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  1.  NAME OF SKILL: Office Flytrap
  2. RANK: C
  3. DESCRIPTION: The ability to transmute paper and alter its properties in varied ways.
  5. Using his Origin linked simply to Paper, Daichi uses a very specialized, utilitarian kind of magecraft focusing on the usage and alteration of paper's properties, carrying a full briefcase with him at all times for ease of usage.
  7. He achieves this through changing its molecular structure and taking advantages from the carbon and other elements present in them.
  9. The aria for usage is a personal, near unintelligible and silent rant in English about office work - he needs only say the words "Whiteout" to accomplish alterations in smaller pieces with near instantaneous cast times, although the bigger the scale, the longer the cast time, and thus the longer the aria - effectively making it seem like Roy's rambling to himself for the duration of the cast time. Since the spells all have the same aria, they require himself to mentally picture the effect in his mind with each cast - he actually says Whiteout slightly differently for each application, but it's so subtle he himself barely notices the difference in pronounciation.
  11. For small, commercial sheets of paper, it is instantaneous as said above and costs little prana, whilst for larger sheets created through his own fusion the cast time can be much longer, up to two minutes, and can use considerable portions of his prana reserves. While "Whiteout" has to be said for all single-word uses, he usually starts muttering it in low volume during consecutive usage.
  13. The effects from this Magecraft are kept after they are outside his effective range, although for how long depends on one factor - if he simply threw it or left it away, the effect will dissipate after a few minutes, since most objects meeting this fate will be projectiles or the like. If he spends extra cast time (up to two minutes, depending on scale once more) they can last up to one hour.
  15. Daichi can do all of the below feats to separate pieces of the same sheet at once, remotely, with the effects being able to stack via altering different layers on the microscopic scale. For altering properties, though, he needs to be within short range - two meters at most - but it is possible to keep properties once they're at a distance from him.
  17. Alterations he can perform with Office Flytrap include, with ranks in parenthesis:
  19. Hard MachĂȘ ( C ) - Reinforced durability, akin to a plate of steel, without much gain in weight, making use of the carbon particles in paper. A plate of steel the thickness of a paper sheet will kinda hurt if punched, but he can use a stack to create something that can outright stop bullets and protect him from strong attacks, although at a higher prana cost. This is a single-action application and requires no aria.
  21. Paper Cuts ( C ) - Sharpening of edges, being able to act as a blade or makeshift weapon when combined with the above.
  23. Standard Office Patterns ( C ) - Temporary weight modification to his own self, causing them to be easier to thrown - the actual weight is unchanged. To be more specific, he "lifts" the molecules so that the pull of gravity is lessened and the paper becomes near weightless for him to carry or throw, but unlike other effects, due to being more active, this effect ends as soon as the paper is out of his area of influence (about two meters, or earlier if he desires).
  25. True Office Flytrap ( C ) - Change of texture, allowing it to be as sticky as gum on command (enough to hamper movement of D Rank STR for three posts, C Rank STR for a good two posts, B and As for one post in essentially immediate fashion and as for E they would would have some difficulty and need aid to ever get out) or, at the same time, as elastic as rubber, allowing the sheet to distort and fold without breaking easily. This is a single-action application and requires no aria.
  27. Chapter 25 Forgery ( E ) - Instant removal of impurities from the surface, and the change of whatever is written or drawn on the paper to what he imagines. He cannot alter content thaumathurgically infused in the paper, however, unless it is of Rank E magecraft, although he can simply lay another sheet over it to hide the original content. These illusions can be as realistic as need be, even appearing to be a makeshift 3D texture, although touching it will reveal it to be just paper. This is a single-action application and requires no aria.
  29. Fire Exit ( C ) - Alteration of chemical properties so the sheet is neither flammable and impervious to water and dirt - and the possibility to put out any fire on one. Against fire created by magecraft, however, it can only resist that of spells C-Rank or lower, and has to be reapplied afterwards, due to limitations on two clashing spells. Due to the limits on chemical alteration, the paper can still be molten by intense enough fire kept being thrown at it over a good interval of time, however. And molten paper keeps the properties bound to it regardless until the time limit, while being hot and notably hard to handle. Have fun with that.
  31. Budget Cuts ( E ) - Fusing papers together or using separate sheets to repair others.
  33. Creative uses of these powers include:
  35. - A complete clean of impurities and sharpening of a paper sheet's edges to create an impromptu throwing knife, with its weight modified to his own self so it can be thrown with ease and a bit of extra durability.
  37. - Two sheets of paper set to stick and hold, each on one of his soles, so he can walk on walls.
  39. - Reinforcement and a change of texture into sticky and rubbery to protect him from a bullet - assuming he knows where it's gonna hit, of course, or can use a large enough sheet so it doesn't matter.
  41. - Using the ability to completely change how paper looks like to fake a wound, or what a sign says - it can fake any texture visually, and unless they touch, they'll never know!
  43. - Making bitching paper planes.
  45. And much more!
  47. NAME OF SKILL: Mental Persuasion
  48. RANK: E
  49. TYPE: Magecraft
  50. DESCRIPTION: Roy doesn't trust his mercenary bodyguards (see: Mysteries) all that much, given they work for money and thus can be bought off. Using a bit of simple Magecraft, he incites their obedience in subtle ways. Passively, this protects them against weak magical mental interference when in close proximity (~20 meters) of him, and whilst still not fully immune to human responses such as fear, they're less likely to flee or rout in combat.
  52. This magic can also be used actively when dealing with humans with zero magecraft training, being able to convince them of simple things like allowing entrance into an otherwise restricted area or convincing them to look away and forget an otherwise suspicious event. Due to its low rank, however, people with notably strong willpower can resist this effect, even with no formal training in magecraft.
  54. It is cast by snapping his fingers, his prana becoming a nagging presence in the affected's minds that gently pushed thoughts to the direction he wants them to go. It is kept up as long as he's in the effective range described above, and it is not prana intensive.
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