Journey's End

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  1. [00:20:34] <Giantree> ...
  2. [00:20:51] <Giantree> "Dawn is breaking, at journey's end~ ♪"
  3. [00:21:30] <Giantree> To the applause of the townspeople, Lilli finishes her song.  Sluggo's musical accompaniment gradually fades out as well.  While everybody else is out declaring their marriages and other such things, the two have been holding their concert for the whole city.
  4. [00:22:19] <Giantree> Foney had to interrupt the brother-duel but at least Jones is there, attempting to pick up chicks.  He's been wearing axe body spray instead of new car scent and he doesn't quite understand why it makes everyone think he's a bandit.  But at least here in the crowd there is peace.
  5. [00:22:45] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Should wear sword body spray, imo.
  6. [00:24:01] <Giantree> "Thanks, everyone!"  Lilli waves to the crowd in her idol outfit, exposing critical armpit for the world to see.  "I'm glad you could hear our song tonight!  I know it sounds strange, but this song was our prayer for peace.  We can't say why just yet, but the war's gonna end pretty soon.  There's just one final- oh?"
  7. [00:24:16] <Giantree> Sluggo grabs the mic.  "Uh, sorry.  But I wanna say somethin' real quick."
  8. [00:24:30] <Giantree> Lilli just inches up and nods, giving an "Uh-huh?"
  9. [00:25:21] <Giantree> Sluggo clears his throat.  "Well uh... yeah, it's been a pretty long trip for us and all.  When I first started I was livin' with my mom and didn't know the difference between a regular axe and my SICK guitar I've been shredding with."
  10. [00:25:56] <Giantree> "And I didn't get why women were scared of me either, so I just kinda went around calling myself 'great & amazing' without knowing what being great or amazing were really about."
  11. [00:26:45] <Giantree> "But on our tour all the way here, I uh... wow you're all staring" The crowd stares HARDER.  "Uh... well... you know, I sorta found... something really great and amazing."
  12. [00:27:35] <Giantree> "Oh, hell with it!  What I mean is, you're that something."  The Band-it gets down on one knee.  "Uh... Lilli, will you marry me?"
  13. [00:27:45] <Giantree> The crowd immediately starts dialing the police.
  14. [00:28:51] <Giantree> The pseudololi gasps.  "R-Right here in front of everyone...?"
  15. [00:30:13] <Giantree> Pausing a moment, she grabs the mic back and turns to address the crowd, giving a sideways glance to the metal slug of a man while she speaks: "Well... y-yeah, that was kinda sudden, wasn't it?  But..."
  16. [00:30:58] <Giantree> "Really, after all we've done to get this far, I dunno why you even have to ask.  Idols aren't supposed to do the whole dating thing, really, but who else do you think I'd want to spend my life with, ya big lug?"
  17. [00:32:11] <Giantree> Oh right I forgot to mention he's holding a ring.  Yeah, he is.  Lilli carefully grabs it and slips it on, holding her hand out to the audience as if to say 'screw your fantasies about pushing me down and thoroughly violating me, I'm a married woman!'  Or maybe just 'middle finger.'  You know, whatever.  But it's not on the middle finger, it's on the OTHER finger.
  18. [00:32:40] <Giantree> The crowd just kind of shuts up.
  19. [00:33:58] <Giantree> They continue to be quiet while Lilli leans in to the kneeling man and gives him a big smooch on the forehead, in the middle of the stage.  Then she turns to face them once more.  "But no matter what, we'll both always belong to you guys, the fans!!"
  20. [00:34:30] <Giantree> "I hope you didn't think we were done!"  Lightning magic makes a big explosion go BOOM in the back of the stage.  The crowd, slowly but surely, starts calling for an encore.
  21. [00:35:05] <Giantree> "Ooooooookay!  We still have the rest of the night!  Here we go!"
  22. [00:35:10] <Giantree> fin
  24. [00:35:54] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> My heart is melted, tree. Melted, I say.
