Dec 16th, 2015
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  1. “Good job Lil Sis! I’m so proud of you.”
  3. Nullity trots right up to you with a loving smile and gives you a quick hug around the neck, followed by a gentle kiss on the forehead. You try returning the same smile back to her as she steps back a little, yet you could feel deep down that there was something not quite right about Nullity. Though you loved her, the quick looks of anger she gave to Nurse Reinhold whenever she said something that could have sparked a memory concerning the lake, plus whatever you two were doing there, puts you a little on edge.
  5. “Oh my goodness! That’s right!” Nullity exclaims with a look of remembrance. “You must be super hungry, huh Lil Sis?”
  7. “Uh…” is all you can manage to voice.
  9. “I know I was about to begin making something for you before Nurse Reinhold showed up. Hehe…does my baby sister want some applesauce pancakes?”
  11. Even though you just chomped down on five apples, just the mention of pancakes is enough to make your tummy rumble again.
  13. “I heard that Silly Filly.”
  15. Nullity looks down at you with an almost motherly gaze.
  17. “Why don’t I go whip up the batter so your poor widdle tummy doesn’t have to starve anymore. Wanna come Lil Sis?”
  19. Despite the small bit of trepidation that was starting to take shape in the back of your mind about the whole reality of your situation, just the thought of cooking was enough to put you at ease just a little bit. Even though you didn’t really know how to cook, it was always something you wanted to develop as a hobby.
  21. “I’d love to Big Sis.”
  23. Besides, who could ever say no to food, especially when it’s free?
  25. As Nullity begins to walk towards the kitchen, you stand up and follow her closely from behind.
  27. “Applesauce pancakes…why does it feel like I’ve had those before? They sound REALLY good right now.”
  29. “That’s cuz they’re your favorite food, and mine too Lil Sis. I always looooove cooking up breakfast for meals, even if it’s for lunch or dinner. And, since you’ve been out, I figured I’d make a special treat for my special widdle sister. I know it’s been like forever since I’ve cooked them for ya and I usually make them for special occasions. Hehe…don’t they sound super yummy Lil Sis?”
  31. It’s true. They did sound really good. Still though, you couldn’t remember if ponies could eat something like pancakes, but considering the fact that ponies could speak English, that ponies can fly, that you’re somehow in Equestria, that magic exists, and that you’ve changed gender and species, ponies eating pancakes didn’t sound too outlandish. You even giggle a little at the thought as you remember all of those times on 4chan. Especially that time about that whole pancake fetish with Twilight…
  33. “What’re you giggling about Silly Filly?”
  35. Nullity’s interjection immediately snaps you out of your train of thought as you realize the two of you have entered the kitchen.
  37. “I…”
  39. Holy Guacamole! Your eyes go wide and you can almost feel your jaw drop. You’re nearly speechless with what you’re seeing.
  41. What sat before you almost looked like a five-star kitchen. The kitchen itself was larger than the living room. You could see two kitchen islands sitting in the center of the room with space in-between them. They were both firmly attached to the ground and had solid oak for décor, which was very similar in appearance to the solid oak flooring. Three small orange light fixtures hung from the ceiling on the island closest to you, while the rest of the ceiling possessed built in light-fixtures all across the kitchen.
  43. The island with the three orange light fixtures had four dark brown, cushioned chairs sitting in front of it. It supported a smooth black marble counter piece right on top of it. You could see four white plates on this island with red cloth napkins neatly folded on top of them. Silverware sat neatly situated next to the plates.
  45. As for the other island, it had a simple wooden top with no marble finishing, although it did have a stainless steel stovetop situated in the center of it. There were also some cooking utensils on one side of the stove top, with a stainless steel oven fan hanging right above it.
  47. Directly behind that island, however, was a wall filled with a bunch of wooden cabinets and pantries. Black marble stretched out all across the countertop, with a beautiful stainless steel sink sitting right in the middle. Hues of beige, tan, and dark red marble stretch across the wall behind the sink. The center of the wall likewise displayed a giant glass window that gave way to a panoramic view of the outside. The black marble countertop around the sink supported a few flowers and other cooking utensils, as well as some groceries that were still bundled up in shopping bags.
  49. The wall to your right also had oak cabinets, as well as a giant stainless steel two-door refrigerator, with two stainless steel ovens and a microwave built into the wall. Similarly, you saw a stainless steel dishwasher at the far end of the wall, but not much else. And aside from a few knickknacks and photos that scattered across the left wall, there was not much else over on that side of that side of the kitchen.
