Lotta's Sleepover!

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  1. Lucretia awaited on Lotta's arrival anxiously. She could hardly sit still in her own home, for this was her first time inviting anybody over for a sleepover and it was one of the Harvey Girls no less. For the past few hours she would check the time repeatedly to see that only a couple of minutes had past. A few times she even did the math to figure out how many seconds it was until 5:30 PM. She eventually gave this up and tried to organize her room.
  3. She straightened out her bed sheets and comforter, hid her small collection of teeth in the bottom drawer of her night stand along with several pictures of the Harvey Girls, and got rid of any loose papers form her previous year of school.
  5. After she exhausted all her options in her room, she started to wander around the house and then into her parents room. Upon inspecting her parents' bed, she jumped back thinking she just saw a snake. Quickly realizing it wasn't a snake, She approached the black shiny object. It was about two feet in length and had strange ends that matched on both sides. After analyzing the phallic object, she looked over at her parents alarm clock. The clock read 5:15 PM. Lucretia gasped with excitement and bolted out of the room. When passing her room, she tossed the long item under her bed before heading to her front door. "Just fifteen more minutes!" she exclaimed with a lisp.
  9. Lotta double checked her backpack to make sure she didn't forget any important items that she needed to bring over. "Pajamas's, Water Bottle, Diary, Stuffed Bunny, Is there anything else i'm forgetting ?" She said to herself as she tapped her finger on her chin. Lotta had been to plenty of sleepovers before with her besties but she had never been to Lucretia's house before, So she wanted to make sure that she brought over everything that she wanted since she knew that Lucretia was a big fan of her's so she wanted to make a first good impression with her for her first sleepover with her.
  11. She scammed her room to see if there were any items that she thought that she and Lucretia could enjoy together. She spotted a book that was laying on the floor, She picked it up and looked at the cover. "Playing with yourself and others, A guide on how to have fun with you and your "friends"." The cover of the book had a dark skinned woman who was lying on a bed and was holding what looked to be a black toy snake and it looked like it was missing both of it's eye's, The women on the cover looked happy so Lotta just put the book in her bag and thought to herself. "I bet She'll love this, I mean who doesn't love book on how to have fun with broken toys!"
  13. After putting the book in her bag, She checked her phone to see that it was 10 minutes from 5:30 PM. "I better head out, Lucretia might think i'm not coming and I don't want to worry her." Lotta strapped her backpack over her shoulders and waved to all her bunny friends good bye as she headed out the door. "I'll be back tomorrow you guys oh and gals too!" She added.
  15. Lucretia looked out her window by the front door then back at a clock, and then out the window again. "A pot never boils if you keep watching it." Lucretia said out loud to herself while she held a small doll that looked like her. She looked down at the doll and agreed. "I know, Dollcretia. But I'm just so exited! I'll finally be able to get to know Lotta at a more personal level! I can ask her about her lifetime goals, her insecurities, what she dreams about at night- gasp! I'll be able to watch her sleep all night long!"
  17. "Alright just play it cool, there's no need to get this worked up. Also she's almost here." Lucretia looked up and back out the window. There Lotta was, Walking towards her house. Lucretia gasped in excitement and reached for the door knob ready to greet her friend, but she stopped herself. "Nope, gotta play it cool. I'll wait for her to knock then I'll answer." Lucretia said aloud while gripping the door handle feverishly.
  19. Lotta walked up the steps and knocked on the front door, She wondered to herself if she should have asked Audrey or Dot to come with her, She shook this thought out of her head. "No i'll be fine by myself, Besides it's not like anything too crazy is gonna happen while i'm over here." She reassured herself.
  21. She waited for Lucretia to open the door, A few seconds passed and she started to wonder if she heard the knock so she knocked on the door again but a little harder this time.
  23. "Still no answer" she thought to herself. "Maybe she wasn't home" She started to wonder.
  25. Lucretia stood there with her hand on the door knob holding back the urge to scream with excitement. She took a deep breath through her nose and slowly exhaled through her mouth, Trying to collect herself. She slowly twisted the handle and pulled the door open. She looked up and Lotta's baby blue eyes met with hers. The eye contact made Lucretia start to loose her composer.
  27. "HELLO!" she yelled loud enough for half the block to hear before lunging forward, Wrapping her arms around her guest she had been waiting for.
  29. Lotta jumped back at the girl's sudden hug but didn't mind it all in fact it felt pretty nice, She noted to herself that she couldn't get her arms all around her body which made her feel good since Lotta liked the way her body was shaped, She also noted that Lucretia was nuzzling her face into too her belly which actually tickled a bit. Rubbing her hand on the girl's head she spoke. "Nice to see you too Lucretia!"
