updated archeage tier list for lvl 50 cap

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  1. 7/11/2014 - Class names have been switch to Trion's version, a few notes about patch 1.2 have been added in.
  2. 7/14/2014 - More edits, this time it actually reflects the state of the game as it is in 1.2. Fixed some names and the thousands of typos.
  4. This list is meant to represent the viability of class combinations in ArcheAge at the current level cap of 50, a
  5. lot of the builds change when the 1.0 patch rebalances classes around, specially those involving Vitalism and
  6. Archery (EDIT: Archery still op, songcraft got fucked). I may sound biased towards some classes, but this is just the general consensus I've picked after months of
  7. following this game, playing in various servers and watching a lot of streamers and their performance.
  8. You're not "a baddie" for playing a less popular class, but you'll struggle more and will require your team to complement your weaknesses.
  10. Tiers aren't meant to be a straight representation of strength in a class combination, the higher in tiers they're
  11. usually more viable all around in all situations (unless it's specified in the descriptions),
  12. and the lower they are they can be lacking in some aspects and be strong in others, as well as being more or less desirable in pvp/pve/solo/group content.
  13. Use your own judgement accordingly and play what you want, but don't be stupid and pick two offensive branches that require different stats, like Battlerage+Sorcery,
  14. you won't be able to stack both str and int, so you'll be mostly useless.
  16. Most of the time you'll want one offensive class and one defensive class, if you don't pick any of the defensive
  17. Trees you'll die in a simple cc combo. Occultism can fill the role of Offensive Tree quite well, but I still
  18. consider it a mix of Damage and CC, unlike Shadowplay which really isn't good enough to fill a damaging role. Solo pvp
  19. builds use Shadowplay a lot, it's incredibly useful, but it will also leave you very lacking in some other aspect, so
  20. choose wisely.
  23. ---Offensive Trees---
  25. Battlerage
  26. Your average melee warrior class, gap closers, nice aoe, some cc, a great debuff, and probably the strongest buff in
  27. the game (Rage). WARNING going melee as your main source of damage can be frustrating in this game, there's a lot of
  28. risk, and not that much of a reward. It is fun and can be strong if played right, just expect it to be kind of a
  29. hard mode for a while as well as taking a lot more damage in pve and some enemies being simply unkillable by
  30. yourself.
  32. Archery
  33. EDIT: All of this rambling is about Quickshot being in Shadowplay. Patch 1.0 already moved it to Archery. It is, however, recommended
  34. to grab shadowplay with archery anyways for the ranged buffs, stealth, and possible melee skills (though if your enemy is attacking you up close
  35. as an archer, you're going to die anyways). Archery really isn't anti-mage, it is just clothie destroyer (gee I wonder which
  36. classes use cloth). Your advantages will be based on if you hit first and pull off your CC's first. You'll, of course, give melee classes plenty of hell.
  38. Your not so average ranger, first of all koreans decided to put your basic spammable attack on another Tree, so you
  39. better grab Shadowplay with this, or you'll be one useless mess. Best range in the game, decent area damage, average
  40. cc, and some unreasonably long cooldowns.  Half the time you'll blow your stuff and be left doing nothing but quick
  41. Quickshot, that's the reason Shadowplay tied with Archery is so  important. Archery is supposed to be the mage killer
  42. class, but I wouldn't be so sure about that.
  44. Sorcery
  45. Archeage's spoiled child, You can't go wrong with this class at this level cap, almost every skill is useful
  46. somehow, a defensive shield that also increases your stealth detection, some moderate CC, a few instant atacks, some
  47. long casting devastating attacks, great area damage, great spammable atack (that leaves your rooted, but the good
  48. damage makes up for it) and even a small group buff.
  50. ---Utility Trees/mixed Trees---
  51. Occultism
  52. Lot's useful skills, good aoe+cc, a really nice spammable attack, crits and crit damage for spells, nothing wrong
  53. with Occultism, a very solid class. Be ready for people to say they hate your impale+crows combo.
  55. Shadowplay
  56. This is not the "rogue" class, this does have melee skills, and yes it has stealth, but you won't be a ninja with
  57. this class by itself. It has ranged attacks, as well as gap closers and stuns. Many people will say stealth is
  58. cheating, and they're probably right, but thankfully it comes with a big tradeoff and is very limited outside of
  59. this class (for now). If you're really against grouping you relly want stealth, you can also stealth while carrying
  60. a tradepack which helps a lot to avoid ganks.