  51. Regardless though, this kitchen was absolutely amazing! If you were ever going to learn how to cook, this would have been the kitchen of your dreams. Who wouldn’t love to learn how to cook in a kitchen such as this?
  53. And yet, how on Earth did you and Nullity manage to have a kitchen this luxurious? At least where you were from, anything that was stainless steel was super expensive, especially with having a kitchen designed to be this fancy. How could the two of you even afford something like this? The rest of the house was nowhere near as fancy as the kitchen, and the kitchen itself didn’t even match the designs of the rest of the house.
  55. What was perhaps even more strange was the notion that if you were in Equestria, how could ponies have human-based technology in the form of cooking equipment that looked to be purchased from someplace like Lowe’s or Home Depot? Technically speaking, you did remember seeing kitchens in some episodes of the show, such as the Cake’s home, but never have you seen anything this fancy. Plus, how the heck were ponies supposed to use cooking utensils with their hooves if they weren’t unicorns? You hadn’t even seen a television set, let alone a computer in this house, so none of this was completely adding up.
  57. “Yoo hoo! You okay there Silly Filly?”
  59. You gently shake your head and shift your gaze back to Nullity’s. She was looking at you with what appeared to be playful curiosity.
  61. “Uh…heh…heh. Sorry Big Sis. I’m just really surprised we have a kitchen like this. It’s absolutely beautiful.”
  63. “Well of course we have this kitchen Silly. Don’t you remember?”
  65. “Uh…sorta.”
  67. Her look starts to shift to one of concern as you notice her staring intently at you.
  69. “I mean, I’ve always wanted to cook in a kitchen like this. I’m just surprised we could even afford something like this. Do we really make that much money?”
  71. You start fidgeting around on your hooves, becoming a little more uneasy with the look that Nullity was expressing, even if it was one out of concern.
  73. “Mmm…you don’t ever remember cooking with me in this kitchen?”
  75. Oh no. What do you say? Your eyes dart to your left, then to your right, and then finally back to her as if you were shrugging with uncertainty.
  77. “I uh…I think I have. I just…”
  79. You close your eyes and try to think as hard as you can, hoping some kind of memory will surface to your conscious mind. But as seconds pass, the only thing that does come to mind is that you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook in a kitchen such as this, but never have you actually done so. Try as you might, you just cannot remember doing anything with Nullity prior to waking up here, aside from that dream at the lake.
  81. As you slowly open your eyes, you see Nullity waiting for a response while simultaneously looking at you with concern. Her look, and suddenly remembering that dream is enough to actually make you shiver a little.
  83. “Aww…it’s okay Lil Sis.”
  85. Nullity smiles again with motherly warmth and puts her left hoof up against your forehead.
  87. “Big Sis is here for you.”
  89. She pauses for a moment, putting a little bit of pressure here and there across your forehead.
  91. “Oh you poor thing. You’re feeling a little warm.”
  93. You knew you weren’t sick. If anything, you just had a small headache from trying to remember memories that didn’t exist; at least, to the best of your knowledge.
  95. Nullity opens her arms around you and gives you a tight hug. You fidget a little, but hug her back and accept her loving embrace. Regardless of who she was, she still had a habit of making you feel a little better doing that, even if you were still unsure about her.
  97. You two eventually let go of one another as Nullity begins to take a few steps back.
  99. “Even if Nurse Reinhold said you were doing just fine from your physical examination, I still think it’s possible that you might be feeling a little unwell since you’ve woken up. I mean, you haven’t eaten a whole lot Lil Sis, so that might be what’s making you feel under the weather. Poor thing.”
  101. There is some truth to what she’s saying. After all, not eating much of anything can make anyone feel dizzy and weak. But you knew that that wasn’t what was making you feel strange. It was the fact that Nullity might literally be that girl. And if she was, well…
  103. “I dunno, but I might schedule that appointment sooner with Dr. Wilhelm just to make sure there’s nothing wrong. It’s probably nothing and you’re probably just malnourished, but I still wanna make sure there’s nothing wrong with my baby sister. Here…”
  105. Nullity walks over to the kitchen island with the three orange light fixtures and scoots one of the chairs back, making a motion for you to come over.
  107. “Why don’t you come and sit down for a little bit Lil Sis?”
  109. You slowly walk over and sit on your rear like you always do when you sit in a chair.
  111. “Huh? Hehe…why are you sitting like that Silly Filly? You look silly, you silly pony you.”
  113. “Uh…”
  115. You look down at your legs and realize that you actually kinda looked a little awkward sitting like that as a pony. Not only that, but you could see your…uh…female parts down there and that…uh…well…you didn’t really wanna look at them.
