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  1. <item>
  2. <title> [COLOR white][B]Invasão a Casa Branca[/B][/COLOR] [COLOR lime](2013)[/COLOR] [COLOR red][B]DUBLADO[/B][/COLOR]</title>
  3. <link>plugin://;url=</link>
  4. <thumbnail></thumbnail>
  5. <fanart></fanart>
  6. <info></info>
  7. <genre>[COLOR blue]AÇÃO, THRILLER[/COLOR]</genre>
  8. </item>
  10. <item>
  11. <title> [COLOR white][B]Invasão a Londres[/B][/COLOR] [COLOR lime](2016)[/COLOR] [COLOR red][B]DUBLADO[/B][/COLOR]</title>
  12. <link>plugin://;url=</link>
  13. <thumbnail></thumbnail>
  14. <fanart></fanart>
  15. <info></info>
  16. <genre>[COLOR blue]AÇÃO, THRILLER[/COLOR]</genre>
  17. </item>
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