Rules for Covert

Mar 25th, 2018
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  1. Welcome to Covert! Entry into the room implies acceptance of these rules, even if you didn't bother reading them! Universal safeword is ((STOP)) - if someone says that, you *must* stop everything you're doing if it involves them.
  3. Things to keep in mind:
  4. Server rules trump channel rules. Server mods/OPs trump channel mods/OPs.
  5. Entry implies consent to hypnotic play, but consent can still be revoked.
  6. On consent:
  7. If you have any questions, ask a channel moderator.
  9. To report someone for breaking channel rules, just PM the channel OPs with a pastebin link showing the person breaking the rules. If the person is breaking server rules, join #help. Proof is required either way!
  11. Rules:
  12. #1: Channel mods are required to explain the reasoning behind any moderation action taken when requested..
  13. #2: No trolling.
  15. Standard Consequence Model:
  16. 1st offense: warning
  17. 2nd offense: one minute ban
  18. 3rd offense: ten minute ban
  19. 4th offense: one hour ban
  20. 5th offense: one day ban
  21. 6th offense: two day ban
  22. 7th offense: one week ban
  23. 8th offense: permanent ban (appealable after one month)
  24. 9th offense: permanent ban (unappealable)
  26. Consequence Model for Ignoring Safeword:
  27. 1st offense: one day ban
  28. 2nd offense: one week ban
  29. 3rd offense: permanent ban (appealable after one month)
  30. 4th offense: permanent ban (unappealable)
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