  117. You look back at Nullity with a look of embarrassment and try to quickly shift around in your chair, hoping that you could imitate the sitting posture of ponies you would see sitting in the show. Nullity starts giggling at what you’re doing, but as soon as you’re satisfied with how you should sit, Nullity suddenly moves her right hoof up and boops you on your muzzle. You scrunch a quick, embarrassed glare at her, but doing so only makes her giggle harder.
  119. “You really are Big Sis’s silly little filly, you know that Silly Filly?”
  121. An awkward sigh escapes your mouth as Nullity turns and walks around the kitchen island to where the groceries and other cooking utensils were.
  123. “Why don’t you go ahead and relax right there Lil Sis? You’ve already been through a lot. I can make this batch just fine. Let Big Sis take care of her Lil Sis.”
  125. You try forcing a loving smile back to her.
  127. “Sure thing Big Sis. I actually wanna watch you cook. There’s nothing more soothing than watching someone cook something that’s super yummy.”
  129. “That’s the spirit! You just relax there and I’ll have this batch made in a jiffy!”
  131. “Sure, no problem. Take your time Big Sis. I’m not going anywhere.”
  133. You tried to sound normal and upbeat to her, yet internally, you just weren’t feeling it. Technically speaking, you were attached to her. No one had ever been as kind and loving to you as she was, yet after your meeting with Nurse Reinhold, you could tell that there was something more to Nullity. Whatever it was, it didn’t feel quite right. How does she interact with others when you’re not around? Is she as cheery and upbeat with others as she is with you, or does she show a different side of herself like when she displayed those quick glares to Nurse Reinhold?
  135. “Alrighty. There we are! We’ve got all the ingredients and supplies, so let’s start making the batter!”
  137. She’s smiling to you as she says this and turns to start measuring out the ingredients. You keep trying to give her that reassuring smile, yet your mind is elsewhere. Actually, come to think of it, how is she able to, or rather, how are you two able to cook as ponies when you’re both pegasi?
  139. You watch Nullity with a bit of curiosity as she tries to measure out the flour and sugar with a measuring cup and with tablespoons. Somehow, she’s able to do so with careful coordination without spilling anything.
  141. How can she do that though? Don’t you need hands to grip a measuring cup and a tablespoon? How the heck can she hold them with her hooves? She’s standing on her hind legs leaning forward on the island by supporting herself with one hoof and using her other hoof to grip the utensils. No seriously…they should fall right out of her hooves. Even if you lived in Equestria, you had to guess that gravity was at least still a thing. Then again, magic does exist here, but…no…that still doesn’t make sense.
  143. You furrow your head into your arms in frustration for a few seconds and look back up, seeing Nullity lost in her cooking. You then look down and hold out the pink-hearted necklace in front of your face with your right hoof.
  145. Truth be told, nothing about the entirety of this situation made any sense. There’s just no way. There is literally no way you could be transported to another world. There is no way you could change from male to female in an instant. There is no way that magic can physically exist and violate the laws of physics. There is no way that you could transfer out of one life and into another in just a quick flash like that.
  147. You let go of the necklace and let it dangle from your neck. Looking back at Nullity, you see her adding in milk and vegetable oil into the batter while giving you occasional loving glances. It was really cozy and quiet inside the house, aside from the clamoring of cooking utensils. Regardless, Nullity’s cooking and her love for you, as well as the house itself, did help a little in easing your stresses. You figured that’s what Nullity was trying to do and yet, you still cannot help yourself from letting your mind wonder.
  149. It's hard to comprehend it since you certainly don’t feel like it right now, but you knew you were horribly depressed and that you were literally going to kill yourself. No one ever actually loved you in your old life, that much is certain. Especially at your job, everyone hated you and you especially hated them. Harboring any form of hatred just seems so strange to you since it’s been a while that you’ve even felt such an emotion. And yet, while you may no longer being feeling hatred of any kind, you couldn’t deny the fact that you hated yourself and your old life to the point where you were actively feeling suicidal. You were always engaging in risky behavior, such as driving too fast, eating poorly, and even playing Russian Roulette one or two times. Yet the riskiest behavior you engaged in, which finally caught up with you, was foolishly and carelessly exploring the deep web. That led you getting caught by that one strange jerk-off. Dr. Money.
  151. You almost want to shiver a little at just the thought of his name. Somehow, he was responsible for how you ended up here. That guy in himself made no sense to you. He threatened to harm you if you didn’t obey him, yet he wanted to make you happy. Why? Why would any kidnapping lunatic want to make their victims happy? What was the purpose in kidnapping you and sending you to this world? Ignoring how he was able to do it, what would be his motivation? He talked about wanting to improve people’s lives and to bring so-called untold happiness to everyone, but how would sending you to Equestria accomplish that? Was his goal to do that to everyone?
