The Eternal War, Session 09

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  1. Session Start: Sat Jun 30 18:40:46 2012
  2. Session Ident: #eternalwar
  3. 03[18:40] * Now talking in #eternalwar
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  9. [19:54] <Petrus> ++Well that was fun++
  10. 01[20:17] <Staffen> Petrus returns aboard the Wrath of Justice an hour or so after he left. The time passed has been uneventful.
  11. 06[20:17] * Ezekiah has an epiphany while in the bath. "Brother Horace! BROTHER HORACE! I know what is going on!" He would be outside of Horace's room... body wet and covered with suds, and angry red scars. He's not entirely naked, no. He's wearing his mask.
  12. [20:17] <Petrus> "I ran into some old friends."
  13. 06[20:18] * Jericus quirks an eyebrow.
  14. [20:18] <Jericus> "Yeah?"
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  16. [20:20] <Petrus_> "Yes, some Winterscales are on Het at the moment I didn't stay around to chat but I believe they recognized me.""
  17. 06[20:21] * Ezekiah has his patience run out and looks for the others. He had his eureka moment! They must be told!
  18. [20:21] <Ezekiah> "
  19. [20:21] <Ezekiah> *-"
  20. 02[20:21] * Petrus ( Quit (Ping timeout)
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  22. 06[20:43] * Ezekiah is running through the halls of the ship, slipping and sliding. "Brother Petrus! Brother Jericus! I have important INFORMATION!" Once more... he is not naked. He is still wearing his mask.
  23. [20:43] <Petrus> "What did you discover?"
  24. 06[20:44] * Horace wanders in, slightly more gingerly than normal
  25. [20:44] <Horace> "Something good happen?++
  26. [20:44] <Ezekiah> "The Lathes of the Tech-Heathens are Forge Worlds! They're smuggling arms and armor from the planets."
  27. [20:46] <Horace> "....Well, yes.  You normally smuggle arms and armor from actually legitimate forge worlds."
  28. [20:46] <Petrus> "What planets are they smuggling them to?"
  29. [20:47] <Ezekiah> "This is where the material is coming!"
  30. [20:47] <Horace> "To the...Lathes themselves?"
  31. 06[20:47] * Horace is slightly confused
  32. [20:47] <Jericus> "Say what? Speak Gothic already!"
  33. 06[20:47] * Horace lights up a lho stick
  34. [20:48] <Petrus> "Why would you smuggle arms to your own planet?"
  35. [20:49] <Ezekiah> "They're bringing the material that they are mining to the Lathes and then they smuggle out the weapons and armor they make." He pauses. "Well, perhaps not bringing their own raw material, but they're still smuggling out the Emperor's arms and armor. We can not let stand why they take His war material!"
  36. 06[20:50] * Horace sits down slowly, thinking on what was just said
  37. [20:50] <Horace> "If Mandus-Kormon and Turas-Hie are shipping production materials to the Lathes for production, and they have legitimate offices in the Lathes..."
  38. [20:51] <Horace> "They, in this place, of course have data and files. Possibly not even Sequestered."
  39. [20:51] <Horace> "If we look into them, we can probably find out how deep their hands are in the Cult Mechanicus."
  40. [20:51] <Jericus> "Now, with all that, how would we deal with them?"
  41. [20:52] <Ezekiah> "Perhaps they are doing it without help from the Tech-Heathens."
  42. [20:52] <Varian> "Are you suggesting an infiltration of their premises so we can steal or view their data and files?"
  43. [20:52] <Horace> "Now, now, the Omnissiah is arguably a facet of the Emperor."
  44. 06[20:52] * Horace holds up his hands, showing silvery filigree on his palms
  45. [20:52] <Horace> "And they do a damn good electoo job."
  46. 06[20:54] * Varian holds his own hand up, to obstruct his view of Ezekiah's 'holy rod'.
  47. [20:54] <Jericus> "They make some great remodeling hardware as well.
  48. [20:54] <Jericus> "
  49. [20:54] <Ezekiah> "... that is not the point. Do we bring this up to the Tech-Heathens, or do we invade their offices and proceed to deal with it as we did with that fat glutonous pig on Scintilla!?"
  50. [20:55] <Petrus> "Do you know how far up the chain of command this goes?"
  51. [20:55] <Horace> "'s a proper point. Where do we take the mission?  Do we investigate for a bit again, then make our move?"
  52. [20:56] <Ezekiah> "I say we charge in, find what we need, slay all of them, and BURN IT TO THE GROUND!"
