PES 2016 Hyper Mod By BlueDiskHaven Changelogs

Sep 17th, 2015
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  1. PES 2016 New Hyper Mod By BlueDiskHaven
  2. Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven
  4. Special Thanks @ Sargox / gembox
  6. Visit My Blog:
  7. :D Thank You!
  9. - * Feature List & Full Credits: *
  10. - * No Feature Requests*
  11. - * If your having trouble installing the mod watch the video tutorials if you still have read the tips *
  13. I have released the last version of Hyper Mod, future versions would only be hot fixes if required
  14. I have done the main thing I set out to do was to not let the 30+ squads go to waste all europa and champions league teams in the game, plus recently two new classics I wanted to do more classics but like mentioned in earlier changelogs that is not possibile right now.
  15. I would like to thank everyone who enjoyed the mod and supported me since pes 2014 to 2016 ps3 you have all been great.
  16. One journey has ended but another will begin...
  18. I have done a new video tutorial for those who are having trouble installing the mod
  19. make sure you follow the steps exactly missing one could cause things not to load.
  21. Since I have finished working on the mod I'll no longer be monitoring comments on forums or youtube etc...
  22. In the end these recent versions are just a simple thank you to long term users that was the main goal liked mentioned.
  23. I want to work on different projects not pes ps3 ones anymore.
  25. Changelogs:
  26. 26/06/16
  27. Repacked Hyper Mod Fixed Red Bull Salzburg kits
  29. I will update if certain things needs fixing which I consider to be critical like this last update where a team was showing the wrong kit but i wont be doing minor things like adjusting font or positioning of font slightly etc... it has to be vital.
  30. I do not want to get hounded with requests for non vital things.
  32. If anyone wants to update team lineups like euros copa america or normal league lineups be my guest help everyone
  33. and share the save file your welcome to do so. I am not interested in updating the savedata.
  35. There are multiple reasons why I have stopped working on the mod main one being i do not play pes on ps3 anymore
  36. and considering that plus since I done these recent updates the downloads have been really poor so considering those two main things that is why.
  38. 24/06/16
  39. Repacked New Season pack removed PSG Kits (causes freeze) and Fixed Dortmund kit (Corrected id)
  40. 19/06/16
  41. Honestly I have done much more than I orginally wanted to do, first was to just not let the extra teams go to waste but I have also done many requests like just to recap everything, -got all the extra teams back in -restoring kick lines, -euros team kits, -copa america teams kit -two new classic teams -new season pack with a good amount of kits, premier league balls, some badges and new logos, adapted save switcher and some other minor things. I feel like I have done enough and I am happy to leave things as they are, reality is any mod can continue forever but its up to the me to decide when to stop, I have decided that I'm done with pes ps3.
  42. Again liked mentioned thanks to everyone who enjoyed the mod. Goodbye.
  44. New Season Pack updated (Wont rule out updating if theres a huge kit pack or ball pack which is easy to adapt)
  45. Added some new badges and logos for 16/17 season thanks @ Sarjono
  46. Added Big Teams 16-17 Kitpack by MRI_20 + Bonus! (only added ones which werent in this already)
  47. Added English League Pack AIO v2 by MRI_20 (only added ones which werent in this already)
  48. 18/06/16
  49. Updated Savedata Fixed a couple of players names.
  50. Repacked Other Files (StartScreen & ScoreboardReplayLogo) now has original replay and scoreboard
  51. *to use custom ones look in optional replay & scoreboards*
  52. Repacked Hyper Mod, added configs for euros kits and copa america
  53. *have not tested them all and if there are problems i'll revert back to previous version*
  54. Updated New Season Pack added configs for the kits have not checked / tested them all out
  55. but the ones I have work fine so hopefully there should be no problems
  56. 17/06/16
  57. Updated New Season Pack Updated Kitpack to v1-7, It now replaces the unofficial datapack 4 cpk
  58. to revert back to 15/16 season just install the unofficial dp4
  59. *this may get updated depending on how well this does*
  61. Updated Hyper Mod (Stable) to v3-0-4 Final Version
  62. This will be the last unless if the issue gets solved on adding extra teams with new id with correct lineups
  63. So I would like to say thanks to everyone who enjoyed my work of pes, it will be the last thing I do of pes on ps3.
  64. Be sure to check out my other projects on my blog, thanks very much for reading! :D
  66. Added Barcelona Classics and Manchester United Classics in stable version based on v3.0.3 with correct lineups
  67. had to remove esteghlal fc and deportivo saprissa they were the only ones I could remove in place for the two new classic teams
  68. as other teams were in europa or champions or needed to go in afc etc...
  70. 16/06/16 #Goodbye
  71. *******************************************************************************************************************
  72. *Important Update*
  73. Sadly I noticed an issue earlier on today basically when I finished barcelona classic and imported them into the save which I provide for you all it messes up manchester united classic lineup and then i found out it also messes up the lineup of the team that was cloned to make the extra teams I fix one but messes up the other so that is why I have one as a *beta* another as *stable*
  74. another reason for having both options is hopefully someone with the know how can fix it or let me know how to fix it.