  153. Well…no. Actually, that wouldn’t make any sense. As fun as it might be, not everyone would want to be a cute and colorful talking pony. That in itself just seems way too unrealistic. Besides, would you actually ever want all of humanity to be transported to Equestria? Just the thought alone almost makes you want to gag. Still, how could sending just you to Equestria bring happiness to everyone? Was it because no one would ever have to see you again? No, that doesn’t make sense either. After all, Dr. Money did say there were several other participants…Oh. Oh no.
  155. You can feel the fur on your spine beginning to stand up, but you try your best to keep your cool and not disturb Nullity from her cooking.
  157. Are there others like you in this world? She wouldn’t happen to be one of those people, would she? No, that seems even less of a possibility. If anything, she seemed to more than likely be that girl from that dream. But if she really is her, does that mean you’ve just been dreaming all along? This could all very well be a dream right now, but why does everything seem so realistic?
  159. You press your right hoof against your left one, and then against your muzzle; your eyes going cross-eyed as you do so. You could feel the fluffy sensation of petting super soft fur, and you could also feel yourself being touched by your hoof. You then take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds, after which point you exhale. The air was still very fresh and brought with it the smell of ingredients coming from the batter that Nullity was cooking with. Yep. No doubt about it. All of these sensations feel so very real.
  161. It is at this moment that you begin to hear Nullity humming that special tune again as she is somehow able to stir the batter while gripping a mixing spoon with her hooves. Yet that tune…what the heck did it mean? And why did it make you feel somewhat strange every time you heard it? It was beautiful to listen to, but there was a feeling of eeriness to it.
  163. Actually, now that you think about it, WHO THE HECK IS NULLITY?!? Is she that girl from your dream? Although it wasn’t directly stated beforehand when Nurse Reinhold was around, you can pretty much assume that your “accident” was drowning in a lake and going into a coma because of it. But how did your accident happen? In your dream, you were walking with that girl and socializing with her before you ended up at that lake. You saw that reflection in the water and she was pointing down at it while tears were starting to form in her eyes. And…And…you briefly saw her grab you and push you in… That girl…That girl pushed you into the lake. Did Nullity do that to you too?
  165. Nullity’s humming was filling the room as you saw her place a frying pan on the countertop stove. She was adding a little bit of cooking oil to the pan. You then saw her turn on the stove and heard that all-too-familiar sparking sound as blue luminescent flames suddenly began shooting out from underneath the pan. She then went to grab a ladle so that she could pour out the first pancake onto the pan.
  167. Despite the wonderful aroma of pancake batter that was rapidly feeling the kitchen, you were becoming more and more unsettled. Why…Why would that girl push you into the lake? Why would she do such a thing? You two were so close, yet she had the power to try to…to…kill you.
  169. To kill you.
  171. Those three words start playing in your head over and over again.
  173. To kill you…To kill you…To kill you…
  175. You see Nullity getting out a second frying pan from the cupboard and you notice her placing it on the stove. You see her turning a dial briefly until suddenly, you could hear that sparking sound rattling from underneath the frying pan.
  177. To kill you.
  179. Flames immediately shoot out from underneath the pan. Nullity begins adding some more oil to this pan before pouring out another pancake on top of it, while also flipping the other one with a black spatula.
  181. The sizzling sounds coming from the pancake batter frying against the pans…the glowing blue flames shinning brilliantly…the beautifully eerie humming flowing throughout the kitchen and into your ears…the horrible sensation of suffocation as you are sucked down into the watery depths of the lake…
  183. To kill you…To kill you…To kill you…
  189. Nullity instantly drops the utensils she was holding and stares back at you in confused shock.
  193. You saw her ears droop to her sides as tears began forming in her eyes, but you didn’t care. You were terrified of her.
  195. “L-Lil Sis, I…”
  199. You could have sworn that you saw her jump back in surprise, like your words her just struck a blow to her.
  201. “I…I…”
  203. You saw her eyes opening wide and her pupils dilating, like she was trying to stammer some kind of a response.
  207. “B-But I-I…”
  211. You’re shouting hysterically, shaking both in fear and in anger you previously hadn’t felt towards her.
  215. You break down into hysterics and once again start crying your eyes out.
  217. “H-How c-could you do that to muh…muh…me Nullity? *sniff* You’re my sister.”