  62. ---Support Trees---
  64. Songcraft
  65. Edit: This class got severely nerfed in patch 1.2. Proceed with caution.
  67. Lots of Buffs, a few heals, Debuffs, and a stupidly strong passive. Just remember if you're playing songs they get
  68. cancelled once you use any non song skill. WARNING if your class uses a magic regeneration instrument, the flute
  69. sound may drive you insane, you'll hear this stupid tune so many times you'll listen to it during your sleep, in the
  70. bathroom, during exams or while saying your marriage vows.
  72. Vitalism
  73. Edit: This class got severely nerfed in patch 1.2.
  74. This class is based off of the spirit stat now for healing, which is found on club weapons.
  75. It is not recommended to roll this unless you really want to heal or weapon swap.
  77. Not as many heals as you'd expect from the healing class, but some is better than none, continuous recovery is
  78. ridiculous and people will hate you when you go from 1% to 50% or more in the blink of an eye. It has some not so
  79. hot damage spells, a moderately useful buff and an aura, the only class with built in resurrection and even a group
  80. stealth. All the builds involving Vitalism get fucked as soon as 1.0 hits, because your heals are no longer tied to
  81. your intelligence, you'll have too choose between healing or damaging gear.
  83. ---Defensive Trees---
  85. Defense
  86. Lot's of protection against melee and specially against archers, it has an invincibility buff and a reasonably large
  87. area spell that can restrict people from leaving it's area of effect as long as they're being damaged so they can't glide out. Stun
  88. reduction, healthpool increase, as well as a really good silence atack.
  90. Auramancy
  91. The tryhard pvp class, this game has a fuckton of CC's, and this class helps you to get rid from good deal of them, as
  92. well as provide you with considerable magic protection for those big mage cooldowns. It's mostly a series of oh shit
  93. buttons as well as some area disables and damage mitigation. So you hate dying? grab Auramancy and see how much your
  94. survivability increases, you'll cry when you see a teleportation spell proc 4 times in a row and that guy you were
  95. ganking is now 100 meters away.
  97. Witchcraft
  98. Do you like making people useless for moderate periods of time? Does your mage need to lift their opponents in the
  99. sky unable to act while you cast your 5 second spells? Then grab Witchcraft as your defensive class and boost your
  100. chances of surviving as well as disabling your opponents left and right.
  102. For a full debrief of each class I suggest the following series of videos
  105. Onwards to the Tier List.
  107. In total there are 120 classes.
  109. These tiers go from 1 to 7, 1 to 5 being from Best/Popular to Horrible, 6 being healer tier, and 7 being nerfed tier.
  111. ***** T1.- Most of this builds are popular, not necessarily for the right reasons, they simply work for what they're
  112. built, this doesn't mean all the builds in this tier are on equal ground against each other, it just means you are
  113. safe to grab one of this combinations and learn it along the way. *****
  115. Witchcraft+Sorcery+Shadowplay = Hermit / Daggerspell
  116. Want to make people put your name in their death note? well you're on the right track with this. Some will argue
  117. that you're missing a bit of damage for a mage, but who cares, you can kill pretty much anybody equally geared
  118. unless they're anti mage.
  120. Auramancy+Archery+Shadowplay = Treasure Hunter / Primeval
  121. I've seen a stream where the 10 players on the arena match where using this exact build... so that might give you an
  122. idea of how popular it is. It's just the most viable pvp archer build in this stage of content, no way around it
  124. Battlerage+Auramancy+Shadowplay = Politician / Darkrunner
  125. Another super common build, great mobility, good damage, gap closers, cc, if only you could throw fireballs...
  127. Battlerage+Defense+Shadowplay = Fighter / Blighter
  128. Probably the most well rounded melee build, a good amount of gap closers, nice cc, decent mitigation, and stealth so
  129. you can gank anyone anywhere, can't go wrong with this as long as you understand the limitations of melee.
  131. Defense+Auramancy+Occultism = Defender / Skullknight
  132. T       A       N       K, baby's first character, you rarely die, superb in pve, annoying in pvp, good build for
  133. raid/guild leaders who steal all the loot from their guild because they're the main tank
  135. Occultism+Sorcery+Shadowplay = Angel of Death / Reaper
  136. You're open to most attackers, but play like an opportunist and you'll do great, you have amazing sustainable
  137. damage, quite a few combos and some of the best area attacks
  139. Witchcraft+Occultism+Sorcery = Darkweaver / Demonologist
  140. Aoe disabler mage, not as popular as your average stealth ganker, but very desired in any group and much more
  141. durable
  143. Battlerage+Defense+Auramancy = Soldier / Abolisher
  144. The melee tank, it's a very solid build for guild leaders or anyone who wants to boss people around and stand in the
  145. front of a raid.