  53. [20:57] <Horace> "....Ah....the Lathes won't take kindly to that.  As well, there's so much metal around, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything combustible other than the populace."
  54. [20:58] <Horace> "I was walking around; everything is built as solid as a tank."
  55. [21:01] <Ezekiah> "Then perhaps you could think of a better idea!?"
  56. [21:02] <Petrus> "Varian I believe we should make our way down to the planet but I'll need something to hide my face."
  57. [21:03] <Petrus> "In case we run into the Winterscales again"
  58. [21:03] <Horace> "If they come ask, I'll make sure they don't believe you're here."
  59. [21:04] <Horace> "I think I can get more investigative work done on the ship for now, going through the public datumplane."
  60. [21:04] <Varian> "A full face Helmet or perhaps a scarf?"
  61. [21:04] <Petrus> "Something to obscure my face."
  62. [21:04] <Ezekiah> "Ah ha! We can get him a mask! Like mine! It's not that hard to make a glorious eagle mask!"
  63. [21:05] <Jericus> "Perhaps he could borrow a helmet from the Naval crew? Perhaps a flight helmet or such?"
  64. [21:06] <Petrus> "Perhaps or I could just wear my armor full time and not take it off when we're around them."
  65. [21:06] <Horace> "I can lend you my carapace helmet.  I won't be needing it overmuch while I'm on the ship."
  66. 06[21:06] * Horace takes it off its magclip on his hip and places it on the table
  67. [21:07] <Horace> "It's respirator is useless without the rest of the suit, but it still has photo-visor capability."
  68. 06[21:07] * Petrus pulls up the hood on his chameoline armor "How does this look?"
  69. [21:07] <Horace> "...Like you have no face."
  70. [21:07] <Petrus> "Good, let's get moving then."
  71. [21:07] <Horace> "Heh.  Reminds me of my childhoo-I'm going to get some recaff."
  72. [21:08] <Ezekiah> "Well then! Allow me to prepare for this undertaking!" Meaning put on his clothing.
  73. [21:08] <Petrus> "Remember Zeke keep quiet."
  74. 06[21:08] * Horace gives an appreciative raise of his recaff to Ezekiah at his mentioning of readying his clothing
  75. [21:08] <Jericus> "I'm about as ready as I'll be." Try's on the greatcoat he took off someone, who really didn't need it.
  76. [21:09] <Petrus> "We might need to stop by a gun smith first there is something I need."
  77. [21:10] <Ezekiah> "I can keep quiet!" He will soon meet up with the rest, wearing his traditional robes and clothing under his robes. He has that UNGODLY HUGE chainweapon on his back and his pump action shotgun. He wasn't... ready for war, but he was certainly ready to defend himself.
  78. 06[21:11] * Horace takes up his helmet back and heads deeper into the ship
  79. [21:11] <Horace> "Vox me if you need me.  I'll be validating our docking with their Administratum equivalent."
  80. 06[21:12] * Varian wears his usual suit with flak cloak over the top, concealed weapons beneath his protective gear.
  81. [21:14] <Ezekiah> "Will do if I need too!"
  82. 06[21:15] * Petrus checks his Carnodon and puts it back under his robes
  83. 06[21:18] * Jericus checks over his stub-revolver, before holstering it. He also makes sure his microbead is working.
  84. [21:19] <Jericus> ++This thing on?++
  85. [21:19] <Petrus> ++It is++
  86. [21:22] <Ezekiah> ++I can hear you and your vile sinner voice.++
  87. [21:22] <Petrus> ++Quiet++
  88. [21:22] <Horace> ++Is the vox range working?++
  89. [21:23] <Horace> ++Remember to plan out a path back to the ship in a hurry if you need to.++
  90. [21:23] <Horace> ++Check as well if there's groundcar in the holds that you all can use.  If things get bad, some quick movement will be necessary.++
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  93. 03[21:26] * Petrus_ is now known as Petrus
  94. 06[21:28] * Varian makes sure the hover car is stored for transport with the rest of them to the planet below.
  95. 06[21:28] * Jericus makes sure to load up on all the fun stuff. Surely the Mechanicus would not see him as too much of a threat.
  96. 06[21:29] * Petrus stores his rifle in the trunk and gets in the back of the gravcar
  97. 06[21:30] * Ezekiah takes his seat in the back.
  98. [21:31] <Jericus> "I wonder if this vehicle has tunes. Never got that in the Chimera's."
  99. 01[21:32] <Staffen> In his notes to you before you left, Lamortes gave a specific address for Mandus-Kormon’s office. Van Schoorl’s grav-sedan does indeed have surround-system song-box features. Most of his music
  100. 01[21:33] <Staffen> *Most of his music is calmer symphonies.