  219. You cry even harder and through your bawling, you notice Nullity breaking down and crying her heart out too. She’s not saying anything save for crying, but she looks like someone who just had their heart shattered.
  221. Yet even with the painful blow you just dealt her, she starts running around the island towards you.
  223. Nonononononononono…
  227. You tilt backwards and fall right out of your chair. The side of your head bangs hard against the wooden floor as your whole body falls on its side.
  229. “LIL SIS!”
  231. You could have sworn you saw stars and aside from a roaring headache that you just now gave yourself, you notice Nullity galloping right towards you. Even though she was still sniffling and tears were pouring from her eyes, she collapses on the floor and tries to hold your head up on her lap.
  233. “L-Lil Sis…please…please be okay…please be okay…B-Big S-S-Sis is h-here for y-y-you…”
  235. Yet she only cries harder and crouches down on your head, gently rubbing and kissing it as her tears soak your frizzled mane. She’s sobbing while holding you, trying to do whatever she can to help make the headache you just gave yourself go away.
  237. This goes on for several minutes as you quietly lay against her. Her cries eventually go from powerful sobs to sniffling tears, yet during the entire time that she held you like this, you kept your eyes closed. It isn’t long before you become unconscious and drift off into a dreamless sleep.
  241. You start to slowly stir from sleep as you hear the sounds of crickets chirping from afar. You’re still a bit groggy, but when you begin opening your eyes, you notice that it’s mostly dark inside. Still, you could see a little bit in the dark thanks in part to the few small lights shinning from various parts of the house. But from the looks of things, it looked as though it was nighttime.
  243. As you become more and more awake, you realize that you’re now on the couch in the living room. You’re bundled up in blankets with your head gently resting against some kind of fluffy pillow. You can also feel a cool, damp washcloth neatly folded against your forehead. Your head was still pounding, but the cool dampness from the washcloth was helping to mitigate some of the pain.
  245. To your side, however, was Nullity. Her head was leaning against your chest and you could see her arm wrapped over your tummy. Even though the couch wasn’t any bigger than a regular couch, you figured it could still support you two since you were both ponies. Still though, you’re not feeling any of the fear that you felt earlier. Rather, you just feel tired and exhausted. Heck, you actually felt a little calm, even though Nullity was snuggled up right against you.
  247. You shift your gaze down and stare at her. She was sleeping, but you could see that her face was still a little stained from her tears. Her mane was just about as frizzled as yours was. She still felt so warm and loving, and despite everything, it still feels really, really good to have her snuggling you. What really surprised you, however, was the fact that she was clinging onto you while you were both sleeping. Why? You literally just yelled at her and accused her of trying to kill you, yet why is she still here taking care of you?
  249. You could feel your ears droop as guilt starts coursing throughout your being. How…How could you ever accuse your sister, who only wants to love and take care of you, of attempted murder?
  251. You try to shift and lean forward a little to give her a hug, but in doing so, you feel your washcloth slide right off of your head and land right onto hers.
  253. *plop*
  255. It’s enough to actually stir Nullity from her sleep.
  257. “Mmmph…hmmmph…mmm…”
  259. You see her slowly pulling herself up off of you as she starts to open her beautiful hazel eyes. Regardless of who Nullity is or what just happened, her eyes were still amazing to look at. Yet when she starts to wake a little more and sees you staring at her, her eyes go wide in excitement.
  261. “LIL SIS! You’re okay!”
  263. She jumps up from her position and swings forward, with the washcloth being flung off to the floor, to give you what was perhaps one of the tightest hugs you have ever felt.
  265. “Oh thank goodness you’re okay!”
  267. “H-How long have I been out?”
  269. She slowly releases you and scoots back a little with tears in her eyes. Her lips quiver, sniffling as she tries to speak.
  271. “I-It’s only been a c-couple of h-hours.”
  273. A couple of hours? But that literally felt like the incident in the kitchen happened a second ago!
  275. “I…I…” Nullity’s voice was shaking as she tried to speak. “I wuh…wanted to make sure that y-you weren’t hurt, s-so I placed you here and I’ve b-been here with you ever since.”
  277. She looks down at the floor and sniffles once more.
  279. “E-Ever since your…your a-accident, I wanted to make sure I c-could nurse you back to health…and…seeing y-you hurt yourself like that…I couldn’t bear the thought of y-you going into another coma.”
  281. Oh God. What have you done?
  283. “A-And…I didn’t want to l-lose y-you again.”
  285. She starts whimpering and you could see her glistening tears falling to the floor.
  287. “I…I nuh-need you Lil Sis. I l-love you with all my h-heart. *sniffle* I can’t l-lose you. You’re my everything.”
