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  1. The first rule of dealing with the Fuath is not to deal with the Fuath. Something this particular cat should have known to begin with. Really, she shouldn't have been in Il Mehg at all. However, she'd have plenty of time to ponder her mistakes as she came tumbling out of the waterfall with a plume of water. Soaked to the bone she'd drag herself to the shore while coughing up water. She'd take a moment to look around to see if she could figure out where she was. Alas, their were no landmarks she knew. She'd sit down on the shore, and then eventually lay back with her eyes closed. "Well Kat, look what we got ourselves into." She'd pick her head up so she could slip her hands under, and take a moment to catch her breath and dry off.
  3. Norvrandt was a dangerous place since the flood, Sin Eater could attack at any time and it was well known that they loved to pray on lonesome travellers braving the wilds. Tonight was to be no exception. Without a sound or a word, she appeared out of thin air. One moment she was not there and the next she was, she did not disturb the ground or the air, she simply just was. Once known for her great kindness and selfless nature, the Drahn now known as the terrible creature Philautia stood behind-the wayward adventurer, merciless eyes gazing down on her victim. Victim was the apt word as the creature was known by another name, Forgiven Sadism for her usual cruelty, a start contrast to the gentle spirit she was in life. It was unknown why the creature was so sadistic and cruel after its rebirth, but one thing was certain, Philautia always claimed her victims screaming.
  5. Kat had her eyes clothes, but she was not sleeping. Her form was tense. Her ears were folded back, and her tail swished and thumped about. Her brow was furrowed and a frown curled her lips down. She wasn't even aware of the approaching Sin Eater. She just was laying down and doing her best to ignore the ceaseless light. Even as 'Philautia' made her slow but determined approach the Mystel stubbornly ignored her surroundings for internal reflection. Eventually sitting up at the last possible moment.  A ponderous 'Hmmm...' rumbled in her throat as she looked to the water.  The turbulent flow, while clear, didn't pain the picture quickly enough for her to be able to avoid the Sin-Eater. No, by the time the Mystel was aware of her presence the former Drahn was right on top of her.
  7. Staring straight down at the reclining Mystel the Sinless apparition flourished her left hand, coiling it gracefully through the air although performing some kind of serpentine dance. Even had Kat been aware of the presence of the Forgiven, it would have been too late. Just as the Sin Eater herself had appeared, twinkling chains of the brightest light sparked into existence, they coiled through the air and wound themselves around the Mystel's wrists, each link forming with an effusion of pure white aetheric feathers which slowly floated to the ground before vanishing. They clasped themselves around Kat's wrists and burned, although they were made from hot irons and not ethereal light. The chains hoisted her up into the air, lifting her until the Mystel's feet dangled helplessly above the ground. Regarding her now helpless prey Philautia extended her right arm and slashed her hand through the air, her fingers clenched although striking out with her pointed nails. The feeling a dozen hot knives slicing through flesh would rake through Kat's back, although no physical harm would befall her but her clothes would fall away, slashed into fine ribbons by the ghostly laceration.*
  9. Kat noticed too late, and she was in the process of getting up to try and book it. Her thoughts were racing, but just as she managed to firmly place a boot on the ground the chains bound her wrists. Through grit teeth she tried to pull away. A pained sound leaving her lips as she would rather injure herself than fall prey to the sin eater. However, no such freedom was earned. Instead she was inhaling sharply as the heat burned her wrists. Her whole form was tense now. Every muscle showing as she lifted up into the air like some sort of doll. She wiggled and kicked fitfully trying to somehow dislodge herself from the chains, but once more no freedom came. She let out a terrible hiss towards 'philautia' just as those sharp claws slashed through her. Kat's eyes would go wide as she let out a silent cry. Her clothes falling away leaving her bare form was left on display. Her head would go limp briefly. Her eyes were wide and staring at the ground, but soon she was kicking and squirming again. Her form starting to swing to and fro.
