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  1. Attendes: 4-5
  3. Theme: Really light-hearted, low CoI (Rolls 1-2)
  5. Event Fluff: A group of young magi accompanying the chef Kate to find some of the world's hottest peppers and chips. They head north of Esshar, to where some of the hottest creatures seem to reside, but, they're in for a big treat!
  7. Event synopsis: After  hearing about a rare species of pepper, Kate's mentor told her to set out and find them, rumored to be the hottet in the world to a rather dangerous degrees, her search will lead her to one of the more scluded areas of the land.
  9. Not much to be found there, or so it seems at first - a cave entrance surprises the group when a small deamon seems to trigger the entrance to open. The Daemon is a small bird, roughly 6 inches in wing span, and 4 inches in height when standing up right. It acts like a companion for the group.
  11. A scuffle in the first chamber with an old angry chef with magma magic, who still hadn't found the ingredient for his most exquisite dish, obviously maddened by the time he spent on his lonesome. The group has to fight him in order to  move onto the next chamber.
  13. After defeating the old magi crazy chef, they find a map on his person, which contains a puzzle they have to solve to move onto the next chamber. There they find a really old tavern, worn out with mold growing on it's walls. They need to find the recipe to the hottest dish in Esshar! If only it was that easy..
  15. A ghost attacks them, of the previous owner, they either have to play customers or fight it, it depends on the group's actions.
  17. Finally, they reach the last chamber, in which lies a large plant with five peppers hanging from it - while tiny in size, if they pop, they can easily melt skin down to the bone. The Daemon bird companion goes to consume one of the peppers and catches on fire!
  19. Only to become a phoenix, then the final battle begins.
  21. Rewards: 4 HOTTEST PEPPERS IN THE WORLD, recipe for the hottest dish to ever exist, a bag of hot chips for Kate and maybe some random loot for the other participants, like steel, or an orchalicum pendant off the first encounter.
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