  289. And just like that, she starts crying and wailing. You could feel your heart sinking into a bottomless pit of guilt. Of all the people who’ve made you feel horrible about yourself, this is probably the worst you’ve ever felt. How on Earth could you ever yell at your sister like that?
  291. You lean forward and wrap your arms around her. You hold and rock with her, just like how she’d do with you whenever you’d have one of your crying fits. Her crying, however, is enough to begin making you cry a little on the count of how horrible you felt for making your sister feel just as bad.
  293. “I-I’m…suh…suh…sorry Big Sis. I’m sorry.”
  295. Saying those words nearly halts her crying to an abrupt stop.
  297. “Whu-What’d you say?”
  299. “I said that I’m sorry.”
  301. She wiggles from your clutch and looks at you in tearful confusion. You turn to your side as you start to speak, too grief-stricken to look her in the eye.
  303. “I’m sorry for yelling at you. I’m sorry for accusing you of hurting me. I’m sorry I…”
  305. “Oh Sweetie…”
  307. You almost yelp in surprise as Nullity swings forward to hug you for the millionth time. You look at her and see her staring back at you with a tearful smile. You’re tearful too, yet your expression is one of pitiful sorrow.
  309. “Don’t you even start saying that Sweetie. You did nothing wrong.”
  311. “But that’s just the thing. I yelled at you and treated you like you were out to harm me. How could I, of all people, do that to you?”
  313. Nullity wipes her hoof across her face as you continue talking.
  315. “I just…listen. I wasn’t comfortable mentioning it when Nurse Reinhold was around cuz I was afraid that might think that I was crazy.”
  317. Nullity’s expression suddenly turns to thoughtful curiosity.
  319. “Crazy? Why in Equestria would she think you’re crazy? Of course you’re not crazy Lil Sis.”
  321. “Because…”
  323. You take in a deep breath, and then exhale.
  325. “Because I’ve been lying to you in terms of what I remember.”
  327. “Wha…”
  329. You raise your hoof in front of her to stop her from saying anything. She closes her mouth and watches you as you continue talking.
  331. “Truthfully, I don’t remember doing anything here with you before I woke up from my coma. In my coma, I was dreaming that I was living a completely different life. I was someone entirely different. I lived in a completely different world. It was horrible. It was dark. I wanted out of it. You weren’t in any part of that world.”
  333. Nullity’s expression slowly changes to one of concern as she stares at you intently, trying to process every word you say.
  335. “Yet the only time I do remember you was in a dream, or maybe it was a memory. I dunno. When I was out on the back porch while you were talking to Nurse Reinhold, I saw the backyard. That backyard was very similar to what I saw in that memory. You and I were walking through that stretch of land, except this house we’re living in wasn’t there. There were no buildings. What’s more is that you weren’t a pony. You were a human.”
  337. You pause to see if Nullity has anything to say, yet she doesn’t show any sign of a reaction. She just stares at you intently, never once questioning the logic of what you’re saying, even if she had never heard of humans. Still though, did she know what humans were?
  339. “Anyways, we were just walking and talking about things, though I can’t remember what. As we kept walking, we came across this lake. You pointed at it and I walked over to it. I saw some kind of reflection in the water and I turned to see you grabbing me by the shoulders. You were crying and when I turned to look into the water, I was pushed in. And before I knew it, I was suddenly living another life as a kid with a different family in that other world…the world I thought was real until I woke up from my coma and ended up here. And here you are again with me, only this time we’re both ponies. What I don’t understand, and what was frightening to me…aside from living that horrible life…was that I was pushed into the lake. Why did that happen? Furthermore, if we’ve actually been living this life this whole time and if my accident…my drowning in a lake…caused me to dream that horrible life, why can’t I remember anything about you or the life I have with you up until the moments that led to me drowning? Not only that, but did you push me into the water, or was it someone else? I just don’t know. It was a girl that kinda looked like you, except she wasn’t a pony. Yet nearly everything about her is very similar to you. And that humming you sometimes do…there’s something about it that makes me feel strange. I don’t know why though. And for some reason, you’re like a long-lost relative I never thought I had, but so desperately wanted. That dream of getting pushed into the lake was and is the only thing I can remember about you before waking up from my coma. What’s even crazier is that dream continued to replay in my head throughout my old life…that I guess I somehow imagined while I was in a coma over and over again. And I can’t explain it, but just the thought that you might have pushed me into that lake, for reasons I can’t even begin to grasp, that just really freaked me out and that’s why I lashed out at you earlier.”