  26. [00:37:21] <Giantree> ................
  27. [00:38:35] <Giantree> Brent stands, still in full armor, at the temporary holding cell the least cooperative God-General wallows in.  Like a professional soldier, his weapon is at the ready and his attention focused in every direction around him.
  28. [00:39:10] <Giantree> But less noticeable is the other guard on the other side of the door, who's been napping for the past hour.  Her eyelids flip open, a bit of drool on her chin.  "Mmmh."
  29. [00:39:48] <Giantree> "Hey, dude," Ariel blurts after a moment to collect herself.
  30. [00:40:03] <Giantree> "What is it, Milady?"  Asks the brown man, inquisitive almost masked by duty.
  31. [00:40:40] <Giantree> "I mean, you know she's not gonna go anywhere, right?"  Ariel continues.  "We don't need to bother, it's basically just volunteering at this point.  Wanna go out instead?"
  32. [00:41:30] <Giantree> "You mean, out into the frosted wilderness?  Why, I never!"
  33. [00:42:06] <Giantree> "Ooh, wow, you really ARE completely clueless.  Juuuust what I'm into," she licks her chops.
  34. [00:42:16] <Giantree> "I-I dare say, Milady, you're starting to scare me..."
  35. [00:42:36] <Giantree> "Oh, you think I'm scary here?  Wait until you see me in the bedroom."
  36. [00:42:51] <Giantree> Brent gulps.  "I don't believe that's... proper conduct for a lady to..."
  37. [00:43:28] <Giantree> "Aw, c'mon," Ariel gives him puppy-dog eyes, "A girl tries to flirt with you and THIS is how you act?  What, were you raised in a barn?"
  38. [00:44:11] <Giantree> "Well..." Sweatingbrownman.png.  "It's true that the prisoner isn't really a threat anymore, but we need to keep up the image for..."
  39. [00:44:56] <Giantree> "For what?"  Ariel stands up straight for the first time in forever.  "This is the final battle, you just gonna waste the eve of it away being boring?  We need to be partying!"
  40. [00:45:48] <Giantree> "And," she continues, "This is coming from the nap expert around here.  If there's any time I wanna be awake, it's here and now, with handsome clueless men who don't know the way to treat a lady yet."
  41. [00:46:02] <Giantree> Brent scoffs.  "Don't know how to treat a lady?!  But I've been educated by the most-"
  42. [00:46:28] <Giantree> "Educated schmeducated.  I'LL give ya some real education."  With a feral growl, Ariel pounces and knocks the man into the snow.
  43. [00:46:31] <Giantree> Fade to black.
  45. [00:48:29] <Ramiel> Sounds kinda lewd
  46. [00:48:59] <Giantree> OH shit
  47. [00:49:01] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Maybe they'll just make out or something, Ramsey, don't jump to any conclusions.
  49. [00:49:22] <Giantree> i just realized all the opportunity to resolve one of the most irritating plot threads has been right here all along
  50. [00:49:24] <Ramiel> Don't forget Arche is probably snooping around and watching.  She's always snooping around and watching.
  51. [00:49:26] <Giantree> lemme do that
  52. [00:50:18] <Kiuru> holy fuck you actually did brent x ariel
  53. [00:50:23] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> ^
  54. [00:50:39] <Kiuru> they were actually the first two to jump into mind when you said "i just thought of an npc/npc ship but i'd feel sorry for both of them"
  55. [00:50:55] <Giantree> I mean, I still do pity them too yeah
  56. [00:50:57] <Giantree> well
  57. [00:51:04] <Giantree> not ariel because she's always been a gold digger
  58. [00:51:36] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> So Spins/Saph confirmed?
  59. [00:51:40] <Kiuru> w
  61. [00:52:08] <Giantree> "Whew."  Aryll emerges from the whole fiasco of getting Charles to the medics and seeing to his health and whatnot.  As she's stretching in the fresh winter air, an ominous shadow looms over her.  She blinks.
