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  1. Name: Blues Shōten
  2. Weight: 59.7lbs
  3. Hair color: Dark blue with the tip of the hair is red
  4. Sex: Herm
  5. Height: 2 feet 5 inches
  6. Species: Riotails (Riolu + Ninetails)
  7. Sword name(s):  Shikai; Hikyuu. Bankai; Ice feral spirits
  9. Blues' daishō is named Hikyuu. When it's activated, it resembles a short wakizashi with ribbons that are colored red, blue and yellow on the pommel. It allows the wielder to sprout fangs and claws akin to the animal embodied in the weapon (A Luxray etched onto the blade). It has two techniques; first, it allows the wielder to strike with inhuman precision. Second, it allows the wielder to track their opponent by sight like a real Luxray.
  11. How Blues looks like:
  13. Blues is a little shorter than your normal Riolu, with his nine tails hanging over his head by four inches. Blues' tails, which are big and puffy like a real ninetails' tails would be, are colored dark blue at the base of the tails where they meet his back bone and baby blue with a few drops of red in it. On top of Blues' tails are stars like a normal Shinx, Luxio, and Luxray.
  15. His left eye is colored like a wild strawberry with a hint of violet in it, a wave of violet moving about inside his eye. Or a marble that have lovely colors inside, looking like they're dancing with one another, even though they're standing still.
  17. The right eye is lava color mix (a shade of red), mixed with a few drops of Persian blue. It has the same marble effects as his left eye. Bits of both colors of eyes mix between one another as they seem to fight for control.
  19. Blues is a rather odd being, other than the obvious things listed from before. Blues has the braiding of a Lucario, hanging from the back of his head and a few inches down. To go along with the hair style, Blues also have the ears of a Shinx, even though his only family member who's fully one of the Shinx family is the king.
  21. Back story:
  23. Blues seems like a young and overly happily hybrid of a Riolu and a Ninetales, whom about the age of 10 in the soul world.  Blues live in the North Rukongai, the seventh district named Hari Mori (Crystal forest), the garden district where the Soul Society get most of their flowers from. Blues works at a flower shop, name Keiai (Love and Respect), as a horticulturist who works in the back with most of the flowers. Blues was sent a letter through the mail about going to the Spiritual Arts Academy , (or what it’s commonly called in Rukongai ; Shinigami Academy), and learning, after a being seen, and heard, ordering a lot of food late, like the last week or so, from one of his roommates.
  25.     Blues had gone and applied to the academy, going though the tests that all shinigami-in-training like; their reiatsu, which he did well, but were having a little bit of trouble as his spiritual power was a bit out of control when he had tried tapping into his spiritual power. Blues were picked to be in the second class of the school from going off his spiritual level. As Burūsu go though his classes, he had show a rather well great skill in his Zanjutsu, picking up an Asauchi and using it as if he were born with it. As for his Hohō classes, he had learn to use Shunpo Experts , using it to get close up to his foes in a amount of time, and still train to get better at it someday. As for the Hakuda area, hands to hand, Burūsu was able to go to the Hakuda Combatants, not being the best at it.
  27.     Blues always head to the school’s fields, finding a nice and quiet to meditation by himself to get into his inner world. Blues’ inner world is likes a wooden like throne room, but without the walls. A pair throne chairs sits upon a hill, with a lion sitting in one chair and a lion sitting in the other. The only think they told Blues if he wants to use their power said before running at him, not giving him any hint on how to beat them or anything. Blues give them his best, trying to find a way to take them out, but only finding out they work as a team before he got an idea. To make a long story short, Blues was able to trick them to attack one another. In the end, Blues learn his daishō’s; Hikyuu, the twin blades.  
  29.     Once Blues had learn his daishō’s name and finish up his six years at the school, having a lot of time between when he had gotten his daishō and having to go to the last test from the school. The test was mainly showing the teachers of the school their Shikais, but was willing to see if any of them have their or is learning their Bankais. Blues unseal his Hikyuu’s Shikais level; his swords disappear and were replaced by long, shape claws that made the shinigami looks like he had grown them in. Along with the claws, he had acquired a set of fangs of a lion with the color eyes of a Luxray.
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