  147. Defense+Archery+Shadowplay = Strategist / Stone Arrow
  148. A bow and a shield? who would have thought, it does work, one of few things AA did right, it's definitely T1 against
  149. physical classes, but trust me most tryhard mages will make you cry
  152. ***** T2.- This combos are simply good, you may be lacking something, but you'll make up for it with strong synergy
  153. among your classes. *****
  156. Auramancy+Occultism+Sorcery = Warlock / Revenant
  157. Great mage build, suitable in any situation, two spammable atacks, one usable on the move, and one for turret mode
  158. with increased damage, you can escape from almost any problematic encounter, you'll love it
  160. Witchcraft+Auramancy+Occultism = Exorcist / Nightcloak
  161. A good antimage build, tanky, mobility and lots of disables, some small self heals, probably your best bet if you
  162. like the apostle build but don't want to be useless once 1.0 goes live
  164. Battlerage+Witchcraft+Shadowplay = Assasine / Shadowblade
  165. Supposedly a very OP and popular build, I call it the combo warrior, I'd place in T1, but sadly you still get hit
  166. for a lot, and your chain can be destroyed with some simple dodge/block/parry leaving you open to retaliation.
  168. Witchcraft+Archery+Shadowplay = Chaser / Trickster
  169. Really good archer build, you can be one special snowflake in a sea of primevals with this build, you might even
  170. beat them half the time, that's if either of you leaves stealth or meet each other face to face
  172. Defense+Auramancy+Sorcery = Mage Patron / Thaumaturge
  173. A mage that makes archers cry, good for someone who wants maximum mitigation and still be able to throw heavy nukes
  174. like a siege tank
  176. Witchcraft+Auramancy+Sorcery = Sorcerer / Arcanist
  177. The best tanky mage build imo, you're lacking on the crit department, but you're still better than 80% of the other
  178. classes regarding damage, I'd even say this build is OP under the radar, but that's just me
  180. Auramancy+Sorcery+Shadowplay = Shadow Mercenary / Enigmatist
  181. A fun mage build, good for most situations, a bit hard to keep people from running if you're trying to gank them,
  182. but it gets the job done, if you like nukes and stealth, but hate dying in two blows, this is what you should pick
  184. Defense+Occultism+Sorcery = Sorcery Guard Officer / Battlemage
  185. Great anti physical mage, but other mages will still kill you, so pick only if you hate archers with a passion or
  186. you're preparing for the lvl55 update
  188. Witchcraft+Defense+Occultism = Caretaker / Defiler
  189. A nice disruptor tank, not the most popular but not bad for pve, but you still can get cced and ignored most of the
  190. time in pvp
  192. Battlerage+Archery+Shadowplay = Spy / Outrider
  193. A very fragile but strong archer, the crit debuff from combat is the only reason to pick combat instead of
  194. will/protection/conjury, but is it worth it? follow your dreams and find out.
  197. ***** T3.- You'll be subpar in one or more areas, you're not necessarily "bad", some experienced people might even
  198. grab them because they know exactly what they're getting into, but I wouldn't recommend them to new players because
  199. you'll get beat by the more common class combos and complain that you can't do X thing they do better than you. *****
  202. Auramancy+Occultism+Shadowplay = Interrogator / Planeshifter
  203. This isn't a bad build, you have a nice aoe combo you can pull after breaking stealth on unsuspecting groups, but
  204. there's a bunch of more viable solutions for whatever you're trying to get out of this