  11. Philautia had done her work already, the seed had been planted in the Mystel and before long her aether would be consumed and a new Sin Eater would arise. Any other Lightwarden would have left, in search of new victims or to return to whatever domain in which they dwelt. Philautia however was prone to certain tenancies, after all she was not called Forgiven Sadism for nothing. She would torment her victims every moment their aether was being swallowed up, she would remain at their side and sculpt them although she were an artist, leaving only to ensnare her next subject should one present itself. Now however, Kat was her sole focus. It wasn't really known or understood why a Sin Eater did anything that it did, but Philautia was going to perfect the Mystel for her ascension. She walked around to Kat's front and stood before her, Philautia herself looking like an animate statue of the purest marble given form, her flawless white flesh smooth and slightly reflective beneath the everlasting light of the sky. Her breasts were large and heavy, topped with a pair of pointed alabaster nipples which seemed crown her breasts too flawlessly if such a thing were even possible. Slender hips gave way to a soft feminine waist and her thighs had a pleasing curve to them. She was too perfect, to gaze upon Philautia for too long or to focus on her too hard was folly, nothing could be so complete and alluring and to dwell on her was another form of torment. The Mystel would have time enough to contemplate such things, the Sin Eater herself however flourished her right arm and a lash of the purest light appeared within her hands. She gazed at Kat with what could almost be described as pity within her bright white eyes, before swiftly bringing the whip upwards between Kat's legs, the long aetheric implement lashed at her exposed cunt, cracking harshly against the flesh and causing a great amount of stinging pain. What should however have made the flesh welt and redden instead caused all colour to drain from it, the dusky flesh whitening and smoothing over as the feminine folds quickly vanished as Kat's aether was remade in perfection. Her clitoris however would throb and expand, lengthening and enlarging into a long pale dick complete with a pair of large smooth balls beneath it, both as flawlessly pale as Philautia herself. The Sin Eater smiled.
  13. Kat was nothing if not persistent. Even naked she kept squirming and swinging, but as the Light Warden's approach focused on her the color just drained from her form. One could almost hear her heart sink over the falls. By the time she had a clear moment to think Philautia was eerily close. The Mystel's eyes couldn't help but notice the Sin Eaters... features. Perhaps she was even envious of them.  Not that it made sense to be envious of anything right now, but her mind was dancing about... Looking for anything positive to focus on. It found brief solace in Philautia's perfectly chiselled form. By comparison the Mystel looked plain. Her flaws made bare. Scars lightly littered her tone form. Her breasts lacked the bounty of Philautia's. Her hips were practically boyish. She was however fit. She was lightly muscled, her tense form showing them off better than before, but otherwise they still barely showed through as she resumed kicking. She just barely pushed herself off that perfect body only to receive a lashing. Her eyes going wide and watering around the edges as the pain surged from her now injured slit and up her spine. Her lips parted to let out a loud and shrill cry of pain. However, she cut it short with a terrible hiss. She'd lock eyes with the Sin-Eater briefly before she felt the heat drain from her crotch. Yet the feeling had not left. She felt stiff and heavy. Despite her new appendage persistent presence she remain dead set on keeping eye contact with Philautia.
  15. Philautia gazed at the perfected dick as it rose from Kat's crotch, much like Philautia herself it could only be described as flawless. Several ilms wide and many more long it was pale white and marbled with aesthetically pleasing veins and topped with a heavy crown which would have made even the most chaste of maidens madden with lust. Indeed, the Sin Eater herself extended both of her hands and stroked them up along the shaft, the sensations beyond anything Kat had ever felt. It was the buzzing pleasure the likes of which Kat would never have felt, so sensitive and receptive was it that even when Philautia had long removed her tapered fingers from it, the Mystel could still feel their touch. Looking almost pleased and the softly glowing sticky fluid that was starting to ooze from the pale tip, the Sin Eater turned her attention up to the rest of the Mystel. The light within her was already expanding out of control and it would not be long before Kat was lost completely but Philautia was in no hurry to complete the transformation. Moving from her crotch the Sin Eater placed her hands onto Kat's hips and dragged her nails up along the Mystel's sides, her sharp almost talon like nails scoring deeply into Kat's flesh, leaving brightly glowing rends in her flesh where the aether was corrupted. It burned, much like the chains at her wrists keeping her suspended but Philautia herself seemed to pay no notice and instead grasped at the two mounds on the Mystel's chest they were barely a handful for the former Drahn and her nails tore cruelly into the dark flesh, ten deep gashes that bled pure white aether. And where they bled the flesh around them paled and hardened, smoothing over and cooling as the Mystel became both less and more. Her breasts expanded and lifted, becoming shapely and large, each swelling to almost the size of Kat's head as they smoothed over, her nipples vanishing into smoothness compared to Philautia herself, who's own nipples stood prominent upon her chest, almost like a pair of protruding barbs. Kat was now quite the sight, suspended above the ground, her pale white crotch and large chest  a stark contrast to what remained of her fairly non-descript dusky features. Slowly the white calcification of her flesh crept down her stomach, joining her crotch, her tightly toned body being immortalised forever in the statuesque perfection befitting a Sin Eater.
