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  1. Ok, here is a little guide on obtaining FREE merchandise from Logitech (i reported this in a week ago but they didnt take my email seriously, so, free for all till they patch this little problem up):
  3. As a general rule, Logitech Support and Warranty Agents can replace any item under $75 without receiving a “trade-in” or anything back. I will walk you through on getting yourself some nice new Logitech gear. This works, try it and comment about it.
  5. I will walk you through getting a nice new S530 Cordless Desktop, retailing at $59.99, after you get the hang of how this works, you can do it for anything else you want (under $75).
  7. Ok, we are going to call Logitech-CD. That stands for Logitech-Control Devices (ie mice and keyboards).
  9. The number is:
  10. 1-646-454-3200
  12. Note: This is not a toll free number, so call from a friends phone lol.
  14. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! If you have ever worked for Logitech (my friend did and got his ass fired), you are aware there is a toll free number for support, and that is:
  16. 800.936.0033
  18. Follow the automated dialog prompts. For sake of this walkthrough, we want to choose WINDOWS, and then CONTROL DEVICES.
  20. You will be connected to an agent who will then say something like this:
  22. “Thank you for calling Logitech, this is xxxx how can I help you?”
  24. Here we will tell them our problem. Let’s make it easy shall we? If we tell them “it won’t connect” or something of that nature the agent will try to troubleshoot with you which is a tedious process, and since you don’t actually have the item, you would have to BS your way through it.
  26. So, here is what we are going to say, and make it sound believable:
  28. “Yes hi… I have a S510.. I haven’t had it very long and the paint is wearing off the keys…”
  30. I know I said we are getting you an S530, and trust me, we are. The S510 is discontinued so they will give you the replacement - the S530.
  32. Since the paint is wearing off your keys the agent will most likely ask you for your information and send you out an new item. Simple as that.
  34. Note: sometimes you will get a agent who takes his job a little too seriously, and even though he can click a button and get you a new item, he won’t for whatever reason. If it sounds like the agent is going to require you to send something back, try this:
  36. 1. Say something along the lines of “What? I have to send back my keyboard/mouse/receiver?! How will I use my computer?! I don’t have anything else!” Try to sound a little irritated about the fact you will not be able to use your computer if you have to send something back, this will get the agent to put aside his stingy ways. If this does not work goto this:
  38. 2. Hang up and try again.
  40. Here is what the agent will ask you for:
  42. - a M/N, or Model Number
  43. - a P/N, or Part Number
  44. (Both of these to determine model)
  45. - And a PID (older products this is a S/N) this determines when the product was made, and thus if its still in warranty. Good thing Logitech has a 3-5 year warranty on all of their products.
  47. Lucky for you, I just happen to know these M/N and P/N numbers for this product, and well, every other Logitech product as well.
  49. The PID can be made up, as long as you know the formula.
  51. For now, let’s use these:
  53. Logitech S510 Cordless Desktop Laser
  54. P/N: 920-000885
  55. M/N: Y-RAK73
  56. PISad Awesome LZ7386mc
  57. Warranty: 5 years
  59. Good.
  61. By now the agent has already started filling out your order form, and should already have your name, address, phone number and email address in his system. Its ok to be honest with this information, but if you call back to scam some more merch, give them a different email address as that is how they pull up your profile.
  63. Well, by now it shoud have all worked out and the agent will give you a reference number, something like this:
  65. xxxxxx-xxxxxx
  67. Write that down.
  69. Wait 5-7 business days and you should have a new Logitech S530 Combo! If your lucky, you may have more than one set even, as Logitech frequently over-ships!
  72. NOTE:THE PID can be made up on the spot.
  74. BT is for bluetooth products
  76. LZ is pretty much for everything else, and the P/N can be found on the website, the M/D they dont ask for.
  78. Random LZ’s
  80. LZ2380FJ
  81. LZ3179LO
  82. LZ3179LP
  83. LZ3071LA
  85. You can tell them when it was made, it shows up in the LZ
  87. LZ
  88. 30 (30th week)
  89. 7(of 2007)
  90. 1LA (means nothing)
  92. To find p/n you just click on it and show it up and shit.
  94. PID = the LZ code
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