  206. Defense+Occultism+Shadowplay = Guardsman / Dreadnaught
  207. Sneaky, annoying and disruptive with good defense, it's very playable in pvp groups imo, but by yourself you'll be
  208. missing a bit of damage and can get countered with cc really bad
  210. Witchcraft+Defense+Sorcery = Paladin* / Cabalist
  211. One of the most defensive mage builds, a bit too heavy on the defense I'd say, but if that's your thing go for it.
  213. Battlerage+Witchcraft+Auramancy = Builder / Hex Warden
  214. Go loco, a very disruptive warrior with lowish damage, it can work with a healer backing you up, just don't expect
  215. to one shot people like the other warriors unless they're squishie
  217. Battlerage+Witchcraft+Defense = Mental Destroyer / Hexblade
  218. A very defensive combination with the potential for dps bursts, but still susceptible to some heavy CC, only for the
  219. adventurous
  221. Defense+Sorcery+Shadowplay = Paladin* / Swiftstone
  222. A somewhat unusual mage, not my personal favorite, but it gets the job done if you really want stealth and blocking
  223. non magical damage
  225. Sorcery+Songcraft+Vitalism = Physiognomist / Gypsy
  226. I've seen a few people playing this, I wouldn't recommend it, but if you're aware of the risks involved in having no
  227. cc breakers and missing all the perks of the defensive classes, then feel free to pick this. You can manage by  
  228. keeping Barrier up all the time and spamming Continuous Recovery, Anthem of Defense and Loving Soul will give you
  229. some very desired magical resistance to you and your teammates, Flowing life, Seed of restoration and Anthem of
  230. recovery will keep your regeneration going, and in very dire situations Healing Earth can be just what you need to
  231. stay alive in the right situation
  233. Battlerage+Defense+Occultism = Dark Knight / Doomlord
  234. If you want a melee disabler conjury is better, necro has some neat stuff going on, but remember it's magic damage,
  235. it won't help you that much if your main source of damage is melee. Funny thing is Rage combos with a necro ability
  236. to avoid the stun, I still don't think they're meant to be together unless you plan some gimmicky aoe combo which
  237. you can do with the protection abilities.
  239. Witchcraft+Occultism+Shadowplay = Civil Engineer / Shroudmaster
  240. Not incredibly terrible as it might seem at first, sadly necro passives only boost magical attacks, otherwise this
  241. could be an interesting build boosting crit damage with plenty of CC and what not, but that's not the chase.
  243. Battlerage+Auramancy+Occultism = Parlamenter / Bloodreave
  244. It probably should be lower in the list, but I think you can still kill some people with this, just not many, but
  245. some of the less optimized can be killed somehow with this thanks to Auramancy.
  247. Defense+Auramancy+Shadowplay = Shadow Projection / Nightblade
  248. A tanky rogue with barely any damage, I'd rate this lower, but this is a good build for those who like playing some
  249. sort of scout for tradeships or stealing tradepacks in the middle of a fight while no one is paying attention
  251. Witchcraft+Defense+Auramancy = Enchanter / Dreambreaker
  252. The ultimate disruptor, you can be very annoying and you can soak damage like it's nothing, sadly your offensive
  253. capability is close to nothing or at least very insignificant at lvl 50. I'd say this build isn't viable and I've
  254. never seen someone use it, but I know one of you crazy enthusiasts might surprise me with this someday wearing ultra
  255. expensive gear that allows you to deal damage reliably and still be one indestructible fortress.
  258. ***** T4.- Picking one of this combos is settling yourself for disappointment, you probably thought something about
  259. this combination sounded cool, but trust me, it's not. *****
  262. Battlerage+Occultism+Shadowplay = Berserker / Executioner
  263. Weak to everything, if you want disables get Witchcraft instead of necro
  265. Occultism+Archery+Shadowplay = Killer / Shadehunter
  266. A playable combination, but very fragile, If gear supported this build it could be in T3, but there's not, so why
  267. bother
  269. Defense+Shadowplay+Vitalism = Secret Knight / Death Warden
  270. Yeah you get to heal, stealth and block, but everything else will be mostly disappointing, this could be in T3 for
  271. pve, but seriously you can do better
  273. Battlerage+Shadowplay+Songcraft = Romantic Robber / Blade Dancer
  274. The stealthy melee bard, I don't know, there's worse stuff out there, but you can do better as well
  276. Shadowplay+Songcraft+Vitalism= Musician / Confessor
  277. I get it, you want to support and still be able to stealth, but you'll be very vulnerable to any competent player,
  278. you won't be the worst class ever, but you'll struggle with a lot of people
  280. Battlerage+Occultism+Vitalism = Martial Arts Master / Blackguard
  281. It's not good, but I guess you could do some surprise Rage combo for fun if people forget to cc you.
  283. Witchcraft+Auramancy+Shadowplay = Executioner / Eidolon
  284. Just bad, you can take some heavy punishment, be sneaky mcstabs, and provide some really nice disables, but by
  285. yourself you're pretty mediocre
  287. Battlerage+Witchcraft+Songcraft = Choreographer / Dirgeweaver
  288. I wish this combination was more viable so you could play a sort of melee bard, but sadly it's not, artistry simply
  289. doesn't combine in any way with Battlerage.