  17. The Mystel's eyes were growing distant. She was focused on Philautia, but the sensations of her new prick were mind boggling. Just being touched felt so incredibly good. Her prick drooling pure liquid light aether. Her heavy balls quaking and converting her own Aether into more light. The feeling of which was anything but pleasant, but like a beacon it kept the Mystel from letting out anything more pained than a discomforted groan. That would quickly change as the Sin-Eater grasped her hips. The Mystel's response was to meekly struggle. That will to struggle died quickly as a loud almost animistic cry of pain left Kat's lips. Her eyes close shut as those fingers dug into her flesh leaving only glowing patterns behind. She had a brief moment to catch her breath as Philautia hands grabbed her chest. Kat meekly tried to lift  her feet up to kick herself away from those hands out of fear, but it was too late. All ten digits dug in. Her eyes went wide and she tried to push away as her breasts grew larger than her form should be able to support. The excess light aeither pouring out from her now ten fingered sized holes and rolling down her skin. The poor Mystel's toned stomach was losing color quickly. Her abs becoming immortalised in white marble. Old wounds melting away as her flesh hardened. Her torso was almost all stone now. Her heart-beat and breathing had all but stopped. She was staring bleary eyed at Philautia. The spark of resistance still in her eyes, but soon her aether physically manifested itself around her. The sounds of cracking and shattering emanating from her form. What muscles she could control went tense as she wildly shook in pain. Eventually the coughing came and some of that pure white aether rolled past her lips and down her chin.
  19. Philautia cocked her head to one side as the Mystel convulsed and choked on the resurging aether as it was expelled from her core. This meant that the conversion from Sinner to Sinless was reaching her core, her organs and bones were being dissolved and expelled. Kat had no need for them anymore. Soon she would be flawless perfection for eternity. All Sin absolved and remade in the image of her saviour. Philautia strutted around behind the Mystel, the long spiked heels which forced her feet into
  20.  points looking very impractical in the damp soil next to the waterfall, but seemingly caused the Sin Eater no issue as she moved effortlessly. Raking her talons down along Kat's shoulders she again scored out five perfectly measured rends in the dusky skin of her victim, however there was almost no delay in the transformation, spreading from the etherial wounds the smooth stone like skin of a Sin Eater spread, but from each set of the glowing white scars a magnificent feathered wing emerged
  21.  the feathers wet and slick with excess glowing aether which flowed from the flawless appendages like mercury, dripping to the ground and dispersing away. They were beatific and majestic and would allow the Sinless Mystel to float gracefully above the ground when the time was right. For now, they merely twitched and fluttered uselessly. Philautia grinned, her flawless white lips spreading as she grasped at Kat's flat but toned buttocks and pulled them wide, her razor sharp nails sinking into the toned flesh, smooth white marble spreading from the site where each finger had penetrated into Kat's rear, the boyish behind rounding out and expanding to fill the Warden of Sadism's hands.
  23. Kat's coughing would slowly die down. Her form would go lip as she just stared forward with a bleary eyed look. Her mouth hanging open as the corrupted aether pushed out her mouth. Her own cock was practically ejaculating it at this point, but the stone appendage didn't really twitch as much as it quaked with pleasure. What was left of the Mystel's resistance had melted away though. Philautia simply needed to work what magic she could to make her her Sin-Eater the way she wanted. The marble complexion quietly working its way up and down the rest of her body as Philautia tore into the Sin-Eater's back the wings that came out fluttered wildly. Trying desperately to catch the Aether Currents of the area. Eventually doing so as they gained strength. The Mystel's form no longer limply hanging, but floating effortlessly as the transformation and Philautia's personal changes surged through her form. The once boyish Mystel woman was now an epitome of desire! Perfectly curved and chiselled. Even if her head was not yet fully claimed. She was still something many would be envious to have, and hold. She'd inspire blissful nightmares in all those who would survive future encounters. She only needed a purpose now.
  25. Philautia smiled as she released the former Mystel's now callipygian buttocks from her hands, they fell pleasingly together and formed a welcming valley of which any mortal would gladly die at the chance to gaze upon. The transformation of Kat came to a conclusion, her legs were fully purified, their toned physique smoothed into something far more feminine and alluring, her feet shrunk and melted away, the new Sin Eater's legs ended in smooth tapered points. She would never set them upon the
  26.  ground ever again so they were not needed. Her beautiful arms ended in perfected hands, the mirror of her kind mistress, each finger pointed in a long nail to elicit screams of pain from sinners and pleasure from the Sinless. It crept up her neck, smoothing her chin and transformed her lips into a soft, beckoning smile forever etched upon her statuesque face, her features became beautific and angelic as her hair whitened and filled out with divine lusture. Finally her eyes faded, the colour draining from them as they turned a stark white. The last vestiges of humanity eradicated as they began to glow softly. The Mystel who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time no longer existed. She had been forgiven. Her Sins washed away and her form perfected. The chains released. Before Philautia fluttered Forgiven Impudicitia on her new wings, a beautiful name for a beautiful creation.
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