Yorokubi's Sabbath

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  1. Yorokubi's Sabbath
  2. ➀A recent picture of your Sabbath members…
  3. Of the representatives that wear clothes, the prominent fashion is ribbon that wraps around the nipple and crotch area, and serves to barely conceal the body of the young girl underneath.
  5. Yorokubi is one of the few Representatives that wears clothes, and hers is a skintight bodysuit that wraps only around the center torso, emphasizing her nipples and mound every time she walks around in them. Other Representaives strive to be as licentious as she is, and can often be seen sneaking peeks at her as she walks by.
  7. She's slightly taller than other Baphomets at half a height over them in stature, and has a thin and lean body that would almost make you think she's a mamono model. She also has eyes that manifest actual small floating hearts in her pupils whenever she gets excited, up to three in each if she's showing maximum interest!
  9. ②The name of your Sabbath...
  10. Yorokubi's Sabbath
  12. ③The symbol of your Sabbath...
  13. A symbol of a goat with horns that curve straight backwards and slightly to the sides rather than outwards, with an obsessed looking face and hearts for eyes!
  15. ④The names of your representative Baphomet...
  16. Yorokubi, the "Hedonist" Baph of Ecstasy
  18. ⑤ Activity details...
  19. Drowning in pleasure with onii-chan, reaching greater and greater heights of pleasure with onii-chan, pleasuring onii-chan, being pleasured by onii-chan.
  21. ⑥ Typical races...
  22. Races with an insatiable desire for licentious actions such as Atlach-Nacha, Cursed Swords, and many corrupted or "Dark" variants of common monsters such as Dark Angels, Dark Elves, and Bicorns!
  24. ➆ “To you...”
  25. "Haaah… go faster, onii-chan… fill me with more and more and more of your white stuff~"
  26. A witch in the middle of potion design, straddled by her onii-chan
  28. ⑧ Sabbath particulars...
  29. A Sabbath sect focused on licentious action, and reaching the peak of perverse pleasure with onii-chan.
  31. While Kuroferuru's Sabbath focuses on Nymphomancy, which is a system of spells designed to seduce and enchant the target and enhance one's own sexual responses, Yorokubi's Sabbath has done away with all of the "unnecessary" resources dedicated to creating ornamentations that attract men (mostly because all of the members consisting of Yorokubi's Sabbath are already married couples looking to immerse themselves in pleasure), and instead is entirely and unilaterally focused on the research of implementations that will increase the "pleasure through pushing one's boundaries" aspects of sex in any way possible. This is including but not limited to:
  33. A spell that captures ones orgasm at the moment of climax and replays it over and over, so that one can experience a single orgasm an infinite number of times within a given time span.
  35. A potion that prevents any ejaculation or climax until the name of the inscription on the bottle itself is read backwards by the partner aloud, and holds the receiver in a state of indefinite orgasm until the words themselves are spoken.
  37. A spell that temporarily swaps the consciousness of both a mamono and their partner (or another mamono and their partner!), allowing them to experience sex with each others' bodies for twenty-four hours.
  39. The Sabbath features other curious amenities as well, such as special insignia designed to focus all of one's pleasure to one specific area temporarily, "Bukake" potions that increase the amount of semen one can produce enormously without any great cost to the user, and even spells that grant additional limbs, extra sets of differentiating genitalia, or grant monstrous features to either a mamono or their partner.
  41. As the research for most of the implementations that constitute Yorokubi's Sabbath push the boundaries between what is deemed "socially acceptable" in mamono societies, so is the culture of the Sabbath itself. Representatives wear close to no clothing unless the response is to titillate their partner, and many have gone to wearing no clothes at all, proudly strutting their bodies for others to see. "Sex competitions" are common, where multiple pairs of mamono and their partners will make love in front of a large crowd of monsters and a panel of judges, who will assess their techniques, the amount of pleasure taken and received by both partners, as well as any unique positions or actions they display, and assign a winner based on a set degree of criteria. Orgies are quite common, and it's not even uncommon to see two mamono pleasuring each other in the midst of these "Sex Frenzies," which sometimes comprise the entirety of the Sabbath itself!
  43. Even the researchers who spend countless hours of the day doing research into ways to increase the perverseness that monsters can experience do so with their partners meat weapons jammed inside them, vibrating away due to the actions of a "Buzzing" spell, so it can be thought of as a Sabbath where the limits of what is thought of as "decent" and "indecent" are pushed until their meaning starts to fall apart, and the things that are thought of as "lecherous," "uncommon," and "perverted" are not only considered perfectly fine, but widely recommended!