  291. Battlerage+Witchcraft+Occultism = Master of Unarmed Battlerage / Hordebreaker
  292. If only necro boosted all crits instead of magical, this would be good, but sadly it's not even decent.
  294. Battlerage+Auramancy+Songcraft = Sophisticated Romantic / Herald
  295. Again a melee bard that should be viable, but it's not, sad times.
  297. Defense+Shadowplay+Songcraft = Bully / Nightbearer
  298. It's not the most unplayable of builds, but it'd be very underwhelming in a lot of areas, I actually did play this
  299. combination in the Russian server to see if Shadowplay by itself provided enough damage for a competent character, the
  300. results of that experiment are reflected in the position of this class combo
  302. Battlerage+Defense+Songcraft = Romantic Knight / Dawncaller
  303. Not exactly viable, it has some heals, defense and damage, but you either hit or you sing, so there's a good deal of
  304. the class being useless half of the time
  306. Witchcraft+Defense+Shadowplay = Slayer / Shadowknight
  307. Surprise commander, pop out of stealth and annoy people, funsies for all the family
  309. Defense+Archery+Vitalism = Guardian Knight / Druid
  310. Well you can heal people and be useless most of the time, so that's something
  312. Defense+Archery+Songcraft = Hunter / Honorguard
  313. If you can level this to 50 I'd applaud you, I don't know why'd you do it, but you go and be creative man, have fun
  314. kiting everything for 30 seconds
  316. Battlerage+Occultism+Songcraft = Tragic Musician / Lorebreaker
  317. Not much synergy for combat with any of this two other branches, yeah you can level with this if you feel
  318. adventurous, but I'd advice against it
  320. Battlerage+Witchcraft+Archery = Ranger / Dreadhunter
  321. With a name like ranger you'd expect an actual archer class to be playable, but nope, Archery without Shadowplay is just bad.
  324. ***** T5.- This classes are simply not viable, they shouldn't even exist, but they do. Avoid like the plague. *****
  327. Battlerage+Occultism+Sorcery = Envoy / Ravager
  328. You can kill stuff with this alright, but please don't do it, there's no reason to mix magic with combat, yeah rage
  329. can get you some crazy dmg boost, but you won't live long with this build for rage to even reach 5 stacks.
  331. Battlerage+Defense+Sorcery = Sorcery Knight / Crusader
  332. Sounds cool, but you can't stack two offensive stats
  334. Battlerage+Auramancy+Sorcery = Tactician / Enforcer
  335. Half mage, half warrior, half wins, full loses. Math doesn't add up!
  337. Battlerage+Sorcery+Shadowplay = Sorcery Thief / Hellweaver
  338. Only try this if you feel like impersonating a magical kirito
  340. Battlerage+Witchcraft+Sorcery = Geomancer / Harbinger
  341. God damn they had to give the cool name to a shit combination, str+int no no no...
  343. Battlerage+Sorcery+Songcraft = Warrior Mage / Spellsword
  344. It's not horrible, but there's no way to gear for this (so yeah it's horrible)
  346. Battlerage+Sorcery+Vitalism = Knight of Honor / Fleshshaper
  347. This is for the role confused people, I want to heal, but I want to be a mage, and also I want to be a warrior, your
  348. body will end like a hybrid splat of blood on the floor, but you won't miss anything!
  350. Battlerage+Archery+Vitalism = Guardian of the Battlefield / Warpriest
  351. No gear to support this build and archer sucks by itself, I've seen streamers using this, I'm really sad they didn't
  352. research at all or even read their tooltips
  354. Witchcraft+Defense+Archery = Forest Defender / Archon
  355. Tanky? sure, useless? pretty much, I'd be really surprised to see anyone with this at 50
  357. Battlerage+Defense+Archery = Knight Errant / Liberator
  358. Doesn't work sorry
  360. Auramancy+Archery+Sorcery = Expert / Stormchaser
  361. Stoooooooooooooooooooooormchaaaaseeer It totally sounds like an 80's cartoon show I'd love to watch, but I wouldn't
  362. love to watch this build on my team sorry
  364. Witchcraft+Auramancy+Archery = Wanderer / Arcane Hunter
  365. One of the builds that goes from T5 to T1 overnight once the lvl 55 cap is raised, very amazing, but not playable
  366. until then
  368. Witchcraft+Archery+Sorcery = Natural Mystic / Stormcaster
  369. Into the trash it goes
  371. Witchcraft+Occultism+Archery = Trained Geomancer / Shadestriker