  31. Lucretia loosed her grip and stepped back. "Heh sorry. I've just been so exited about having this sleepover" Lucretia apologized while smiling bashfully and rubbing the back of her head. She stepped to the side and gleefully said "Come on in!"
  33. Lotta smiled at the girl as she stepped inside her house, It was a pretty basic house however she did note that living room had a bunch of pictures of Lucretia and her parents, She walked over to one picture frame and picked it up. "Is this you and your mom's?" She asked the fangirl.
  35. "Yeah," Lucretia responded. The picture was of Lucretia in between two women. The one on the left was dressed in denim and looked a lot like Lucretia but with a bleach blond pompadour. The on on the right had dark brown hair, mirror glasses and a beanie. They all looked very happy in the photo. "They said they'd be out clubbing for most of the night. Typically that means they won't be back until tomorrow morning and when they get back, they'll usually nap until noon with all the blinds closed."
  37. "Cool, My parents usually like to go out to watch fights, They're really into this thing called "cock fighting" I think it's video game since they never seem to want to eat chicken, Granted that might be because I don't like to eat meat but that's another story that you wouldn't been interested in hearing." Lotta said turning around see that Lucretia was lying on the ground with her hands on her face as she was enjoying ever word of new information on Lotta's parents since she only followed Lotta around.
  39. "I'm always interested in what you have to say, Lotta," Lucretia cooed as if she was listening to heartfelt poetry. "My parents say cocks are nothing but trouble, must be why they're fighting..." Lucretia paused and thought for a second before asking, "What exactly is a cock anyway?"
  41. "It's a male chicken, I also heard that's what some boy's call their penises for some reason" Lotta looked down at Lucretia and tilled her head. "Soooo are we going up to your room or what?"
  43. Upon hearing the word "penises", Lucretia forced back a laugh that resulted in a snort. "Sure! It's this way," Lucretia said excitedly before skipping to her room. The door had a Crush for You poster taped to it. Her room appeared like an average girls room, but with several stuffed photo albums neatly stacked in different corners of the room. "Mi casa es su... uh... Make yourself at home! I left a nice big empty space for you on the floor. Unless you'd rather sleep in my bed. Or we could both sleep in my bed together... or on the floor, I mean whatever you're feelin'," Lucretia stuttered before laughing awkwardly.
  45. "I mean i'm fine sleeping with you if that's what you want." Lotta said while removing her backpack from her shoulder and taking out her nightgown. "You don't mind if I change right here do you? I mean we're both girls and I want to get out of these clothes as soon as possible."
  47. Lucretia seemed to zone out for a second. Her checks turned visibly red and her eyes seemed to shimmer. Shaking her head, she snapped back to reality. "Sure! I don't mind at all. I should probably change too anyway."
  49. "OK." Lotta replied as she started to remove her hoodie and blouse, Revealing her bare chest. She then started to remove her boots and socks. She wiggled her toes on her feet. "Hehe I see you little piggy's." she said to herself. She then pulled down her pants revealing her pink and white lacy panties. She slowly took those off and put all of her clothes in her backpack and turned to Lucretia and did a little pose. "So what do you think? Could I be a model or what?"
  51. Lucretia had removed her dress, exposing her chest as well. She had placed her hands on the waist of her black shorts with the intent of removing them, but she looked over at Lotta and instantly became entranced. She started analyzing how visibly smooth her skin was. It looked soft to the touch. Every curve, arch and crease filled Lucretia with a type of awe that she'd never felt before. She even took note of how Lotta's nipple's started to become perky from the cool air.
  53. Once Lotta's panties were visible, Lucretia could't take her eyes off them. All of her senses felt dampened as if she was using all her energy to analyze Lotta's body. When the panties came off, Lucretia's eyes locked onto Lotta's ladybits. Lotta struck quite an appealing pose then said something that Lucretia didn't hear. She let out an ,"Uh huh..." but stared onward like a zombie. "Jeez, you're pretty..." Lucretia whispered.
  55. Lotta just blushed at that compliment. "Ah thanks, So are you going to finish taking off your pants or do you need me to help you because in my experience, Pants usually give me trouble since my fat ass is always ripping them." She said that last part while turning around and slapping her bare naked ass. Her checks jiggled as she watched them and looked back up at Lucretia to see her reaction to her jiggly butt.
  57. Lucretia felt weak in the knees when she saw the ripples flow through Lotta's ass, but the sound of the smack seemed to snap her out of her trance.
  59. "W- what?" Lucretia asked oblivious to any conversation that may have transpired.
