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Pentagon can't "vehicle"

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  1. Evap:
  2. New Purge valve solenoid (P0446)
  3. New Vent Valve solenoid
  4. New Non Locking Gas Cap
  5. New Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor (P0440)
  7. Engine:
  8. New Oil Pressure Sensor (was leaking)
  9. New Serpentine Belt
  10. New Air Filter
  11. New Fuel Filter
  12. New sparks plugs x4
  13. New spark plug wires
  14. New Water Pump (was weeping/leaking)
  15. New Coolant (k-seal fixed small leaks)
  16. High Mileage Full Syn (seal leak prevention/syn benefits)
  18. Transmission:
  19. Rebuilt Transmission (P0742) (was leaking)
  20. New Transmission Shift Cable bushing
  22. Wheels:
  23. Fixed sticking parking brake
  24. New front brake pads
  25. New rear brake drums
  26. New brake fluid
  27. New tires and 2 wheel alignment
  28. Spare Tire Like New (14 inch 195/70 R14)
  29. New wheel cylinder x1 (was leaking)
  31. Misc:
  32. Near new battery
  33. New windshield wiper blades
  34. New Throttle Position Sensor
  35. Cleaned Throttle Body
  36. Replaced Eroding Positive Battery Connector
  37. Ziptied Battery Cables
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