  341. Nullity just silently stares at you the entire time you speak, her posture and gaze never once shifting.
  343. “I’m so terribly sorry for yelling at you Big Sis. I’m so very sorry. I feel utterly horrible doing that to you and I just want you to know, even if I don’t completely understand what’s going on, I still love you. Even if I was pushed into that lake, I’ll still always love you no matter what.”
  345. “And I’ll always love you too Lil Sis.”
  347. She suddenly lunges forward and clings onto you, giving you the hundred millionth hug you’ve already received from her. You’re almost a little shocked that she’s doing that considering everything that’s happened today.
  349. “So, you’re not mad at me?”
  351. “Sweetie, how could I ever be mad at you? Even if you didn’t like me, even if you hated me, I’d still always love you.”
  353. And just like that, your heart was already beginning to feel warm and mushy.
  355. “And I’d always love you too Big Sis. Always and forever.”
  357. Nullity squeeze you tighter upon hearing that, and you do the same to her. After several seconds of tight hugging pass, however, you both let go of one another as you begin to speak some more.
  359. “So now that that’s settled and that we know we’ll always love one another, can you tell me your side of the story? Can you tell me what you saw happen?”
  361. You see her sigh a little, but she looks at you reassuringly, as if to say that no matter how painful it would be to tell you what she saw happen, she would be able to do so.
  363. “We were out in the backyard playing and having fun. It’s a place you and I love to explore. Since we both live out closer to nature, our backyard goes on for miles into the wilderness. In fact, when we don’t have ponies over and when we have our days off, we’d always hang out more back there than we would in here. We’d always do stuff in the backyard. We’d play games like hide and seek, tag, and even racing. Course, we’d race in the air cuz it’s just always so much more fun to fly than it is to run. You always loved flying up into the clouds and seeing the landscape below. I so loved doing that with you too. We fell in love with the scenery and started taking pictures. You wanted to start a collection of photos of Mother Nature to decorate the house with…and I loved having them in our house. It helped make the place feel even more scenic and welcoming to ponies who came to see us. One day, however…”
  365. You notice her tone changing from one of calmness to one of sorrow.
  367. “…you wanted to see how far back the backyard went. We never went too far away from the house cuz we didn’t want to trespass on private property, or to risk getting hurt and getting lost. Yet you wanted to travel and explore and I could never say no to you, especially with the look of excitement you gave me when I said ‘Let’s do it!’ And so we did it. We flew a few miles from the house into the backyard wilderness and landed near a bunch of trees and bushes. Even though we could see the sky just fine, it almost felt like we were about to walk in a forest. It was very beautiful and nothing about it seemed scary. Until…”
  369. Nullity’s ears droop and she looks away from you. The hairs on your coat started to stand up as you could feel a sense of uneasiness radiating off of Nullity.
  371. “Until we got lost.”
  373. She suddenly looks back at you and you could’ve sworn you felt a chill brushing through your fur.
  375. “Maybe you heard it while you were out on the porch, but there’s a stream or a river we can hear from here, yet it’s actually really far away from us. We never found it and even when we flew, we never did see it…but that’s also cuz we never flew too far in that direction. When we landed near that lovely vegetation, we heard that stream of water, but much closer. You wanted to go investigate and I had found some really beautiful flowers nearby that I wanted to snag some pictures of. I should have said no and stayed with you, but I let you do that. After about five or ten minutes, I called out for you, but I never heard a response. I panicked and flew up into the air, trying to see if I could spot your furry white fluff in all the greenery. But I couldn’t find you anywhere. Yet I saw the stream flowing out from somewhere near the trees and bushes and as soon as I saw it, I heard you screaming.”
  377. Tears start to trickle out of Nullity’s eyes.
  379. “I immediately flew in the direction of the water and saw that it led to a big lake. There was splashing in the water and I noticed right away that was you. You never learned how to swim and by the time I dove down to ground level to get you, you were…you were…”
  381. Nullity starts to shake and tear some more as she says the next part of her sentence.
  383. “You were floating on the surface of the water face-down. You were still. I pulled you out of there and did everything to get you to wake up. But you didn’t. Yet, I still felt a pulse and flew you as quickly as I could to the hospital here in Vanhoover.”
  385. Nullity forces herself to stop shaking and wipes her arm across her teary eyes, sniffling as she does so.
  387. “Dr. Wilhelm was the one that saw you and diagnosed you with being in a coma. He warned that it was possible you might have never woken up, and that if you did, you might have lost portions of your memory. I begged him to let you stay here at home, and he agreed to that under the condition that one of his nurses, Nurse Reinhold, could stop by once a day to come and check up on you until you woke up. And a week later, you woke up, and here we are now.”
