maya_Dusk> [I mean, I k-kinda generalized it without including the "as if" part in there~]
  672. [20:42] <Maya_Dusk> [Iris could get t-the impression, of course]
  673. [20:42] <DrEvilKitteh> [It's the difference between Iris staying at a distance and rushing up close to check what's wrong with Maya.]
  674. [20:43] <Maya_Dusk> [Oh d-dear]
  675. [20:43] <DrEvilKitteh> [So, no /actual/ steam, yes?]
  676. [20:45] <Maya_Dusk> [If s-she was a water girl maybe, but I think not actual steam y-yep :'3]
  677. [20:49] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Faye..." Iris rolled the name over her tongue. She gave a slow nod, then walked around in a loose oval shape before heading back to the changing room. " hair," she said over her shoulder to Maya, afterwhich she closed the door behind her. She changed into the fourth and final outfit she'd picked out for herself and looked in the mirror. Similar to Samus'
  678. [20:49] <DrEvilKitteh> Zero Suit, it was a form-fitting, more or less skintight bodysuit. Except this one was black, and came with little hairclips that kind of made her look like she had plastic animal ears of some kind. She exited the room after a minute and approached Maya, clad in a Rei Q black plugsuit.
  679. [21:13] <Maya_Dusk_> Maya peeked up shyly, trying to stop leaning on Taru for support, tilting her head as she wondered which other character had hair which reminded Iris of her own, then widening her eyes as she exited clad in Rei Q's black plugsuit, w-which just looked far too fitting for her - personality-wise as well, kinda - and was even complete with the odd ear-headset it had.
  680. [21:13] <Maya_Dusk_> "K.. kawai- a-ah um, I m.. mean, a-and.. awawa.." she tried to hide her embarrassment partially on her friend's shoulder again, with her right hand on her own cheek, peeking up to Iris with a shy nod, almost falling if not for the support, as she was still lightheaded, not even having had fully recovered from Faye's suit yet.
  681. [21:14] <Maya_Dusk_> "It.. it f-fits really well.. you d-do remind me of Rei.."
  682. [21:15] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris cocked her head at that. "...Rei? Mm...w-why...remind...May-ah?"
  683. [21:17] <Maya_Dusk_> "A-ah, just a little bit of t-the personality..! And y-you both have a hait with a light color, u-um, when you're on your armor at l-least..!"
  684. [21:22] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris "Hm"-ed again and decided to walk around in the plugsuit costume a bit. Again, similar to the Zero Suit, and with some modifications to the material that were barely visible, it was made more comfortable than it normally was. She came to a stop and reached up in a stretch, hands clasped, then leaned to the left, and then right. Good strength, good flexibility, and the material was pliable
  685. [21:22] <DrEvilKitteh> enough to allow the stretches. She nodded to herself and turned to face Maya again. "...N-No...more." She said it with a tone of finality, and...she felt a curious sensation in her chest. ...How to describe it...maybe a something was missing? Like...she might...miss this? Whatever it was exactly, it didn't show on her face as she turned and glided back into the changing room.
  686. [21:27] <Maya_Dusk_> Despite her embarrassment, Maya watched curiously as Iris seemed to be testing the outfit, then seeming surprised as she said she didn't want to try more clothes and nodding with a faint smile "Ah, y-you tired then? It's okay, w-we got to see a lot of cute cloth- I, I m-mean, u-um, g-good ones..!"
  687. [21:28] <Maya_Dusk_> She separated from Taru and fixed her own disheveled hair as Iris went back into the dressing room, hoping she d-didn't mind her little slip.
  688. [21:29] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris came out a few scant moments later, and this time she had opted to try wearing the keyhole sweater outfit for an extended period of time. Her glasses had returned, and the mid-length skirt swayed as she walked. "...Not...tired." she tilted her head. "May-ah...not...have...more. I...not...have...more." She nodded and looked down at Maya, hoping the message got across.
