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[English] Wi-Fi prohibits Tor blocked backdoors

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Dec 6th, 2015
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  3. Translated from French to English via Google Translate.
  7. The services of the Interior Ministry are considering a number of measures to strengthen once more security at the expense of freedoms. Compulsory cutting of any open Wi-Fi network, blocking anonymizing networks and provision of messaging encryption keys are among the tracks submitted to arbitration.
  9. The list of measures considered by the government to strengthen security at the expense of freedom and privacy extends. While the government is already considering new security laws that would allow eg to cross all personal data files held by the state, to force the installation of GPS transmitters on leased cars, lengthen the retention of connection data or to facilitate the use of IMSI catchers-Le Monde Saturday reveals new measures identified by the Interior Ministry.
  11. The daily has indeed been able to consult a table published internally on Tuesday 1 December by the Department of Civil Liberties and Legal Affairs (DLPAJ), which depends on the Ministry of Interior of Bernard Cazeneuve. It is she who prepares draft laws and decrees relating to civil liberties and to the administrative police. It is in this context to draft two new laws - one on the state of emergency, the other on anti-terrorism, the DLPAG drew up the measures requested by the police or gendarmerie that could be included in the expected texts for January 2016.
  13. brainstorm
  17. Among these measures are still only working hypotheses is a series of new restrictions on Internet freedom:
  19. "Banning the free Wi-Fi and shared connections" and close all public Wi-Fi connections during the state of emergency, "on pain of criminal sanctions." So far the law imposes on principle to the Internet subscribers to secure their connection to prevent it being used for illicit purposes, but the only risk taking and recalcitrant generous subscribers who leave their open Wi-Fi is receiving Hadopi a warning if someone uses it to hack movies or music. Forcing to close any connection, the police would make sure to have a specific identifier for each IP address, or at least reduce the list of possible suspects in the same household. In any case the idea.
  20. "Banning and block of the digital communications networks in France": Even if it is technically possible, it would be totally disproportionate measure that would send a very bad sign and abroad, while the TOR anonymous network is used by very many activists and dissidents in authoritarian countries. One of the first countries to Iran was blocked Tor.
  21. "Identifying VoIP applications and require publishers to provide the security forces the encryption keys": This is the famous great war encryption which is preparing La Quadrature du Net, France has without doubt the will to join Britain for the encrypted messaging vendors provide backdoors to enable the authorities to listen to the intercepts.
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