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  1. 1) Rework the layout of the home (making more room for slideshow)
  3. 2) Store the images in the map images / map /
  4. (Permetttre display the map correctly even if aurora-sim is shuts down)
  5. (And to update the maps every time you restart aurora-sim)
  7. 3) Remove from AstraGrid Templates folder (Now is astra)
  8. 4) Avoid displaying too much effect on all pages, it slows down the controller (because of notement scroller)
  9. 5) causes the scroller a little bug with IE (the quicmap tooltips do not display or display incorrectly)
  10. 6) Make a page using config viewer (help page)
  11. 7) improve the options (search give in tables and columns)
  12.    All options are still not configurable via backend (notement slide show and menu)
  13. 8) complete templates (notement astra)
  14. 9) Lack cookie for the site sizer (width of the site)
  15. 10) template selector does not work (default, white, astra)
  16. 11) template switch does not work (red, green, blue)
  17. 12) Make the site 100% valid w3c (all pages on the site)
  18.     Many w3c validation errors in the system of translation of the site and in the menu
  19. 13) Managing news not working.
  20.     Remove the alert message in javascript and display the errors directly on the site using
  21.     (Use <div class="alert"> and other class scheduled for this effect)
  22. 14) Add the dic lear both (I completely forgot that)
  23.     (This peremttra better display the site)
  25. Have you any other ideas?
  28. - Add a small forum to allow members to communicate, help each other, share and more ...
  29. - Facilitate the sharing of link ... small directory of links ... allow our 3D worlds that do know better
  30. - Have a little cat to no longer depend on freenode ajax chat but use our own little chat help
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