  61. "I asked you if you needed any help with your shorts." Lotta asked as she walked over to Lucretia and put a hand on her forehead. "Are you feeling alright? If you're not we could do this another night." The Blonde girl asked.
  63. "Yes. I mean no! I mean, I'm fine! Really!" Lotta's naked body being a only a few feet away made her heart race. Lucretia frantically removed her black shorts revealing that she didn't wear anything else underneath. "See I'm alright!" She quickly said to reassure her nude guest.
  65. "OK that's good." Lotta looked up and down at Lucretia's naked body and noted how skinny the girl was. "Hey do you want to order a pizza? Cause i'm really hungry and it looks like you use some meat on those bones." Lotta went up to Lucretia who was blushing madly and poked her in the belly a few times.
  67. Lucretia swallowed hard. "S-sure, my parents left one of their cards on the kitchen table with some money on it." While looking down at Lotta's hand poking her tummy, she noticed her black shorts had a subtle wet spot in the crotch area. Lucretia ignored it trying not to bring any attention to it.
  69. Lucretia shyly began to twirl her hair around on finger. "S-so, what kind of PJs did you bring?" Lucretia asked trying to take her mind of Lotta's pleasant smelling body.
  71. "I actually since it's pretty hot right now, I was thinking we can just stay naked for while before our pizza gets here, You wouldn't mind that would you?" Lotta said as she looked down and noticed the wet spot on Lucretia's shorts. "I think it would help since it looks like you spilled some water on your shorts." Lotta said as she looked back up at the girl's face.
  73. Lucretia laughed awkwardly while using her foot to toss her shorts under her bed and out of sight. "Yeah... hehe! Just gotta... air it out sometimes, ya know?" Lucretia stuttered, not quite sure of what she said or was trying to say. Lucretia stepped back and retrieved her phone from her night stand. After some tapping and swiping, she accidentally dropped it in her nervous state. She bent down to retrieve it, unintentionally presenting a nice view of her ass to Lotta. "Oops clumsy me hehe. Hey, do you prefer Pizza Shack or One-Leg Joe's?"
  75. "Oh which ever one has stuffed crust pizza." Lotta said while staring directly into Lucretia's ass. "All I want plain four cheese, Is that fine you with you?" Lotta stepped closer and closer to Lucretia without noticing until she realized that she was on her knees and was right next to her ass. When she realized this she jumped back and fell on her back in surprise to her own actions.
  77. "Wha-! Are you alright? What hap...pend?" Lucretia trailed off while not even hiding the fact that she was staring directly in-between Lotta's legs. She looked down at her phone then back up at Lotta's pussy. "I... um... can I?" Lucretia started to murmur.
  79. "Can you what?' Lotta asked the fangirl, She looked at Lucretia's eyes and looked down at her body and then back up at Lucretia. "Oh yeah it's a bit hairy but I like it that way." She said rubbing the back of head in embarrassment. "I think I get it from my father since he's also pretty hairy, It's actually a bit in embarrassing." Lotta pulled up her knees with her arms to cover her hairy pussy up.
  81. "I guess I don't have to worry about anyone else seeing it since no guy OR girl would want to go out with me, It's funny you're the first person besides my parents to see me fully naked, I haven't even shown Audrey or Dot yet and i'm afraid that if I show Gerald, He'll think i'm just a fat hairy weirdo, I'm not sure why since we're already together and we kissed and everything but i'm not sure if i'm ready to show him my body yet, What do you think?
  83. "N-no, you're not a weirdo you look great! I just wanted to know if I could get a picture... of you... naked" Lucretia asked the chubby girl while trying to make her feel better.
  85. "I promise I won't show anyone. It would just be for me to keep."
  87. Lotta just blinked at Lucretia's request and just nodded. "Sure but why do you want it for? I'm guessing it's because you want to finger yourself to it don't you?" Lotta came close to Lucretia and pulled her into a passionate kiss, Breaking the kiss with a bit of saliva falling down the side of her face and her wiping it away, She gave her quick peck on the check, Lotta then started to whispered into Lucretia's ear. "If you want to masturbate in front of me that's fine, Just don't tell Gerald or anyone else alright?"
  89. Lucretia began to squeal gleefully after receiving a kiss from one of the Harvey Girls. "I can't believe you kissed me! I just wanted a picture so I could see you naked every day for the rest of my life! But if we can do that again, I'll forget about the photo," The fan girl exclaimed with delight. "Also what's a master bait?" She questioned the large girl.
  91. Lotta couldn't believe what she had just heard. "Wait you never masturbated before? Do even know what sex is? Do you know where babies come from?" She tilled her head to the side. "Do even know what porn is?"