  101. [21:34] <Varian> "I think the only stations you will get on the Lathe's will be playing static. But we do have some nice numbers here." flicking a switch a crisp string piece plays.
  102. 06[21:34] * Jericus shrugs in indifference. It doesn't have his kind of music.
  103. 01[21:34] <Staffen> But Mandus-Kormon bases itself out of Hesh, the planet closest to the Lathes’ star. Lamortes provided the address as Manufactorum Xeron, and simply noted, “you’ll know it when you see it.”
  104. 06[21:39] * Ezekiah knows one of the operas when it comes on. "OH! I know this one. It's the Verdic of Verden IV!" And he starts singing, in low gothic, with the high gothic opera. "40,000 men, all dead in one day... they would not renounce their heathen ways!"
  105. 06[21:40] * Varian heads to Hesh as soon as he is able
  106. 06[21:40] * Varian (From the drivers seat)
  107. [21:41] <Jericus> "This music isn't too bad..."
  108. 01[21:42] <Staffen> When you arrive in Manufactorum Xeron, it is as the Magos had warned:
  109. 01[21:44] <Staffen> Covering vast swathes of forge-centers like the roots of a tree are a series of transport-tunnels and habitation buildings that link together to a central spire decorated with bright lights. Everywhere you look you see “Mandus-Kormon” written on the side of a building or a transport-way.
  110. [21:45] <Jericus> "Sure do like the name, these cog-boys." Jericus comments.
  111. 06[21:46] * Varian eye's widen at how far the Mandus-Korman corporation has proliferated itself. "That is a lot of ground to cover."
  112. 01[21:49] <Staffen> Around you are directional signs labelled, “VISITOR’S CENTER”.
  113. 06[21:52] * Varian decides that it probably a good place to start and heads down to find a parking space.
  114. 06[21:53] * Jericus adjusts his pack. "Shoulda thrown it in the trunk."
  115. [21:54] <Ezekiah> "So do we visit the visitor's center?"
  116. 01[21:55] <Staffen> The “visitor’s” landing pad rests atop a buttress jutting from the main structure. The entrance on your end is plated with gleaming glass. It appears well-maintained.
  117. [21:55] <Petrus> "I believe so."
  118. 06[21:56] * Varian brings the speeder down gracefully, the grav plates distrubing the tinest pile of rubbish a servitor was attempting to clean up. The man-machine makes no sign of distress as a bag and a few pieces of discarded paper scatter across the pad, continuing its automated functions it chases after at a sedate pace.
  119. 06[21:58] * Varian shuts down the vehicle and taps his foot in place next to the accelerator, looking impatient.
  120. 06[21:58] * Jericus exits the vehicle, stretching once he's out. "Definitely need to stow the pack next time."
  121. 06[21:59] * Petrus gets out and looks around
  122. 06[22:00] * Varian finally stops tapping his foot and looks out at the others with a furious glance, crossing his arms and nodding his head towards his door.
  123. 06[22:00] * Petrus starts to move towards the door
  124. 06[22:01] * Jericus scans the area, looking all body-guardish.
  125. 06[22:02] * Petrus opens the door and holds it open for Varian
  126. 06[22:04] * Varian gets out, straight backed and briskly strides towards the visitor's center. Seemingly expecting everyone else to fall into place behind him.
  127. 06[22:04] * Jericus notes the gunports on either end of the glass facade, as he follows behind Varian.
  128. 06[22:05] * Ezekiah enters in last, frowning. He is surrounded by sin and filth and it bothers him so much. So much redemption to be meted up so little time.
  129. 06[22:06] * Varian clicks a beeper on his key chain and the car locks behind him as he approaches the interior of the center.
  130. 01[22:08] <Staffen> Beyond the glass door you notice a stark difference in atmsophere to the exterior, as well as the rest of the manufactorum. The air outside is hot and stinks of prometheum-flares, but after passing through a  second set of doors you enter into a chamber that is both cool and also somehow lighter than outside, as if the planet’s gravity is no longer as strong.
  131. 01[22:09] <Staffen> The floor perfectly reflects you all. As you tread along the mirror-tiles, servitors scurry along behind you to clean away the evidence of your passing.
  132. 06[22:09] * Petrus looks around the room
  133. 01[22:12] <Staffen> The lobby opens out into a circular room. At the center of this is a table, behind which sits a large man, writing away with an auto quill.
  134. 06[22:13] * Petrus walks up to the man and clears his throat loudly
  135. 06[22:13] * Varian maintains a haughty look while approaching the large man, "Von Jarouse the 16th, I am here to make an inquiry."