  372. Another confused archer, now with more dark thoughts for free
  374. Witchcraft+Archery+Vitalism = Summoner / soulbow
  375. Doesn't work, it's fucked
  377. Defense+Archery+Sorcery = Wild Sorceryian / Farslayer
  378. People will tell stories about you until the servers are closed with this build, do it if you want praise and
  379. admiration from complete strangers
  381. Defense+Auramancy+Archery = Observer / Bastion
  382. don't, stop right there, don't even think abuout it, you don't want this, I can assure you that
  384. Auramancy+Archery+Vitalism = Mystic / Oracle
  385. I've played a character like this in Dungeons and Dragons, it was a blast, too bad AA devs realized archery needed
  386. to be viable by itself until 1.0
  388. Defense+Occultism+Archery = Wrathful Warrior Spirit / Dreadstone
  389. Another cool concept made useless due to game mechanics
  391. Battlerage+Auramancy+Archery = Inventor / Bonestalker
  394. Auramancy+Occultism+Archery = Monster Hunter / Astral Ranger
  395. You won't be hunting any monsters with this, again game mechanics make this build barely playable
  397. Auramancy+Archery+Songcraft = Commoner / Howler
  398. Nothing to see here, another fail build no one should touch until the update, NO ONE
  400. Witchcraft+Archery+Songcraft = Archaeologist / Hex Ranger
  401. B     A      D
  403. Archery+Sorcery+Vitalism = Itinerant Trader / *Naturalist
  404. So many things wrong with this, well actually just one, I'll let you find out
  406. Occultism+Archery+Sorcery = Diviner / Spellbow
  407. Yeah you can do this and still kill people 50% of the time, but it's a waste, don't pick this please
  409. Occultism+Archery+Vitalism = Player / Blood Arrow
  410. Waste of time, don't do this to yourself
  412. Archery+Sorcery+Shadowplay = Sniper / Infiltrator
  413. I've seen people actually playing this in my guild, a single tear runs down my face when I see them, but I'm not
  414. alpha enough to tell them they're wasting their time
  416. Occultism+Archery+Songcraft = Black Musician / Gravesinger
  417. Drop archery, and pick something else, you'll be fine, preferably not combat either
  419. Archery+Sorcery+Songcraft = Adventurer / Evoker
  420. Your adventures will be very mediocre using this build
  422. Archery+Songcraft+Vitalism = Playboy / Soulsong
  423. Lame, don't bother
  425. Battlerage+Archery+Sorcery = Sorceryal Warrior  / Destroyer
  426. I want ALL the DAMAGE in the world! you go girl! take the them them all out with your god damn genkidama.
  428. Battlerage+Archery+Songcraft = Warrior Poet / Bloodskald
  429. Yeah you don't want this, trust me.
  431. Battlerage+Occultism+Archery = Oppressor / Dreadbow
  432. A complete mess
  434. 120.- I-I... missed something sorry, it probably was really bad anyways
  435. Edit: Christ, you know a class sucks when not the editor can find it.
  438. ***** T6.- Healer Tier. The editor knows nothing about healing, but I know these builds are common enough. *****
  440. Auramancy+Songcraft+Vitalism = Priest / Cleric
  441. This is what most people pick when they want to play a full support character and don't do much research about the
  442. game. It's very good indeed, but please consider other builds before picking it, you'll have a really rough time
  443. before 30, and even after that you don't have a spammable attack. Remember any heal will cancel your auras so you
  444. have to recast them. Great for those who want to help their friends all the time or if you want to turn your
  445. girlfriend into a walking healthpot/buffbot 24/7.
  447. Defense+Auramancy+Vitalism = Bodyguard / Templar
  448. Everyone loves a healer, a healer that blocks arrows and melee atacks and can break out of cc's is even better. I'd
  449. just like to say Vitalism isn't what you expect even at higher levels, while you have some extraordinaire heals, the
  450. cooldown of most abilities is way too long, so you might want something less passive than this build to avoid
  451. falling asleep
  453. Witchcraft+Auramancy+Vitalism = Sage / Hierophant
  454. The most badass healer you can be, horrible for solo play, but godly for groups, suitable for anyone who likes to
  455. support and do more than playing whack-a-mole with healthbars or playing songs far from the action.