  389. She smiles at you again and gives you another long, drawn-out hug, which you also return back to her.
  391. “I don’t know what happened to you or how exactly you ended up like that, but I’m just so happy that you’re okay and that you’re here with me right now. Even if you don’t remember everything, I’ll help ya get your memories back Lil Sis. It’s okay. Everything’s gonna be okay. I’m here for you.”
  393. You two silently hug one another like this, gently rocking back and forth for several minutes. Your mind is completely lost in thought, desperately trying to process everything she’s just said.
  395. So Nullity wasn’t that girl. She didn’t push you into the lake. It’s enough to almost make you want to breathe a sigh of relief. But who was the girl that did push you into the lake? If Nullity wasn’t present during the entirety of that dream, then who was that girl that was with you? Come to think of it, were you a pony in that dream? Although you remember walking with her, you never actually saw yourself. You could’ve been a human, but you could have also very well been a pony too. Argh…you couldn’t remember.
  397. Regardless though, did Nullity’s side of the story verify that that dream was actually a memory that really happened? It seemed to flow chronologically with the events that happened in it. Yet, if all of that really happened, does that mean your old life on Earth was nothing more than a bad dream?
  399. You still had so many questions you wanted to ask and get answers to. Your body, however, wanted to do something else. It wanted to sleep. And upon realizing that, you let out a quiet yawn. Nullity gently pulls herself from you as a response.
  401. “Daaawww…is a certain baby sister feeling sleepy?”
  403. Even after all that talking, Nullity’s still being affectionate towards you. She really does love you. Yeah, there’s no way she could have been that girl at the lake. There’s just no way.
  405. “Maybe just a…”
  407. You let out a yawn midway through your sentence.
  409. “…little. What time is it anyway?”
  411. “I think it’s about a quarter past ten.”
  413. “You mean it’s bedtime?”
  415. You didn’t even think you could be out that long when you bumped your head. How could that much time pass so quickly?
  417. “Hehe…yes, it’s bedtime Sweetie. And…”
  419. Nullity also starts to yawn.
  421. “And I think it’s about time we get a little sleep. I mean, you’ve done a lot of sleeping, but with you having just bumped your head like that earlier, I think it’s still super duper important that you rest. While you were out, I also contacted Dr. Wilhelm to see if he’d have any sooner appointments available. He was unavailable for tomorrow, but he said he could get us in the day after around 4:00 PM. He said you should rest, but if you felt up to it tomorrow, some exercise might also do you some good. We’ll see. For now though, we should get some sleep. We’ve been through a lot don’t you think?”
  423. You nod at her and yawn once more. Upon doing so, you notice Nullity yawning right after you.
  425. “You Silly Filly you. If you keep doing that, you’re gonna have me out in no time. Now scoot over before I fall asleep on top of ya.”
  427. You move back a little against the couch as Nullity moves to get herself underneath your blankets. She wiggles herself in right next to you and wraps an arm around you. You both turn to face and lock eyes with one another.
  429. “I love you so very much Lil Sis. Oh so very much. Even though it was hard, thank you for being honest with me. I’m not mad. I still love you with all my heart. And I’m just happy you’re doing okay. I’m right here and I’m gonna protect you, you sweet thing you.”
  431. “And I love you too Big Sis. I’m so happy I’m with you again. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. And I’m so sorry about earlier. I…”
  433. “Hush you. I already said I’m not mad at you. It’s okay.”
  435. She smiles at you lovingly and moves her hoof to boop you on your nose. This time though, you smile and giggle just a little.
  437. “Hehe…you’re such a Silly Filly, you know that Lil Sis? But you’re Big Sis’s silly little filly. You’re my silly little filly. Now get some sleep you.”
  439. You both snuggle up close against one another, feeling each other’s body heat radiating underneath the blankets. Despite everything, you could feel your heart glowing with love. It felt really good.
  441. “Sweet dreams Silly Filly. See you in the morning. Nini.”
  443. You wiggle closer to her and whisper back to her.
  445. “Sleep tight Big Sis. I’ll always love you. Promise.”
  447. You see Nullity smile with her eyes closed and she hugs you tighter.
  449. “Sleep you. Go to sleep Lil Sis. Shh…shh…go to sleep.”
  451. She’s gently rubbing her hoof around your back. Your eyes start to grow heavy as her rubbing starts to quickly put you to sleep. But just as you close your eyes, you smile back to her. You loved Nullity and despite it all, you were just really happy to be with her again. And with that, you soon fall into a peaceful slumber.
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