  136. 06[22:14] * Ezekiah does nothing but look intimidating.
  137. 01[22:14] <Staffen> The man looks up. “Your name is not familiar to me,” he states in a deep voice. “It’s also not in the registrar, I don’t think. Let me check again...”
  138. [22:15] <Petrus> "Of course he is not on the registrar you idion."
  139. [22:16] <Petrus> "Do you not know who Von Jarouse is?"
  140. [22:16] <Petrus> "If he is so far up the food chain he does not need to be on any registrar."
  141. [22:18] <Ezekiah> "You dare question the authority of His most holy Trader!?" Ezekiah stares at the fat man. "YOU DARE TO QUESTION HIM-ON-TERRA!? Let us through, and mayhaps you and yours may be spared the wrath of Von Jarouse!"
  142. 06[22:18] * Jericus keeps his hands behind his back, looking imposing as he keeps his attention on their immediate surroundings.
  143. 01[22:18] <Staffen> “I’m sure he is,” the man says, absent-mindedly returning to his writing. “Please state the nature of your inquiry and I will see if you can be scheduled for a reply pending your request.”
  144. [22:25] <Varian> "The request is fully backed by the businesses in question, however the high level of the request meant that you will not be able to view it without a proper order 2-473-4 which can only be obtained by a majority vote from three senior officials and a two thirds vote by a sister department that endorses that original request. However you are still authorised to allow my access to  your data
  145. 01[22:25] <Staffen> People a few floors up have been stopping and staring at you from an open passage overlooking the lobby.
  146. [22:25] <Varian> files insofar as it pertains to my inquiries but you may not access those files yourself. I have already cleared this with your superiors and you will recieve a 5-78-23 form in triplicate within a month informing you of a change in your employment status which will be associated with an economic improvement and a social status shift into the positive that will only occur if you allow me to
  147. [22:25] <Varian> review the aforementioned data immediately.
  148. [22:25] <Varian> "*
  149. Session Close: Sat Jun 30 22:27:51 2012
  151. Session Start: Sat Jun 30 22:27:51 2012
  152. Session Ident: #eternalwar
  153. 02[22:27] * Disconnected
  154. 02[22:27] * Attempting to rejoin channel #eternalwar
  155. 03[22:27] * Rejoined channel #eternalwar
  156. 02[22:30] * Staffen ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  157. 03[22:30] * Staffen_ is now known as Staffen
  158. 01[22:30] <Staffen> The man grumbles slightly, then nods. “Very well.”
  159. 01[22:31] <Staffen> He reaches into his desk and produces a card from it. “This will give you the access you require. Enjoy your stay, Lord Jarouse.”
  160. 06[22:31] * Varian smiles "Thank you." before turning to head further in.
  161. 06[22:32] * Petrus follows Varian
  162. 06[22:32] * Jericus follows the crafty nobleman.
  163. [22:36] <Ezekiah> And Ezekiah is in the rear. Again.
  164. 01[22:38] <Staffen> Behind the desk is a set of lift doors. One opens and a pair of large-set men in menials’ uniforms exit.
  165. 06[22:39] * Petrus stares down the men
  166. 01[22:39] <Staffen> They pass you buy, talking heatedly about petty things.
  167. 06[22:39] * Varian ignores the men, choosing to head further inside.
  168. 06[22:40] * Jericus gives the men a quick glance, before staring forward again.
  169. 06[22:43] * Petrus continues following Varian
  170. 06[22:43] * Varian heads for the elevator.
  171. 01[22:44] <Staffen> The interior of the lift is lined with mirrors as well. One one side of the wall facing the door is a control panel that, rather than give a list of floors presents you with a display of the building.
  172. 01[22:44] <Staffen> “State your destination,” calls a synthetic voice.
  173. [22:46] <Varian> "Records Room"
  174. 01[22:47] <Staffen> You hear a chime. “Floor 279: Xeron-center records. Enjoy your stay.”
  175. 06[22:47] * Varian gives a 'that was easy' look before stepping out.
  176. 01[22:47] <Staffen> The lift shudders, and then begins to move downwards.
  177. [22:48] <Petrus> If anyone could see Petrus' face they would notice he looks incredibly bored.
  178. [22:48] <Varian> (stepping out when it actually get there herp a derp)
  179. [22:49] <Jericus> (Resume follow once he exits, all according to plan)
  180. 01[22:50] <Staffen> The lift comes to a stop after a half-minute, and the doors open with another chime. The doors open to a  spectacularly cold room lined with tall cogitators. Machinery clicks and whirs around you and a blue glow shines through the floor-grating.