  458. ***** T7.- NERFED TO ALL HELL tier. You can try your luck if you think you're bad ass enough to weapon swap or masochist enough. *****
  461. The descriptions are valid to pre 1.0 builds. I will keep them intact for reference.
  462. FYI all these builds have vitalism or songcraft and there is a reason for this.
  463. Maybe you can heal with these, bu
  465. Auramancy+Occultism+Vitalism = Apostle / Edgewalker
  466. This is the first build on the list, So I won't go into much detail about it, I'll just say you can kill 1 or even 2
  467. guys with ease most of the time as long they aren't playing this exact build or jumped on you first
  469. Sorcery+Shadowplay+Songcraft = Clown / Spellsinger
  470. A very bursty mage for a surprise ambush, but you die faster than you kill if people catch you with your pants down,
  471. most people will hate you for the ridiculous burst you can drop in 1 second when things go your way, so have fun
  472. with it
  474. Auramancy+Sorcery+Songcraft = Tramp / Spellsong
  475. Really solid build, I'm very tempted to play this on release, it's lacking a bit of cc, but you can still drop
  476. ridiculous damage and defend yourself against other magey characters
  478. Witchcraft+Occultism+Vitalism = Elementalist / Necromancer
  479. A really devastating build, 2 of this guys can take on hordes of enemies when played right. You'll be missing the
  480. always handy perks of will, but you're still likely to be the last man standing in any large scale fight or small
  481. skirmish
  483. Witchcraft+Sorcery+Songcraft = Master of Elements / Lamentor
  484. A really well rounded bursty mage, fun, strong, annoying, and not squishie at all
  486. Defense+Occultism+Vitalism = Priest of Death / Justicar
  487. Great combo, focusing on physical defense with a lot of tools to keep yourself alive, a viable tank for small group
  488. content, more pve oriented than the apostle or the prophet
  490. Defense+Auramancy+Songcraft = Conservative Poet / Tomb Warden
  491. The sturdy bard singing in the middle of a fight to invigorate his allys, little to no micro, you're pretty much a
  492. walking totem of auras. Get some help while leveling or you'll hate the game
  494. Battlerage+Defense+Vitalism = White Knight  / Paladin
  495. Good for pve, not that good for pvp but still manageable. Some people say the best tank is a tank that can heal
  496. itself, I'm not so sure about that, I guess it depends on the content you're doing.
  498. Occultism+Sorcery+Vitalism = Mystic Miracle / Cultist
  499. The famous zombie build, king of pve solo farming, approved by thousands of bots daily! no defensive class hurts
  500. your pvp viability tho, but you can always be of help in zergs
  502. Defense+Sorcery+Songcraft = Playwright / Earthsinger
  503. If you want a burst mage with an edge against physical damage pick this, the speed boost is always good and some
  504. emergency heals also help
  506. Defense+Songcraft+Vitalism = Warrior Protector / Caretaker
  507. Great support character, just hard to level
  509. Auramancy+Occultism+Songcraft = Tragic Poet / Phantasm
  510. Like crits? hate mages? love flutes that make you run fast? well this is a somewhat unpopular combination that works
  511. fine in most scenarios
  513. Auramancy+Sorcery+Vitalism = White Mage* / Boneweaver
  514. Half mage, half healer in one single package, I'd be really happy to have an army of guys like this with me, they're
  515. the swiss knife of ArcheAge
  517. Witchcraft+Auramancy+Songcraft = Preacher / Enchantrix
  518. Oh you crazy bards and your tricks, a very passive build with some fun on the side, for when you don't want to think
  519. about stuff and just have a good time, I'd like to play this but I'm too lazy to level it
  521. Witchcraft+Occultism+Songcraft = Scout / Tombcaller
  522. this is probably the most warlocky warlock out there. it's not popular afaik, the extra juicy crits can make your
  523. crows destroy people, you're still suceptible to heavy cc and your damage isn't stelar, but you're still very useful
  524. in a group scenario
  526. Defense+Sorcery+Vitalism = Secret Protector / Scion
  527. I'd say this is a sort of druid build, average damage, heals/support and good defense, fun to play overall
  529. Witchcraft+Sorcery+Vitalism = White Sorceryian / Shaman
  530. Damage, heals, control, a jack of all trades that doesn't suck, I recommend this to those who don't like being
  531. locked to one role
  533. Sorcery+Shadowplay+Vitalism = Purifying Narrator / Animist
  534. I'd rate this lower, but it's always nice to have a healer who can stealth and still nuke like a champ, just don't
  535. forget you're open to any kind of crowd control people decide to throw your way
  537. Witchcraft+Defense+Vitalism = Surgeon / Shadowbane
  538. Not your everyday healer, good in every group, but some heavy cc can still make you sad, and as expected ultra low
  539. damage potential
  541. Witchcraft+Songcraft+Vitalism = Rehabilitation Specialist / Athame
  542. All the support in the game in one character, now with increased survivability and annoying debuffs, great if you
  543. can get a static party or you like whoring yourself all the time, otherwise you'll struggle to level and perform
  544. menial daily chores
  546. Archery+Shadowplay+Vitalism = Missionary / Ranger
  547. Also known as Gaian, a lot of people use this on my guild, I'm not a fan of it tho, I was going to place this on T3
  548. but I'm reconsidering it after realizing how limited archer builds are, I guess this kind of hybrid builds are
  549. invaluable when there's no proper healers available, specially since Shadowplay synergizes with archery perfectly
  551. Battlerage+Auramancy+Vitalism = Wandering Monk / Argent
  552. For some reason not as popular as paladin, I wouldn't play it, but it's legit for pve, not that bad for pvp if you
  553. have people carrying you, but you won't have much combos available.