  75. stable does not have the extra classic teams but has all the extra european teams do not worry!
  76. Sadly if the issue can not be figured out then this will most likely be my last update because there's nothing else I can do.
  77. I wanted to finish the classic teams i was organizing but if I cant do them properly then wont do them at all.
  78. I may consider replacing two teams in the mod currently for Manchester United Classic & Barcelona Classic
  79. I also have Arsenal Classic and Real Madrid Classic almost ready so I'll have to make a decision...
  80. *******************************************************************************************************************
  82. Added Other Files (StartScreen & ScoreboardReplayLogo)
  83. basically sometimes I forget to pack two cpks with the hyper mod in updates so new users would have issues loading the mod due to them missing so that is why i have added them separate to avoid any issue
  85. Updated Hyper Mod v4-0-1 and savedata
  86. - Added Barcelona Classic
  87. - Added Puyol, Ronaldinho, Deco and Kaka Faces
  88. - Added Start Screen & Replay Scoreboard cpk files (they were not in v4.0.0 which caused issues for new users)
  89. - Edited some text files
  90. - Adjusted some kits
  91. - Fixed some issues for extra teams
  93. 15/06/16 #RoodToGoodbye
  95. Adapted save switcher to latest version of hyper mod *Needs testing*
  97. Another wee gift, I always intended to do extra classic teams everything was setup and some even in progress but then I quit and they were left but I have decided to finish at least 2 maybe up to 4 I had a bit of free time 1 fully complete 3 others near,
  98. every version is like a goodbye version have not planned anything so let's see how things go
  99. - Added Manchester United Classic to Classic Teams
  100. - Added 2 Faces, R. Giggs & Park Ji Sung
  101. *Note I do not know how to convert faces
  102. they were in pes 2014 i just adapted to 2016, so dont ask me how to convert*
  103. - Used ballpack which was in earlier hyper mod version
  104. (to make it easy to switch with save switcher)
  105. - Moved esteghal fc to other america teams
  106. *I know its not american but problem is in other asia teams theres an issue if its there
  107. and only to fix to export then import into a new save which takes ages not worth it
  108. i didnt want it in classic so other america teams it is*
  110. 11/06/16 #Goodbye
  112. Status Update (Hyper Mod Update Details followed after)
  113. Liked mentioned before reason why I've done these last few versions was I did not want the extra squads to go to waste and I also wanted to say thank you to the people who have been nice to me and were wanting to see the extra squads again.
  114. I felt like I have done that now and also I have provided some other requests along with that too.
  115. Thanks very much for supporting me since pes 2014 ps3
  116. I hope you all enjoy this last version
  118. Goodbye Everyone!
  120. Updated Hyper Mod to v3.0.3
  121. Restored Kick lines
  122. *If you were using datapack 4 or 16/17 pack for datapack 4 you must re-install that specific pkg*
  124. 10/06/16
  125. Added Hyper Mod v3.0.2
  126. Added PES 2016 Euro 2016 Kits (Final Version) by MT Games 1991
  127. which includes the ones from datapack v4.00
  128. does not include configs will do ones which are required later as I am very busy
  130. Added Datapack v4.00 Unofficial
  132. Added New Season 16/17 Pack
  133. - Premier League Logo 2016/17
  134. - Manchester City Logo 2016/17
  135. - Kitpack "PES 2016 New Kit 2016-17 v.1.6 by MT Games 1991" *Google search for list*
  136. *Have not converted kit configs yet just been very busy had not time yet - next version*
  137. - Premier League Balls 2016/17 Thanks @ Sarjono
  138. 09/06/16
  139. Added Hyper Mod v3.0.1 and Savedata 09/06/16
  140. Adapted extra squads to Gembox Patch
  141. Changed some players in extra squads
  142. Includes logos, kits etc...
  143. Added HNK RIJEKA
  144. Done some winter transfers of extra squads *not all*
  145. and maybe will never do all of extra teams
  146. Some other stuff...
  148. Status Update:
  149. Things have changed now and the mod is basically now an addon for gembox patch, it will require v3.0 of gembox patch which you will get from their site. Reason for doing this is I did not want the extra squads that I organized go to waste
  150. I get constant requests regarding the extra squads many people were wanting them
  151. With previous events it would take me too long to redo certain things from scratch and adapt other things to Datapack 3.0
  152. I'm very busy with life and I am not playing pes as much but I wanted to leave things in a good way if possibile
  153. so I decided to adapt extra teams plus other certain things I had for the gembox patch
  154. So I've provided this new package, it will most likely be my last thing for pes scene
  155. I may adapt it if necessary and I may adapt the save switcher later
  156. This is my goodbye #RoadToGoodbye
  158. *Please not that I have not edited information pages or forum threads I do not know when I can edit them all to reflect recent changes*
  160. Old Changelogs:
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