  181. [22:51] <Ezekiah> "... ... ..." Ezekiah is quiet. He wants to kill someone to alleviate his boredom.
  182. 06[22:52] * Jericus whispers to Varian, "Any ideas on specifically what we're looking for?"
  183. [22:53] <Varian> "Information on Korman. Manifests, shipping routes, times and dates. Local warehouses or offices."
  184. 06[22:56] * Jericus nods.
  185. 06[22:56] * Varian heads in, looking around to see if there are any physical copies of data or printed sheefs they could access as well as the cogitators.
  186. 06[22:57] * Petrus starts looking for anything useful
  187. [23:02] <Jericus> ++I found the cogitator for the shipping records.++
  188. [23:02] <Varian> ++Great.++
  189. [23:02] <Jericus> ++Now to gain access, should we get Horace's help?++
  190. [23:03] <Ezekiah> ++If you say so...++
  191. [23:03] <Varian> ++Jericus, watch out! Beneath the floor!++
  192. [23:03] <Petrus> ++Jericus move now!++
  193. 06[23:03] * Petrus draws his pistol
  194. 06[23:04] * Varian draws his pistols
  195. 06[23:04] * Ezekiah grabs his eviscerator.
  196. 06[23:04] * Jericus acts on instinct, and jump and rolls forward.
  197. 06[23:05] * Jericus the moment he regains his footing he pulls his hell-gun out and primes it.
  198. 01[23:05] <Staffen> You hear the screech of shearing metal from Jericus’s direction.
  199. [23:06] <Jericus> ++What the fecking hell is that thing!?++
  200. 03[23:07] * Retrieving #eternalwar modes...
  201. 03[23:07] * Staffen changes topic to 'Petrus, Ezekiah, Varian, Jericus, G'
  202. 06[23:10] * Petrus runs over to get line of sight on what ever is attacking Jericus
  203. 01[23:11] <Staffen> The thing confronting Jericus is human-shaped, a towering monster of bronze plates and clicking mechanisms. Steam pours from vent-tubes running off its neck. Its face would be a rounded and featureless sheet of metal, save for the numerous spikes protruding from it.
  204. 01[23:12] <Staffen> Some mechanism within it produces a shrill mechanical cry.
  205. [23:12] <Ezekiah> "YES! The Emperor smiles upon us this day, and gives us a MIGHTY enemy to slay in His NAME!"
  206. 06[23:13] * Jericus has a face of both disgust and terror as the thing reveals itself.
  207. [23:13] <Jericus> ++UGLY BASTARD++
  208. 06[23:19] * Varian crouches and dashes along the cogitators to try and find the target.
  209. 01[23:21] <Staffen> Ezekiah makes a savage attack at the creature as he comes around the corner, but his zealous strike with his enormous chainsword is caught by the cogitator tower Jericus was examining.
  210. [23:21] <Jericus> ++OHHHH, NOT MY COGITATOR!++
  211. 01[23:21] <Staffen> The attack tears through the data core, destroying it almost effortlessly.
  212. [23:25] <Ezekiah> "HA! The Emperor has willed me to destroy the SINFUL cogitator! My new weapon is blessed, is surely moves on it's own, guided by the hand of the emperor!" When life gives you lemons...
  213. [23:27] <Jericus> ++HIT THE ENEMY, NOT THE MACHINES++
  214. 01[23:28] <Staffen> As Jericus attempts to move away from the machine-creature, it takes a quick swipe at him with one of the wicked glowing blades that edge its arms.
  215. 06[23:36] * Jericus cries out in pain.
  216. 06[23:37] * Jericus he gurgles into the microbead ++I-I hear scraping underneath++
  217. 06[23:37] * Petrus fires a shot from his revolver into the things head
  218. 01[23:39] <Staffen> The machine-man is smacked with the attack. But it rears its head once more, a bullet embedded in its face now.
  219. 06[23:42] * Ezekiah delivers a flurry of blows. The first hacking deep into it, the other two missing... one by a lot, one much closer.
  220. 06[23:45] * Varian fires some quick snap shots into the melee, having difficulty picking out the target in the swirling mass of blades.
  221. 06[23:48] * Jericus falls back from the metal-man, not wanting to get cut up, by it's rather sharp weapons. He leaves a trail of blood in his wake.
  222. 06[23:59] * Ezekiah watches at the man-machine walks away. "NO! NO SINNER SHALL AVOID MY BLADE!" As he hacks into the monsterous melding of man and machine.
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