  62. [00:52:18] <Giantree> "C-..."
  63. [00:52:28] <Ramiel> Naniii???
  64. [00:52:47] <Giantree> "Commander Noel?!  Oh, um, sorry ma'am, I didn't know I was in your way.  I'll..."
  65. [00:53:10] <Giantree> "At ease, soldier," Noel responds with a stern expression.  "Things have been hectic, but I do believe you were owed an official followup on your letter from earlier."
  66. [00:53:29] <Giantree> "I just thought it would be more appropriate to do it in-person, not that the opportunity had presented itself."
  67. [00:53:38] <Giantree> Aryll gulps and straightens up.
  68. [00:54:29] <Ramiel> And gets a slight slap on the bum by her hubby as she does
  69. [00:54:34] <Giantree> "... Expecting a scolding, are you?  Gods, you're not unlike my little sister after all."
  70. [00:54:35] <Giantree> damn
  71. [00:54:44] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Noice!
  72. [00:54:47] <Ramiel> I'm in a mood tonight
  73. [00:54:59] <Giantree> "Well I- Eep!"  I'm not even going to elaborate on the canonhood of the bumslap or otherwise.
  74. [00:55:44] <Kiuru> so it's canon
  75. [00:55:47] <Kiuru> gotcha
  76. [00:55:58] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> ^
  77. [00:56:38] <Giantree> "On the contrary," Noel wears an uncharacteristic grin.  "To make such important decisions on the fly without an official directive- it's dangerous for sure, and some might say it's irresponsible.  But you were doing what's best for your subordinates - family, at that - while upholding the directives of the mission to the best of your ability.  You of all people should know how admirable that trait is."
  78. [00:59:03] <Giantree> "Even more admirable, that you passed your pegasus' test.  There aren't many among us who can claim that honor.  Truth be told, I doubt even I'd be successful in it if I attempted.  In other words... not only are you not relieved of duty, I was wondering.  Do you think you'd be willing to accept theh commander's mantle following my retirement?  It's drawing nearer by the day, and though our families have never been the fondest of one another, I'd rather not doom the world to a fate of Nell giving orders to the RPC."
  79. [00:59:42] <Giantree> Aryll isn't sure whether to laugh or be srs.  But the latter's what she's better at, so that's what she does.  "Uh... wow, that's awfully sudden of you, ma'am-"
  80. [00:59:51] <Ramiel> W-wouldn't that make her outrank me D:
  81. [00:59:53] <Giantree> "Noel is fine.  You don't need to be so stuffy."
  82. [00:59:54] <Giantree> yes
  83. [01:00:06] <Ramiel> scared
  84. [01:00:11] <Giantree> you just need to go beg barty to make you royal guard or something
  85. [01:01:13] <Giantree> "Right, Comma- I mean, Noel.  I'm... not sure, to be honest.  D-Don't get me wrong, it's an honor!  But I was thinking," she smiles slightly, "That I might settle down and raise a family after all this..."
  86. [01:02:10] <Giantree> Noel puts a hand on her shoulder.  "Hm.  You've grown."  The older woman's visage is home to a rare smile.  "Well, the offer's open for a few years.  Think it over at least, would you?"  The girl nods in response.
  87. [01:02:15] <Ramiel> And now I have a mental image of Gustav trying to command Wiggs and Bedge around in a squad.  Comedy gold.
  88. [01:02:21] <Giantree> nice
  89. [01:02:45] <Giantree> "Though if you ask me, this is valuable time you should be spending with your husband, isn't it?"
  90. [01:03:00] <Giantree> Aryll gasps.  "Er, well... Yes, ma'am!"  And runs back inside.
  91. [01:03:55] <Giantree> "There she goes again."  Noel grins and turns around.  "They've produced some fine specimens this generation.  But as for the next one, I can only wonder..."
