Keyword-XV: Château de Tiffauges (As of Episode 7)

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  1. Château de Tiffauges
  3. Episode 05
  5. A giant mechanism built for the purpose of dissecting the world, used by the alchemist Carol during the Magical Girl Incident. This mega-structure is also known as the World Destructor.
  7. After a fierce battle, it crashed on top of the former Tokyo government office. Currently, it's being administered by the Kazanari Agency, but...
  9. Given that it's composed of several pieces of heretical technology, it must be handled with the utmost care, which brings about many difficulties in its dismantling process.
  11. Its majestic figure towering over the surroundings is reminiscent of a grave.
  13. Episode 07
  15. The dismantling of the Château de Tiffauges started with the placing of a power generator inside the vast castle. Then lighting and elevators were installed and afterwards electronic equipment and heavy machinery were brought in.
  17. These operations were secretly a front for the establishment of a large scale hideout. Having been given its administrative rights through the Disaster Protection Law, it wasn't difficult for the Kazanari Agency to bring in large devices such as the ceremony altar for the girl who was to become the vessel of Divine Power, the generator that would extract energy from the discarded body frames, as well as Noble Red themselves.
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