  555. Occultism+Sorcery+Songcraft = Cultivator / Requiem
  556. Pretty much the most glass cannon build you can pick, I don't recommend it, you'll die A LOT, but if you like the
  557. highest numbers possible popping in your screen go ahead and grab this class
  559. Archery+Shadowplay+Songcraft = Shadow Dancer / Ebonsong
  560. Mostly a pve build, but it works in pvp too, One of the few archer playable builds, so go ahead and pick this if you
  561. like songs and bow attacks
  563. Witchcraft+Shadowplay+Songcraft = Headhunter / Solstice Singer
  564. This is not a combat centric character, this is the merchant build, don't pick this unless you're devoted to being a
  565. merchant.
  567. Occultism+Shadowplay+Vitalism = Writer / Doombringer
  568. Another build for the building enthusiasts, it's very playable if you know what're getting into, still I suggest you
  569. reconsider other alternatives before picking this, It's a great build for pirates who prey on weaker people, or
  570. players more focused on trading, but on fair combat you're very open to cc making your life miserable
  572. Defense+Occultism+Songcraft = Praetorian / Dark Aegis
  573. Crits for everyone and beyond thanks to passives, all your classes provide some sort of area effect that can bring a
  574. lot of mayhem to group fights, I'd rate this in T2 for pve, but for pvp will is better than protection
  576. Auramancy+Shadowplay+Songcraft = Shadow Musician / Exorcist
  577. Surprise your enemies with a pocket bard, sing sweet songs of destruction to your enemies and inspiring melodies to
  578. your friends, if all goes wrong you're still an excellent entertainer for children parties and romantic serenades
  580. Battlerage+Witchcraft+Vitalism = Spiritualist / Dervish
  581. An ok Alternative to the Paladin build if you want more CC instead of straight up mitigation, still lacking some
  582. desired survivability and mobility.
  584. Battlerage+Shadowplay+Vitalism = Inquisitor
  585. A good melee option if you just want to have fun, you can keep yourself up and others, ambush in partys, but weak to
  586. pretty much anyone heavy on cc
  588. Occultism+Songcraft+Vitalism = Monk / Sorrowsong
  589. The crit healer, it's not a very durable build, if you can manage to stay out of danger it could work, but seriously
  590. I'd use it mostly as a leveling build, once you're 50 drop one of them and grab a defensive class so you can be more
  591. viable in pvp.
  593. Occultism+Shadowplay+Songcraft = Athlete / Nocturne
  594. Eventhough your crits will be massive, you don't have the nukes to exploit it nor the combos to burst people down
  595. consistently, not to mention your lack of defensive skills. But stealth allows you to choose your fights, pick your
  596. encounters wisely and this will be fun
  598. Witchcraft+Defense+Songcraft = Trickster / Poxbane
  599. The disable bard, very hard to level, worth it? only if you're a masochist but sure
  601. Witchcraft+Shadowplay+Vitalism = Jester / Assassin
  602. You're mostly a joke, but don't get discouraged, some people might like you simply because you can heal, cc and be a
  603. good little girl hiding in stealth
  605. Battlerage+Songcraft+Vitalism = Defrocked Priest / Bloodthrall
  606. A super flimsy support, it can be fun in pve, but it's really bad for pvp, only for the jolly bards at hearth
  607. without a care in the world.
  609. Auramancy+Shadowplay+Vitalism = Predictor / Soothsayer
  610. We have a guy in our guild with this build and no one but him likes it, it can somehow annoy 1 person and get lucky
  611. kills, but it's extremely limited in a lot of areas, I'd skip it but feel free to try it and prove me wrong
  614. Might update this later if anyone points out something reasonable, hope this helped you pick your class combo, feel
  615. free to ignore it if you know what you're doing I'm not trying to bash anyone's build, just guide the people who
  616. are mostly clueless about what to pick. Thanks for reading this and see you in game.
  619. ®Tangamu~~
  621. Edited by: Anon
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