  93. [01:04:11] <Giantree> I've been looping journey's end this whole time which is why i'm doing this shit instead of finishing up stats
  94. [01:04:16] <Giantree> fucking giant robots
  95. [01:04:27] <Ramiel> この後滅茶苦茶セックスした
  96. [01:04:31] <Giantree> yes
  97. [01:04:47] <Ramiel> Glad you recognized that immediately
  98. [01:05:00] <Giantree> oh yeah i see the sex and i instantly know the whole quote
  99. [01:05:10] <Giantree> never gets less good
  100. [01:05:18] <Giantree> ok but since it was mentioned...
  101. [01:05:19] <Giantree> ....
  102. [01:05:37] <Ramiel> No, don't do it 00,00yet
  103. [01:05:50] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Please, do it.
  105. [01:05:59] <Giantree> "WEW, lad," An exasperated sigh is followed by the loud CLANG of a hammer being dropped on the ground.  "I'm beat!" Exclaims Spinel.
  106. [01:06:29] <Giantree> "You'd think there wouldn't be so much work to do when everyone's declaring their love for each other and stuff, geez," she groans and looks over to the flat-chested blue knight standing over her.
  107. [01:06:42] <Giantree> The latter only says, "I see that look in your eyes.  Don't even try."
  108. [01:07:08] <Giantree> "Aw, c'mon!  You don't want to declare your undying affection for me even when we're about to go fight dragons tomorrow?  I'm right here!"
  109. [01:07:20] <Giantree> "What if I'm not here tomorrow?"  The pink cav makes SUPER puppy dog eyes.
  110. [01:07:32] <Giantree> "I'll go to your funeral," Sapphire coldly responds.
  111. [01:07:45] <Giantree> "Grr!  Then I'll come back as a ghost and haunt you!"
  112. [01:07:51] <Giantree> "You haunt me anyway," without skipping a beat.
  113. [01:07:54] <Ramiel> I feel bad about not interacting more with these two
  114. [01:08:01] <Ramiel> Or with everyone in general
  115. [01:08:12] <Giantree> a n d  w h o s e  f a u l t  i s  t h a t
  116. [01:08:55] <Giantree> "Oh, boo!  Well fine, if you're gonna be like that," Spinel pouts, "Why not go hang out with your BOYFRIEND?"
  117. [01:09:25] <Giantree> "I'm not letting you guilt me like that.  I'll be preparing my weapons for the battle ahead.  Get some sleep, Spinel."  Sapphire walks away.
  118. [01:09:59] <Giantree> "Man, geez, why can't she just have fun sometimes?  Though, actually getting in on all this romance stuff with everyone else would be nice..."
  119. [01:10:13] <Giantree> A silhouette peeking in through the doorway leans further in.
  120. [01:10:35] <Giantree> "hey bby" exclaims Jones, now fully entering the building.
  121. [01:10:39] <Giantree> ftb
  123. [01:10:40] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> WHY
  124. [01:10:43] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> NO
  125. [01:10:49] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> AAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUGH
  126. [01:11:01] <Giantree> giantree did nothing wrong
  127. [01:11:02] <Giantree> giantree did nothing wrong
  128. [01:11:07] <Giantree> ggggggggggggiantree did nothing wrong
  129. [01:11:11] <Giantree> giantree did nothing wrong?
  130. [01:11:14] <Giantree> he didn't!
  131. [01:11:14] <Giantree> he didn't!
  132. [01:13:45] <Giantree> i feel like i should do ONE more...
  133. [01:15:29] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> What else we got?
  134. [01:15:37] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Barthy x Senna?
  135. [01:15:52] <Ramiel> Pffffff, that doesn't seem the best fit to me
  136. [01:15:54] <Giantree> actually i was thinking Nell x Bob but that's destroy-the-world level
  137. [01:16:01] <Ramiel> Though I was about to say Senna too
  138. [01:16:05] <Giantree> Senna probably did deserve more love, yeah
  139. [01:16:24] <Giantree> but it's most likely that she'll just end up a silent, lone wanderer
  140. [01:16:42] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> It's beautiful, but so saddening, too.