  93. "When I asked my mom, she said sex was a "special hug", but she didn't describe how to do it. She said when a man and a woman do it, it makes a baby. She told me to not do it with boys." Lucretia explained while twiddling her fingers. "They also said not to look up porn cuz it'll eff up the computer."
  95. Lotta just kissed Lucretia deeply and started to put her fingers inside of the girl's wet dripping pussy, She felt her hand starting to get wet. She broke her kiss with her and spoke to her in a lustful voice. "Well I personally think I would be the best person to show you, You innocent sweet girl." Lotta carried the girl over to her bed and laid her down on it softly. She then got up on the bed, went over her and placed her crouch in front of her face and and used her fingers to open up and show off her hairy pussy. The large girl had a large blush across her face. "Alright I want you to put your mouth on my pussy and act like if you where kissing it."
  97. Lucretia nodded with a big smile across her face. "Okay!" She crawled forward and placed her head in between Lotta's legs and started to analyze her pussy up close. Lucretia was quite captivated by Lotta's blond carpet but her clitoris caught the fan girl's eye. She placed her lips on Lotta's clitoris and gave it a literal kiss a few times before she started to suck on it.
  99. Lotta moaned at the girls sucking. "Mhhh you're not bad at this, Now try sucking on my clit, You know that little small round thing on the front of my pussy? Yeah just sucking on that for while." She moaned out some more as she put a hand on Lucretia's head and started to pet her like a dog of some kind.
  101. Lucretia started to suck on Lotta's clit and pulled her head back it popped out of her mouth, The clit made a small audible popping sound. She then started licking circles around it. As Lucretia licked around the girl's pussy, She recalled Lotta touching her pussy about a minute ago. Using her right hand, Lucretia felt around in between her legs. Her pussy was practically dripping at this point. Her fingers caressed her labia resulting in wet squishy sounds. This felt generally pleasant but she continued to feel around. In no time, her fingers stumbled across her clitoris which sent waves of pleasure through her body. She fed this feeling by massaging her clit faster.
  103. Taking her mouth off of Lotta's clit, she began to moan softly. She continued to feel herself with her head still in between Lotta's legs. Her moans suddenly stopping for a few seconds, before returning louder and more forceful. Her body tensed up and her legs closed together as she just experienced her first orgasm, Pulling up her hand and looking at how wet and sticking it was, She put it next to her nose and started to sniff it, Getting a good whiff of the sticky fluids on her hand, She decided that she wanted to know how it tasted compared to Lotta's own juices, So she stuck two of her fingers into her mouth and started to suck on the for a bit before pulling them out of her mouth.
  105. "Now bad" She said as she nodded her head as if she was a cook tasting a new recipe.
  107. Lotta looked down at the girl and smiled at her. "Your first orgasm, How wonderful but I didn't remember you saying you could stop." Lotta pushed Lucretia's face back into her wet hairy pussy. "OK now I want you to stick your tongue deep inside of of it."
  109. Lucretia's tongue wiggled around in between Lotta's labia before finding her vagina. She pushed her tongue into Lotta's love canal and tried to mover her tongue the best she could. A combination of vaginal fluid and saliva had covered Lucretia's face from her chin up to her nose. She'd periodically take gasps of air through her mouth before continuing her sloppy endeavor.
  111. Lotta moaned at the girl's tongue action, She started to rub one of her own nipples as she let out a gasp of pleasure as the combination of her playing with her hard nipples and the brunette eating her out like a hungry dog that hadn't been fed in 3 three days was getting her pussy even more wet then it already was before. Her heart raced and her head was sweaty. "Ooooh f-fuck I t-think i'm g-gonna-" Before she could finish stammering out her sentence, Lotta unloaded every drop of pussy juice into Lucretia's mouth hole as she moaned out in extreme pleasure.
  113. After she was sure that she had gotten every drop from the girl, Lucretia sat up and blinked a few times, then swallowed the contents in her mouth before taking nice breath of air. The lower half of her face was completely soaked from various fluids. She smiled and asked, "Does that usually happen?" With a look of innocence and confusion across her soaked face.
  115. Lotta rubbed the back of her head. "Heh Yeah." She looked back at the face of soaked girl and laughed to herself. "Heheheh! You should clean your face off, I'm gonna call the Pizza Shack and order us a large stuff crust pizza, How does that sound?" Lotta asked as she got up off the bed and started to dial the number of the restaurant into her cell phone.
  117. "That sounds delicious" Lucretia replied before hopping off the bed and headed towards the bathroom to clean off her face.
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