  689. [21:36] <Maya_Dusk_> Maya was quite surprised and flustered at seeing Iris exit already wearing one of the outfits they had chosen earlier, but still radiant at the same time, smiling happily upon understand what Iris meant. "Ah, I s-see, don't worry, it's ok!"
  690. [21:36] <Maya_Dusk_> She nodded before stretching her arms briefly "W-well then, this was great..! U-uwa, it got pretty late already.. um, say, a-are you two hungry? We could buy a crepe before heading home" she said softly
  691. [21:39] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris tilted her head. "...Crepe?" She gave a small, awkward shrug. "" She walked up a bit closer to Maya, obviously intent on having her lead the way. And...her fingers subtly twitched, a sign that Iris was sort of wanting to hold Maya's hand again.
  692. [21:47] <Maya_Dusk_> "It's really good, I think you will like it, Iris-chan!" she brushed a lock of white hair aside from her eyes, and then smiled as she happily grabbed Iris' and Taru's hands as she started to lead them out of the cosplay store, nodding in acknowledgement to the farewell of the clerks.
  693. [21:47] <Maya_Dusk_> There were considerably less people in the mall by now, and it was starting to get dark outside. She led them towards the food court and to a very renowned sweets store over there.
  694. [21:49] <Maya_Dusk_> "So, t-these are them, Iris-chan! Feel free to pick any flavor you like, o-or um, ask me." she let go of their hands, and handed an menu over for Iris to look at "I.. I'm a l-little old fashioned and will go with strawberries, myself".
  695. [23:24] <DrEvilKitteh> (Aaand transition back to crepes)
  696. 23:26] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris took the menu and quickly looked over it. She...actually had some idea what some of the flavors were, thanks to things she'd gotten at the pub coupled with occasional writing and reading lessons with the winged twins and Maya, but...still. There were a lot of flavors. "...Mm..." She lifted a tentative finger, but hesitated before she chose anything. A furtive look was given to Maya through her glasses.
  697. [23:26] <DrEvilKitteh> ""
  698. [23:37] <Helen> The white haired girl looked up for a moment, putting a hand to her chin as she thought "Me, u-um... I'm quite fond of strawberries with cream and chocolate topping.. Some people like ones with banana, but I'm not very fond of it.. Red bean one is fairly sweet too... and I liked the cheesecake crepe a-as well."
  699. [23:37] <Helen> Realizing for how long she had went, Maya blushes on her own and fidgets with her fingers, looking down. "I, u-um, I don't eat much, b-but I love sweet things"
  700. [23:41] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Mm." Iris thought for another moment, then gave a little nod when she came to a decision. "I-I...have...same...a-as...May-ah." She figured it was a good place to start, and if Maya recommended it, then she'd trust...her...on it...
  701. [23:41] <DrEvilKitteh> ...Hm.
  702. [23:53] <Helen> Maya seemed surprised for a moment, before smiling, radiant "S-same as mine then, alright..!" she nodded happily, before turning for Taru and taking note of her request, and asking for the crepes to the attendant, paying for the order and moving to wait on the side, watching expectantly while waiting for them to get done.
  703. [23:53] <Helen> As they were swiftly finished, she grabbed Iris' and Taru's, handing the crepes for them, before getting her own and walking along to their side. "Okay, I h-hope that you like it, Iris-chan.. It's l-looking good! Well then" she softly whispered itadakimasu before biting into her crepe.
  704. [00:01] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris looked down at the crepe and tilted her head somewhat. First thing she thought was that it looked rather...complicated. Complicated to make, complicated to look at, maybe complicated to eat? Just...complicated. The second was that she was glad how it seemed like she wouldn't need to use any kind of utensil to eat it, unlike ice cream. Just her hands. And a weird...sheet or mat of...some
  705. [00:01] <DrEvilKitteh> kind that the bottom had been wrapped in. ...Well, that didn't look particularly edible, so she'd refrain from eating /that/. Before actually taking a bite, she gave a sideways look to Maya and Taru and observed them eating their crepes. ...Actually, it wasn't so complicated at all. Good. She shrugged and went to work, devouring the crepe with her trademarked terrifying efficiency. As usual. It
  706. [00:01] <DrEvilKitteh> was completely gone within the span of several seconds.