  141. [01:17:17] <Giantree> God damnit
  142. [01:17:19] <Giantree> okay, finew
  144. [01:17:24] <Giantree> ..............
  145. [01:18:11] <Giantree> The loud noises of the now-bustling city fade gradually into the distance, as does the sity itself.  Multiple hoofprints can be seen in the snow- as in, that of multiple steeds.
  146. [01:19:01] <Giantree> And of the steeds, they'd clearly been moving at varying speeds.  Yes, that rhyme is intentional.  One a slow trot, and the other a faster gallop, following the trails until finally it meets its destination.
  147. [01:19:49] <Giantree> "Are you coming to laugh at me too?"  Eric remarks as he looks back, face red from tears.  "Save it.  I don't need your pity."
  148. [01:20:06] <Giantree> On the other steed is the small, nomadic rider, who responds to his words only with "..."
  149. [01:21:08] <Giantree> Following another ellipsis, she brings her horse closer to his, and holds out a gleaming, golden sword.  Though she says nothing, her eyes are apologetic, as though she's desperately searching for a way to apologize on her comrades' behalf.
  150. [01:21:54] <Giantree> "What did I just say?"  He snarls, but after a moment looks closer.  "I see... that is a fine weapon.  But why would you offer it to someone like me?  Not only total strangers, we were enemies just a moment ago."
  151. [01:22:39] <Giantree> Senna "..."s again, but after what seems like multiple minutes of a silent staring contest, she finally speaks.  "I know... what it's like to be abandoned by those you think you can trust.  It.... really, really hurts."
  152. [01:23:37] <Giantree> "... Hmph," Eric musters only a very slight smile.  "I see.  I would have said 'I'm tired of little girls' after what happened, but truth be told, your heart's in the right place, little one."
  153. [01:24:50] <Giantree> "But alas," he continues to speak, "I can't accept your offer.  Not because of its meanings, or even because of our status as strangers, but because it's my masters you're going to fight.  Out of respect for them, regardless of how little I may agree with their methods, I'd like to sit this battle out.  Who knows?  I may even end up becoming a hermit."
  154. [01:24:54] <Giantree> Senna keeps staring.
  155. [01:24:59] <Giantree> "..."
  156. [01:25:15] <Giantree> Eric lets out a sigh.  "Could you tell me your name, lilttle one?"
  157. [01:25:34] <Giantree> "Senna," she musters out quietly, and still with a compassionate tone somehow.
  158. [01:26:19] <Giantree> "I see.  Though you are the one apologizing, I'll have to apologize myself for not being able to accept your sympathy, Senna.  May you grow to be healthy and strong."  His horse begins to trot away.
  159. [01:26:29] <Giantree> "... I visit?"  She says while he's on his way.
  160. [01:26:42] <Giantree> He stops and turns his head to look backwards.  "Pardon?"
  161. [01:27:04] <Giantree> "I said..." she follows up.  "If you became a hermit... would you mind if I came to visit?"
  162. [01:27:09] <Giantree> "Maybe... we could be friends."
  163. [01:28:42] <Giantree> Eric closes his eyes.  "Awfully forward for someone so quiet, aren't you?  Very well.   Next we meet, perhaps we could share a cup of tea.  From your dress you're from the nomadic tribes, are you not?"  She nods and he continues, "I've heard good things about the tea leaves your people cultivate.  If you have some, I'd love to try them."
  164. [01:29:14] <Giantree> "... Okay."  Senna says with a smile so rare it breaks out of the pokéball and runs away.  Eric waves and his horse trots off, leaving hers in the middle of nowhere.
  165. [01:29:27] <Giantree> "... Bye."  She mutters out as soon as she's alone, with nobody but her horse to hear her.
  167. [01:29:38] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> MY SOUL
  168. [01:29:43] <Ramiel> Ok dats moe
  169. [01:29:44] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TREE
  170. [01:30:07] <Giantree> just doin what i love, famalam
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