  45. ⑨ A word from Baphomet...
  46. Leader of the hedonist's Sabbath, and I welcome all of you… monsters with partners to come join us, where we… push the boundaries of what is considered "proper" beyond their natural limits…
  48. Representative note: it seems this message was scrawled out while the head Baphomet was in the midst of vigorous intercourse; even while in the midst of conducting an important interview, it seems she didn't want to stop having sex with her husband…
  50. Spells
  51. Capture
  52. A unique spell that captures the experience of a particular situation, and repeats it over and over again in the mind of the target the spell is aimed at, as many times as the user who cast the spell wishes it.
  54. The unsavory aspects of this spell have been recognized, and countermeasures have been put in place to prevent the spell intentionally being used to cause harm to another, so even if someone were to attempt to re-capture the experience of "breaking one's own leg" and using it as a method to torture somebody for information, the spell's self-programming would simply change the situation to something similar to "the experience of having their leg caressed by a lover," and the target would feel no pain at all from the situation, only a light tingle as if his leg was being rubbed sensually.
  56. As it is, it is still used in a mischievous way, to capture the experience of sexual situations and replay them over and over at increasing intensities for a loved one. For mamono and even incubi that have much higher than normal sexual staminas, this spell is designed to push their limits even further than usual by exponentially increasing the sexual gratification one receives from a single action, and is often considered to be so intense that normal mamono may oftentimes even pass out from the extreme amount of pleasure being received in a single span of time.
  58. Naturally, the spell itself is quickly becoming a common staple in mamono bedrooms, specifically due to this reason.
  60. Relocate
  61. A spell that temporarily connects one's consciousness along with the consciousness of another's, and swaps places between the two pairs of minds, all the while leaving their bodies fully intact.
  63. For mamono, who often have little care about the physical appearances of their partner in contrast to how ugly or attractive they look, the experience of being in their lover's body is more tantamount to a new experience of sharing something new with their partner than a specific desire to be in a specific person's body. However, many mamono cannot help themselves with being much closer to their significant other than they ever could without the aid of the spell, and they inevitably find a secret thrill in their partner's smell, their spirit energy coursing through them, and inevitably being made love to while inside the body of their precious one.
  65. The other usage of the spell is a precarious one, and a hot topic among mamono: switching bodies with those of another couple, and experiencing making love in those forms.
  67. As mamono lack any desire whatsoever to make love with anyone other than their partner the swappings are always still strictly between a mamono and her significant other, though the division seems to stem from a deep sense of "I shouldn't be doing this" that mamono sometimes experience while making love with the form of another monster or human, and while a sizable number of monsters consider the spell off-putting or stand by the ideal that they only need the image of their partner to get off, other monsters consider it an exciting but embarrassing pastime, one that they often keep out of the ears of other passing mamono.
  69. Division
  70. A spell that takes a scan of a specific limb or body part, and takes space (if any is available) to make a separate, fully functioning additional limb crafted out of magic.
  72. An implement that is sometimes used outside of Yorokubi's Sabbath, the spell is designed to craft additional limbs for the purposes of providing an alternative experience during sex, such as giving someone two additional pairs of arms and hands so that while one is patting their wife's lonely head like a housewife, the others are covering her breasts and lower portions, making her feel good like a monster.
  74. However, it seems the Yorokubi Sabbath has taken a shining to it, and is utilizing it in ways that other monsters would find extremely strange or curious. From forming multiple pairs of eyes or tails, or two tongues so that they can experience the taste of their partners sweat or saliva twice as well, it seems to be a spell designed to attend to one's own perverse fantasies, in as straightforward a manner as possible.
  76. Alternation
  77. A spell that alters the physical structure of ones own genitalia, and restructures it into that of a beasts, monsters, or other mamono's.
  79. Another spell that the typical mamono wouldn't think of using, this spell shifts either sides genitalia into anything from a Centaur's vagina to genitalia resembling the monsters that existed back before even the Demon Lord herself utilized the spell that changed all mamono from flesh eating monsters into what they currently are.
  81. Naturally, mamono only have any genuine long-lasting attachment to their partner's penis, which is more satiating to them then any other kind of penis. However, in the same manner as body swapping generates an uncanny feeling of "this is so unnatural," so too does being made love to with a set of genitalia different than they're used to. They're able to stay safe and well comforted as ultimately, it is still their husbands they're making love to, but the contrast makes for a situation that some mamono find off-putting, and some mamono find gives them a small tingle of arousal that they don't often talk about.
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