  707. [00:13] <Helen> After giving her first bite, Maya's expression was that of utter contentment as she savored the sweetness of the crepe, placing a hand to her cheek and closing her eyes as she chewed, before giving a satisfied smile. "Un.. as good as I remembered..!" she glanced over to look at how Iris was doing, and was briefly surprised at how fast she seemed to be eating.
  708. [00:13] <Helen> She was quick to smile however, remembering that such was Iris. As she slowly continued to eat her own crepe, she glanced over expectantly as her tall friend finished. "So, u-um, how was it, Iris..? D-did you like it?"
  709. [00:20] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris stuck her tongue out to lick the last remnant of cream off the corner of her mouth as she considered Maya's question. Really, it was...a difficult thing for her to answer. She'd gotten used to eating all sorts of stuff, including things that she rather wouldn't have. But such was necessary for survival. She had been working on trying to cultivate a 'better palette' as someone had put it, though.
  710. [00:20] <DrEvilKitteh> So to speak. "...Mm. C-Crepe...was...good." She gave a slow nod after saying that, positive that her words had more or less accurately reflected how she felt. ""
  711. [00:28] <Helen> Upon hearing the positive feedback from Iris, the white-haired girl smiled radiantly "Really..?? I'm g-glad you did, it makes me q-quite happy to try and show you things from my world and see you like them..!" she looked down at her own crepe for a second "Those are definitely among my favorites sweet things"
  712. [00:35] <DrEvilKitteh> Sweet...Iris had heard that word used before at times. In relation to the taste of some foods, and also as...some sort of descriptor for a person. She wasn't quite sure on the latter, but she thought she'd figured out the former, even with her...less-than-prominent tastebuds. for Maya saying she was happy about Iris liking it, and other things? She...didn't quite know what to make of
  713. [00:35] <DrEvilKitteh> that. Well, more that she didn't exactly know how to respond to that statement. So, she just gave a slow, hesitant and semi-awkward nod.
  714. [00:35] <DrEvilKitteh> ...It didn't really feel like a hug moment, as had happened earlier in Maya's house. But...should she hug her? Should she do something else? Gah, this new world of social interaction was just...plain bizarre and confusing, especially the physical contact parts.
  715. [00:48] <Helen> While she slowly worked to finish her crepe, Maya tilted her head upon noticing how Iris seemed thoughtful, then couldn't help but smile, wondering what kind of thoughts her friend was going through. As she finished her own meal, she licked little cream which had gotten on her fingers somehow, then nodded satisfiedly for herself.
  716. [00:48] <Helen> "So, t-today was quite great..! A shame it's already this late, b-but oh well, we had tons of fun..! Let's head home now, then?"
  717. [00:54] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Fun," Iris said in a low, musing tone. /Had/ this been fun? Fun, enjoyment of various kinds of activities, wanting to do them more. Something to that effect. "...Mm." She stood and looked over to Maya, and this time she consciously turned her hand and opened her fingers a bit in anticipation of Maya taking her hand again.
  718. [01:07] <Helen> Radiant at how Iris' seemed to agree on having had fun, Maya's smile brightened up even more and held Iris' hand as well as Taru's, progressing with them towards the exit of the mall, heading out into the streets, which were slowly being lit up by light poles as the sky darkened more and more, the temperature also having noticeably dropped.
  719. [01:07] <Helen> As they were about to start walking, Taru seemed to remember something, looking at the clock and gasping, apologizing and telling them she'd catch up later as she almost forgot what else she had to do, running off. "A-ah, um, s-sure..! Take care, T-Taru-chan..! Until soon!" she waved goodbye shyly as Taru-chan ran off.
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